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In Miami, 12 officers shoot Haitian man over 100 times

August 5, 2011

by Jean-Guy Allard

Raymond Hérissé has not been forgotten. The Westside Gazette, a Black newspaper, reports that on July 16, a well attended rally and press conference was held at Flamingo Park in Miami Beach to honor his life and demand justice.
Not one word has yet been published by the international press agencies, which are so prone to broadcasting the minor incidents that happen in countries who confront the American imperial power, about the execution in Miami of a 22-year-old-Haitian man by 12 police officers who fired on him 100 times while he was unarmed in his car.

In Miami itself, the local press – characterized by its blind cooperation with calls from law enforcement – has diverted public attention with a controversy over a cellphone, whose owner, Narces Benoit, was filming the savage police intervention that ended with the death of young Raymond Hérissé.

Apparently the murder of this son of a humble Haitian immigrant doesn’t interest anyone, including those holders of power in this city with their persistent traits of racial hate and segregation. According to YouTube, however, Narces Benoit’s video has been viewed 764,125 times.

Criticized for confiscating and destroying cameras and mobile phones after killing Hérissé during the hip-hop festival, Urban Beach Week, the municipal authorities of Miami Beach questioned Benoit’s testimony that said a police officer had aimed a gun at his head, handcuffed him and destroyed his mobile phone by kicking it.

The police detained the witness, an African American, not because he was filming, they said, but because he was “very similar” to the description of the suspect that was supposedly seen fleeing. This is a version of the story whose racist tones don’t escape anyone.

No report of the events in the local press mentions Hérissé’s death nearly as much as they have, with the help of the police, been encouraged to describe a criminal, with an emphasis that is more than suspicious. The court file resembles those of thousands of young African Americans in this city whose segregated neighborhoods are patrolled daily by SWAT teams with horrible reputations.

A few days after Hérissé’s death, the police announced that they “found” a gun “hidden” in his car, something very suspicious in a city where cases of “planted guns” have been cause for scandals in the past.

Hérissé was shot after crashing his Hyundai into a police barricade during the popular event that attracts thousands of hip-hop fans annually, most of whom are African American. According to the Westside Gazette, a Black newspaper, “Eight Miami Beach and four Hialeah policemen sprinted to the car, then they planted their feet firmly on the ground, bent their knees as if at a firing range and shot over 100 bullets into Hérissé, execution style; four bystanders were also shot.”

Six youths from segregated neighborhoods in Miami have become victims of fatal police shootings within the last 10 months, without even one investigation report having been filed or one police officer accused even of criminal negligence.

In the meantime, the “big” press agencies maintain an alarming silence around this scandalous event, demonstrating that, in the country that continuously accuses the nations it attacks of violating human rights, skin color alone justifies a death sentence.

This story first appeared in English in Watching America, which translates foreign news stories. It was translated by Natasha Mann and edited by Andrew Schmidt. The original story, in Spanish, was published in ArgenPress, Argentina. Bay View staff contributed to the story.

According to CNN, Narces Benoit filmed the officers shooting at Raymond Hérissé, 22, more than 100 times, for driving recklessly. After the shooting an officer saw Benoit recording the incident, chased him down, handcuffed him, piled him and his girlfriend, Ericka Davis, into the back of a police car, smashed the phone and tossed it back to him. Benoit then slipped the memory card out of the phone and into his mouth.


22 thoughts on “In Miami, 12 officers shoot Haitian man over 100 times

    1. Curtis

      Yes, this does seem similar in some ways doesn't it. Unfortunately, unlike Mehserle, these officers seem to somehow be above the law. I don't understand how they can make claims of not holding Narces Benoit at gunpoint, when the video released clearly shows officers pointing their guns at him. If they are so incredibly capable of lying about something so seemingly less consequential, what would motivate them to even remotely tell the truth about anything else? Sickening….

  1. Hal Womack

    This kind of thing happens all the time to Jewish bankers, too, right?

    { HW: 6682 messages in 219 newsgroups according to Google Groups Page profile as of Friday 20110722}

  2. Selina

    The saying of African Unity is a saying that is repeated over and over again like beating a dead horse.

    We are not vigilant to those around us who have the potential be our enemies until they do something like this.

    I'm not condoning what the police did to this gentleman but what I am saying is this we as ( Africans) should start seeing each other not as African-Amer, Haitians, Afro-Carib but all of us as Africans because NOW we have two enemies Caucasoid, Latino, economically A-rab & Asians and in order to fight and defeat, instead of doing drive-bys on each other, take those gun and turn in the opposite direction. Take our monies and not spend it in the Korean, A-rab own stores spend that money with the few African owned business.

    Stories like this one and like Mr. Hardings don't have to be it's real simple.

    1. gwen

      African women alone can make a hugh difference. Let's buy our weave hair from each other, do our own nails and toes and we can make a change right there. Let's start these businesses ourselves and patronize each other.

  3. Seamus

    "we have two enemies Caucasoid, Latino, economically A-rab & Asians and in order to fight and defeat…"

    The poster child for 'Why we can't have nice things'.

    Q: If the outcome is the same, is it better if it is informed by evil or stupidity?

    1. Selina


      DO you talk through your anus????

      Is your brain actually your rectum?????

      My comment is a statement NOT DIRECTED TO PEOPLE WHO LOOK LIKE YOU

  4. Selina


    DO you talk through your anus????

    Is your brain actually your rectum???

    If you have either the above symptoms you maybe suffering from

    Anal Retentive A Disease that Affects Millions of White-Americans

    However there is a cure It's Called MINED YOUR OWN F-ING BUSINESS

    1. John Mulligan

      "We have two enemies Caucasoid, Latino, economically A-rab & Asians and in order to fight and defeat, instead of doing drive-bys on each other, take those gun and turn in the opposite direction. Take our monies and not spend it in the Korean, A-rab own stores spend that money with the few African owned business."

      Racist much? Oh, and you can't count, since you listed four enemies, not two.

    2. Carol

      I think it becomes everybody's business when you advocate shooting other groups. That wasn't a smart thing to post, nor does it come close to solving the problem.

  5. Ricky

    Learn how to type correctly. If you want people to take you seriously, use correct grammar. How do you have so many errors, even when there is a spell check.

  6. amir

    Selina — I hope you're in elementary school or you're typing this stuff on a very old cell phone. Go to school.

  7. @dreamofsafety

    I don't think turning the gun on Arabs is the answer but I can see why ur so exasperated…what's most insane about this, really, is that the name Raymond Hérissé barely brings up any Google News hits even though this was a huge incident of police firing into a crowd of people and shooting bystanders. The fact that the bystanders and the man who caught it on tape were black cannot be ignored, but we also have to remember that the police state treats Arabs, Latinos, and even, dare I say it, Koreans, in antihuman ways… The destruction of the bodies of those who are not white is the price of capitalism, as made possible by white supremacy, as Cedric Robinson and others have argued…It is time for mass education and making the police know that people are not afraid of defending themselves…


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