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Saving ‘Mona’

She is known by one name. Say the name, Ramona, and all know of whom you speak. Ramona Africa, of course. She is a revolutionary. A scarred veteran of May 13, 1985, when local, state and federal cops conspired to bomb and kill MOVE members in West Philadelphia. Ramona survived – but didn’t escape the flames, the smoke, the deadly fumes, the hatred, unscathed. Several weeks ago, we learned she was ill, fell into a coma, and was hospitalized. MOVE needs your help to support her in the rest and recuperation that she needs. Please donate on GoFundMe page: Help Save Ramona Africa.

Behind Enemy Lines

Deceptions, lies and misappropriation of funds at McConnell Prison in Texas

Sep 17, 2018

Written Sept. 4, 2018 – Today the heat and humidity inside my cell has reached a level which has caused me to feel dizzy, and I have been experiencing migraine headaches. Senior U.S. District Judge Hilda Tagle denied my request for an emergency preliminary injunction. One of my main requests was that she order TDCJ to fix the inoperable and malfunctioning HVAC system here on the McConnell Ad-Seg Unit.

National Prison Strike: State retaliates against South Carolina prisoners in the wake of Hurricane Florence

Sep 17, 2018

Perhaps no demonstration has been more effective in illustrating the states’ inhumane treatment of prisoners than officials’ decision not to safely relocate incarcerated people trapped in the red zone area of Hurricane Florence’s path after South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster issued an evacuation order to citizens on Sept. 10. The state’s refusal to safely move prisoners out of the hurricane’s path is a blatant disregard to the humanity of those residing there dependent solely on the state’s protection.

Solidarity update: Continued resistance as a national coalition

Sep 16, 2018

The National Prison Strike flooded the media and transformed the national narrative surrounding prisoners’ human rights. While the symbolic end date of the national prison strike passed on Sunday’s 45th anniversary of the Attica Uprising, prisoners take the lead in determining whether to continue striking depending on their individual circumstances at their institutions: some extending the call, others placing a new date on their call and even striking indefinitely.

Solidarity update: Second week of the National Prison Strike

Sep 8, 2018

Prisoners have been staying strong throughout these weeks of the prison strike. Thank you all for your support in this movement to end mass incarceration and prison slavery as well as to bring livable conditions to the living and work spaces of incarcerated individuals in the United States. This has been a monumental effort and our success is being recorded as we speak. Don’t get tired; don’t allow prisoners to get tired. We must continue to fill them with energy as they strike. You all are doing amazing work and I’m incredibly thankful and honored to be among you.

Your first day of prison is your last day of being human

Aug 29, 2018

Your first day of prison is your last day of being human. Your life is no longer yours. You are now state property. You BELONG to them now, and they hate you. They don’t recognize your humanity or dignity. You’re locked in crowded holding pens, forced to piss and shit without modesty. You’re stripped butt naked in front of everyone else and forced to show the guard your asshole.
You’re shackled, hands and feet, to others like a human centipede of anguish and hopelessness. You no longer have a name but you’re given a number, a catalog number.

Reports back from the first week of the 2018 National Prison Strike
Nelson Mandela Day: Building a new type of unity
Large turnout for San Quentin action in support of National Prison Strike
Lansing and Chicago on the march as National Prison Strike grows
Palestinian prisoners’ message of solidarity to U.S. National Prison Strike
Comrade Malik exposes nationwide political repression program
Nationwide Prison Strike, Day 2
Woman in labor screaming for help in Santa Rita Jail ignored, baby born on cold concrete floor
NFL players: Adopt-a-federal-prisoner for President Trump’s pardon
Rally in solidarity: Join the California Hunger Strikes’ four ‘main reps’ in court Aug. 21
Political prisoner of war Robert Seth Hayes paroled after 45 years
Imam Hasan locked down in runup to nationwide strike, on hunger strike since July 28
Black August: The power of prisoner-led organizing
The Rehabilitation Initiative: Bring back parole to Illinois
Deadly extreme heat and deliberate indifference inside Texas prisons

News & Views

When the white man who shot up an upscale Oakland neighborhood first shot me, a homeless man, nobody cared; I was the criminal

Sep 18, 2018

On Feb. 14, 2017, I was shot with a rifle by a sniper named Jesse Enjaian, a white guy. I was a homeless man sleeping in my car. I had parked for the night on the street in front of his house on the 9500 block of Las Vegas Avenue near Bishop O’Dowd High School in Oakland. He shot out all four of my tires, all my windows, my dashboard got a bullet hole in it and my head was grazed by a bullet. I woke up to bullets flying, hit my horn, jumped out of my car and hollered for help.

‘We love the CIA!’ – or how the left lost its mind

Sep 10, 2018

On July 22 this year, nearly two years after Trump’s election and the rise of “The Resistance,” I tuned in to KPFA-Berkeley’s Sunday Show and heard host Philip Maldari speaking to The Nation’s national affairs correspondent John Nichols. Philip Maldari: John, just last Monday we had this fabulous press conference in Helsinki, Finland, where these two heads of state [Trump and Putin] had a chance to speak to the world. Do you want to decode what happened there? John Nichols: Do I want to what? PM: Decode – explain.

Merchants of Butchertown

Sep 2, 2018

Decades ago, when cattle were driven north on Third Street to the area west of what is now Bayview Plaza, that neighborhood was called Butchertown. Like bygone Butchertown, the Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood leads the city in ethnic and economic diversity. With Bayview’s small businesses, industries and its dedication to feeding the city, the spirit of Butchertown lives on. Today, a community group of local businesses calls itself the Merchants of Butchertown (MOB).

Bayview’s Sav-Mor Mart re-opens in new location with fresh produce, more healthful products

Sep 1, 2018

The Healthy Retail SF Program, in collaboration with a host of community partners, celebrated its 10th store with the grand re-opening event of Sav-Mor Mart at its new location at 4522 Third St., between LaSalle and McKinnon. A community market that has been serving the Bayview since for over 20 years, Sav-Mor will now offer more fresh produce from local sources as well as a larger variety of healthful choices for its customers.

Sam Jordan’s Way celebrates the first major Black mayoral candidate in San Francisco

Aug 31, 2018

A grand sunny day dawned in San Francisco’s Hunters Point Bayvew District for the naming of “Sam Jordan Way,” formerly Galvez Avenue between Phelps and Third Street. Over 150 people gathered for the celebration on Aug. 18. It is fitting that his two sons, Allen and Sam Jr., and baby girl Ruth with other family members were on hand. They pointed out that their father was the first African American to make a serious run for mayor and now we have a Black woman, Mayor London Breed.

Mario Woods Remembrance Day 2018: Commemorating and celebrating life
Hunters Point Shipyard: A few caring people are changing the world
Uganda Krip-Hop Nation journalist Ronnie Ronnie beaten, tortured by police, recovering at home
Medicare and Medicaid, a major gift of the Civil Rights movement
Lives lost to the institution: No candlelight vigil for Jessica St. Louis
UPDATED: Ramona Africa needs our help – now!
Musician Bobi Wine arrested and tortured by USA’s ‘Man in Africa’
Anti-fascists outnumber, outlast and drown out Patriot Prayer, Proud Boys in Seattle
‘You wash us away, but we’re still here’: Homeless funding initiative headed for November ballot
Federal ad spending with Black-owned firms dismal; NNPA demands action
Paul Kagame’s paranoia strikes deep
Rep. Pelosi challenged to stop $300 million Hunters Point Shipyard cleanup waste and listen to community
Nia Wilson, say her name! Blacks do not need a second slavery
SF State Black Unity Center under attack
Rest in power, Elbert ‘Big Man’ Howard, founding father of the Black Panther Party

Culture Currents

Upcoming Events

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September 19, 2018
HEARING ON RACISM & DISCRIMINATION in SF City & County Departments 11:00 am SF City Hall (Rm 250) 1 Dr Carlton B Goodlett Pl, San Francisco, CA 94102 Come and testify about discrimination you have experienced working for ... more>>
September 19, 2018
THE BLACK WOMAN IS GOD EXHIBITION Assembly of Gods (2018) 12:00 pm SOMArts Cultural Center, 934 Brannan St (between 8th & 9th Sts) San Francisco, CA 94103 Assembly of Gods Exhibition:
FREE ADMISSION from August 30–October 2, 2018
The ... more>>
September 19, 2018
ANTI POLICE-TERROR PROJECT General Meeting 7:30 pm East Side Arts Alliance 2277 International Blvd, Oakland, CA 94606 APTP meets monthly on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.​

... more>>
September 20, 2018
1st National WOMEN OF COLOR IN POLITICS CONFERENCE “She the People” 8:00 am The Julia Morgan Ballroom, 465 California St, San Francisco, CA 94104 Over 500 women of color political candidates, elected officials, activists, organizers, ... more>>
September 20, 2018
THE BLACK WOMAN IS GOD EXHIBITION Assembly of Gods (2018) 12:00 pm SOMArts Cultural Center, 934 Brannan St (between 8th & 9th Sts) San Francisco, CA 94103 Assembly of Gods Exhibition:
FREE ADMISSION from August 30–October 2, 2018
The ... more>>
September 20, 2018
BLACK WOMEN ORGANIZED FOR POLITICAL ACTION: East Bay Candidate & Voter Education Forum 5:30 pm Merritt College, 12500 Campus Dr, (Student Center) Oakland, CA 94619 Organizing for Power, a coalition of local diverse organizations, presents ... more>>
September 20, 2018
San Francisco FOOD NOT BOMBS Thursday Food Share 6:00 pm 16th Street Mission station (2000 Mission St) San Francisco, CA 94110 We will share free hot food in the 16th & ... more>>
September 20, 2018
Black reSurgence!TV 7:00 pm Comcast Channel 76, Astoud 30 and ATT 99 In honor of yet another innocent Black Male who has ... more>>

Cal Shakes’ stunning ‘War of the Roses’ closes Sept. 15

Sep 12, 2018

Cal Shakes’ stunning production of “The War of the Roses” by Eric Ting and Philippa Kelly, directed by Eric Ting, continues through Sept. 15. It is an amazing adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Henry VI trilogy and Richard III. I was not intimidated when I learned that the show was about four hours long. However, I did approach my seat cautiously and, at intermission, when I looked at my watch, I could hardly believe two hours had passed. I loved it. The time literally flew by.

Tribute to Big Man: Action is supreme

Sep 2, 2018

Poor is the word without the deeds … poor the deeds without the WORD – … During the time of Big Man his words were commitment to action … his determination exposed the people’s cries we HEARD – … Where the spectator merely shouts creates noise that static sound without rhythm or RHYME – … Big Man stood front and center at the eye of the storm in the arena of struggle … and intoned the poor and oppressed will rise time after time after TIME –

Aretha Franklin, the radical Queen of Soul

Sep 1, 2018

After gracing the planet for 76 years, Aretha Franklin joined the ancestors Thursday, Aug. 16, 2018. President Obama: “Aretha helped define the American experience. In her voice, we could feel our history, all of it and in every shade – our power and our pain, our darkness and our light, our quest for redemption and our hard-won respect. May the Queen of Soul rest in eternal peace.”

Arrest the president! Sue the government! Our Nia, our purpose will never die!

Aug 31, 2018

Let me be the first to say it: Nia Wilson would be alive today if somebody else had been elected president in 2016! The man arrested for Nia’s murder was not alone. He had an accomplice. The president was not there in person Sunday night, July 22, at the MacArthur BART subway station when Nia Wilson was brutally stabbed to death and her sister viciously attacked, but his spirit was.

Reminiscing, and acting, this September!

Aug 30, 2018

With our planetary situation worsening – from massive flooding in India to Bangladesh, fire-nados raging out of control from Siberia to California and record high temperatures in Scandinavia and the Arctic, etc. – you and your organization are encouraged to join the worldwide RISE FOR CLIMATE JOBS & JUSTICE on Saturday, 8 September. In our region, the march will convene at the Embarcadero in San Francisco, at 10 a.m. This major people’s mobilization precedes the so-called “Global Climate Summit.”

Celebration of the Life of Richard Brown
Markle’s royal arrival blows lid off Britain’s glaring heritage secret
Community advocate Kelvin Brooks taken from us by asthma caused by the pollution he fought
‘Sorry to Bother You’ director Boots Riley rips Spike Lee’s ‘BlackKkKlansman’
Cooking in your car: The rise of the unhoused middle class
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