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Game tight

April 29, 2013

by Ikemba S. Mutulu

Young people, to start, you must acknowledge that for everything you think you know, there is a great deal you don’t know. That the first pursuit of man is to acquire knowledge. But until you can discern the real from the fake, true knowledge and the wisdom to wield it effectively will always escape you.

Ikemba (Marritte Funches) 2013
Ikemba S. Mutulu is shown in a picture taken in Colorado. Ikemba means teacher, and he has taught dozens if not hundreds of prisoners to read, to understand history and politics, and to work together for a better day.
First, understand you must re-educate yourselves, mentally and morally. You need to know that much of what you’ve been fed in the game is poison. For example, every day we are lied to, either by insecurities, pain or deceit; we are told that love is a weakness, that women in general are untrustworthy and conniving.

The wise man knows our greatest strength is our capacity for love, empathy and understanding. Every great man has had “love” at the center and source of his strength: love for the people, for life, his woman.

We are lied to, told our worth in this world is based on the material. We waste our lives chasing money, the cars, the clothes, and whatever these capitalist elitists tell us we need to be somebody. We are conditioned to accept violence as a viable means of gaining respect.

But not money nor violence can make you good leaders or men; this comes from the substance of your character and the way you conduct yourself in your dealings: treating people fairly, with respect and courtesy; conducting business fairly without being greedy or underhanded; and resorting to violence only after all other means of resolution have failed – even then, only when the issue is serious enough. Lesser matters can be chalked up to education. Or if the desire demands, avenged by more civilized means.

The vulgarities of violence should only be tolerable when you can explain to your family, comrades and loved ones that your actions were justified, intelligent and meant to achieve a worthwhile objective based on reason and reality. If you must go to your loved ones and say you’ve hurt someone, put your comrades’ lives in jeopardy because your ego was bruised, you felt slighted or some other pettiness or if you lost your life or the life of a friend, how foolish would that be?

The last thing I want to touch on here is the crimes we’ve committed in that predatory, criminal deathstyle many of us were into. I’m not saying confess to shit; some things have no statute of limitations. But it is vital we take personal responsibility and acknowledge the damage we’ve caused to our communities, the people who love us and to our own lives.

You must make a conscious decision to put an end to that pain. Expose this predatory deathstyle for the lie it is: not a way out, but a way to death and for our enemies to excuse their barbarity – the killer cops, corrupt courts etc. We must redeem ourselves and work to repair the damage we’ve caused.

The wise man knows our greatest strength is our capacity for love, empathy and understanding.

Some of us may feel we can’t make up for some of the mistakes we made. But, we can all do things and find ways to help other young people to avoid the mistakes we made. Most of us learn from our own mistakes. The trick is to learn from other people’s mistakes, so we don’t repeat the same mistakes they made.

Finally, to my loved ones out that water and the men with whom I did time, where the bonds of struggle were born (steel is formed by blending different metals together and can only be forged in fire): They stuck me in a Level 4 prison out here in Colorado. Although I am doing well here, my thoughts remain with you there.

Of the four Section 1983 civil suits I filed against the Nevada Department of Corrections and the White Pine County Sheriff’s Department, I won three. My initial objective was only to get out of the hole and off HRP (High Risk Potential). But in the end, I had to settle for $28,000.That sounds like a good come up, I know, but we missed out on a real opportunity to expose the corruption and the hypocrisy going on in Nevada.

My Nevada lawyer was more interested in photo ops and government approval, grants and donations than helping me or changing the prisons. Without any real legal or media support, I was forced to settle my lawsuits.

Being sent out of state had nothing to do with my settlement. The prisoncrats there knew that getting rid of me was their best chance to kill the work I was doing. The Nevada Prison Watch website, the Nevada Prison Newsletter, the August Initiative are some of our collective efforts to educate and uplift one another past the racism, past the gangsterism and past any of that Willie Lynch divide and conquer bullshit.

Educate one another, discipline yourselves physically and mentally to build and grow and to never give those courts, cops, wardens and all those capitalist elitists who are scared to death of what you might become the opportunity or the excuse to put you back in another prison ever again.

Over the past year while fighting my lawsuits, I kept an eye out for who and what would emerge. None of you have the rights or the respect you receive on your own. Many before you have sacrificed and fought for you to have that.

I remember back in the day (1991), a lot of them Gs was sleepin’ on the Bay. Yo boy went herd in the point to make ‘em feel us. But, the boy don’t bang. Like the homie Pac said, “We don’t give a fuck if you cuz or blood, long as you got love for thugs.” Conscious of the fact it’s too many counterfeit for trues to be divided.

That love for the real don’t never die whether it’s at an end or on some rilla shit. And that’s the history of what was laid down. So just as you have an obligation to rep that rilla or some street or convict shit, you have a higher obligation to learn about and introduce your peers to four true teachers, leaders and heroes like Malcolm X, Huey Newton, Che Guevara, Assata Shakur and George Jackson.

Educate one another, discipline yourselves physically and mentally to build and grow and to never give those courts, cops, wardens and all those capitalist elitists who are scared to death of what you might become the opportunity or the excuse to put you back in another prison ever again.

One planet, one freedom!

P.S.: Without the expertise and support of the Norman Paralegal Service, I would not have been able to do all the little things vital to winning a lawsuit. I have shared every secret I learned over the years litigating my lawsuits and am working with them to help those of you serious about continuing the work for prison and judicial reform, prisoners’ rights etc. Write out a brief summary of your observations, ideas and any issues for civil litigation. These will be reviewed and submitted for evaluation. The evaluation and/or any advice you receive is free. But the service is not, so you should expect to pay a fee, though reasonable, for any work they do or help you with. You can contact them at P.O. Box 10786, Reno, Nevada 89510.

Send our brother some love and light: Marritte Funches (Ikemba S. Mutulu), 155850, 49030 State Hwy 71, Limon CO 80826. Ikemba means teacher, and that has been his role behind enemy lines. For teaching prisoners to read and to understand the world, he has often been severely punished, yet he perseveres. Ikemba is a longtime friend of the Bay View.


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