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Scott Sisters to be free on Friday

January 6, 2011

Beyond race to the bitter aftertaste

by Nordette Adams

A spokesperson for the Scott Sisters, Nancy Lockhart, announced Wednesday, Jan. 5, that the Scott Sisters will be released from prison on Friday to start their lives on parole.

Jamie Scott, now 38, holds her grandchildren during a short visit home in 2008 to attend the funeral of her oldest sister, who died of congestive heart failure. Gladys was not allowed to attend.
On Dec. 29, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, possibly a Republican contender for the presidency in 2012, suspended indefinitely the life sentences of Jamie and Gladys Scott. Jamie Scott was on dialysis in prison, and a condition of her sister’s release is Gladys must donate a kidney to Jamie as soon as possible by decree of Gov. Barbour. That condition is only one of many disturbing elements in the sisters’ journey through hell to freedom.

Nordette Adams
I’m glad the sisters will walk sort-of free, that they may still possibly get a pardon if enough pressure is put on Gov. Barbour, and that they will sleep in better beds and hug their children, grown and not-so-grown, some night soon. I am very happy and love sweet liberty, but I must refuse to bake a cake for Haley Barbour at this time.

The first two paragraphs above are the way this story begins, and the third paragraph is its conclusion. To read the rest of this story, go to The community manager of BlogHer, the website where this story first appeared, has asked the Bay View not to repost the full story but to direct readers there. The writer, Nordette Adams, is a poet, fiction writer, journalist and literary critic. As a child, she was often chided for reading books with a flashlight after her bedtime. Contact Nordette here, and find more of her work through Her 411.

The Scott Sisters in the news

Listen to a new interview by Nordette Adams with Evelyn Rasco, mother of the Scott Sisters, who has fought relentlessly for their freedom for 16 years, at

And listen to this August 2009 interview on WJZD with Rip Daniels that includes legal analyst and advocate Nancy Lockhart, who has doggedly pursued justice for the Scott Sisters. Jamie tells what happened to her and her sister Gladys the night of the alleged crime. They maintain the stories given in court are lies. The call was recorded with Jamie using the prison phone.

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