1. I hope Mayor of San Francisco Edwin Lee could tell the public that in San Francisco which Chinese politician does not have gangland background but still can keep a foothold in San Francisco's political stage, includes himself. How did he get on the stage? What is the relationship between him and the gangland that is almost everyone know it in San Francisco Chinatown.

    • I too have been victimized, bullied, and manipulated by CPS. They took my child. With no evidence at all that my child was neglected, hurt, or any of their " reasons "! As Human Beings We Have The Divine Right To Protect Our Offspring. With that said, By Nature, I felt threatened by CPS.! They say they will help you it's a good thing. They are Liars, DO NOT TRUST THEM. I call them HOME WRECKERS! I'm doing my own research on Natural Law. MY INSTINCT / INTUITION tells my in every way that something is wrong with separating Mother and Child. I felt harassed. I counted 20 times that they come to my home unannounced. Every time no case was opened except for the 21st time I lost my hospitality and kindness. Enough is Enough! It's time to investigate them.Their workings and reasoning of what is really going on in that INDUSTRY! DEMAND TRUTH!

  2. My kids were wrongfully taken from without CPS reports the police went to pick my children up from school told them they were bringing them to me and took them to San Francisco from Sacramento and give them to my abusive ex husband whom only 2 weeks prior pulled knife on me. though police were called he was not arrested. I went to court the judge granted him full custody without absolutely no proof and when I tried to appeal the decision I was denied the right to do so. since my kids have been with the father my oldest child was taken out of his home and placed in a group home where she got pregnant and the group home took her to get an abortion and she has run away from every group home she has been in and placing her back with me has never been made an option. My son was being physically abused by the father they placed him in a group home again I was not made an option. My 2 youngest children are left with the elderly grandmother on a daily basis she can't take care of herself. All my children have suffered at the hands of the CPS group. I am still fighting in court to this day I have court on Tuesday trying to get my kids from him. The father has an active CPS case but the worker is constantly defending him.

    • Please spread the word im.brenda dawn justice im an advovate for families abused by corrupt governemnt who are child traffixking children i would like to hear your story and help u fight for your child 3478701842 questions or comments brenda dawn justice

  3. The rally turned out wonderful today we met a lot of great people who want to support us in stopping CPS from continuously corrupting children and treating our future like Ginny pigs or slaves also a lot of people said they would spread the word that’s so great we’re one step closer to putting an end to all of these unlawful crimes against innocent families


  4. How sad and heartbreaking to se all you people who are victs and tour xbildrennbeing trafficked into state cusody amd tortured ans enslaved for profits to the state i will fight for tou you deserve llif e liberty and tour han amd comsriruriinal rifhts to be with tour children child service worlkes amd their conspirators must be held criminally accountBle for their x rime for xhildbtrafficking vi ask tou put my name out there for the fight against childb trafickimg my name brenda dawn justice family child advovate to reunoye children with their families to to advocatebthe prosecutiin against corrupt officials who abise their power of autbority i typed this fast so excise any mispelling 3478701842 i ran as republican 2016 presidential candidate u can look it up online if u wish to do so i wil fiht for your child to reunite with you if your child was taken illegally by corrupt governemnt

  5. Al childrem should be returned to their familues was your chd kidnapped title 18 chapter 241 conspiracy against rights is a law that clearly says governmemt workers wgo conspire to violate a cutizens rights denything then the priveledges under the unitef stated constitution may be held acountable when they willingly deprive a citizen if life libberty n pursuit of happiness and when the crime of kudnappung is involved and or attempted kidnapping may be sentenced to the death penalty accountability

  6. I hope everybody who is a victim of this suports the law of conspi against rights to hold them accounttable i will and i advocate and support the law of title 18 chapter 241 under color of law and title 18 chapter 242 deprivation of rights under color of law

  7. I too had my newborn taken after I was asked if I wanted to board since she was 8 weeks early. 4 days while I was breast feeding a CPS worker came in with a smile saying she took custody of my daughter and my discharge papers would be ready so I needed to be out in less then 30 min. I asked why she said I tested positive at time of delivery she seen evidence that I didn’t plus doctors would not let someone with drugs in system to breast feed she then said well you didn’t do all your doctor visit a lie then she said well I’ve already done the removal so you can prove al that in court so I was so confused in shock scared no words can explain my mind set. I had no idea what to do. When I was appointed lawyer he said not to show prof of clean ua etc that it would look like I was In denial now I know that it was cause then case would of been dropped and then no pay check. I been fighting this now for a year was previously kicked out of a program and daughter taken again for her sometimes sleeping in my bed and her falling off the bed during day when someone knocked and I opened door . Anyways I need a lawyer please help

  8. This article and the others published here are a travesty. Hurting parents are fed this line of bullshit, that isn't true and no good will come of this. The agency is not out to get anyone, it's only purpose to protect children. Period. The rest of this conspiracy weaving is meant to rally for a cause that is not just.This venue serves as a means to continue to deflect from what the problems are; you put your kids in danger and no one else did Like the truth or not.. The toted examples of a few highlighted are from known mentally ill individuals who deserve compassion in their loss (Salah, Chan), but should not have custody of their children. It's no surprise this paper is going out of business, publishing unverified wild conspiracy theories of parents in pain and attacking the very people who devote their lives to keep these kids, your kids safe.Your commentators and writers are uniformed and negligent. Shame on you, for igniting and encouraging these poor, desperate parents in your ridiculous agenda. If you really want to make a difference, become a social worker or get on
    a civil grand jury. CPS is not the enemy. They are there to protect your children… from you. God speed.

    • You are the delusional one @nana! Either that or you work for CPS. Either way, you have no right to defame someone as you did in your response. Just a gentle reminder that you could be held legally responsible for your words and don't assume that you're anonymous simply because you didn't give your full name. Matter of fact, finding out your IP address and tracking it back to you is not that hard at all…

      Also, I hope you issue an apology to the parents that are being persecuted across the nation, once these corrupt judges, lawyers, social workers are brought to justice! I'm a 100% sure that legal action is a possibility against you.

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