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How can I watch while they strip us of our humanity and not rebel?

March 1, 2009

Open letter to the people

Editor’s note: An abbreviated version of this open letter was published in the March print edition of the Bay View. This is the full text. Prison authorities would not allow Marritte to mail this letter directly to the Bay View, so it had to be relayed by another activist.

by Marritte Funches

This barren, godforsaken place is Ely State Prison.
This barren, godforsaken place is Ely State Prison.
When I initially thought of writing this report, I was unsure of when or where or how it might reach you. To be honest, I have given up on getting any real medical care and had begun the process of preparing myself mentally and physically to engage these pigs (parasites in green suits) in a different type of battle.

But again the beautiful people at the Bay View newspaper have renewed my strength to carry on without resorting to barbarism. They have encouraged me to remain an example of intellectual strength for my young comrades, to help them know that we can win, without resorting to gangsterism and blood letting, but instead by placing our faith in the people, and out-thinking our enemies. Since there is not a single (honest) attorney in Amerika willing to help me engage the courts, I have been developing a process to put aside the pain, so that I can focus on learning civil law and file a lawsuit to expose those pigs myself, by myself.

There is more corruption going on here than people might believe. For example, locked in these cells, inmates must rely on the pigs for everything: to bring the phone for legal calls, to bring grievance forms, cleaning supplies, mail … everything. Most important, we have to rely on them to be alert in emergencies. Those with diabetes, heart problems and seizures must rely on the pigs to answer their call button in a timely manner. But often we go for days waiting for such basic necessities as toilet paper and soap because the pigs are too busy playing computer games, watching movies, or surfing the net … No shit. They put computers with these capabilities in every unit here at Ely State Prison – of course outside the reach of inmates! Your tax dollars hard at work.

On Jan. 6, after 27 days of fasting and an incredible effort on the part of the pigs to interfere and frustrate my fast in protest of what has been happening to me, Rickey Egberto and numerous other men being denied medical care, I was all but forced to end it. But I learned a great deal and reaffirmed much that I already knew – such as there is no greater cruelty than that orchestrated by man.

On Dec. 29, 2008, after a sleepless night due to severe kidney pain, I had just dozed off, when no less than 20 pigs in full riot gear, and brandishing taser guns and cans of chemical agent, woke me up saying that Warden Bill Donat (of Nevada State Prison) made a special order to have me transferred back to High Desert State Prison. No protocol was followed. I was not allowed to pack. In fact, my property was not even coming with me.

By this time I had lost over 21 pounds and I was very sick. I was in no shape to travel a long distance. The pigs ordered me to “strip out now! Or we’re coming in and we will hurt you!” Now at my best, or rather my worst, I actually could have put up a fight. I’ve faced such odds before, even won some, at least by convict standards.

But the truth is that a child could have whooped me at that point. The pigs knew this. So I am not sure what the psychology behind this show of force was, other than they knew they were in violation. It was easy to see how sick I was – my medical situation had not even been diagnosed, let alone treated – or maybe they just took the opportunity to impress themselves.

So I was forced to strip naked. “Open your mouth, show me your tongue, between your lips and gums. Do you have any plates or partials? OK, bend forward and run your fingers through your hair; show me your ears! Step back (he pulls out a flash light); lift your penis, now your sack. Show me your hands, turn around and lift your arms. OK, now your left foot and wiggle your toes, now your right foot. OK, bend over, spread your cheeks and give me three good coughs …”

This is what it means to “strip out.” And here at Ely prison, if I want to go outside to the little concrete enclosure for an hour, I have to strip out three times. Take a shower; strip out twice. On top of that, they make us get on our knees for everything. Anytime the pigs put the shackles on us or take them off, we have to get on our fuckin’ knees. In the shower, after a pool of filth has built up from however many men showered before you, these pigs want us to kneel in that too.

Suffice it to say I don’t leave my cell much. My sink is my shower. This little box is my yard. It kills me to see the look on these pigs’ faces when they tell these men to get on their knees. Some have been getting on their knees for so long they don’t even have to be told anymore. Years ago someone said to me, “Why are you so rebellious all the time? You’re only causing more problems for yourself.” And my response was: How can a person know what it is to be a human being and watch that being stripped away and not rebel?

I apologize for getting off topic there for a minute. This shit is just crazy. If you will, please bear with my pain.

Okay, so this mob of pigs walks me out of the building under gunpoint. There are several more pigs on a catwalk above my head with their guns trained on me. They have driven the transport bus up the hill and through the yard in front of the unit, something they’ve never done before. I have lost so much weight that, if not for the chains criss-crossing my body, my hands, my feet, my waist, my clothes would have fallen off. It was a beautiful sunny day, but very cold.

I got on the bus, which is a converted Greyhound with no windows, just little portholes that you would have to be over 6 feet tall to see out of. So the bus itself is a big cage. That’s where they put me. There were other inmates on the bus, most of them fish.

After maybe two and a half to three hours on the road I had developed what felt like a migraine headache, with shooting pains through my skull, like lightning flashes. I became nauseous and weak. After a while I noticed my nose was bleeding, but I could not even wipe it with my sleeve, because my hands were chained to my waist.

I stood up to get the pigs’ attention, but before I could, I just blacked out. There was hardly any room to fall, so when I fell, my body ended up in such a contorted position that my neck and back are still fucked up. The inmates called “Man down!” I was out for five to ten minutes.

When I came to, I could hear the pigs talking about stopping and calling an ambulance. It took all my strength, but somehow I was able to get back into the tiny seat. I was awake, but really out of it. My head was exploding. My body wanted to vomit, but there was nothing in my stomach, luckily.

The pig in charge had called Warden Donat and, rather than getting an ambulance, Donat ordered them to drive the two and a half to three hours back to Nevada State Prison. Once there, I was taken to the prison medical facility at NNCC (Northern Nevada Correctional Center), next door to NSP (Nevada State Prison). But I did not get any medical treatment – not an aspirin, not even a cup of water.

Marritte Funches
Marritte Funches
The pigs beat my ass taking me off the bus. Then, once in the facility (Regional Medical Facility, RMF), some more pigs yanked on the chains, dragging me by the chains on my ankles, causing me to yell out. They sat me in a tiny examination room. A couple of nurses came in grilling me with all kinds of questions. First, they all said I was faking.

Then, somehow, the nurses found out I had been fasting, and one of them said, “Well, that’s what happens when you don’t eat, fuckin’ asshole.” The other nurse said, “Fasting – oh, I’ve heard about that. He must be one of those Muslim people.” I thought about pointing out that Christians, Jews, Buddhists and most other existing religions practice fasting, but I did not have the energy.

I was then taken to an isolation cell, away from any other prisoners, stripped naked, and left there with nothing but an orange jumpsuit and a blanket. I remained there for five days, continuing my fast. The pigs loved it. They ate my trays each time I refused one, especially the special New Year’s meal.

On the 2nd of January 2009 another mob of 15 to 20 pigs in riot gear, carrying tasers and chemical agents, stripped me out, chained me up and put me in a van headed to where I am now (Ely State Prison), under the cover of predawn darkness. We did stop once along the way for a bathroom break. I got to smell the fresh morning mountain air.

Once here, the Ely pigs made it very clear they believed I’d been checkmated. The head caseworker told me, “When you’re done with your, fast, let us know.” He walked off with a smirk on his face. Behind him was the property Sgt. P. Hunt who told me the paperwork on my property had been “lost.” So I was sent to another cell with nothing but a jumpsuit and a worn out blanket.

A snowstorm hit that night. I got a sense of what it must be like in the Arctic – the walls radiating cold like slabs of ice. The pigs kept me that way until just a couple of days ago, when they were sure I was not fasting any more. They took everything from me that they could think up a reason to take: my books and other literature from DePaul University, religious items, personal writings, as well as the affidavits I had from the men in the unit with me at NSP who witnessed all the bullshit that was taking place. I had managed to send out the most important documents for safekeeping.

Nothing has changed in regards to my medical situation. I still do not know what exactly is causing my symptoms, only that these pigs can no longer deny that something is wrong. That I am back here at Ely State Prison, though, means they intend to let me suffer.

After speaking with an attorney in Reno who had expressed interest in taking my case, it turned out that he was just another snake trying to take advantage of a desperate situation to get money. But I am not discouraged. I will continue to stand up and speak out. And with your help, I will expose the corruption going on: the misappropriation of your tax dollars, the murder of mentally ill inmates, the wanton and unabated violation of people’s civil rights and humanity, the medical neglect and more.

We need your help

But I need your help. I’d like to set up a website where we can post the actual documents and stories of men who are suffering. I’d like to find someone skilled at Internet research, so we can use the Freedom of Information Act and other investigative techniques to uncover and expose these crooks hiding their crimes under the cloak of “protecting the public.” We have made dozens of calls, sent even more emails and letters. They’ve called our bluff. And if all you were willing to do was send some emails, then we were definitely bluffing.

But this is no card game. I am fighting for my life! And so are Rickey Egberto, Kevin Lisle, Terrence Brothers, Charles Randolph and a lot of other men. This is not necessarily about whether or not men and women in prison deserve basic health care. This is about what type of society we want to live in.

Let’s face it. What is happening in these prisons is torture, and the bigger ideological question is this: What purpose does incarceration actually serve if there is no real opportunity for redemption or rehabilitation? What is the point if all they are going to do is lock people up who are already undereducated, many with emotional or psychological issues, coming from broken homes and communities that are more like war zones than nurturing neighborhoods, treat them like animals, dehumanize and humiliate them?

Then what real expectation is there that these men and women, a lot of them still children, can ever actually make it out of prison with the necessary social skills to lead productive lives? And my position is if there is any sincere sentiment at all in these people claiming authority over us, and they are unwilling or unable to create job training and other relevant programs, then do not criminalize and penalize us for creating our own. Stop subjecting individuals like myself to these conditions amounting to torture, simply because you disagree with our views or because we hold you to the standard your position carries.

Whoever out there may be reading this, I am interested in seeing from you, your thoughts and opinions, your ideas. While the beautiful people at the SF Bay View have been doing everything they can to get the word out about what is happening here in Nevada, and specifically my situation, there have been a couple of people doing what they can to help behind the scenes. Mr. MacKay, who works with an organization based in Michigan called Humanity for Prisoners, and Mrs. Annabelle Parker of The Netherlands. Both truly beautiful people, but who have organizations and projects of their own.

So while I look forward to continuing to work with them in a limited capacity, I still need YOUR help to expose the web of corruption here in the Nevada prison system. We need a watchdog group to hold these wardens accountable.

Warden E.K. McDaniel

Due to my medical situation and the constant interference from these prisoncrats, I have been unable to talk about the fact that the warden here at Ely State Prison, E.K. McDaniel, is the ringleader in a circus of criminal claims. He arrived here from Oklahoma in 1994, I believe it was.

Back in Oklahoma, McDaniel held the title of deputy warden of security of Oklahoma State Prison and he ran the same program he implemented here, except those inmates were not having it. Several men died and guards were taken hostage in the ensuing conflict, one of the most deadly prison riots in U.S. history. E.K. McDaniel was exposed as a sadist and a criminal and he was run out of town.

After making his escape to Nevada, he found some fellow good ol’ boys willing to give him a shot and, cutting costs at any cost, he made himself an invaluable asset to the higher ups. This time, E.K. was more Machiavellian in his tactics. Within the first six months he fired everyone in the administration he thought would not be with his program. He put in place Dwight Neven as his associate warden of operations and Bill Donat as his associate warden of programs.

Once E.K. McDaniel got all of his pieces in place, he flooded the general population with known rats, child molesters and psych patients, ensuring that there would be numerous inmate on inmate conflicts. Wars broke out between the different groups, and then the races. E.K. McDaniel loved it. He used this to lock the prison down, at the same time slashing all the programs that were not federally mandated.

And if his intentions were not clear in the beginning, they became clear when he shut down half of the entire general population units and made them disciplinary segregation units. He shut down the entire school building, the gym, and took away everything or anything that would give us something constructive to do.

He has cut the food budget so many times that we are down now to basically breakfast and dinner, much of which is inedible. So you are lucky to get one good meal a day. He has raised the canteen prices more times than I can count. And where the money is that is supposed to be put aside for prison programs like Christmas celebrations or educational movies and the like is a mystery.

Just last night I pushed the call button in my cell to ask the pigs if they could call the nurse. After 20 to 30 minutes with no answer I looked out the window of my cell door, and I could see into the security bubble. The pigs were in there watching a movie on the computer system I told you about.

A little recent history of Nevada prisons

I believe former Director of Prisons Jackie Crawford was a real reformer, not like these pretenders claiming to be advocates who really only have their self-interest in mind. I had one lady tell me that she is a prisoners’ rights advocate, but she would only do what was beneficial to her or her husband who was in the pen; otherwise she would not help. That shit fucked me up, blew my wig back. First the prisoncrats told Jackie Crawford, OK, you want to change things? Take the head warden job at Lovelock prison and let’s see what changes you can make.

She took it, and while I would not agree with everything she did, like creating a level system that discriminates against convicts who refuse to snitch, the woman did some really good things. But the prisoncrats were cunning in their deception. Just when Jackie Crawford was beginning to receive a lot of praise for what she was doing at Lovelock, the governor gave her the job of director of prisons, and I am sure she thought then she would be able to really change things.

But she was like a lame bunny in a sea of snakes. Every little thing that went wrong at any of the prisons was blamed on her. She was put under incredible pressures and had no real support. After a couple of years it all took its toll. She became physically ill, took a severance package and disappeared.

That is when this clown Howard Scumbag, I mean Skolnik, took over, a good ol’ boy himself, and an admirer of E.K. McDaniel. The scene was set for an all out invasion. And the Octopus (E.K. McDaniel) spread its tentacles throughout the entire system. Having trained Neven and Donat for 10 years on how to pimp the system, commit murder, and suppress any subversive elements that may rise up, it was now time for them to get a prison of their very own, where they could carry out their master’s lessons.

And so, when you see me go from here to High Desert State Prison, where Dwight Neven is now the head warden, and then to Nevada State Prison, where Bill Donat is now the head warden (Editor’s note: Donat “retired” unexpectedly on Jan. 31, 2009), and you saw the harassment, torture and medical negligence continuing from place to place, and then my ending up right back here, this was no coincidence. I know each of these master pigs personally.

They have sent their underlings, correctional officers and inmates alike, to kill me. Or at the very least get me to shut up. They have beat me while I was handcuffed and shackled, taking a fistful of my hair and slamming my face into the concrete floor until my entire face was bloody and bruised.

They have broken bones in my spine, my nose, and on one occasion several of them finally got me down and held me while one took a running start and kicked me in the face with steel toed boots, ruining my once handsome smile. It was okay; I never used it much anyway. They have put me in cells with known enemies, and set me up to be shanked by skinheads. But every time they were either ineffective, or I sent them running back embarrassed.

Their latest attempt was to charge me with the prison murder of a known rat/child molester, in prison for raping and stabbing to death a young girl. Knowing I had nothing to do with it, they had to pay another known rat/rapist to lie against me. Facing the death penalty, I defended myself, and won. This was in September of 2007. They were exposed and embarrassed. And that is when all this other bullshit started.

Now I am not telling you all of this to brag or boast. And I am not telling you anything we here do not already know. It is all on record. My reason for telling you this is so that you can see the hell that men and women in this position must go through in hopes of holding on to their humanity and protecting that of the younger generations.

Imagine the good hard-working people, mothers and fathers, being forced into committing petty crimes right now to keep food on the table or to pay their mortgage because of this recession. These are not bad people. They are just trying to make it in a society and social structure (capitalist extremism) that cares more about corporate interests than people interests. And a lot of these hard-working good mothers and fathers, youngsters too, are getting locked up. Coming to prisons just like this one.

Now, due to the recession, it may be easier for you “squares” out there to relate because it is hitting you too. And maybe you thought about putting that can of sardines in your pocket when no one was looking, or walking out without paying. So maybe now you can see yourself in that position, just trying to make it.

But where I was born and raised, and in every impoverished community in Amerika and on the planet, there has never been a time when there wasn’t a “recession.” A lot of these people in prisons are good people, just like you. And with just a little support, to help us help ourselves, a lot of us can make it out of prison without becoming hardened criminals full of anger and hate. We can make it out and lead productive lives building up communities, raising our children, and making the future a better place for everyone.

This is what I have dedicated my life to, and this is why I need your help. I do not want your money. Neither I nor anyone associated with me will ever ask a dime of you. I only ask that you volunteer your time. I need at least one person who is good at researching and finding things on the internet. I also need someone who is either an attorney or friends with one, not to take my case – I will fight these pigs myself – but to assist in some very minor ways that will be of great help. Even if you feel you have little time and no skills to offer but moral support, that’s okay. Please write in. I want to see from you.

Write to: One Planet One Peace, Marritte Funches, #37050, P.O. Box 1989, Ely NV 89301. If you prefer, email, which is monitored by a supporter.

If I am unable to respond immediately, as I have a lot of studying and work to do, another member of the August Initiative will contact you and keep you updated. The August Initiative is a prisoners’ rights and advocacy group that I created in 2005. It is dedicated to judicial and prison reform and community service. Right now it is just myself and a few other convicts. But we are committed.

16 thoughts on “How can I watch while they strip us of our humanity and not rebel?

  1. Interested

    I have read other articles in the last few months that have made me change my views of our Nevada prison system. I am a tax payer in the state of Nevada who knows anyone can end up in jail / prison if the right situation was to come into your life. If what these stories such as this one reported here are actually true? I believe the American people should do something! Not enough people are willing to get involved.
    Certainly not any Nevada lawmakers are willing to open some kind of investigation even while the information and evidence in so many cases are fact based and able to prove (abuse of authority under the color of law) and out and out abuse of humans no matter civil rights! Where the hell is the ACLU and all of these other alleged human rights folks!?

    Funny that I only see them when cameras are pointed in their direction. It is certainly the only time I ever see Mr. Jackson.

  2. LWO

    I have someone very close to me within these prisons in Nevada and I can attest to the fact that these stories are VERY much true, sadly.

    I just wanted to comment and say another sad story by Marritte. I can’t wait for the day that he is finally treated for his illness. It’s sad that people have to go such lengths as this to get even the basic of care.

    He is not the only person fighting like this and it’s sad a state would have such a sadistic view on how to handle real illnesses and go home and night and sleep a good nights sleep.

    1. lefurgey

      MARRITTE> why don`t you man up you arab faggot.learn how to spell "AMERICA", 3/4 of your story is pure fucking bull shit. the rest is don`t complane about getting on your knees to give head to your cellie. every inmate strips out according to nev. revised statue. you think your special, the train bus officers have to check thier weapons at the sally port. the only time have seen the sqaud with weapons on the ground. is to pick up a high risk inmate! they have to lock the prison down. if you was too sick to walk to intake,the aclu must love a scumbag like you! i was an c/o at ESP for 8yrs. your fasting tells me you just want attention! ihave seen fasting before,it don`t work! they should charge you for your care! gee i wonder why your kidneys are messed up? eating is good for your health i`m sad to say; also you shoull pay all court costs. you are a menise to society is the reason your in prison. not a permanent vacation. your a sorry bullshiter, but a good lier. your friend in lock down must be atrouble maker .some inmates like lock down,they don`t have to make dicisions, and they feel safe!see you in my bad dreams.

  3. C.A.M.

    This level of abuse and cruelty is unacceptable anywhere! Marritte needs treatment and so do the other men and women entombed in Nevada’s deadly prisons. Thanks to the Bayview for continuing to provide a voice to these victims of that state’s sadism.

    Marritte is a great writer and his story is powerful and haunting, so thank you also to Marritte for having the courage and the willingness to take on this task.

    I hope we don’t let you down.

  4. Human Rights

    Thank you Marritte for telling us this terrible, raw, story you and others have to live through. It is good that you and others hold onto your decency, humanity and solidarity. But the price is high, and it should not be like this.
    Thank you Bay View for publishing the stories of Marritte and others, and giving us the opportunity to help fight injustices like these. I wish it would not be necessary!

    The ACLU filed a lawsuit against ESP for medical neglect and misconduct, here are more details:

    I only hope it is effective. Several websites have now been established to publish information about what is going on inside the Nevada prisons, thanks to Marritte and other people who fight for justice and human rights.

    1. lefugey


  5. Just because

    I am so sick of all this poor me crap from him and some of the others. Do you even know what they are in prison for? I bet if you really knew what they were in for, you wouldnt be crying this poor me crap and supporting them.

  6. Skye

    Well I will gladly tell you why my son is in ESP. He sprayed someone with pepper spray. That’s right pepper spray! He got 5-8 years in the worst prison in the US. He has been in the hole for 6 years, beatin’, abused and treated worse than anyone could treat an animal. They know you can do nothing about it until you exaust your grievinces, so they keep returning them and never let you get a grievence through. The people there are sick and twisted, a million times worse than the ones locked up. My son will never be the same. I only hope and pray he survives and is not the next one found dead of unknown reasons. All this for pepper spraying a man that deserved it. You tell me if this is justice.I am disabled and raising his son. The military cannot torture people but ESP can! I don’t get it.

  7. the other white meat

    Maybe if you didn’t commit would not be there…instead 60K of my tax dollars goes to pay for your criminal ass to be there..kill yourself already!

  8. carlo

    meat. Didnt you read what the father said? He is in jail for PEPPER SPRAYING SOMEONE. That doesnt deserve a jail sentence in an overcrowded system when there are murderers running free out here in East Oakland. Sounds like barely a misdemeanor, if that. The system needs serious fixin man.

  9. karen

    Does anyone know anything about the latest death on 4/4/09, George Reyes 49 years old and it appears his time was to expire on 4/14/09? How many more? I want to file a complaint against every medical person that works there with the Nevada Nursing Board. Does anyone know names of staff other than Joe Brackbill and Greg? My brother died as a result of these people. I want justice. Does anyone know a guard named Cobb.

  10. Christine C

    Ok!! to all you inmates haters and ignorant people…Do you realize that we have alot of over sentenced inmates in our jails? Aot of over charged inmates in our jails? You must know that Nevada Justice is the most corrupt or dont you?? No you rather sit there in your ignorant bliss and pass judgment and pay with YOUR tax dollars for the lawsuits that are coming out of these prisons.. I would love to see your ignorant face when someone you love gets hard time years in Ely for smoking pot or stealing a pack of gum, gets sent to a concentration camp type prison like ELY ran by a sadist and criminal that forces your loved one to transform into a monster. Watch them catch another case for defending himself because guards let him get raped, then he spends time in the hole 23 hrs a day with 2 meals a day not even enough to fill a 7 years old belly. Meanwhile this “wondeful” adminstration doing there job.. adds 5 more years to his sentence because he defended himself..It’s only when this happens will you say “ahhh, this is wrong”..Thats whats going on in our prisons, not everyone is there for violent crimes there are alot of paper criminals in Ely..Wake up and learn before you speak, it is people like you these closet criminals with sadistic menatality like Skolnick our modern day Hitlers is why we have these problems with this country…Pray you never have a loved one in Ely, pray that you never are in the company of some else that commits a crime, pray that a child molester never hurts your kids forcing you to seek retalitation and prison sentence, pray you never have to defend yourself against another and you win, pray you are never wrongly convicted under mistaken identity in a rape or other circumstance..And in the meantime pray for forgivness that you have become so ignorant…

    Good Luck

    1. lefugey


  11. lefugey

    i am sorry to inform you that the court system put your son in prison! not ely max state prison ely nv. i worked at esp for 8yrs.i think your son has too much time on his hands! you don`t go to lock down for being a good guy, and or gased unless you don`t comply ; they give you a choice with the shift commander talking to the inmate. the same proceedures are in place as when i was there1 YOUR SON SOUNDS LIKE A TROUBLE MAKER! i was in vietnam,if they think waterboarding is bad,try a 12v battery and jumper cables hooked to your testicles,or the nipples of a woman. now thats torture! if your son has got roughed up. it was that he would not comply. i don`t belive his story, sorry.

  12. flocca

    first of all i knew a few people in ely one is still there but have cut all ties off from him yeeeears ago maybe 10 yrs ago because he let prison get the best of him and became a skin head, when he wasnt like that on the streetz at all…he was a down ass white boy kicked it with nothing but black people…but now hes a rascist son of a bitch(jerry holman),as far as people gettin treated wrong up there i believe it lol i do watch lock up raw on msnbc on saturdays…msnbc should go ESP so the whole country can see……..i think the inmate is exsaggerating a lil bit because ive seen some of the prison buses nd they do have windows,but who is to say,we are not there there for we do not kno…!!!! but ill pray!!!!!

  13. flocca

    its messed up i feel.but were not in the prisons so we dont know what is exzactly gooing on…i do believe it tho….because even in jail they dont care about you so i couldnt imigiane prison…i knew some people in there a while i belive is still in there he was cool back in the day but let prison get the best of him he was a down white boy even talked black,walked like a g,dressed like a ese and ALL his homeboys was black,but now he a rasict sons of bitch lol lil thug!!!! jery holman….


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