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Protect Political Prisoner Delbert Africa, icon and leader of MOVE

May 4, 2018

by the MOVE Organization

This is a scene that, once seen, can never be forgotten. It’s the arrest of Delbert Africa of MOVE on Aug. 8, 1978. After arresting him so brutally, Philly police dragged him on the sidewalk by his hair. – Photo: Jim G. Domke, Philadelphia Inquirer

ONA MOVE! This is an urgent message about our brother, Delbert Africa. Delbert is experiencing disturbing symptoms that are eerily similar to what our brother, Phil Africa, experienced before passing away in prison.

Delbert tells us that he’s having vision problems, he’s seeing spots and he’s also urinating nearly every hour. This system is hell bent on killing off MOVE people and we know it. May 13, 1985, proves that.

Delbert has always been seen as a “leader” and we can see why this system would want to get rid of him. When you understand the pressure the parole board has on them to release the MOVE 9, it’s not hard to see why officials would want to take somebody like Delbert out before they have to give in and release MOVE.

We are informing people of what’s going on because we want these officials to know that we’re aware and making everybody else aware of what’s going on. We’re exposing their diabolical plot and thereby putting some protection on our brother.


Contact the MOVE Organization via Ramona Africa, at

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