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Ingabire supporters fear for her health and her life

October 21, 2010

by Eugene Ndahayo for the FDU Inkingi Support Committee

Deep concern over Ms. Ingabire’s health on her fifth day in jail

Victoire Ingabire‘s daughter (front) protests with her friends and supporters at the Rwandan Embassy in The Hague, Netherlands, on Oct. 19. – Photo: FDU-Inkingi
Kigali, Oct. 19, 2010 – The health of the incarcerated chair of FDU-Inkingi, Ms. Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza, is causing real fears after leaks from police sources confirmed that the opposition leader is ailing with unknown conditions due to ill treatment. The same sources revealed that in the middle of the night, the jailers rushed in a hired medical doctor for pulse check and examinations. He immediately prescribed and administered some medications. This was confirmed by our other reliable sources today.

We request a medical parole. She should be moved urgently to hospital and given the right to be seen by an independent doctor vetted by her lawyer. We call upon Gen. Paul Kagame to grant permission to this end without any delay and to set his opponents free.

Early this morning, when the FDU-Inkingi local team brought her breakfast, they noticed contradicting behaviors from the jailers, one informing that she needed extra bread while the other one said she was still asleep. They never allowed them to see her.

At 10:00, she was not taken to the Rusororo Court as announced by the prosecutor the evening before. She was taken to Rusororo late in the afternoon in handcuffs despite her state and hidden from the supporters. No interrogation, no bail hearing. She was later taken back to the police cell.

Another troubling incident is the fact that some military intelligence agents pretending to work for the International Committee of the Red Cross have been many times seen around. The incident was reported to the ICRC for investigation.

Ms. Ingabire is persecuted and prosecuted on politically motivated charges. She and the FDU-Inkingi have chosen democracy and non-violence. The regime is using the FDLR or any non-existent rebel or terrorist groups for any purpose. The pursuit of FDLR in the DR Congo was used to justify the invasion of the DRC and the subsequent crimes against humanity, war crimes and a “possible genocide,” according to the U.N. mapping report and minerals plundering. The same pretext allowed the regime to cause mayhem in the DRC and now it is used to thwart the opposition.

Linking FDU-Inkingi or any of its leaders to FDLR and so called CDF rebel groups has no other purpose but to keep on claiming the status of victim, after the devastating U.N. report, which accused the regime of horrendous crimes against refugees in the DRC.

Ms. Victoire Ingabire does not believe in violence and war. That is the reason why she has made non-violence her motto. That’s the reason why she sacrificed herself for democracy, justice and the dignity of all Rwandans.

It is time for the international backers and lobbies of Gen. Paul Kagame to remind him to abide by U.N. minimum standards on the treatment of prisoners and also stress the fact that inflicting emotional or physical pain on suspects or inmates is criminal.

Update on the prosecution and ill treatment of Ms. Victoire ingabire on her sixth day in jail

Kigali, Oct. 20, 2010 – Ms. Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza was once again taken to Gasabo Court House for further prosecution grilling. Despite her visibly weak state, the police brought and returned her in an open pickup convoy, always in handcuffs. It was a lengthy six- to seven-hour interrogation. She is supposed to be paraded again tomorrow at 14:00 for a confrontation with the state-prepared key witness.

Some of her collaborators have been harassed on the spot and searched by security officers. Military intelligence staff almost forced Ingabire’s colleague to give a list of medicine she normally takes when she is sick. Instead of taking her to the hospital or to allow her to be seen by an independent medical doctor, they just want to buy drugs over the counter.

The recycled criminal charge is now almost formulated: creation of a terrorist group, CDF.

CDF is said to mean “Coalition of Democratic Forces,” a not yet known rebel movement with no base, no leadership, no clear program because it does not exist yet. Nobody in the FDU-Inkingi in or outside Rwanda has ever heard about it. Only the regime seems to have a mountain of information and a chaplet of witnesses, being all in common ex-FDLR repatriated, demobilized or not.

This accusation keeps on changing. Some witnesses allege that the so-called terrorist group is an FDU-Inkingi military wing in the making, while others say it is operating somewhere in the Eastern DR Congo as a branch of FDLR, curiously composed by its deserters. Neither the MONUC (United Nations force deployed in the DRC) operating in the area nor the DRC army seem to know anything about this CDF.

What is clear is that the prepared state witnesses seem to have a huge amount of accusations: phone calls, emails, transfers, multiple fake identities, facilities of movements and contacts in Rwanda where everybody knows the omnipresence of intelligence and security operatives.

The current key witness, Major Vital Uwumureyi, has been meeting security officers and carrying out missions in and out the country since February 2010 on their behalf. This is the person helping the regime to keep Ms. Victoire Ingabire in jail.

Eugene Ndahayo, president of the Kigali-based FDU Inkingi Support Committee, can be reached by email at or by phone at 00-33-676758434. For more information, contact, (+250) 0785836000,,, on Facebook at http://, on YouTube at mailto: and on Twitter at mailto:

Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza in prison and peril in Rwanda

by Ann Garrison

Oct. 19 – On Oct. 1, the U.N. released a report documenting the war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocidal massacres of Rwandan Hutu refugees and Congolese Hutus in the Democratic Republic of Congo during the 1990s by the U.S.-backed East African regimes of Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi. Calls for international justice, including the arrest of Rwandan President Paul Kagame’s top officers, followed the U.N. report. But instead, on Oct. 14, the Kagame regime arrested opposition leader Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza, whom some have called “Africa’s female Mandela.” These roughly three-minute KPFA News reports, on Oct. 9 and 16, were produced just before and just after her arrest.

KPFA News broadcast Oct. 9: No International Justice on Congo Massacres

KPFA News broadcast Oct. 16: Victoire Ingabire in prison and peril in Rwanda

7 thoughts on “Ingabire supporters fear for her health and her life

  1. Froduald Harelimana

    Ingabire’s Agony Is towards a World Moral Deficit
    Ingabire’s agony should be felt as a world agony and a shame for humanity.
    Ingabire is a human being who deserves human rights. Hearing that, in custody of a government, she is submitted to ill-treatment, refused access to basic necessities is an aberration to fundamental human rights including foods, sleep and even sight by the Red Cross and acquaintances as jailers have kept away all the items supplied including blanket, mattress, clothes and hygiene necessities. Rwandans deserve to hear from world moral leaders including churches in denouncing those types of physical and moral tortures institutionalized in Rwanda and should be suppressed today!
    Ingabire is a Rwandan woman and mother. Traditionally, Rwandan culture respects women and motherhood. It is a deep disbelief to see armed soldiers tied up a peaceful and defenseless mother and meanly keep her day and night in handcuffs and denied any sleeping item within their torture cell. Those soldiers and all the chain of their command who themselves have sisters, wives and daughters should deeply regret that abusive practice to women, and women of the world should hold them accountable for that unthinkable savagery.
    Ingabire is a politician who lives and believes in non violence. Ingabire sacrificed herself for democracy, justice and the dignity of all Rwandans by non violence. Seeing her so brutally tortured by a dictatorial regime is outrageous in the 21st century. Ingabire’s physical and psychological sufferings, as well as other Rwandans subjected to the tactical physical elimination by inhuman jailing that have been reported in Rwanda can dangerously cultivate in ordinary people feelings of insecurity and hopelessness for the present and generations. Additionally, silencing ideals and ideas by irrational forces is insanity that has to be refuted by all people and leaders of the contemporary modernized world. Therefore, the so far silence from world leaders around the Kigali regime’s political abominations is troubling.
    With the recent developments in Rwanda including the beheading of the late Vice President of the Green Party, the assassination attempts to the exiled Rwandans, the recent sham election and now the jailing of the president of the PS Imberakuri Party Ntaganda and The President of the FDU Ingabire, the world should clearly see the true colors of the Kigali regime against democracy, justice and human rights and quickly intervene to halt Rwanda to precipitate into human tragedy in the hands of a handful exterminators before it is too late.
    Hence, all lies for democracy are openly exposed when no single institution, no office holder never, ever questioned or expressed any concern on any single controversial issue for avoiding contradicting the dictator. Women who are blinded to the world as being at high proportion in public administration are all mute, even in case of torture of their womankind. Judicial systems disregard commonsense due process to apply the jungle rules. The chase is on unverified allegations to the regime challengers while all efforts are made to shield the United Nations documented suspects of horrible crimes against humanity. This will definitely be a shame to the Kigali outside allies if they ill-advisedly keep associating with Kigali for whatever interest while knowing that they are feeding into a rolling human crushing machine. Instead, for the sake of common humanism they should freeze their financial, diplomatic and moral support to Kigali till the respect of human rights and democracy are legitimately restored.
    Rwandans deserve, expect from world political, business and religious leaders and faiths to denounce the Kigali barbaric behaviors against Rwandans or they will be faulted to condemn the future of this humanity to immorality. Leaving Ingabire’s plight unchallenged and timely undealt is factually leading Rwanda and the world to a grave danger of animalistic life as after her, who knows who and how many will be next.
    Froduald Harelimana,

  2. Jeremie

    Rwandan intelligence department (DMI)may have a very deadly poison called " RAISIN" to kill all unwanted people seen as potential opponents against Kagame`s political system.People say that that poison kills slowly by attacking some parts of the body such as liver, speen,kidneys,heart and so on…..Political prisoners may be at high risk !!!

  3. Dunia

    DMI or kagame use many ways to kill any opponents or descendants of opponents. These include shooting, hammering, jailing, hiring killers, oppression up to death, male castration and more.

    Following condemnation of the whole world after killing many opponents (Green party leader, some journalists…) they (Kagame and co)may use another killing system for Victoire Ingabire which they are familiar with(poison) .

    It in unavoidable to escape the death for Victoire Ingabire. When you look in history, in order to keep power, Kagame is used to kill any opponent regardless of how powerful he is. This is called mysterious death by Patrick Karageya, Rwandan colonel and former friend of Kagame who fled to South Africa

  4. paul Mugabo

    Mrs. Ingabire is hiding behind democracy to promote her FDL ideology. The Western world knows her hidded motives. That is why no major western country has protested against her arrest. Hutu extremists should know that they lost their chances of getting power in Rwanda after killing one million innocent people. I don't think Hitler's fanatics will ever get power in Germany. Shame on you Ingabire, you deserve to be in jail like any other FDL militants.

  5. mahoro<3

    Paul Mugabo you are a foolish self centered fool!!
    you have no heart for all those people who have been killed and been in the jungles for nothing. Dont you know that women and children suffered more. Ingabire is fighting for the people who are voiceless, she is not fighting for revenge lyk all the other leaders she is infact fighting for equality. Shes fighting for justice. Yes let the westeners stay out of this its a Rwandan issue that needs to be a concern to the Rwandan people what d o you need westen people for?..
    be careful what you say about others… watch your tounge
    and your mind my friend!

  6. Sagakiga

    Hey whatever these comments and articles say the truth and evidence of Ingabire's undercover acts will be unleashed. Lets concentrate on growing anad development of the country and to get out of poverty nobody will do it for Rwandese they have to do it themselves. these stories are weak shadows to the existing performance of the country.


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