Pen Pals: Find a friend behind enemy lines

Taking photos of prisoners is prohibited in many prisons, so the few that find their way out are
precious. The Bay View thanks longtime subscriber and writer Uhuru Baraka (Brian Lee) Rowe,
1131545, Greensville CC, 902 Corrections Way, Jarratt VA 23870, for sending this one.

Life behind enemy lines can be lonely, and a letter from a friend – a pen pal – can liberate mind and spirit. These prisoners are reaching out to you. They trust that Bay View readers truly care. Reach back and write a letter today!

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Ads added Oct. 12, 2020

Hey, my name is James Ray but everyone calls me “Truth” or Tru for short. I’m currently serving a natural life sentence in North Carolina that I had no parts of and was found guilty due to hearsay along with the injustice of the system. But with my faith in Allah on my side, I’m now in the second step of process for my appeal to get back in court to give my time back. As of right now I’m currently seeking a real strong woman who can stand the rain, that’s real and true to herself. I love to read, write books, educate myself on knowledge and history. I’m 24 years old 6ft1 Dominican/Black 185lbs who’s blunt, straight up, compassionate, real, and what I call a minority. A great lover, understander, and a gentleman for a woman I can build with and create a solid foundation on trust, respect, love, and loyalty along with a real friendship. Someone I can laugh with, cry with, and grow with, mentally, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. In hopes for in the future to settle down with and be faithfully committed long term. I deal with longevity and nothing temporarily. So with that being said if you’re interested and want to get to know me with my assurance of you knowing your time will not be wasted, contact me. James Ray, #1453684, PO Box 129, Windsor, NC, 27983

I would first like to introduce myself as Demiti Crowell. I’m a 23 year old male, from Oxford, NC. I’m looking to find good conversations and meet new friends by any means. I’m not trying to pressure anyone into supporting any of my needs. I’m looking for someone to talk to and get to know better. I’m a very hard working person that has ambition and the desire to win in life. When I seek friends I see those who aren’t judgmental. I’m an open-minded person as well and willing to listen and give advice. I also have a 4 year old son that is very smart and loving. My release is coming soon…as of 2021 no earlier no later. I would love to hear from you if you are reading this during this pandemic. Contact me as soon as possible and I’ll write back asap!! Demiti Crowell, #1499226, 3555 Old Glenwood Road, Marion, NC, 28752

Hello hope all is well to all my beloved readers. I’m Joshua C Burns seeking female pen-pals. I am a 22 year old from Charlotte, NC currently in prison serving a 38-58 month bid for armed robbery. I’m 5’11 190 pounds athletic build because I love to work out on a daily basis to keep my mind far away from where I’m at. I have a very toned body, dreads I started 2 years ago that come down to my mouth and have tattoos in various places. I’m light skinned in the favor of a caramel cappuccino due to me being racially mixed with Black, White, Indian, and Italian. Favorite hobbies consist of playing basketball and working out, also reading a lot of brain food books. If you want to know more about me just get at me and be sure to have a return address. Take care. Looking for the perfect female I can connect and grow with so don’t be timid or shy, just pull up. Joshua Burns, #1582389, 4600 Swamp Fox Highway West, Tabor City, NC, 28463

Christian man that worships the only true God Jehovah and is seeking a pen-pal that may evolve into a marriage mate. I am Black American. 5’6”, 130lbs, artist, Dr. of naturopathy, Bible teacher, vegetarian, homesteader, active outdoorsman, love to cook and garden. Humble, compassionate, romantic, considerate, forgiving, compromiser, and intellectual. I prefer Asian, White, or Spanish women. Age, any up to 45. She must try to be as the virtuous woman in proverbs 31:10-31. Patient, Godly devoted, love family life, always striving to learn new things. I will be out sometime next year. You think we might be compatible, then please rush your letter to me because my heart is waiting, desperate and lovesick. Needing serious repair only your love can rid it of loneliness. Till then I pray Jehovah may give you comfort from his word the Bible. Read Malachi 3:10. Perhaps we may be that gift from God for each other. Larry Tyler, 2349 Rogers Rd., Darlington, SC, 29532

I would love nothing more than to tell you all about myself—who I am, where I’m headed and where I’ve been. However, I don’t have a lot of space to do that. But what I can tell you, is that I’m not looking for love, and yes I’m single. My last girlfriend decided that I wasn’t worth waiting for. So on that aspect, I am only and simply seeking your companionship. I need someone who enjoys reading and writing to correspond with. Feel Free to write me about anything and I can guarantee you a fast, honest, and sincere response. Rickey P. Murray. #BD7697, PO Box 2000, Vacaville, CA, 95696

Good afternoon, my name is Jimmy and I’m looking to build a friendship with someone who is willing to look beyond my incarceration and get to know me for me, as I get to better know you. I’m a humble and laid back person who enjoys a good laugh and conversation, but also serious when necessary. I have a passion for music, enjoy working out to stay physically fit and healthy, as well as anything that gives me a challenge and stay mentally and spiritually strong. If you are interested in holding a genuine conversation and looking for someone to be straight forward with, don’t hesitate to reach me at the address provided. Have a good day. 29, Mex/Ital, 5’9, brown hair and eyes, athletic build, preference: female, seeking friendship. Jimmy Castanos #CO5269, 5964 US Hwy 90, Live Oak, FL, 32060

Hello, my name is Jason. I have a 2 year college degree in Criminal Justice, along with being an Iraq & Kuwait Armed Forces veteran. I suffer PTSD due to the war. Now, all alone 24 hours, indefinite solitary confinement in Florida’s only supreme security prison. I would be truly grateful and at your mercy to receive a friend to write until I am released from prison on January 6, 2023. I am 6ft, 155lbs, athletic build. I am left-handed, blond hair and baby blue eyes, Italian and Irish, piercings and many tattoos. I am 33 years young and my sign is Capricorn. Before the war, I had no criminal record, hardly consumed alcoholic beverages, and never used illegal substances. During this prison sentence, I have come to learn my lesson and strive to once again become the man that I was before the experience and effects of the war. I have not been prescribed any psychotic medications for my PTSD in almost a year. I have been clean from using illegal substances since April 2018. I’ve received certificates in Economics, Business & Marketing, and in Anger Management. I am pushing to be all that I can be. I will adapt, react, and overcome. A friend to correspond with would be more than I could ever wish for and will be appreciative beyond words. So if that becomes real, I promise to never let my friend down. Take care, be safe, and stay healthy during these trying times. Jason C. Turem, DC#C07109, PO Box 800, Raiford, FL, 32083

Eager to maintain the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace. Looking for friends and supporters, someone to write and get to know. I am a 1988 baby, you do the math. I am from Florida but I have been to Cali. Looking for beautiful female to write me in this lonely time, 20-47 years of age. Looking for someone into longboarding, snowboarding, is out there living life. If you want to talk and more, then I am here. I been off the scene for a little while. Truly sitting here trying to think about what to write. Universe, stars, the space above. Let’s talk. Matthew Tyrone Simmons, #0-Y56160, 9544 County Road 476B, Bushnell, FL, 33513

Hi! I’m Monica Nicole. I’m originally from the Sunshine State yet raised in Atlanta. I’m black and Puerto Rican, 4’11, and 135 lbs, brown eyes dark hair. I’m outgoing and optimistic. I love to sing and dance. Music of all genres has been my constant companion on this lonely road. I’m looking to meet good friends or quality companions or maybe more. Only time will tell. Write to me. Monica Jones #P30525, 11120 NW Gainesville Rod, Ocala, FL, 34482

Hi, my name is Vic! I’m looking to connect with new friends who are willing to build and share a strong meaningful bond. I like to listen to music, read books, write poetry, and I’m a huge fan of sports! I place a high value on self-love, self-building, self-worth, and self-education. I’m about to graduate with a dual degree in Microcomputer Application and Business Management & Administration, both will be A.A.S, from Lee College. I also have 57 credits toward receiving my Computer Information Tech Degree at Alvin Community College. So no, I’m nowhere near dumb, just made a few past mistakes and am now focus on returning back to society with the tools and skills sets to become my own boss. To be honest I’m not going to try and be particular about what I’m looking for in a pen-pal because I believe you truly can’t judge a book by its cover. I’m willing to write and give people the chance to see who I am and show me what they’re about. I know there’s someone out there who’s pushing on the door of destiny that reads pull, I feel like that someone could be you. If you do decide to write me or use, please know that the only way I’m able to respond is through a mailing address, so include yours… I look forward to hearing from you, have a great and winning day! Male, Spiritual, Black, 04/02/85, 5’11, 237lbs, heterosexual, willing to write both sexes. Victor Spivey, #1110975, 810 FM 2821, Huntsville, TX, 77349

Facebook page is up and running if you’re interested in knowing what I look like. My page is under the name “Prince Starks”. I am a 37 year old African American man who is currently serving a 20 year federal prison sentence. As of right now, my release date is 2034 but I have an appeal in, so hopefully I will be out much sooner. I was born and raised in Baltimore, MD, however I was living in Atlanta, GA prior to my incarceration. I’m hoping that this ad will put at least one positive person in my life that I can get to know, and one day possibly meet face to face. You can contact me by snail mail or just hit me on Facebook and let me know that you saw my ad on here. Have a safe and blessed day!! Donte Starks, #43904-037, PO Box 24550, Tucson, AZ, 85734

My name is Allen Tyrone Robinson. I’m 57 years old, 5’9 and 180lbs. I’m still very athletic and love playing basketball, going camping, and fishing. I’m in search of a real woman who I can correspond with and get to know on an intellectual and spiritual level. So if you want to connect, write and we can begin our journey. Allen Robinson, #519307, 3872 FM 350 South, Livingston, TX, 77351

I’m 51 years old Black male, looking for a friend (female). Due to be released September 2021, 5’11 muscular, sexy chocolate. I am a people person, love to travel and ride motorcycles, openminded. Dennis Jones, #0215216, 75 Legend Rd, Lumberton, NC, 28358

My name is Billy Bert but I go by Tay-Tay. Looking for a friend or a real honest true woman. I’m close to finishing a 10 year bid, I have 17 months left. Looking for that special someone that can keep my days bright with a smile on my face. I’m 6’2 hazel eyes, dark skinned, handsome, 33 year old black man. Very passionate, honest, trustworthy. Looking for you beautiful, please don’t keep me waiting. From Oakland grew up in Baton Rouge. I’ll be waiting. Love to hear from you. Billy McDonald, #AN3410, C8-109, PO Box 5102, Delano, CA 93216

My name is Chris Bohorquez and I am a proud 33 year old Mexican-American, serving a 13 year sentence for carjacking, strong arm robbery. I have been incarcerated since the age of 21. My release date is on August 18, 2021. I’ve made my fair share of mistakes, yet I’ve learned a whole lot about myself in confinement. Plus, I believe everything we go through and experience in life good and bad, makes us who we are. I am the oldest of my 4 siblings, I am down to earth, very open-minded. I’m loyal, honest, trustworthy, passionate, considerate, respectful, smart, ambitious, very humble, outgoing, and my best quality is my sense of humor. Living behind prison walls can take its toll on the mind and sometimes all we need is a little smile or laughter, especially in today’s world. I like helping people out if I can. I enjoy working out and staying fit, which is healthy for the mind and the body. I love listening to music, reading books, play and watch sports. I’m interested in sharing my thoughts with someone genuine, and honest. I’m also willing to talk about life, family, current events, or just about anything to be honest. I’m a good talker but an even better listener, so never a dull moment. Well I can go on about myself but truth is I really want to know about you… whoever you are! I look forward to your response by letter. Be safe and God bless! Chris Bohorquez, #F15646, PO Box 8101, San Luis Obispo, CA, 93409

Ads added Sept. 25, 2020

To All you ladies who apply. I’m looking to meet a good Woman out there, that wants a good Man. I dont need money, only a good friend, or a good future Mate! Im Very independent and very respectful. I love music and movies, cars and good action Books. Im open minded and Very understanding. I’m single, 44 years old, no children and no luggage. if you feel you can handle a good strong man, get at me, you would have made a good choice that can make you happy. My address: Chris Andrews T70741 VSP A-2-19-4Low PO Box 92 Chowchilla, CA 93610 Respectfully, Christopher Andrews T70741

Hey my name is Justin, but everyone calls me Kydd. I’m a grown man with the name Kydd. Well it’s because I’m always the youngest one on my block. Im not really looking for anyone special at this time, but I’m open to all conversation. With the line of work I’ve done I’ve understand that we have different types of people in this world. So I really don’t have any complex. Very open to all. Now I’m not looking for any one to fall in love with me, (but with time we will tell). All I’m lookin for is someone to share their time with. No matter where I go, I’ve live by “you get out what you put in.” About me I’m 36 year old, 5’6, 168 lb an I’m a black man. All I do at this time is work read and write. Now to put a face with this ad go I’ll reply to all letters but I do what to know what and who I talking with no catfishing on my part. But if you want to know more or you like what you see this far hit me up. Ask what’s on your mind Hit me or Justin McNair #7935009; 3060FM3514; Beaumont, TX 77705.

Just Looking For A Friend… S,m/r,M, 2, 5’5, 190, Brn, Brn, Straight, nice looking, & outgoing. Likes 2 read & learn new things(history, culture, etc). Kinda nerdy & stay out of trouble these days. Currently locked up & serving life since 2005 (minor @ the time), accused of “robbery and murder of a drug dealer.” I.S.O., a 21+ penpal who is non-judgmental, compassionate, educated, responsible, & willing to be a sensuous lifetime friend. Also working on my Case -Legal Help Welcome…, google me & call me “Ef”. Efrain Lopez #1953021, Wynne Unit, 810 FM 2821, Huntsville, TX 77349.

Hi My name is Leter Hardy omep people called me space for short because I got wide shoulders. I am Looking to write to a pen-pal for friends or maybe more. I am 58. Born 6-21-62. Brown eyes. ⅝. Light skinned with a redish glow Like the color of a peach or the color of the sun. Muscular built. And I Fill Like I did when I was 25 or younger. I like exercising. Working out and With Weights. running. traveling. going to movies. walking. and Fun at home. I am open minded and funny. 220 pound of fun. I never been married. no kids. and no girlfriend. Looking someone fun and honest. Lester Hardy 0166738 PO Box 600 Nashville, NC 27856

I’m looking for someone to write to. I have been in prison for 11 years and for the past 9 yeas I haven’t had anyone to talk to. For the past 11 years I haven’t spoken to a woman. I’m looking for a friend. Someone I can have normal conversations with and get to know. Will you help me with this? Tell me what I have to do. Let me give you some basic info about me. I’m 30 years old. My birthday is July 6th. I’m 5’9” with blonde hair and blue eyes. I have about 21 tattoos. I’m open to answering any questions about me. I love music and listen to all kinds. I’m a gamer. I like to read, watch NFL and play basketball. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your time. Be safe and say healthy. Roger Bushhorn #186635 PCF 4490 W Reformatory Rd Pendleton, IN 46064-9001

My name is Marcus Bennett I am 38 Years of age Single Seeking Someone I can blend Perfectly with. I know I Can give this Person love, light, truth. I know I can make this Person life full complete and wonderful. I now decree that this person possesses the following qualities and attributes spiritual, loyal, faithful and true. This person is harmonious, Peaceful and happy. We are irresistibly attracted to each other. Only which belongs to love true and wholeness Can enter my experience. This is my ideal partner I speak into existence. I will answer all who take the time to write me. Hope to hear from You Soon. My contact information: Marcus Bennett 2235568 3899 State Hwy 98 New Boston, TX 75570

Hello, my name is Le’Quan Rock. Im into sports, movies, playing cards, and reading. I’m also looking a good listener. Im 41 yrs. Old and looking for a penpal whose fun & easy to get along with. My info is Le’Quan Rock 0475239, PO Box 600, Nashville NC, 27856. If interested please write. Thanks for your time.

Hello, my name is Carlos De Leon but everyone knows me by (49er) I am a 50 year old Mexican/Chicano 5’7 I weigh 1bo light brown eyes and I keep by headed shave. And I’m a strong believer in god. I’ve been in prison since (1987) I was 17 years old. And get released in 10-8-2022. I am seeking someone who is honest a nice female pen pal to write to and write to me. If you would like to write me. I will write you back and you can know more about me. I’m originally from Austin, Texas! And a true diehard San Francisco 49ers fan! Carlos (49er) Deleon 477331 Clements Unit 9601 spur 591 Amarillo, TX 79107

Hello my Name is Shicon “King” Jordan I’m 46 years old and I’m looking For a open minded and Peaceful spirit woman to communicate with to get to know and build with. It’s a new day and age, And time to meet New and better people. You can write to me at Shicon Jordan #LX6072 Smart commmunications/PA DOC PO Box 33028 St Petersburg, FL 33733 Peace and Respect

Hi Dear Friend, My name is Tim and with all thats going on in the world- the stresses – covid 19 – ect, I would like to meet anyone who would like a friendship with a good man, I am in jail for a crime I didnt do, but am waiting to go back to court, I am 6 feet 3 inchs tall and brown skin and in shape, so if your looking for a good friend me direct at: Timothy Edwards (457-188) (907783) 13800 McMuller Hwy SW Cumberland Md 21500 PS I love to recive letters and pictures bye mail. That all I can received, so I hope to hear from you!

PITTSBURGH native here!!!! 34 Year old young man, 5’11, 195 lbs, brown eyes and brown skin, loug braids. Can I find someone to build a mutual friendship with? I’m open minded & kind, solution-oriented, with ambition & vision to match. Email available through: ( or write me at: Gillette Hawkins, DOC# GQ9407, SCI Pine Grove, P.O. Box 33028, St. Petersburg, FL, 33733

Hello my name is John P. Garman im a light skinned Mexican Brother age 46 looking for someone to have a understanding componeoship with. If your that lady please contact me age race does not matter please write Pen pals welcomed hope to hear from you soon JOHN PAUL GARMAN #218597 U.D.C. OLY-B-05-B PO BOX 250 DRAPER, UTAH 84020

Hi my name is Hayes Duff AKA Beanz. I’m writing this because I’m looking for someone to write and get to know. I’m not asking you for anything I just want your friendship and a little Bit of your time. I am a good man when you get to know me I just need someone to talk to and a friend Im not asking you to drop what you are doing to just write me, it is lonely when you dont have someone to talk to yes I am in prison with 4 more years to go But I just want a good friendship. Ok I am 6”1 and I like to read Book’s I like to go the movie’s I like to cook I like doing puzzles I like making my lady friend smile. I would Love for it to Be a Better time to talk and write But Im just in a bad situation Right now but things will get better for me soon. Im from Johnson county NC a small town but very country. With that Im going to end this for now but I have alot more to talk about but I don’t want to over do it on my first letter. Im open minded so if you feel like writing me you can ask me anything. Have a bless day and I hope to here from you soon. I can be reached at: Hayes Duff # 0528134 PO Box 600 Nashville NC 27856

Dear Bayview reader, Hello, my name is Erron Jr. somewhere throughout this introduction I will be mentoring my Father(my super Hero). I’m currently incarcerated, doing life-A hard life sentence, I’m pretty much sure I’ll be alright. My father is also serving life. Just recently I was under the impresion that I was to live out the remainder of my life behind man made contraptions until peoples prayers were answerd. I’m Hetereosexual, I don’t judge others for their choices. I’m open to a lot of things, so it’ll be much easier to build and notice the similarities between us. I love to learn and keep my body and Health in mint condition. For those who’ve caught up in the miscellaneous things of a human-physical appearance. I’m 5”9, 185 lbs. Brown skin, body proportional even- Atheletically built like a warship. Lol with a handsome face to go with the deal. You see me you see my father, vise-versa-we’re twins. I’m self-educated; one day I would love to have a doctors/medical degree- PHD, only time will tell. I’m dextriciously good for you. I could be a bit demanding at times- you’ll just have to overlook the flaw. We all haven’t. Erron Sr. has inspired me to be the better me- build myself to be the best of my capability, due to the lack of useful resources. I’m improving from that young 16 yr. Old I was once were. Yes! I have been on lock since I was 16 yrs. Old and now I’m currently 26 yrs. Young. (Now don’t get to thing he’s too young for me to write – I am well advanced beyond my years.) I don’t want ot single out a certain friend, I’m in dire need of a friend/penpal to build with. I want all who would love/like or need to have me. Whose willing to do time with me or help make the years pass smoothly as possible? If you would like to write My Father too or just him. Here’s our info/data; Erron Nolley, Jr. #1782548 Robertson Unit 12071 FM 3522, Abilene, TX 79601, Born and semi-raised in Houston-TX Nov 12/Erron Nolley, Sr #786535, Polursky Unit 3872 FM 350 South, Livingston, TX 77351. Born and semi-raised in Houston, TX May 30, Age 44 Looks lik He’s 24 yrs young. We’ll be wait but intill then Love, peace and prospirit. Nolley Boyz 4 Life =)

I am a 28 yr old black male, 5”9 about 200 pounds. I’m from philadelphia, PA. I have a few tattoos and I love to work out and write music as well as listen to music. I’m hoping to find a funny, kind, honest, sincere woman, who is not afraid to open up and climb to the highest level of our potential. I have been incarcerated since 2015, and am scheduled to see parole in 2022. So, I hope you don’t mind writing to an strong-willed Black man, who has his whole life ahead of him, well, don’t be afraid to take a step towards a man who knows what a king like me deserves. Write to: Rick Stafford #MP8568, smart communications/PADOC, Sci-Forest, P.O. Box 33028, St Petersburg, FL 33733

My name i s James. I am 25 year old. African American. I am 6’1” Weighing in at 170 lbs. I have been incarcerated since the age of 16. So I have been in for awhile. I have about a year left to go and I am not really looking for anything serious. Just a female companion that I can vibe with and share heartfelt stories with. Someone who wants a man that can listen and is attentive and kind. During this incarceration I have grown a lot and really blossomed into the man I was born to be. So with that being said, I am open to all ethnicities, shapes and sizes. I am a non judgmental god fearing Chriastian man. If your interested just a little bit and would like to know more about me. Then write me ASAP! James Allen #AW5775 RJD 480 Alta Rd San Diego, CA 92179

ATTENTION ALL GENDERS!! LGBTQ & STRAIGHT!! Tired of the same boring pen-pals, well look no further. I’m a young, attentive transwoman prisoner whom fights for equality & justice for all. Let’s network in fighting for change. Fight for social justice/equality. I’m of Mexican/Native American descent, who happens to be transwoman. So, sexual peace & freedom is my objective. Let’s come together, stand tall, stand strong!! Let our voices ring out & be heard!! Welcome all to write. J Herring, AOC #135180 ASPC: SMU Postal Box 4000 Florence, Ariz. 85132

Drayko’s Dreamgirl My name is Drayko. Im an inmate with big pockets, ladies be you feeling lucky? Or pretty? On June 1st I am sending 3 lucky ladies $100. All you need to enter the contest is a brief explanation on why you deserve the $100 with a few photos of yourself. I will be doing this on the first of every month. I am not able to get mail directly from prison, so you must have a third party to forward mail to me. Do not be discouraged if you don’t win there are a lot of contestents. When you do win please spread the word! Stay sexy ladies keep your chin up. Smart Communications/PADOC LVBGrove NR5805 SCI Smithfield Po Box 33028 St. Petersburg FL 33733

African American 35 yrs of age, 6’1”, 210 pd man looking for anyone willing to write a flawed man on a road to redemption. Anyone who’s not judgemental and looking for the same. Please feel free to write. I don’t care about age, race, sex, religion, bi, st8, or anything. You breathe and bleed get at me. Yonchavious Pruitt #1970236; O.B. Ellis Unit, 1697 FM 980, Huntsville, TX 77343

My name is Brandon Ali Bell, I go by Ali, Hello ladies! I’m looking for a great, Honest woman, I’m a lonely brother looking for someone special to help ya’ boy with some good companionship and maybe more. I’m 6’3” 295 lbs mixed breed, I’m bald-headed(by choice) with Brown Eyes. I have to work on cars or anything with a motor, love to race. Also like being outdoors, hiking, cook-outs, playing sports, anything htat gets me quality time with family and my boo. I’ve got 8 kids ranging from 7 to 29 and I’ve got grandkids. I’m 42 yrs old, my birthday is Feb. 27, 78 and I’m a Pisces, Love to Love it’s in the blood. So if you want some honest from the heart conversation hit ya boy up. Brandon Ali Bell, #2045064, Bill Clements Unit, 9601 Spur 591, Amarillo, Texas 79107. Peace and One Love!

My name is Orlando Delgado. Originally from the Bronx. 62 years young. Puerto Rican. I keep everything 100%. You can ask me anything abot me and I will tell true and the truth period. This is my first time asking for a pen-pal. Strickly platonic ladies, incase you’re wondering. Wrong position to be for anything else. I don’t care if you are White, Black, Brown, Blue, Green or in between. Also it’s about your attitude not your age period. Much love, much respect. Orlando Delgado #77710 Po Box 650 Indian Springs NV 89070

Jay Barret Van Story TDCJ #477649 Wynne Unit 810 F.M. 2821 W. Huntsville, Texas 77349 Email: jpay American, White, Male (Please obtain my photo from -large photo on the main page) BD:11-16-63 6’1”, 170 lbs, the Brown Hair, Hazel Eyes I’m a graphic designer, computer programmer, photographer, and investor. I’m active, happy, even-tempered, fun-loving, kind, compassionate, good-humored and generous. I love life, people, and animals, not necessarily in that order. :J) I have been falsely imprisoned since 1987 on a totally fabricated charge. The evidence of my innocence is truly overwhelming. For over three decades, the alleged victim has maintained that I am innocent, and that officials forced her to falsely accuse me of sexually assaulting her. She feels terrible about it. We are both victims of a tremendous injustice. Please google my name to learn more about it, if you’d like. A documentary and feature film are being made about my wrongful conviction. Many people and organizations support the effort to exonerate and free me, including the ex-wife of the D.A., a retired CIA officer, attorneys, law enforcement officials, scientific experts, and innocence projects. To voice your support, please email Erica Fuchs, the president of UNCUFF THE INNOCENT, at Please write to me. I’d love to hear from you, no matter what your nationality, race, sex, age, or situation is. Take care!

Prolific letterwriter Old fashioned Good listener Verbose Attentive Interesting Professional Looking for interesting conversation Open minded Non judgmental Forgiving Like pictures, selfies, women I’m 45 Clean Professional I clean up well I’m disease free Open minded I appreciate the finer things in life like letter-writing, good conversationI’m interested in everything Even you Write me. J Hill, P86443, ASU1, 121, POB 5107, Delano, CA 93216 Delano’s in the central valley of California near Bakersfield, L.A. My interests are photographs, letters and writing I can discourse on anything

The difference between what we are doing and are capable of doing will solve most of the world’s problems. My name is Israel Hudgins 31 years old from New Orleans came to TX during Hurricane Katrina. Having been incarcerated 12 yrs I drawn myself in education – always willing to learn. Please dont allow what you read online about my case to detour you thats not who I am and knowing you can handle who I really am. I have no problem telling you the man I use to be – and about the man I have grown to become. I dont need any donations keep your money. I’m looking for friendship and a possible business partner. I have the soul of Whitney Houston – the confidence of Michael Jackson – and the swagger of Muhammad Ali. Israel Hudgins 2661 FM 2051 Tennessee Colony, TX 75881

Hello! Beautiful ladies out there. Here I’m a Georgia prisoner doing a 40 yrs sentence. Already done served 23 yrs. This yr be 24 yrs as of 7/20 being incarcerated since 7/97. I’m a W/M. 42 yrs old D.O.B 05/09/78 “Taurus”. Average Built 5’10, 176 lbs. bald w/o a beard, green eyes, w/non tats. Possible parole out by 3/21. Now I’m in need searching 4 that very special beautiful lady out there Age/Race doesn’t matter. Not scared to take a chance. Pen pals from other prisoners got to have 3 way mailing from the outside. I’m searching for a really great lady friend. The one whom is understanding kind hearted, strong minded and beautiful inside and out and willing to write and talk 2 with. Having a better life, Behind these very lonely walls of prison. I love to listening to musics, reading, laugh, joke around, camping, fishing, walking along the beach, and gardening, I’m mixed breed with German, Scottish, Irish and English. Are you looking for a great friend whom will listen to care for you with TLC Kinda guy. I’m the 2nd oldest son of three boys with non Sister, Mother still alive and never knew my father being around. Whether you want to build a relationship or friendship. Please feel to write and share photos. I really do hope you overstand my need for letters and stuff. If you email please include a return addy. Peace be to you, Hit this lonely guy up: at Shellhouse GDC #870624 A.S.M.P. 3001 Gordon Highway., Grovetown, Georgia 30813

Dear reader I’m posting this on behalf of myself Jonathan Rodriguez and a friend named, Bond, Duane Bond 009 ½, our mission is to successfully recruit friend’s for the hometown, and as I keep telling Duane, 400 pounds of something is better than 120 pounds of nothing. So please, send me your poor your tired and hungry masses! Single mother’s of 3, divorcee’s, widow’s, catfish, and naked guy’s sitting in a beanbag chair eating cheeto’s, bi-curious and curious bi’s w eare here for you! So please write today! Jonathan Rodriguez SED#17349747 or Duane Bond SID #13949436 At: S.R.C.I. 777 Stanton Blvd. Ontario, OR 97914 (max dates: 2024 and 2041 respectively)” Thank you! Jonathan Rodriguez

My name is Ira Akili Bear I wanted you to publish me online, I am 54 years old looking for a good lady that can write me and maybe we can have more in common, so until next time thank you for putting me out there on publish line. Sincerely yours Ira Akili Bear

I am a 34 year old African American looking to correspond with a genuine woman. I don’t have requirements I’m very open but I am a very goal oriented, family oriented, I do mechanic work, I’m 5’11, 210 lbs, good shape, caramel complexion, have tatts, I’m from San Diego California. I lived in berkley in 2004 and wouldn’t mind a change of scenery. I can be reached thru email: Keonte Mcclay-BI6635 After creating Jpay profile or seen on fb as Keontae Mcclay Keontae Mcclay – BI6635 I am housed at SATF-Corcoran State Prison. PO Box 5244 Corcoran CA 93312 housing: F3-8-4low.

Did you notice something special about today? If not. Look in the mirror and bask in the allure of something astonishing, “You!” Do…”I”…have to know you to make that reality true, no. But you do. You have to know there’s infinite value in every woman, to “Believe…in…yourself.” That your strong; because God wouldn’t make something so beautiful “weak!” Men have the potential to see in women what they could never see in themselves. But not every adult male is a man, and not every man is a trophy. You could live a lifetime under the same roof, sharing the same dinner and sexual experiences with a complete stranger. Then there’s the old friend you meet at first encounter. Shockingly you realize we’ve somehow been connected our entire life. Nickname: MAJESTIC Minster NAME: JOHNATHAN BARNES #01789624 ADDRESS: 810 FM 2821 Wynne Unit Huntsville, Texas 77394

Hello ladies’ incarcerated an non-incarcerated’ My name is William Im a 53 year old divorced male’ Im 5-7 210 pounds, brown eyes, shaved head, Im Spanish, Portuguse, German an Dutch mixed with Aztec Indian, Im a father of 7 Grown adult children and 9 grandkids, Im very handsom with a goatee, and very outgoing and open minded. Im Spanish Royal blood with a Royal family and Im an heir to the Las Vegas Land Grant, I have no virus’s’ I dont drink an I don’t mess with dope’ an I dont mistreat the ladies’ I reside in Orange County California an I own a ranch in San Diego, Im a Automotive Mechanic by trade. Im looking for any interesting ladies to write to, Ive been down for 10 years with projected out date at the end of this year and I would love more between the ages of 30 to 45, i am marriage minded & family minded’ I enjoy typical guy stuff’ Nascar, Football, etc… I enjoy long walks on the beach an picnics in the park an feeding the ducks, I love lots affection an harmony in a relationship’ Im very respectful but sometimes naughty’’ so if your open an free an desire a healthy relationship for the future then Im your guy’ an I would love to talk about the future with us’ Please send Picture’. William Romero, AK-2791 P.O Box 901 Avenal, CA 93204

Im 29 year old, non violent or sex charge non-drug cae too. Coty Pilkerton #1176258 North East Correctional Center 13698 Airport road Bowling Green, MO, 63334

Allow me to express who I am I’m a 6’0” 195 34 year old. Country, down to earth African American male, with no kids. I enjoy reading, writing and exercising. I’m currently incarcerated. Just looking for a loyal female pen pal. Someone that I can she my thoughts with etc. My family sends me money. Therefore I wont hound you for anything. Prior to my incarceration I worked for a parking company in downtown Raleigh. I miss fishing and driving my old school Nissan. I was heavily envolved in the gothic subculture. I attended alot of metal concerts and festivals. I can honestly say with a smile. I’m a changed man now. To me that’s a major part of life. Change. Also, self honesty ‘is’ just as important. Honesty. I I look forward to hearing from you. Kenneth O’Neal 0943396 P.O. Box 600 Nashville, NC 29856

Hello, and may this reach the mind of the “Woman,” who’s heart will embrace the spirit of the “Man,” behind the words. I respectfully reachout to you from the sufficating embrace of confinement, in the hopes of being heard, felt, and received into an open mind.I am a Conscience “Minded,” Asiatic brother, of the age of 47, and am doing a bid of 44 years, which is being appealed, on actual innocence, my charge is for a burglary of a habitation. Before my incarceration, I was working for Patterson U.T.I. a company out of Midland TX. I worked for a drilling company, one of the best. Just a little something to think on in concerns of my situation. I am a drug, and alchohol free, and am a focused individual seeking for the response of a “Woman,” who is goal oriented, who is not with out flaws, and is not afraid of being herself. I am not looking for the perfect “Woman,”so please come as you are, I am not looking to hold you down, but am hoping to build you up, and that we can do that for eachother. I am insearch for someone who is genuine in heart, and whom will be there because she wants to be. I am not here to fix you, but to listen to you, learn that of what you are in need of, and of how I can give myself to giving you that. I am in need of your support, both liberal, and as well moral. I extend my hand in the hopes of finding the “Woman,” of whom I can rest with, the one whom will be or become to be a life long friend if nothing else. Thank you for your time. Sincerely Dempsey Webb…#1926322 3001, s Emily Dr. Beeville, TX 78102 J. McConell Unit

Divine Blessings and Pleasant Greetings to you. I sincerely hope and pray that whatever God that you believe in will give you the common sense to discern that not everyone incarcerated is not the sinister individual(s) that the media falsely portray us as being because there are a few Good Black Men that have been wrongfully convicted such as myself. My name is El Roderick Mckissic and I am 44 yrs. Of age. I am 5”2 with a medium muscular physique. I have dark brown eyes and naturally curly black hair. My complexion is a rich brown hue. I am a poet, artist and song writer by Divine Inspiration. I am search of a mature Black Afrikan woman for friendship, compassion, empathy (feel my pain in this Black Struggle as a wrongfully convicted Freedom Fighter) and more when it uniquely manifest into existence. You are truly interested please feel free to write me the same lines and let’s see what will be revealed in time. “Have a wonderfully blessed Day”. Divinely, El Roderick McKissick 792883 2728 Hwy 49 South Oglethorpe, GA 31068

Long time prisoner soon to be released 12-7-20 seeking penpals from all walks to life to correspond with over the next 6 months and possibly meet once released. My interests include art, animals, books(mostly fantisy) writing and receiving letters, cooking, and nature, working out and TATTOO’s. I’m 38 YEARS and stand 5”8 weigh 200 lbs have brown hair hazle eyed sence the age of 19. And know little of the world beyond prison walls. If you would like to know someone then Im the one for you. All letters will receive reply. Write to: Justin Dole Bryant #T48794 CSP-CMF- 64 Bed A002 P.O. Box 2000 Vacaville CA 95696

My name is Jesse James Keller I will be 28 years old in June I am doing a 5 year sentence for robbery. I am looking for a pen pal I would love to have to some one to write to preferably a female any where from to 20 to 65 years old and although I can’t lie Im definately looking for love I really would love to just make a friend and share some intelligent conversation with someone. If you would or can find someone to write me my address: Jesse James Keller cdc# AI-0201 CMC-E P.O. Box 8101 San Luis Obispo, CA 93409

Dear Reader, My name is Stephen Hutson. I am 32, White, Male, 6”1, and have a large heart. I am doing basicly 14-18 years in North Carolina. Not much family left. Devorced And looking for a female pen-pal. But any penpal is ok. I am currently on a extreem weight loss plan with diet + working out. I love animals, fishing, Fall seasons, and God. This small ad does little to Give you deep insight into a old fashion soul with new age ideas. Reading is another pass time. I am well read, from Moby Dick to All off Dan Brown and Ken Follet. My Pictures on-line are out-dated. I have lost 50 pounds In the last year, and still going. I have 7 years to go And nothing tieing down when I get out. I have a open mind and hope you do as well please fill free to write me. Thank you Stephen Hutson OPUS #0826844 Nash Correction PO Box 600 Nashville NC 27856

Hello ladies as I write this in hopes of catching someone in a moment of curiosity open mind and heart to receive this positive light from a dark place. And know that I only reach for the stars with everything that I do which is exactly why Im reaching out to someone so pay attention to the sign because most people are used to losing that they dont know when they’re winning and i dont want my effort to be effortless. So allow me the opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Jesus but my folks call me Chuy. I’m mexica. 28 years old. Standing not to tall at 6’2. 295 lbs. Ambitious loyal and real. Got long hair and I’m form East Oakland. I’m currently preparing myself for when I bounce out in two years. 4-16-22. So I’m focused on the future and not allowing this minor pause to dictate the rest of my life. So let’s both be something new to each other the sky is the limit and we have a beautiful opportunity so get at me – Jesus.Mora #AH7876 P.B.S.P.A.5.226 PO Box 7500 Crescent City CA 95532

Excuse me, lovely lady I don’t smoke, but between me & you – Can we put something in the air? I mean somethin’ for us to heart, but too- somethin’ for us to feel. Nah, there’s nothin’ to fear, ‘cause when proper preparation meets opportunity – the only outcome is success, baby. The only outcome is success. – (to be continued. . .) Of course that’s just the first couple of lines. There’s plenty more, so are you curious to hear the rest? I would be happy to share it with you. That is, if you care to drop me a line to let me know you’re even slightly curious. I’m currently in a federal correctional institution – physically anyway. Never mentally or spiritually. A little about me: I’m 5’9, 180 pounds with a couple tattoos. I don’t smoke or drink. Maybe once or twice a year I have a soda. I’m not big on organized religion, though I’m very spiritual. No coffee. No pork. Little by little I’m getting away from red meat all together. No, I’m not a health nut. I just try to avoid things that can be “habit forming.” When I’m not in my element(free from prison) My lifestyle is my habit. What I’m looking for: A friend first. Ethnicity/race is unimportant to me. As well as physical proportions. As long as you’re able to hold an intelligent conversation about something positive we can converse. Until then you & yours be safe & healthy. I can be reached at: G. LaMarr Moore #76721-041 P.O. Box 5000 Pekin, IL 61555

Need a friend? I do as well! Im pretty sure we can find something in common to write about. Im 35 years old, 6’1 & solid. I have an bald head with handsome features that shines bright like a smile. If I’ve peeked any intrest from you, contact me an let’s see how highway can build each other. With understanding, Marty J. P.S (I have recent pics) Marty J. Williams Jr. #AT2670 D-6-10 PO Box 608 Tehachapi CA 93581

WISH YOU HAD A REAL FRIEND? TIRED OF THE FAKE? Well I am a tall, intelligent, easy-goig, open-mided and yes incarcerated black man. I am lookign for a pen pal and real friend. If you think it might be you, feel free to write. Mr. Gretchon Powell #1607214 Telford Unit 3899 State Hwy 98 New Boston, Texas 75570

Threw this solid I breath and present my solid to be uplifted. I’m deep as a poetic person from the heart I truly ablaze, profoundly from the soul I’m like the ocean at it’s waves, seekin to be heard, held, captured to be more than a CDCR inmate slave, prevented from so much that my steps prosper ablaze, goel orental, attentive, audacious in every beautiful aspect of miny ways, seekin pen-pals to foundation happy days. I’m 28, 6 feet tall, chocolate braids handsome. Holla at me. George, Leon #AE1766, Pelican Bay State Prison, P.o. Box 7500, Crescent City, CA 95532

Greetings ladies! My name is George Hernandez. I’m a 51 year old Mexican from Pomona, California. I’m looking for a woman that’s doing life like myself or a female that’s on death row anywhere in the U.S.A. You know so we can get a little love letter thing going <3 If you feel this is your calling feel free to drop into my life. Much love, George Geroge Hernandez #BD3815, PO Box 3460 (3A04-213L, Corcoran, CA 93212

BM, 40s, 190 lbs, 5’8” and seeking open-minded woman who can handle a mature man incarcerated… a non-violent offender who enjoys writing, having fun, listening to ol’ skool slow jams & R&B (HipHop) a little :) LOL… I enjoy reading books of substance, history & culture. Looks are unimportant, as looks are in the eye’s of the beholder, unattractiveness comes from within. Have a blessed day and stay safe and positive.Kevin Millsap G17343, CSP-SAC B-2-122, P.O. Box 290066, Represa, CA 95671

Hello ladies and gentlemen I am in search of genuine friendship! I am a 37 year old-Mexican, 6’8”, 270, browneyes, short black hair and carmel skin. LOL. I am a good listener but I am kind of shy. I am incarcerated in a Texas prison for 17 years now. Much of my life has been wasted here. I don’t fit in here! This letters are all I got to now live the world out there. My hobbies include reading books- they are the doorways to new worlds, thanks to my imagination! Then I can get away from this cage I live in. I remain positive since I know it could always be worse for me. I have many places I wish I could visit. So many things to enjoy and experience out there. From the little things to the big things. I am like an open book, feel free to ask away. I will be looking forward to hearing from you :) Salvador Zavala #1447730, 3001 South Emily Drive, Beeville, TX 78102

My name is Eric I’m currently incarcerated at Salinas Valley State Prison I’m 5’10”, 220 lbs. ballheaded African American muscular built; I am 44 years old down to earth passion, kindness, non-judgemental cool as a fan other than that seeking for friendship if you are too please write. I enjoy exercising the expression of mind, and I am humbled by the expression of one’s heart. And I’m open to all nationalities I will be grateful for anybody company. Take care write me at Eric Reynolds #G58319, D-8/114 up, P.O. Box 1050, Soledad, CA 93960

Hello! I’m Jonathan Paul Jones, and I’m seeking a friend. I am 5’6”. 165 lbs. I am a “56” year young-black man. I’m incarcerated. I need someone. Yes! I am interesting; as well as fun! Write to me. I look forward to having fun with you :) Smart COmmunication / PA DOC, SCI Somerset, Jonathan Paul Jones (FT2789), PO Box #33028, St. Petersburg, Florida 33733

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Hello ladies, my name is Kalief Shelton. I am a 28 year old black man from Coatesville, Pennsylvania who is in search of an Allah fearing woman who is loyal and consistent. Someone who is openminded smart ambitious and got things going for herself. I’ve been through a lot in my life and right now im at the point where im looking for something real with someone who is as genuine as me. And im not just saying that because im in jail. I’ll be released in less than 2 years, Feb of 222. Smart Communications/PA Doc S.C.I Somerset Kalief Shelton #ME7667 P.O. Box 33028 St. Petersburg, Florida 33733

Hey, ladies my name is Lindsey, but you can call me LaMark which is my middle im 27 yrs old, Brownskin, 5’11 and low-cut. Looking to network and friendships of someone thats open-minded and down to earth. So ladies i’ll be waitin to hear from you… Lindsey Mcdowell 1285244 355 Old Glenwood Road Marion, NC 28752

Hey my name is George Strekland Jr ((AKA) MADMAX) 33 yrs old Wh male. 235 lbs, bald, blue eyes, lots of tattoo’s and piercing, looking for someone to write to help time go by. I parole in 2023. CDCE#bd5746. I’ll write you back. I’m not looking to try to get $ from anyone, for whatever reason you do want to that’s up to you. All I ask for is photo’s letters, etc… I’m married with 7 kids 1 boy 6 girls. Oldest 31 yrs old, youngest soon to be 18 yrs old. 1 grandson 1 grandkid on the way. Hope to hear from you. (Go Raiders) G. Strickland Jr. #bd5746 By 32200 CIA-114 Stockton Ca. 95213

Dear Sir/madam, My name is Earl Charles Martin, Jr. I am a 55 year old black male, 5’11”, 195lbs, light skinned, brown eyes, bald head with a salt & pepper beard. I enjoy reading, doing crossword puzzles, cooking, collecting recipes, listening to Blues and R&B, watching football both college and processional, soccer, cars, and I love Dogs. I am currently serving a life sentence for a crime I did not commit, and still in the process of clearing my name. I’m a very honest and respectful person, looking for a woman between the ages of 39-to-60, someone to communicate with and get to know, someone who’s not judgemental and don’t mind corresponding with someone who is incarcerated. I’m not allowed to write other inmates, if interested please send me a jpay with an address. Earl Charles Martin, Jr.. TDCJ#1914156 Mar Stiles Unit, 3060 FM Beaumont, Texas 77705

To whom it may concern my name is 0Hernandez, I am a 26 year old hispanic, I should be getting out next year, Im from Los Angeles California. I’m looking for a pen pal whom I can write and correspond with. Im in AD-SEG (The Hole) and would like to have someone to be friends with. If you guys can accommodate me with a female pen pal to write to, or whom yo can forward my name and address to write to me, put me up on a website or something I would highly appreciate it. Thanks for your Time… Hope to hear from you soon. Francisco Hernandez #BH0276 CMC East Prison B.3 #4325 ASC. P.O. Box 8101 San Luis Obispo, CA, 3409.

I’m a 50’ years old Italian. Incarcerated in Colorado. 5’8” tall, A muscular 160 lbs. Brown hair and green eyes. I love the outdoors! Very sexual. Love to travel. If you’re willing to forgive past mistakes, then write, and will start a new journey. Looking for singe female, any race, size, age. Serious only, no games. Thank you very much. I look forward in hearing from you soon. Sincerly David Laudone #66559, Post Office Box 2017 Buena Vista, Colorado 81211

My name is Jamon Majors Im a 6 feet tall 33 year old African American Male looking for someone I can conversate with. I am currently incarcerated but wont be for that much longer. Im down to earth, very laid back and very approachable.. Ladies don’t be intimidated! Being in prison does not define who I am. Take a chance and get to know me, you’ll be surprise to find out that really Im a nice guy. If you are interested dont hesitate to reach out to me. Jamon Maory #2062454 Clements Unit 9601 Spur 591 Amarillo Tx, 79107 Or reach me by E-mail on pictures available on all social media. If you reach out on J-pay please be sure to leave a return address that I can reach you at to respond. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Hello, My name is Samuel Lee. I wish that I could met someone under better circumstances, but I thank god for giving me the opportunity to make my request known. I am requesting for a pen-pal, someone that might need a little light to “shine” in their lives. Maybe someone that could make my light shine brighter. I am a 56 year old man, born in Baltimore Maryland. I am now residing in Nashville NC. I am a outdoors person. I love fishing, rideing bike’s and taking long walks, I love dearly. I also like makeing people smile :) I’ll be praying that my request for a pen-pa be answer… Sincerely, God Bless #0498037 Samuel Lee Nash Corr Inst P.O. Box 600 Nashville NC. 27856

Hello, Queens of Civilization! I am a 34 yr old male. Single, no children, conscious, pretty intelligent, a comedian & so many more positive things. I have been incarcerated for 16 yrs & I am now 26 months away from my freedom. (9/13/22). At this point I’m looking for something meaningful, never the one to take lightly the interactions of others; so, serious women only. So much more in store. Willie Troupe 1000989399 Smith State Prison PO Box 726 Glennville, GA 30427

Hello my name is Ronda Moore, I am in prison in Texas. I would like to write male or female in search of friendship, any race or age. Will answer all who respond. I am 47 years old, white, single, blond hair blue eyes. I’m a Christian and would like to meet new people. Write soon – Ronda Please write me at: Ronda Moore #2242350 Mountain View Unit 2305 Ransom Rd Gatesville, Tx. 76528

Hi… My name I David Mendoza. I am 28 years old 5 “5 but stocky. I’m 100% mexican I was born in Pamona Ca. I also have hazel eyes and I have a lot of tattoo’s. I’ single and I have a daughter. Now for the things I do to pass time is draw, work out, read books, and play hand ball with my homies. The things I do to have fun are going to clubs, traveling, going to the beach at night, ringing my horses, watch movies, and sing corridos at the clubs. The things that I don’t like is when people lie to me and when cheat on me. Just be straight up with me and if you want to know something about me just ask an I’ll tell you. I’m not pickie I don’t care what you look like. I’m just looking for a pen-pal to write to if you like what your reading feel free and write me. Thank you for your time, enjoy the rest of your day… My Info is David Mendoza #BH8306 A-3-134u 480 ALTA Rd. San Diego, Ca. 92179

An Ancient Parable; Seven shades of Wisdom (1) he who knows not and strive to know is a seeker… Aide him. (2) He who knows not what he should know is a wonderer… Guide him. (3) He who knows not that he should know is asleep… wake him. (4) He who knows not and fears to know is enslaved… Free him. (5) He who knows not and fears to know and rejects to know is dead… Pass him. (6) He who knows yet claims to know is an imposter… Shun him. (7) He who knows not and shares what he knows is wise… Heed him. “These words I hold dear to my understanding, if you read this, then, you know me. Living towards for decades on this planet one understands you gain strength by knowledge of others, Seven Shades of Wisdom is important to all of us, I respect this notion to the point where it’s tattooed on my back. I’ll be buried with this inspiration. Be inspired, life is understanding.” Rodney Allen Williams H-98762 B6B-112 California Healthcare Facility Po Box 32110 Stockton, CA. 95213

Greetings, From the land of the lost in forgotten the dark side of the Moon (Prison) hopeing someone can shine light into my life because Im confined in darkness and lonelyness for a crime I did not commit. I seek a friend or a companionship, someone I can grow with in get to know settle down with in love in start a wonderful family with. I’m understanding, honest, careing, single man that enjoys life, I have a since of humor, love dogs, animals, nature, artwork, poetry, music, helping others, e.t.c. Im hopeing to find that special woman I can trust in cherish in live life to the fullest with. If I have to travel to 50 planets to find her best to beleave I’ll be on the next “NASA” flight :) I been in prisonment most of my life physically, but my mind is free mentally. Well I get release 3-14-22 Im 32 years old, sign Cancer, Im compassionate in loveing. My height 5’8 my weigh 205 muscular built, brown eyes, dark complexion, Im African American, Nationality dont matter to me at long as she there through the Bad in good times it shows a lot standing by eachother side. Well if your interested tell me about you, please send me a picture feel free to write in lets see where life takes us. By for now hopefully not forever. Write me at: CSATF/State Prison at Corcoran Nehemiah Woodard AG #4694 P.O. Box 5248 Corcoran, CA, 93212 STRH-B-117

I’m 57 yrs old White Male in for a non-violent felony. I’m 5-11, 235 lbs, Brown hair balding, Hazel eyes blue & grey. I’m an Aries in march. I’m a hard worker truck tire repair man by trade 37 yrs of exp. I run a 24-7 road service truck. I am born and raised in Southern Cal. I live in a city call Yucaipa , Ca 92399. I will be released in about 11 ½ months 06-02-2021. I’m single no kids never married. I’m looking for friendship and a pen-pal I’m open minded and I’ll respond to all letters w/ complete honesty and answer all questions I have nothing to hide I have no sex charges and I’ll send my date of birth so anyone can view my history. I’m into listening to Coast to Coast 6.40 AM 10:00PM I’m into Conspiracy Theory’s I read David Icke I like to research and educate myself. Please write to: Stephen Depperschmidt CDCR, #BF8693 CRC-111-37 low P.O. Box 3535 Norco, CA. 92860

Hello my name is Melissa Maccurdy I am sweet caring loyal open confident honest smart pretty I like music outdoors sports I am a onlychild from Katy TX talents singing writing soccer cooking I believe everybody deserves to be treated with dignity respect and love regardless of past looking for friends of both sexes romance males only age race location does not matter have pictures write soon God Bless, Sincerely Mel Melissa Maccurdy 1691D98 742 FM 712 Marlin Tx, 76661

I am a 44 year old Virgo, who was born and raised in the Los Angeles area, I use my down time writing books, music, movies, and poetry, and I’m hoping to be blessed to meet a god fearin’ women who will be herself around me because I want to like you for who you are. Thank you Reginald Homes Jr #AW-7259 Kern Valley State Prison /B-8-102 P.O. Box 5102 Delano, CA 93216

I am a bisexual 55 year old male, Blond hair, Blue eyes currently serving life but fighting my case and in Florida. My name is Ronald Citarelli; 409410 and I am Italian, white male and we in Florida now have tablets so I can receive emails through the J-pay app, I weigh 165 trim and fit an I am open to anything. Im very sensual and honest and I am seeking the same for a lasting relationship if you want the same please write e at Ronald K Citarelli 409410 Calhoun Correctional Institute 19562 S.E. Institutional Drive Blountstown Florida 32424 or you can E-mail me at Sincerly, Ron Citarelli 409410 Thank you so so much.

My name is Deaunte’ Phillips and I’m 40 years old soon to be 41 on July 3rd, 2020. I’m 6” feet tall weighing 220 lbs. I have a solid personality and I’m loyal all the way. I’m currently serving time in the Florida Department of Corrections and still have a few more calendars to go. I’m looking for my Queen being that I’m a king without one, someone whose loyal, honest, loving, sexy, smart, and who has zero tolerance for nonsense. I’m looking for a woman who won’t judge me because I’m locked up and who is willing to give their heart a chance at real love and not allow a fence and razor wire to scare her away. Allow me to be a friend and give me the chance to experience having a real true friend. If your heart isn’t pure and you know nothing about loyalty and friendship don’t waste prescious space and time. I’m waiting on you and you know who I’m talking to because your heart just told you so get at me. Deaunte’ Phillips -T14832, Charlotte Correctional institution, 33123 Oil Well Rd Punta Gorda, Fla. 33955

Hi! I’m Anthony. I’m seeking a friendship with someone willing to keep me engaged in her daily life. I’m attracted to matured, beautiful, confident, humble, honest, compassionate women. If you’re good spirited and seeking an honest compassionate, loveable, understanding friend to connect with. You’re welcome “as is”, reach out to me at 11510 Elk Mountain San Antonio, Texas 78245. I won’t discriminate. Are you into having genuine intellectual conversations? The don’t hesitate writing to me. I enjoy meeting new people, establishing meaningful friendships. I’m: native of San Antonio, 49 years young, a Capricorn by nature, a descendant of Spanish and Indian heritage, 5’”. I have black wavy hair and dark almond colored eyes. Although by trade I’m a building erector, I love to cook and shoot photography. Most people that know me, have no clue that I possess drawing skills. My therapy in life is my passion for horses and dogs. I often use fishing as an opportunity for meditation. If you believe you’d like to get to know me? I have pictures I can send you. I see parole In a few years. However, I’d like to devote the time between now and then to our new friendship. If you believe youd enjoy someone: showing an interest in your interests for a change; someone who would value you, your time, your friendship, and your letters. Write me and let’s grow together. Also available via e-mail or: Robert A Robledo #1519808 James V Allred Unit, 2101 Fm 369 North Iowa Park, Tx. 78367.

Native American Male, Single, 5’11, 185 lbs, Light Golden Brown Skin Complexion, Brown eyes, Tattoos. I’m a communicative person, straight up, like meeting new people and making them laugh. I always up to something and like having fun. I’ve worked in the construction industry and have many trades. I’m more of an outdoor person and I like traveling. I’m looking for a smart, cool, sexy and a strongheaded lady. Ready to do anything and not afraid to get her hands dirty when the time comes. Also must know what she wants in her beautiful heart. I want to explore the unique beauty of your precious mind to mend your broken heart and your emotional scars. For us to travel this untold journey and learn from out mistakes. Let us crystalize what you’re precious relationship will materalize love, loyalty, affection, compassion, communication and understanding is a must. We can have a wonderful friendship or an amazing companionship. But most and surely lets start building our divine foundation on trust. If you are the one, I’ll be waiting for you. enter my name and Rec. # you’ll find me. Josiah Grisham #61751-408 Federal Correctional Institution PO box 9 Mendota, Ca 93640

My name is: LaVont’e Williams, I’m 34 yrs old, Black, No kid(s)… Im looking for a good woman who I can build with. Ima be real Im too grown for game(s)… Im expecting to make parole next year (In-ShaAllah). Im a “Sunni Muslim” and would like a woman who understand my belief(s) or if not then she’s willing to “learn”, Im a black man who looks “highly” into the worth of a woman. If Im blessed to go home next year I need a woman I can vibe with. (I want kids w/her and by her…) Responding to “all” letter(s) or Jpay(s). Please put a contact info in Jpays… No letters written on “colored” paper. LaVont’e D. Williams #2053899 (Clements unit) 9601 Spur 591 Amarillo, TX (79107) Hello To The Lady’s Out There Viewing This Im 24 Year Old Male Looking For A Pen-Pal I’m Black and Mexican. Light Skin Tone to all Lady’s Feel Free To Write Da’Juan Huddleston CDC# AW7968 BI.232. H.D.S.P P.O. Box 3030 Susanville Ca, 96127

Women Only! 50 year old, intelligent, Epicurean open-minded and outspoken Blackman from Texas, willing to relocate for a real friendship. Up for parole in 2023. I’m 5’9, 175 lbs, brown eyes, dark brown complexion. My description is only a figment of the real me. I am interested in sexy, caring, giving, sensuous, adventurous down to earth successful intelligent – independent women of diverse cultures. I like a woman who knows how to employ savvy pecuniary motives. Please overstand that, I fancy myself as a Gentleman and I will always enjoy treating you like a lady and I will always be sensitive and attentive to your needs wants and desires. Lady, for all that I give, is all that I ask in return. Love, Loyalty, Respect. For a friendship unlimited, uninhibited with the aim and purpose to establish a beneficial friendship for the both of us only requires for you to give it a chance. Don’t delay, lets get to know eachother. Sincerely, Email by Jpay or write to: Mr. Deon A Davis. #187352 Polunsky Unit 38752 F.M. 350 South Livingston, Texas 77351.

49yrs, single, Blk, Male, in search of his eve. Age/race are unimportant. Must be Kind, Caring and Considerate, willing to follow your Man to the Moon and if not the Moon McDonalds… Seriously though there is a lot of men to chose from in these Ads. Not to hate on anyone, but I’ve been through hell and Im Not Going Back Ever Again.. Write me and You Will Not Be Sorry! or, write me at Jeremy Munoine 1131861, Estelle Unit, 264 Fm 3478. Huntsville Tx 77320. My name is LC Wainwright and I’m looking for someone that is loyal and genuine and outgoing and down to earth. I am 40 yrs old, 5’7, 195 lbs. I love to read, workout and I like outdoors. I am a family man and I love to spend time wit my family and I hope that I can find someone that enjoy the same things that I like or can bring something new to the table. I am open to new things. If you like you can get on my Jpay and we can go from there. LC wainwright #522710 p.O. Box 57 Marion, OH 43301

Seeking Single female penpals! If you happen to be a female and are above 21+ from anywhere write me today! My name is Jason and im getting out soon! Im Native-American, Italian and hispanic. M light skinned! Im from Oregon and open to relocate? Nothing in life is guarantee if you consider becoming my friend here are some things, I can promise to be here for you. Im here for you need some to cry to or need some comforting words to get you thru those tough times being lonely! I have a heart that is very understanding, caring and a very loyal person to my friends. If your more of a phone or email person then go to our website to sign up! :) Im a super attractive straight male, with amazing body that won’t stay single long. Im getting ready to start my bussiness & finish my book im writing! Im 40 yrs old with a soft heart made of gold. Am not a judgemental person. Personality & loyalty is worth more than looks. I enjoy listening to music and I love to draw & workout! I promise that I will respond to all replys to my Ad 100% reply rate. I value news & old friends! A friend is just a friend you haven’ met yet, what better way to get to know eachother, but to write to eachother. I love all women of all shapes & sizes! Please don’t hesitate to write & send pictures and il send some in return and a drawing to show my artistic skill interested to those wanting to get to know me for me! Be safe during this global crisis! Write soon! TRCI Jason-Aitken #R768577 Beach access Rd Umatilla, Oregon 97882

Hello! It’s me that chocolate coverd Scorpio! Your Heart, Mind, and Boy has been yearning for, I’m exciting, spontaneous, street smart, and educated I’m 5’6, 185 pounds of chocolate this is your invitation to happiness let’s see what are future old’s? I like all sizes, and flavor’s of woman! Taray Morris J-62077 PBSP B3-114 Po Box 7500 Crescent City, Ca 95532-7000 My name is Charles Edwards. I’m from Frisco. I’m looking to talk to people all around the world. I’m interesting and a good writer. I’m fll of ideas. I’m attractive, handsome. For 51. I can pass for a 24 year old fo’real. I’, a believer in God, the almighty. I’m childless and can have children. I desire some. I like scripture readers. People that be in thy word. I like church. I’m a decent person; I just made a great mistake in my life that I’m still paying for. I’ll be released soon, and things will be different. I’ll be a changed man. The Lord will take care of me and you. Until then: Charles Edwards #AW2541 Asu 1, 122, PO.. Box 5107 Delano, Ca 93216

Hello, This loving soul is looking for a friend who have a Genuine Love for other regardless of their physical abilities or appearance, social or financial status, fears, education, age, Religion, or ethnicity, as I do. I am a strong believer that trust, respect, honesty, loyalty, love and understanding are the essential elements for a friendship, we can get there. I’m a single 54 yr. Young Single Straight male, 6’5½”, 270 lbs, brown eyes, GOD loving, currently Incarcerated (innocent). I enjoy reading (a broad range), watching movies, Real estate business shows, listening to music (variety), love meeting and talking to people as well helping them anyway I can, always looking for ways to stay positive and constructive, Don’t be afraid, I’ll except you just the way you are. Write me at: Darwin J. Dillard P.O. Box 1000, B-45074 Menard, Il. 62259

Pen Pal, Wanted Hello outside world my name is James Price I am a 70 yr. Old Black man presently confined in one of the Texas prisons, I gota story to share with the outside world. On 8-22-2018, I had a wreck and later got charged with misdemeanor class A DWI. I never went to no misdemeanor court to resolve this case, Later 1-2219, the district court proscetor upgraded my (m)DWI case to F3 Felony DWI. Why because I am a old Black man on Parole and has a lengthy background record. Too k the court 7 months to arranged me and appointed me a court appointed lawyer. Later I was threaten with Enhancement if I did’t copy out for 18 yrs, plea agreement, I cahnged lawyers twice. Come to find out the D.A. Office told my court appointed lawyer, no Blood Test was taken plus no Breathlizer Test was taken during the arrest. If I’d taken my case to court, I’m pretty sure the court would have found me on there misdemeanor evidence, especially with my no good court appointed attorney. The work for D.A. Office. It’s very bad in TX. Courts, if I would have had a better lawyer I would be a free man. I appeal for your help, thank you and God Bless, James E. Price #0143210 Allred Unit 2101 Fm 369 N. Iowa Park, Tx. 76367 SBM

Age 55. Looking for female age 40-60. Asian, White, Hispanic, Black doesn’t matter. An honest and sincere woman is welcome. A woman who is classy and knows who she is and what she wants in life. I am interested in new-found friendships with a new-found friend. Looking for someone who is non-judgemental, outgoing and down to Earth. Our relationship can be one of friendship or both friendship and companionship. Looking for a woman who can laugh and make me laugh with her. I made a mistake and got in trouble. This setback dos not define who I am. I have learned much and Am looking for someone to fill the emptiness of incarceration. I’m 5’8”, Athletic build love to read, write listen to music and lots more. So check out a Texas boy and find out. Lester Dion Ross #865248. 2400 Wallace Pack Road, Navasota, Tx 77868. Pack 1 Unit.

This AD is wrote to make the women that need a smile, smile. I know life is hard at times, and it feel like noone understands your suffering of life. But I want you to know I do, and Im willing to bring true happiness into your life, if you allow me to. I am a men that have felt a-lot of pain in life, but I turned all that pain into greatness. By not allowing it to bring me down, but allowing it to make me in to a better person. I just love enjoying life, and I hope u come into my life so we can enjoy it togather. Being positive is the way of life. Troy Emanuel #1110489 Ely State Prison P.O. Box 1989 Ely NV 89301

Hello Ladies, I’m glad to introduce myself to all of you. I’m Him 4 SHO.. No games and no punchlines, straight up! I’m 5’9”, 245 lbs all muscle. Brown skinned, slight Bow-Legged. I’m 42 years old. I have two sons 14 years old and 23 years old, whom I love with everything in me. I love children regardless. I enjoy having fun bring smiles. I have a great personality. As long as you don’t have more than two people inside you :) I can deal with two, but any more than that and you got a whole social media in your head Boo and I’m good without you’ll. I live in Jacksonville, Florida, I’ve never stayed outside of Florida. I don’t have a million years, I’m not in jail for murder, or anything violent. I’m in jail for dealing in stolen property and burglary. Right now I’m taking pralegal legal assistance certification courses to broaden my business horizon. If you broke your in the way! I’m seeking to meet interesting and fun women. I’m single and don’t do drama. I’ve been stabbed twice because of a jealous woman, ad I’m not a cheater. So please stay in your lane with the craziness! I love to travel, sports, reading, exercising, really everything. I’m very open=minded, music, poetry, nature, and new things. Feel free to experience someone who wants to experience you! Anthony R Baker Jr 2019019578 4727 Lannie Road Jacksonville, Florida. 32218

“No I’m not the coronavirus.” your safe, smile. Now come closer. Friend zone maybe more. I’m a top “Hey” people sisters, ladies, bottoms I’m here male (57). real great personality. I’m at top. Funny, understanding, feeling it. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Here’s my recipe to friendship and more. 1 teaspoon of chance? 3 spoons of laughter finely chopped. Preheat honesty at 350 degrees in oven. Then roll ingredients. “bake”, “cool”, then serve. If this made you curious or smile there is more. Now about me I think my best asset is my concern for others. I’m CEO-founder of the amends foundation. We give back to women-children of violent crimes. I’ve raised so far over $25,000. I felt a sense of worth to do it. Now more about me. I don’t need your money, I’m financially secure. My attorney in civil rights claim settled a $1.5 million law suit on 9-23-19 Smith v. State of Washington Et. Al. US District Court, Western District of Washington. Please read on line case No. 2:19-cv.00621. Now what I need “wow” the greatest story ever told? I need people, straight, gaytrans, bottoms, women, humans, there is only one race, the human race. I’m all top. When cupid comes I’ll know. Before I go, no nude photos or see through. I keep $200 on phone. Send photos, phone numbers. Write me at: Christopher Smith DOC# 291523 lMU-South-D03 Washington State Penitentiary 1313 North 13th Avenue Walla Walla Wa 99362

Sleep with Angles, no gel wrote letters or perfume scented or crayons or sexually written letters. My name is Santiago Jimmy DeLeon #BI-0827. I’m 38 years young, I’m 6 foot 1 inch in height, I’m 210 and very much in shape. I love life, I live to laugh and would like to hear from anyone with a good heart and open mind to a pen and paper experience. I’m a mixture of half Hispanic one quarter Creek native & one quarter Irish, I look Hispanic with a lot of tattoos. I enjoy reading, drawing, & working out & of course writing when written too. So with that above in mind this is my message in a bottle and I’m throwing it out now, who’s gunna find me? The same way I entered your mind I now exit, quick sly & leaving you wanting more, Always, Jimmy. Santiago DeLeon C.D.C #BI-0827 R.J. Donovan Correctional Facility A yard-3-cell 234L 480 Alta Rd. San Diego, Ca 92179

My name is David Drake & I’m currently looking for someone to share my life with. Something I’ve learned that I will always carry with me is that true happiness is attainable you just have to be ready to work for it. More importantly you must be willing to put the time in for what you want. I appreciate the value of a pure connection once it is made. The key to a lasting relationship is open communication & honesty. I take very seriously a woman’s worth. I like to keep things fresh & I never stop doing what it takes to elevate the relationship. I’m big on consistency & loyalty, 2 things that are hard to come by these days. When I find someone who is genuinely looking for a partner I put my all into building a solid foundation in order to have a successful union. With me you’re going to get someone very compassionate, humble, loving, generous & loyal. I believe there is someone out there for everyone the key is to never stop searching for what you deserve. Take my and & go on this journey with me. Together we can create something special, it’s up to us to be happy. David Drake Az7715 RJD Correctional Facility 480 Alta Road A4-#209 San Diego, Ca 92179

Hello, my name is Derrick and I am in search of a female pen pal, someone who is open-minded and willing to build a solid foundation for friendship. This I can assure you in communicating with me. I will honor you as a queen and listen to you always. I will comfort you with words of compassion when it is needed. Also, I will be the one you can laugh with when life gets a little heavy at times. I am a compassionate, churchgoing person with a great sense of humor. I enjoy listening to R&B, gospel and jazz music, I also enjoy singing, watching movies and reading inspirational books. My dream is to be a motivational speaker to encourage the world that “Your presence makes a difference.” I would love to hear from you so we can explore what we have in common. Sincerely, Derrick Valentine Derrick Valentine #1131801 HDSP-P.O. Box 650 Indian Springs, NV 89070

Hello my name is Henre I’m 22 from Dallas Tx I’m 200 pounds African-American with brown eyes I’m looking for a friend or a queen with understanding and also that ask questions before being judgemental I am also looking for someone I can correspond with and set up a foundation with. I also write music someone that’s with elevating for the betterment we never know this could go if we try. And please ive me the opportunity to experience something. Please and thank you for your time. Henre Davis #2144740 Hughes Unit, R2 Box 4400 Gatesville, Tx 76597

Good Day To You Out In The FreeWorld.. My Name Is Mike Perez And Im In Need Of Some Companionship… I’m Currently Held captive Until My Possible Parole Date In 2023.. Today If You Decide To Take The Time To Write And Bring A Smile To This Lonely heart I’ll Make Sure To Brighten Your Day And Bring A Smile By the Time You Are Finished Reading My Response Letter… I’m God Fearing, Open Minded And ready To See Where This Journey & Friendship Will Take Us.. Mike Perez P#98513, RJDCF A-3-246 480 Alta Road, San Diego, Ca 92179

Hello, my name is Cody Crips! I am a inmate at B.C.C.X., Bledsoe County Correctional Complex. I am seeking a pen pal friend, or just someone lonely as I am to write, preferably a female! I am 34 years old, 6ft 1, muscular 180 lbs! I am in prison for selling drugs. I have been clean for all of 6 months. But I have been using since I was 15 years old. Do that math, I should be dead! I guess you could say my guardian Angel has been working overtime! Im not sure im worth all the effort but anyway! Like I said I am 34, I am single, and would like to find someone to share my life with if just as a friend, if it turned into more then ok! I am very laid back, I am shy until I get to know you then Ill talk your head off. Ok so if theres anything else you would like to know just ask me. Maybe Ill hear from someone soon. Sincerly, Cody Lee Crips Cody Crips ID #610821 1045 Horsehead rd Pikeville, T.N. 37367

Bright Greetings. I am a 59 year old long aired open minded and hearted free thinking seeking to relieve 29+ years of boredom on a LWOP sentence. Seeking intelligent similarly minded individual, please no close minded hypocrites. I am not looking for a partner, thus everyone is welcomed for correspondence. Single, male, raised a ‘wasp’ but rebelled, choosing Buddhism as a way of life after exploring many paths. Thank you for your considerations. Sincerely, Pax Vobiscum. Joseph Jospeh H. Sherman H41665 SATF-Cor G02-07-02L PO. box 5244 Corcoran Ca 93212

Hello! My name is Dameon Gatson and Im a 6’0 ft, 25 lbs, 35 yr. Old, african american man from Minneapolis, Minnesota. As you can probably guess prison can be a very lonely place at times, so I’m trying to meet someone new. Someone to form a solid relationship that endures regardless of the capacity. I’m searching for that special woman of any age and race to be my friend, my queen, and future. That wonderful one of a kind woman that can love me for me. Someone who is laid back., down to earth, and loves to laugh. Someone that’s smart, funny, romantic, open-minded, non-judgemental, has great morals with positive values and goals. A woman that’s responsible and would like to share some of her quality time with me. As for me, I’m an educated, confident, attentive and passionate guy. I enjoy reading, writing, exercising and studying different ancient cultures. I’m a man with a diverse mind, heart, and soul. Give me your time and I’ll make it worth your while. If this sounds like something your interested in please write me.. If yo like to get to now me better than don’t hesitate, take action now and give a great guy a chance. Contact me at: Dameon Gatson #230852 7600 525th Street Rush City, Minnesota, 55069 or you can even download the JPAY app then enter my OID # and send me an email.

SBM, 47, 6’0. 250. Musl, bald, Brn, artist and poet, likes R&B and country music, dancing, comedy. LKG 4 honest, non-judgemental, warmhearted person who will let me learn them from the inside out. And is willing to have a lifetime friendship. W/W WAA write to me at: Leon Watts #2052990 Wynne Unit 810 F.M. 2821 Huntsville, Texas 77349

My name is Michael Scott Pietila WI Doc #377076. I am currently incarcerated in Waupun Correctional Institution, a maximum security prison in Wisconsin. I am by no means an intimidating individual in person. I just happen to do dumb and crazy shit a lot of the time that gets me to where I currently am, in segregation in a maximum security prison. I am a Caucasian Muslim convert who follows the Hanafi tradition of Sunni Islam. I am struggling to find reason to be strict adherent to my religion and am seeking out fellow Muslims, in particular sisters in Islam who are interested in corresponding with me and possibly developing a stronger relationship. I am 36 years old, never married, no kids. All Muslim Brother’s willing to correspond are encouraged also. This is not strictly a love connection type of seeking . I need to build up a strong Islamic support network prior to release. All people of other faiths are also encouraged to be pen-pals/possible friends. I openly study Christianity and the Pagan path asatw. I enjoy both immensely, just have a strong conviction in the Truth of Islam. And last, I do not believe in hate. If you are homosexual, bisexual, transgender, gay, lesbian, whatever you may be I am open to correspondence. I’m a 46 year old man who does not discriminate. You can correspond to me at the following address: Michael Pietila #377076 Waupon Correctional Institution P.O. Box 351 Waupun, WI 53963-0351

I am an offender currently incarcerated within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Institutional Division at the historical Huntsville Prison Facility in Huntsville, Texas. I am seeking outside communication primarily a pen pal. I am a black male, 50 years young, very handsome, 5’4” with a Lightbrown skin complexion seeking to correspond and communicate with a beautiful, lovely, and caring woman within the ages of 40 through 55. Color does not matter. Thank you for your care, concern, and consideration. Quentin Ridley # 1644792 Huntsville Unit 815 12th St. Huntsville, Tx 77348

Hi! My name is Amber, I’m 38 years old. I’m 5’2, 165 lbs, blue eyes, long, brown hair, and curvy in all the right places. I was born in Mississippi, where I spent most of my younger years ,but I’ve also resided in Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, and, currently Florida. I love to travel and see new places. I’ve never traveled out of the Southern States, but would love to if given the chance. I’d have to say I’m pretty fond of Texas. I like being in the privacy of the country to do whatever I want. I love going to the beach, riding jet skies, collecting seashells, or just relaxing, getting some sun, and watching the waves. There’s something abut the beach that is peaceful and relaxing. It’s definitely a good place to gather your thoughts. I’m looking for a friend to correspond with, and, if there’s a connection, possibly more. I’m open minded, in all things, non-judgemental, have a great sense of humor, sarcastic at times, and willing to try anything once. I’m looking for the same qualities in you. Can’t wait to gear from you! Amber Townsend T41969 L.C.I Main Unit-C1-46S 11120 NW Gainesville Rd. Ocala, FL, 34482

My name is Rudy Vazquez I am looking for friends, maybe something down the line later on. I am Mexican, Built, 5ft, 7inches, Hazel eyes, feel free to write. Send photo Brandy Salazar, Trisha McCoy, Amber Gutierrez, Katherine Cline, Other friends feel free to write. Rudy Vazquez #D-83052 P.O. Box 1905, C-3-138 Tehachapi, Ca. 93581

My name is Alicia. I’m 100% Floridian. Yes, I’m a Flordian Delacassy. I’m 5’8” with sandy-blodne hair, all down my back! I have blue bedroom eyes and a tall Athletic build. I’m fun in the sun. Adrenaline kind of Girl. My loves are the outdoors, and water. I love to fish, go tubing, and get muddy. One of my favorites is to picnic under an old oak tree and just watch nature go by. I love to travel and learn new things. I would love to get unto an RV and travel the whole United States. My Family is very important to me. Looking for someone like minded. Im single and looking for someone to write me who really wants to get to know me. Someone I can build a trusting, honest relationship with. You want to try out this sunshiney country girl??? Hit me up! Let’s see where it goes. Alicia Walker X33297 Lowell Main Unit 11120 NW Gainsville Rd. Ocala, Fl 34482

Hey Boo, My name is Kara and it’s awesome to meet you! I’m originally from New Jersey – currently a Floridian! I love the heat and the “country” way of life. I have brilliant ice blue eyes – my best feature (besides my athletic legs). I color my hair red – I am prematurely gray (and I hate it). I have freckles. I’m a little extra – more to love. I am an avid reader. I love chess and backgammon. I never pass up a game of dominoes! I like to swim – it is my most favorite. Beaches pools, lakes – I’m about it. Boating is also on top of my things to do for fun list. I enjoy sitting outside with a beer watching the sky and seeing what’s going on in the neghborhood. I am looking for two things. One – just a plain ‘ol pen pal. Two – a pen pal that may lead to something romantic. Easy conversation and plenty of laughs. Facebook → Kara Corless Y60866 Lowell Ci main 1112 NW Gainsville Rd Ocala Fl 34482

Hello! My name’s Vernisha Mandigo, but everyone calls me Nee-Nee. I’m 26 years old, Nigerian and American. I’m outgoing, laid-back and fun to be around, I’m 5’”, and thick, with a pretty face. No catfish! :) I’m looking for someone to write who has similar interests. I’m non-judgemental and will write both females and males. Vernisha Mandigo #685340 425 7th st. SF, Ca 94103

Greetings to that potential special someone :). Im a mature man whose 55 years young, whose full of life and lives life like its full of gold. I come to you before God as my witness, as a sincere man full of truth, integrity, positivity, and living a productive life. Im new to this pen pal advertisement business. However, being that Im incarcerated, lonely, and seeking to meet that once in a lifetime special someone, I figure what do I got to lose!!! Im an african american man whose 6 feet 2, 200 pounds, with brown eyes and a carmel complexion. Im exmilitary, excollege, Im intelligent with an pen mind and Im down to earth. Im an Aquarius, with a good sense of humor and I like to talk and listen as well. Like to fish, go for long walks, reading, cooking, going to museums and watching sports. But the most important thing about me is, Im a God Fearing man Amen. Im not a lifer, I have a release date. So if you think we have something In common, then write me back ASAP!!! Michael Marcus BH2101 Folsom State Prison 2-Bi-20 P.o. Box 715071 Repressa, Calif. 95671

Dear Reader Peace I truly hope that this ad gives the reader a well part together description of myself as theirmind paints it’s own picture of what type of person I might be For starters please allow me to make the reader aware of something very important. Every individual behind these walls are not the same thats why we’re individuals some of us may just have had a hard break pressured by circumstances way too difficult to explain. Most of my examples are a reflection of myself in do time the reader will understand a a little bit more if allowed the chance to. For the most prt I enjoy writing, reading, music, and exercising these hobbies circulate through a normal day for me. It’s been over 8 years since I last held a woman I dream of a womans touch daily that also a normal day for me as well. My top reason for this ad is to succeed in a goal, that goal is to gain something beautiful something worth treasuring such as a friendship. Why a friendship? Because so many things can be gained from a friendship like foundations, knowledge, informational topics to help one grew, a partner of some kind, etc. So needless to say I am most definitely looking for someone to correspond with hopefully a match. May God bless you Steven S. Murray #15A4611 (Shaheed Rabb Ali) Marcy Correctional Facility P.O. Box 3600 Marcy, New York 13403-3600

I’m a 34 year old Mexican/American originally from Roseville California. Right now Im going through a minor set back in life, and currently incarcerated in the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitations. God willing, and I’m intending to be released next year. I’m a nice single male with a good personality. I’m into sports and being athletic. I’m really desperate in becoming introduced with a pen pal who can be a positive influence and support in assisting (as well as getting to know one another) me on bouncing back on this minor set back. I could go on and on with stuff about myself but I’ll be brief for now. I hope that my introduction is not offensive and given a response sometime in the near future. Juan Valadez Jr. #BB-4779 C4-109 Sierra Conservation Center 5150 O’Byrnes Ferry Road Jamestown, Ca 95327

Hello to all you lovely ladies taking the time o read my profile I have a special request for you, any of you wanting to write to a handsome blue eyed white guy that is feeling a dark beauty such as yourself then feel free to write to me at Robert Dudley #1763466 Michael unit 2664 Fm. 2054 Tennessee Colony, T.X. 75886 I will respond to all that write, any JPAY has to have a addy so I can respond. Sincerely Robert Dudley #1764366 Michael Unit Tennessee Colony, TX 75886

My name is Tommie Clark and I’m in prison. Since I’ve been incarcerated I have never had a pen pal and in my 18 years I’ve never known how to request one. However! I would like to give you information about myself in hopes that you’ll be able to find me someone to correspond with. Here’s my info: weight 199 lbs. -58 years old – 5’10” tall – black hair – hometown/Phoenix, Az – certified welder. I would like to write a lady who could appreciate reading creative writing – someone who has a high intellectual level. I have written 15 books of urban poetry. Thanks! Yours Very Truly, Tommie Clark #1170993 Wynne Unit 810 FM 2821 west Huntsville, Tx 77349

Hello, My name is James I am 49 years young, and have been incarcerated for the past 23 years. [Freedom is near, however.] All that being said if your still reading this then your probably contemplating writing to someone. Covid-19 and social distancing certainly has been a game changer but we should not stop getting to know people and sharing ourselves with each other. Don’t you agree…? This is where our journey begins and I promise to respond and will handmade a beaded item (just 4 you) if you include a photo and tell me a little about yourself. – lets get to know each other! James Higginbotham H06660 BI-218 P.O. Box 2199 Blythe ca, 92226

Hey beautiful ladies, how are you!? Im new to this pen-pal thing and im also very aware that the odds of actually “REALLY” finding that special someone that is willing to make room in her time and schedule for someone who’s incarcerated are very slim but, Im a firm believer in (GOD WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS!) so I cant let that stop me from shootin my shot Right!? Lol… I am a single – STRAIGHT, 39 yr young male. My mother is black/cherokee indian and my father is black/philippines although I just say African American for short lol. Im 5’11 put together (may I add!) (smiles). I have a caramel complexion with curly hair. Im a super-cool, down to earth, family orientated type of guy that loves to enjoy life (minus this crazy situation at the moment smh). I love music (especially R&B), kids, animals and anything that involves water is always cool with me. I love cooking, movies, motor cycles, even horse and trail rides. I would love to meet someone that “REALLY” loyal, understanding, honest, fun and caring. Someone thats not judgemental and doesn’t criticize. And if it doesn’t sound too boujie (lol), I would like to meet someone thats financially stable as well. Race is not a factor at all!… Oh!, and im looking for a long-term (relovetionship) not just a relationship theres a difference feel me lol. If this fits you ad you want to get to know me Hmu asap. I promise you wont regret me!! Alan Brown TDCJ #2278011 Coffield Unit 2661 FM 2054 Tennessee Colony, Texas 75884

Ads added Aug. 24, 2020

Looking to make new friends, genuine connections? Look no further. I enjoy reading, computers, anime, and a good conversation. I am looking to meet new people from all walks of life. I have made some mistakes but I am looking to be better going out than I was coming in. I am 39 years old and waiting to make your acquaintance. I look forward to hearing from you. Johnny Hamp #415987, 6665 State Route 146E, Vienna, IL 62995

I’m 51 years old Black male, looking for a friend (female). Due to be released Sept. 2021, 5’11” muscular, sexy chocolate. I am a people person, love to travel, and ride motorcycles, open-minded. Dennis Jones #0215216, LCI, 75 Legend Rd., Lumberton, NC 28358

My name is Dwight Pennie, you can also find me on Facebook and look at pics. I am very handsome for the ones who is into all that. From Houston, TX, single, no kids, and born 09-28-81. I’m a Black male, 180lbs, and stand 6’1. I’m light skin, black hair, and brown eyes, a few tatts. I have 6 years for arson and have 2 years done. If they make me do it all I be out 05-28-24. I see parole in a few months (November) please pray for me. I want to keep everything respectful and pray to build a good friendship with a nice single lady of any race. Someone age 35-60. I’m not like all men god really did made this person not better than all men but he made me a heart to love and respect my queens and everybody the way I want to be treated so please don’t pass judgement on me because I’m not gone judge you. I make mistakes like you all do. I’m loving, honest, romantic, trustworthy. I love the outside, fishing, hunting, camping, reading. I love my country music, really a little of everything. So if I’m someone you would like to get to know, you know what to do queen. Dwight Pennie #2216464, Lewis Unit, 777 FM 3497, Woodville, TX 75990

We don’t miss things until they are taken away. The ability to move freely is the most valuable possession anyone has. This is directly connected to creating and building meaningful friendships. What’s life without genuine friends? I have great friend “potential” just need to find good people in search of a great friend and most of all the time and desire to slow down long enough to see me. (GENUINE FRIENDS NEEDED) You won’t be good lovers if you can’t be great friends first. I will say I am thirty six. Don’t feel attracted to me then want to get to know me. I ask that you get to know me then allow my physical characteristics to enhance the connection. Contact me on or Eric O’Brien Johnson GDC #1171103, 300 1st Avenue South, Reidsville, GA 30453

I’m a 35 year old African American woman that made a mistake. I’ve learned from it, now I’m looking forward to moving towards a better life for myself. I’m very funny, down to earth person. Just looking forward on sharing my future with someone that’s willing to motivate me and help me get through this tough time. Everybody needs somebody that’s inspiring to them. I’m also a very independent reliable person. Write me back. Sharlotte Carrigan #2197154, 1401 State School Rd., Gatesville, TX 76599.

Friends and family call me “L”. I’m hoping to meet someone unique that I can connect and build a meaningful relationship with. Rather it’s friendship, companionship, or just correspondence, I’m open to it. I’ll be open and honest, and I’ll always keep you interested and laughing. I’m easy to get along with, willing to listen, and can hold a convo about anything. Movies, music, education, love, life, whatever! My goal is to create a new relationship and have fun while doing it. I love all people no matter their race, religion, views, size, shape, ethnicity, etc. I enjoy making others laugh and feel good about themselves. I adore children. I love sports. I’m tall (6’4) and have numerous tattoos. I’m confident, loyal, and intelligent. I have book smarts but I’m also street savvy. While incarcerated, I’ve strived to become a better person by obtaining my GED, attending self-help classes, attending law library, working out, reading, keeping a positive attitude, and staying away from negativity. Prison can be a dark place and I’m hoping to find that one person who could brighten my circumstances. Are you that special someone? Last but not least, I’m capable of stimulating the mind and body with just words. Look forward to hearing from you. Peace. Male; Heterosexual; African American; 11/30/90; 198lbs; Black hair; Brown eyes; Crime: Armed robbery/ AWITM. Loring Walker #748138, Marquette Branch Prison, 1960 US Hwy 41 South, Marquette, MI 49855

Hello, I’m a 33 year old Black and Belizean man from Compton, Ca. I’m 5’10 brown skin, brown eyes, and good hair. I’m tatted down both my arms. I’m also a gemini who has just got out of a 13 year relationship and looking to get over my ex and looking for marriage and kids in the future. Also my body is up to par and you can check me out at FB. Write me so I can find my future wife and mother of my kids if I’m blessed and lucky. Be Safe, take care. Eric Holliday #BD8473, PO Box 5005 B4 213, Calipatria, CA 92233

Hello my name is Gary Todd, I’m 39 and looking for a female pen-pal to write. We can write about whatever comes to mind. Interests, goals, hobbies, love, thoughts, anything. I’m in the hole right now at Washington Corrections Center. Gary Todd #351290, IMU-North-B-204, PO Box 900, Shelton, WA 98584

To the free-world Queens…What’s up world, get at yo boy. My name is Dan Coffman, aka I’m from Houston, TX, I am a brotha 5’9” 129lbs bald headed brown eyes J. I am a cool brotha. I love to read and write, and receive j-pays in the mail and pictures, that really keeps me going. I also enjoy working out, 2 or sometimes 3 hours a day 2 to 3 times a week J. I have done most of my time and would really appreciate if someone in the free world would love to correspond with J I do not like lies and stand on 1000% loyalty… Much love to the ladies in Gatesville, TX. Mr. Dan Coffman #788247, High Security F-Pod-111, The William P. Clements Unit, 9601 Spur 591, Amarillo, TX 79107

My name is Shelly. I am a 38 year old currently incarcerated in Texas. I am 5’6”, brown hair, brown eyes, with 13 tattoos and several piercings. I am seeking a penpal and someone I can establish a friendship with or maybe more later! I can send photos if needed. Hope to hear from you! Shelly Trevino #2259404, 742 FM 712, Marlin, TX 76661

Hi lady, my name is Raymond Gatica. 27 years old, 6ft tall, 192lbs, handsome, intelligent, honest, sincere, loyal, trustworthy, kind with a wonderful personality and a great sense of humor seeking a mature woman who is smart, strong, sweet, and sexy, for friendship. Raymond Gatica #AW5261, SVSP, PO Box 1050, Soledad, CA 93960.

I’m 5’7, 158lbs, blonde hair, hazel blue eyes, kind, compassionate, sweet, funny when I want to be, down to earth, out-going, and much much more. I am also Native Cherokee, irish, Scottish, and German. I am searching for someone between 25-36 years of age. It don’t matter what race or nationality. I believe in peace, love, respect, honor, and last but not least, unity. I’m just looking for a good woman who is looking for a good man who will love and cherish and respect their minds, body, and her spirit. Markus (Wolf) Loveless, Y45847, Liberty Correctional Institution, 11064 Dempsey Barron Rd., Bristal, FL 32321

Hello ladies, my name is Ka’amil Salter. I’m 27 years old, brown skinned, 5’11, 210 lbs. I’m from Detroit, MI. I’m currently serving a prison sentence of 28 to 70 years for now! More so, I’m looking for someone I can talk to, build with, whether it’s about hopes, dreams, fantasies, issues, etc. I like reading and getting knowledge about my heritage, culture, etc. I’m searching for a woman not a girl who don’t know the essence, reality of a relationship no matter what kind. I don’t discriminate of what a female looks like, I care about what’s inside of her. It don’t matter if we have different religions or no religions. I’m pretty much a diplomate and sincere guy. Furthermore, I hold loyalty and unity to a high degree than most people, and I really like to get to know a person so I can have the understanding of them. In short, when writing letters by pen, make sure that you include your address on the letter because MDOC doesn’t let outside envelopes come in through the mailroom. Also, I will send picture as soon as possible, the prison is currently not letting us get privileges of that kind due to the covid-19 crisis. Sincerely, Ka’Amil Salter #814723, Marquette Branch Prison, 1960 US Highway 41 South, Marquette, MI 49855

Seeking new friends. Greetings, my name is Joseph Borrink, a white male of the age of 31, who is seeking a beautiful and loving natured pen-pal of any ethnicity, and yes I believe that Black is Beautiful. I enjoy reading, learning new languages and corresponding with different individuals with unique perspectives. If that sounds like you, please drop me a line. I will respond to all that send me a letter. Joseph Borrink #88857, PO Box 11099, Omaha, NE 68111-0099

My name is Sheila. I am currently here in Harris County. I’m looking to find a genuine connection in friendship and maybe more. I love to laugh, cook, travel, read. I love outdoor sports, music, and really connecting with people on a spiritual level as well. I’m fun and light and choose to be established and rooted in love! I am 5’3” tall, have brown eyes, black hair, and am Choctaw Seminole Native Black American. I weight 145 to 150 lbs, my measurements are 36-26-36. If you are looking for a loyal friend to share laughs, hopes, dreams, or just fun cooking tips, I’d love to hear from you. I am honest and straight forward so please ask me anything! I really hope to hear from you soon, until then, take care and be blessed. Tenderly & affectionately, Sheila Bruner #02990516, Cell 4CI, 1200 Baker St., Houston, TX 77002

This loving Soul is looking for a friend who have a genuine love for others regardless of their physical abilities or appearance, social or financial status, fears, education, age, religion, or ethnicity, as I do. I am a strong believer that trust, respect, honesty, loyalty, love, and understanding are the essential elements for a friendship, we can get there. I’m a single 54 yr. Young single straight male, 6’5½”, 270 lbs, brown eyes, GOD loving, currently incarcerated (innocent). I enjoy reading (a broad range), watching movies, real estate & business shows, listening to music (variety), love meeting and talking to people as well helping them anyway I can, always looking for ways to stay positive and constructive. Don’t be afraid :), I’ll accept you just the way you are. Write me at: Darwin J. Dillard, P.O. Box 1000, B-45074, Menard, IL. 62259

My name is Adam, I’m 46 and am incarcerated in Florida. I have a long sentence, but do appeal soon; fingers crossed. I love people, conversation, and am very positive; I never complain, and I’m honest. I traveled a lot before my fall. I’m a good listener. Please shoot me a line and get to know me. I’d be blessed for a friend. Adam Barnett, 99813, Graceville C.F., 5168 Ezell Road, Graceville, FL 32440

FREE friendship ladies! Hello my name is Antjuane. My friends call me Redd. I am looking for females to write to me. I am a recent personal trainer graduate and an aspiring chef who is kind and I love to help people. Release date 2022. As soon as you get the chance, please write me. Antjuane Dilworth #22457-057, FCI Butner 1, PO Box 1000, Butner, NC 27509

My name is Darrell Johnson. I’m 50 years old and I’m from Richmond, CA. I’m light skin, brown eyes, I weigh 170lbs, I’m bald headed, I’m tip top shape, looking 30. I love to laugh and have a good time. I’m looking for a “real” woman who needs a good man, I’ve been down 7 years with 2 years left to do. I’m looking for a long-term relationship, face does not matter to me, if you’re interested I look forward to hearing from you. I’ll respond to all letters. May God bless you. Darrell Johnson #AX6100, Solano State, Prison G. #21, PO Box 4000, Vacaville, CA 95696-4000

Hello residents of California. As I sit here I worry about our world’s future, because “We are One”. My goal is to find all good pen-pal(s). One person may be willing to send funds, someone else may be in the legal department and can help me. I just don’t want to limit myself with a closed mind. I was over-sentenced to say the least. I’m very honest and I don’t lie. I’m 42 years old, 5’7, 150 lbs of muscle, bald-head, handsome, straight white teeth. I’m into the Gothic Lifestyle. I like Heavy Metal groups like Pantera, Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, and alternative groups like Portishead. I like other types of music as well and love Horror movies. I’m a Scorpio so I don’t like games, and I’m passionate when it comes to friends, or loved ones. To learn more about me, please write me in your free time. Frederick Givens #0146855, Bertie Correctional Institution , PO Box 129, Windsor, NC 27983

I’m 6’2” 215lb. white, Italian, Irish man. I write any topics as I’m open-minded, humorous, educated. Love to read, draw, create art, write stories. Any ages or races, even LGBTQ welcome. Either contact me by blog or thru the newspaper…Stay safe… Guy S. Alexander #1996573, Robertson Unit, 12071 FM 3522, Abilene, TX 79601

as salaam alaikum, to all my beautiful sisters in the world, or Universe, as a Muslim Brother i’m reaching out for one Dedicated Believer, in times of togetherness, and a Unified America, a Unified World, a Sister that knows the wick times we live, and are willing, able to meet her man Half-way, through thick and thin…If Allah’s will will be released by end of this year…allah akbar. Jimmie Stephen C56483, Solano State Prison, P.O. Box 4000 SOL C Gym #14, Vacaville, CA 95696

As Salaam Alaikum, May peace & blessings be upon you all. My name is Joel. I’m a 44 year young white male, 5’9, 201 lbs. Bald, hazel eyes, lots of tattoos. Single, never married. I have a 19 year old daughter who is training so that she can join the army. I am a Muslim. I am also extremely open minded. I respect all women and I would love to hear from you, so stop worrying about your looks and pick up a pen. I hope to hear from you soon. Searching for an extremely open minded real woman. Not a little girl. Joel M. Cliett #0711864, 633 Old Landfill Rd., Taylorsville, NC 28681

I am a 71 year old male. I am mature, energetic, warm, friendly, honestly open minded. I’m empathetic to the needs of others. I’m a mindful consciously positive idealist, who values all of womanity/humanity. I’m easy to know. All cultures and backgrounds, I desire to communicate and get to know you. Lorenzo Thomas D34990, Valley State Prison, 21633 Ave. 24-A3 109, Chowchilla, CA 93610-0092

I hope when you receive this letter it finds you in good health & spirits. You’re probably wondering who I am? My name is Luis Adrian Martinez, I’m from El Paso, TX, 32 years old, single, 5’7 ft tall, medium built, Latino. I have tattoos on both my arms. I enjoy reading, writing, and listening to music. Being born & raised & having all my life in El Paso, I have a very, deep appreciation for the Tex-Mex culture. Have you ever been to El Paso? What about Juarez? Well if you haven’t – it’s beautiful, fun, and the food is excellent. The bars are fun, the city at night can be one of the most enjoyable views one will ever behold in your life, specially from the mountainside. To a new friendship. Sincerely, Bubble Butt. PS: You don’t need to be perfect, just gotta be worth it. Hope to hear from you. Luis Adrian Martinez #02187679, Gib Lewis Unit, 777 FM 3497, Woodville, TX 75990

My name is Ron, I’m 40 years old. I’m hoping to correspond with a new friend, whom is kind-hearted, intelligent, open-minded and just a good-person in general. Race, age, sex is not of importance to me in a friend. I loath racism, sexim, bigotry, and Donald Trump, whom is all of the above, as well as a narcisistic egotistical idiot. I’m set to serve between one to five more years in this maximum security prison, until I discharge or make parole. I have been fighting this criminal justice (unjust if you ask me) system for 15 years. I have some true, but unbelievable stories, of my fight, I would love to share with you. Over the years wisdom has set upon my heart and I now fight with a pen and paper instead of physically. I hope to hear from you soon! With my fist raised in solidarity! Ronald L. Cosner 3601729 Mt. Olive Corr. Complex One Mountainside Way Mt. Olive, W.V. 25185

Hello Ladies, My name is Freddie D. Jackson. I’m a Single-Divorced 45 year old white male. Originally from (Lawton, Oklahoma). I’m a man with many Interest and Hobbies that I will have to go into with further correspondences. I’m Irish and Dutch mix. I’m 5’7’’ and weigh around 200 pounds. I have Long Brown Hair with Blue Eyes. Most about me is that I’m Trustworthy, Honest, Completely Loyal, Sincere, and very open-minded and non judgmental. I’ve never believed in hurting someone by lying to them or cheating on them. I’m Basically Looking for female penpals or someone to Build a Special Bond and Relationship with. Someone who is Loving, caring, Honest, giving, non-judgemental, Sincere, Loyal, and open-minded. I’ll openly and Truthfully admit that I’ve made Alot of mistakes over the course of my life that unfortunately I will forever Be judged for. Now Days most people only want to see the Bad (flaws) in others without looking at themselves first. I’ve Never Been the Type of guy that held grudges or Bad will (feelings) towards Anyone- And I will not start now. Sincerely, Freddie D. Jackson #S06085 Friend Request (Emails) Freddie D. Jackson #S06085 Taylorville C.C. 1144 IL. Route 29 Taylorville, IL 62568

We haven’t met yet but when we do i’ll treat you like you’re the greatest to happen to me. I’ll always be very supportive and help you make the best decision. I’ll keep A open-mind and never discrimate. I’ve been incarcerated 17yrs assrob: yes ive remove my self out the drak state of ignorance by profound self-transformation through, practices like spiritually, emotionally and mentally understanding i am and man of importance and will continue to work diligently and will re-enter society as a productive member. Thank for taking the time to read my words look forward to hearing from you soon. P.s take a pic Darnall Anthony Williams 1264363 Allred Unit 2101 FM 36N Iowa Park, TX 76367

SBM, 49 looking for friendship, 5’10’’ with light brown complexion doing a life and it’s very lonely without a friend to life my spirits. Im very open about my life, because I honest, loyal, understanding and caring with people and I wear my heart on my sleeve. I’ve made a major mistake in my life and I’m hoping that there is still some forgiving people in this world that would give me a chance to be there friend. So if you find it in your heart to forgive someone, please give me a chance to become your friend. Samuel Sims, Jr. #54377 El Dorado Corr. Facility, P.O. Box 311 El Dorado, KS. 67042

Hello ladies, I’m back trying this social media site once again. The last try wasn’t a good one at all. Got a couple catfish, but I was still cordial with them. The last bio I wrote a lot about myself and I’m thinking I gave away so much that ladies didn’t have anything else to find out. So, this time the women who view my profile will at least have to write a couple of times to find out about me. What I will do is tell you what I’m looking for. I’m looking for a woman that is intelligent, stable, goal oriented, and has her own but wants more. Looks are not the number one thing that I see. All women are beautiful. I’ve been attracted to little women, big women, and everything in between. I’m looking for friends and a wife. I’m looking for investors in my books I have written. I’m looking for a woman who is looking to invest in her future. I have a family first mentality. I am loyal to those who are loyal to me. I am big on respect and honesty. So, if you are looking for your last man, I may be him.If you are curious about my books, feel free to reach out to me. See me on Youtube by going to Youtube 20men1vision. Enjoy some of my videos and antics. Send me your email. Randall James Reg. no. 27351-045 QTR. Clay-A Federal Correctional Institution P.O. Box 4000 Manchester, KY 40962-4000

Man Seeking Woman: Single Black Man About 6 feet tall, about 240 pounds, Brown skin, Brown eyes, athletic, with thick, long dreads, looking for a mature Black Woman with whom to correspond and exchange ideas. Please write me, and I’ll write back: Adonis Rose, #V-10419, P.O. Box 8101, CMC-East- San Luis Obispo, CA. 93409

“Dear Lonely Women Seeking a New friend” Are you tired of the same old personal ads and lies? Or guys who are lacking honesty, sincerity and respect? Who don’t shower you with attention, affection and appreciation? well here are some things I promise you’ll get from me. eyes you can look into and trust … A helping hand… A heart that understands and doesn’t judge… A supporting shoulder… A prompt reply to all your letters and time devoted to you.

I’m 5’7, witty, confident, athletic, and I love to write letters. I believe that prison will be a stepping stone to success and try to always look for opportunities in life and not obstacles. At the moment I’m working on giving some of my time back, so hopefully that goes well.

I’m searching for a meaningful and lasting friendship with a special woman that might lead into something special. If you want a faithful man committed to building a companionship based on harmony, friendship, and ultimately love, then maybe we should connect? Inner warmth is more important than your looks, weight, or age because I want to love you for who you are and not try to change you. If your interested don’t hesitate to drop a line or you at the address below or you can email me by downloading Jpay and putting my number and state in. your future happiness Joshua Rodriguez #000559659E215 Burlington RDBridgeton NJ, 08302

35 year old caucasion male; originally from Waco, TX. First time incarcerated, lonely, seeking pen-pal; Someone to write bout life, God & such. Maybe share a few laughs, and get to know one another. Interested please write: Randall Lee Samford Sr. 2032217 810 FM 2821 Huntsville, TX 77349 So if you’d like to give a few, take a few, and share a few, hit me up! God Bless

My name is Ron, I’m 40 years old. I’m hoping to correspond with a new friend, whom is kind-hearted, intelligent, open-minded and just a good-person in general. Race, age, sex is not of importance to me in a friend. I loath racism, sexim, bigotry, and Donald Trump, whom is all of the above, as well as a narcisistic egotistical idiot. I’m set to serve between one to five more years in this maximum security prison, until I discharge or make parole. I have been fighting this criminal justice (unjust if you ask me) system for 15 years. I have some true, but unbelievable stories, of my fight, I would love to share with you. Over the years wisdom has set upon my heart and I now fight with a pen and paper instead of physically. I hope to hear from you soon! With my fist raised in solidarity! Ronald L. Cosner 3601729 Mt. Olive Corr. Complex One Mountainside Way Mt. Olive, W.V. 25185

DOB: 02-19-74 Ethnic Background: Black Gender: Male Height: 5’8’’ Weight: 165 lbs Eye color: Brown Hair color: Black Expected release: 8/11/2023 People you are willing to write to: “Any Female” Hobbies: Traveling, Nature & Reading Marital status: Single Education: Some college Goal: making friends Strength: Honesty Weakness: Perfectionist Religion: Christian Hello there

How is the going. That is the brief introduction about me. I am in this to make me some friends. I will be looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you. Sincerely, Jackson Gumisiriza F80970 B5-13-2L CVSP P.O. Box 2349 Blythe, CA 92226

Everyone on here is searching for all sort of things like love, help, happiness, etc. Some sincere, some insincere. I cannot speak for others, but I know what Im searching for and thats a heart thats alive with feelings. I believe we all need someone who’ll treat and love them the right way. And who doesn’t want true happiness? My only question, could it be found here? If so, I hope my words catch her eyes and saturate her heart. I’ll be waiting for you my love. Sincerely, Joshua Hill #64101-019 United States Penitentiary USP Coleman II PO Box 1034 Coleman, FL 33521

My name is Dorothy, but my friends call me Dee. I am a very beautiful, intelligent, woman, looking for single men who are interested in a long term friendship (possibly more). I will respond to all letters + send a pic so u can see for yourself I am all that and more. I’ll be waiting to hear from you. Sincerely, Dee Dorothy Wyatt 1487023 2305 Ransom Rd. Gatesville TX 76528

Hello, my name is Skylar- I’m 31 years old, 5’7’’ 147 lbs, Hazel Blue eyes and Strawberry blond Hair. I’m A very fun and Loyal yet Wild Woman to get to know. If you write me please send a picture (if you can). I’m college educated but I am able to hold several types of conversations. I’m from Oakland, CA. I’m looking for a man who is fun, smart, loves the Same Interests As I do: such as making The Best out of Life each and Every Day, Sex, PDA, Shopping and Cars/Bikes/Boats. Please write me. Skylar TheRoux W-108986 N.C.C.I. P.O. Box 466 Gardner, MA, 01440-0466

56 yr. old white male has 18 months left on 20 years, release-date Dec. 2020. Seeking support for when I am released. No parole/ probation- able to relocate, and willing to relocate. Write: Jeffrey A. Grimes #109288 Garner Corr. Inst. 50 Nunnawauk Rd. Newton, CT 06470-2319

Hey everyone! My name is Veronica, 36 years old, Mexican and native mix with Black hair and brown eyes. 5’5’’ 170 lbs. I’m looking for someone who can help me past the time and who is openminded. I love to read and listen to music but most of all God. I love to learn new things. Right now my future is in God’s wonderful hands. Veronica Sanchez #H52182 LCI Main 11120 NW Gainesville Rd Ocala FL 34482

To Every female that’s incarcerated in the United States Prison System” how are you Ladies doing? My name is Dan Coffman #788247 if you decide to hit me up please Address me by <3 If Some Kind of way to send me a letter I promise I will hit you back up that’s a promise… I am from the South-Side of Houston, TX I am a Brotha with no kids 5/0 130lb’s Brown eyes Baldheaded. I love to write and art work. I Currently Study Criminal Law/ Civil Law and medical health…. I am an Extremely Straightforward individual, I love music Light Rock/ RAP / R and B and oldies….And Little Country….. I love to Dress in Expensive Clothing” and mostly love to Eat Fried Chicken and Some Seafood…. Oh” yeah Most Definitely its A must that I keep (2) Jobs :) Yes I do know About everything that’s Going on in the world Shoot’s that will not Stop…. :) I love all of yall hit me up…. If you could find A way to Get me A Letter I promise to Hit you back up that’s A promise… Dan Coffman #788247 High Security F-Pod-111 The William P. Clements unit 9601 Spur 591 Amarillo, Texas 79107

I believe that when a man truly loves his woman, that he loves her w/ the same energy as that he possesses for his mother~ only in a different context. I believe that love is not sought, but is still found. Not male or female, tough or weak~ just the key much needed. I’d love love in my life. I am looking for a woman to love after friendship, who understands that this column is not sufficient to express my need~ so she picks up on my energy here instead. I’m Afrikan-American, 5’6, 190 lbs~ midnight complexioned. Poetic, humble~ and aggressive. Write to me at Steven Foreman- 0628663 P.O. Box 2087 Goldsboro, N.C. 27533. My response will be immediate. Steven Foreman – 0628663 P.O. Box 2087 Goldsboro, N.C. 27533

Hello my friend I’m looking for someone I can communicate with on all levels with in hopes of building a mutual relationship. I’m open to any woman regardless of marital status; I don’t discriminate on any nationality, belief or any other differentes people often mistake. I’m very fair and honest and just want a woman who be herself know need to impress me be real not fake I like woman to be herself at all times and mentally, and emotionally, sharp and physically, in shape. I love to work-out such as strength training powerlifting. I believe true beauty comes from within and in all forms no matter the intraceable features of it. I enjoy staying happy and seeing others happy as well, some of my interests are reading, cooking, baking, poetry, meditating, & last but not least staying optimistic by all means. I would love for you to venture this path with me starting today in bondage. Notes: Date of birth May 18th, 1973, nationality African American gender male been incarcerated since December 4th 2017, Height=6’3 weight=175lbs. Skin complexion=light brown, eye complexion dark brown; email through accesscorrections or write me at: Anthony Craig 1200246 E.S.P. P.O. Box 1989 ELY, NV 89301-1989

Its been a long while since I’ve made a new friend, a friend is what I need in my life. I need someone to be able to talk with express the way I feel explain what I am going through. I need someone that would be willing to take the time to share some good conversation, allow me to get to know them and with time get to know me. So let’s start slow and see what could be, if you think you’re the one, please allow me into your life. John Parra AD 6509, CMC, ASU 4307 P.O. Box 8101 San Luis Obispo, CA 93409

To all interested; as one can never have too many friends, for we all come upon these times of depression regardless of our own community stature, and then there are people whom like to socialize with others with or without expectations or strings attached. To be honest; you only live once, and if you will restrict yourself from socializing and communicating with others due to the Creators chosen plan of present placement, for each and every person at this time of our life, then you’re denying yourself the predestined destiny and fate for us. I have come to learn that “Everything Happens For A Reason” according to the “Book of Life”, and came to terms with the Almighty, that I’ve stop fighting his plans and follow His lead. Don’t get me wrong, I am just like you still searching for my place; except, at least I am aware of His presence and my Knowledge being so vast, makes me sure that He won’t put us through nothing that we can’t handle, nor are not strong enough to overcome. Prime example; I’m actually innocent of this crime and the evidence shows it; however, for some odd reason I have been wrongfully convicted and confined for nearly eighteen years now and lost nearly all that was and is dear to me. Funny thing is I’m in one of the hellish predicaments of this godforsaken world, but Im a better person now. Original N.Y.C. Single Male, Multi-racial, seeking all of the above. Don’t be a stranger. Anibal Ortiz #78171 S.N.M.C.F. 2.A.B.113 P.O. Box 639; Las Cruces, NM. 88004 -270 words

My name is “Aswad Charles”! Within these words I’m seeking a woman as within her will be a friend, partner, and confidante. In here is pieces of me looking to find relief in a beautiful face and bright smile so if you of like mind let’s connect, bond and grow! As a man I avoid sameness, silliness but rather concentrate on a value based system. If you’re un-afraid of chartering unchartered territory here I stand! I’m a Muslim man, 5’10, bald headed, 215 lbs, athletic build, brown eyes, medium beard, 40 years old with (1) son. You’ve met someone true living what I speak possessing those traits which seem to be nonexistent nowadays. (Integrity, Respect, Honor, Loyalty, Honest, Trustworthy) I love kids, family , good food, conversation, traveling, working-out, reading, motorcycles, fast cars, chess, and music! I’m stimulated by the intellect of a woman. The softness/tenderness sensuality also the physical beauty which runs parallel to your inner beauty. I miss having a woman that is not intrigued by material items or using such to define who she is. I need that strong woman who’s focused is empowering, supportive, encouraging, loving, loyal, true, respectful to “Us”, herself as a woman & I as a man. Tell me about you as I’m ready to listen. To say the least may this reach its destination deep into your thoughts and caress your heart finding you in a serene state. Aswad Charles SBI, #226593-c/503840 4-wing 4-up 7-tier cell #14 East Jersey state Prison Rahway, New Jersey 07065

My name is Brian Keith Laws age 50 black light skin complexion, brown eyes, bald head, 5 ft 4 inches, 180 pounds, I just want to communicate with anyone who is strong minded, intelligent, and understanding who doesn’t like to play mind games because I am a good man thats the truth. Have a good day And God Bless Brian Laws H73593 C-4-102 CCI/PO. Box, 1905 Tehachapi, CA 93581

Hello! My name is Charles Frankie Nieto & I am a native of California – Born & Raised in Madera County. I’m 45 years old & currently imprisoned illegally in the Texas State prison system. I’ve been imprisoned now for 25 flat years & I will be eligible for release in about 4 more years. As an advocate for change & a soldier of the struggle I am desiring an authentic down to earth solid woman to share my thoughts with in hopes of meeting in person once I am free from imprisonment. I am easy to get along with, maintain a sense of loyalty, & open-minded. I have two beautiful daughters whom reside in California & three precious Grandchildren. I’m six feet tall, 230 pnds in weight, Black Hair, medium brown-skinned, & a Mexican-American. I have numerous relatives residing in Ca. –whom I plan on visiting upon my release. Some of my hobbies & past times are; Studying the Court system and Law of Texas, Helping others out with their cases & convictions, exercising, preparing myself to be a better Man upon release, & helping others get through their hardtimes here in prison on a daily basis. Those of you whom are willing to reply & share your time with me will receive an immediate response. I welcome all woman for friendship. If your just looking for a stable minded Man to talk with or just curious about life in prison & seeking some answers, please write. I hope to hear from you soon. Charles F. Nieto #724864, Allred Unit, 2101 FM 369 N., Iowa Park, Tx. 76367

Greetings all Goddesses of the universe, peace and blessings to you all. I go by S.W.A.G.G (Stay Woke Almighty Gracious God) but my slave name is Chris Dixon. I consider myself a intellectual, an oxymoron of sorts – a well rounded individual just a lil rough around the edges. True to my Libra, I’m a social being, caring and compassionate who finds beauty in any and everything. Looking for a pen pal to make a connection that can withstand the test of time. Add me on so we can email. Will provide pics upon receipt of your letter, surely won’t disappoint mentally or physically. Get to know me. I have a lot to offer. Race not important, just be grown and come with an open mind. Christopher Dixon 19B0781 Attica C.F. 3531 Gaines Basin Road P.O. Box 149 Attica, NY 14011

Hello everyone, I’m Darryl 40 yrs (look much younger though :) ) b/m, from New Orleans La, a God fearing man/a Sagittarius.. A few things about myself, I’m easy going, have a big loving heart, a great listener, give good advice, very open minded,have a good understanding, and ferociously “loyal”.. Currently, I’m working at Silk Screen while awaiting to be enrolled in “HVAC” trade school. For my spare time, I enjoy being left to myself to think, (because I love to think a lot) writing poems, poetry, and writing period! I’m seeking a friend whose genuine.. Color, age or different walks of life, isn’t a factor, because I’m not one to judge, nor does a pure heart. Wherefore, if you like what you’ve heard thus far, and wanna know more about me, then feel free to contact me at; Darryl Holmes #392201 Hickory-3 Louisiana State Prison Angola, LA 70712 Or @ Ps: last thing, please go on Instagram and support my 16 yrs daughter cosmetic line, she just started “” spread the word, so she’ll get noticed..

Hello, My name is Demarcus Jones DR. Black man – 47 years old, born in Shreveport, LA here are several things about my self, love sports, workin out, love outdoors, love animals, love helping people’s elderly, disabled people – I help also, love cars, food, I’m not a narrow minded person, down to earth type a person, love trying new things as long as they’re not weird.

Looking for that special someone that want’s real friendship or who want’s to be penpals first: I would love to meet a woman with these qualities: family oriented, independent, strong willed, open minded, funny sexy, honest, loyal, I am not too picky, about what a woman look’s like – nor what her race is, the thing I care about most is the inside of a person – not the outside? To all beautiful queens. Mr. DeMarcus C. Jones Dr #290375 Louisiana state pen – dorm-Mag-2 Angola, LA. 70712 Or at – DeMarcus Jones Dr #290375

I’m 49 years old, 6’2, 230 lbs, Afro American, light skin, brown eyes. I’m from Pittsburgh PA, got busted for 17 robbery, doing 16 years with about 7 ½ left, due for parole June 2020, I’ve lived many city across the coast. No longer interested in criminal activities and look forward to big and better things in the future. I don’t have fabricated stories, 100% is better than 20%, I got two grow kids and a grand son. Keep it real with me, I can handle mines, I’m christian. Please send picture, peace!! Derrick Bragg EF7350 SCI Greene HA-4 P.O. Box 33028 St Petersburg, Fl, 33733

Pen pal’s wanted… What’s good? I got a few month’s left after doing 15 teen years in prison I’m all most free if you want to holla at me girl get at me threw: (or) 800-574-5729 open up a account and we could email and send flick’s or 30 second video grams or you could write me here at: no games please… Elisha Gooch X-20074 (MB123 up) 16756 Chino Corona Rd Corona, CA 92880

My name is Evans Tutt & I’m from West Bass Angeles. I’ll be 35 on the 20th of march. Hopefully I’ll be hearing from you & getting a card or two. That would be nice. Since 2014 the majority of my time has been in isolation. I have not had one visit. The family & friends I did know have moved on, I’m a distant memory. This is what prison was designed to do, to strip you from those you love & destroy families & connections. I’d like it if you write to me so we can get to know eachother, that would put a smile on my face to know there are good people like you in the world. I just found out my daughter Alounie ran away from home. She’s 13. she misses & loves me dearly, & gets hit by her mother for expressing these feelings & acting out. Alounie Shynese Tutt Daddy loves you. You are my world & mean everything to me. I’m in court fighting for my freedom on appeal to be apart of her life again. I need the assistance of a real attorney who will fight with & for me. Thank you for spending the time to read my ad, I look forward to hearing from you soon. We can communicate through email @ ( where you can leave a # for me to call you. I’ll never let this racist corrupt system break me! I’mma stay looking good pushing up on the concrete! I’m too black too strong too black too muthaf*c*in strong one love!!! Evans Tutt #1148433 P.O. Box 7000 N.N.C.C Carson City, NV 89702 -270 words

Hello, I’m an african american, 30 year old, taurus man (D.O.B. 4-21-89), 5’8’’, 155 lbs, and have tattoos. I love females… and transgender women. I’m in college, auto body, and self-help groups. I’m earning time off my sentence, my release date is December 2024. I love writing poetry/songs, my favorite sports are boxing and MMA. I’m spontaneous, intelligent, eccentric, honest, passionate, and uninhibited. I’m seeking someone who’s real, spiritual, fun, patient, out-spoken (I won’t shy away from a strong woman). I have dreadlocks, they aren’t a fashion statement… hoping for someone I’ll allow to play in them… is it you? Ezekiel J Dear BC2818 CCI D-3-50-up P.O. Box 608 Tehachapi, CA 93581

SF Bayview, check it out. I just posted a new web page of me at And I would like you all to promote my web page to all the single Black women out there if its not too much to ask… Thanks, Frederick Braggs Jr. #1746422 Eastham Unit 2665 Prison Rd. 1 Lovelady, Tx 75851

JazzaKAllah iz da name Da Sword of ALLAH is my Game. I am 39 years young I have a masters 360 Degree knowledge – wisdom – understanding Knowledge of Self and the Science of Everything in life is an Understatement for me because Im a upgraded version of my higher self, which gives me power of self. I have Telepathy and Telekenesis. Im looking for a Black Woman

Who Knows Black ISLAM – I-Self-Love-Allahs-Mathematics and who practices the arts, Black magic, Purple magic /Ancient Books of Spells, Red magic, And can Decode & Decipher the

Phonetic Hyroglyph of the Egyptian Book of the Dead. I’m not looking for the L word thats evil – [Love] (turned): Evol. Information is my currency Because I pray Tuh Da Trap GOD. Gary Bruce, AZ8908 B-5-119, CSP Sacramento, P.O. Box 290066, Represa, CA 95671

Seeking new friends Hadyadi Eugene Garner grew up in Tabago Jamaica med brown like coffee, honey, and chocolate mix. Very neat, clean, respectable, submissive when it counts. 5’8’’ 150 pounds with slim swimmers build… Ex boxer, long black hair, six pack abs, Jewish, served

(17) years now guaranteed parole as stated in last visit in (8) month. Criteria: Non-judgmental will be living in Vermont upon release. Ready to fish, play in the snow, eat peaches, any readers anywhere don’t trust the (10) year old mug shot I got new beefcake pics may any interested male or female write,but seeking serious Asian, Indian, Latina No inmates “unless” you have piggy back. Great personality consider long term. H.E. Garner (75917) Box 5000 Carson City Nevada 89702

My name is Jacob Kennedy Im a prisoner at San Quentin State Prison in California Im a 29 year old white male brown hair blue/gray eyes, Im an easy going person who enjoys cooking + eating all types of food, enjoy watching most kind of movies, I enjoy reading a good book at times, Im looking for a female pen pal any age any race or religion just looking for that special person in life if I interest you write me a letter at the following address: Jacob Kennedy CDC #AX2600 H1-72 1 main street San Quentin, CA 94974

Name: James Johnson D.O.C# 1165122 Address: Western Missouri Correctional Center 609 E. Pence Rd. Cameron, MO 64429 I’m a 32 yr old male, I’m african american, lite brown skin completion, I’m 6”1 and 245 lbs muscular built, I from Kansas City, Mo, and I’m looking for that wonderful woman that I know is out there. You ever share your soul with a stranger, only to realize he was a long lost friend? Ever talk to a man like you talk with a woman, and share what you can’t with other men? Can you picture your love being given to a criminal stuck in this hell? Can you promise to hold off from judging him until the day when you really know him well? Can you close your eyes and imagine if everything went right? The power of passion finally possessed after all those sleepless nights. I bet you think I’m gaming you, just like all the men in your past, cause all of them promised you heaven on earth but none of them seem to last. After all, what can I offer you? Besides lonely nights and sweet words, promises of pleasures to come, and lines you’ve already heard, all I can say is have faith in me. You can write me if thats something you would like, or you can download the Jpay app to your phone and email me, hope to hear from that wonderful someone

Hello my name is Jeremy Mundine I’m 50 yrs old, M, 265 pounds, brown eyes, bald head, light skinned Black. I am looking for a nice caring female. Christian would be a plus because after 17 years of banging my head into every wall I could find, I finally realized I needed to be saved. And Saved I am by his Grace. Please some one show up and HELP a fool like me stand even further. If your interested to get to know the man that made every mistake, committed every crime, and can still claim to be free, honest, loyal and respectful. Please write me at Jeremy Mundine #1131861, Ellis Unit, 1697 FM 980, Huntsville Tx, 77343 or

Hello my name is Jonathan Kim 30 years of age born and raised in los angeles CA. I am 5’10 Korean american 180 pounds outgoing and I been in prison for 9 years I am looking for a female friend loyal and honest and willing to write to me so we can get to know each other. Hope to hear from you soon thanks Jonathan Kim AP8840 B5-114 PO box 3030 Susanville, CA, 96127

Hello Ladies, my name is Jonathan. I am 26 year old I am a single black man. Looking for a female friend a woman who’s understanding to my temporary situation of incarceration someone who’s fun loving, outgoing and very optimistic. I am looking for a woman who is not afraid to explore her options and very open minded I am asking for nothing but time, and chance a little bit of your time and the chance to get to know you. Jonathan Powell AV1240 B-1-131 High Desert State Prison P.O. Box 3030 Susanville, CA, 96127

Hello! My name is Joseph Hunt. I’m born and raised South African. I am 54 years old, and currently incarcerated at Chowchilla State Prison. I’m 6 feet tall and weigh 220 pounds. I’m in good health and muscular physique, workout daily. I’ve lived in Sacramento, Des Moines, Iowa and Minneapolis, Minnesota. I will soon be released within a year to a year and a half. I am looking for a mature woman aged from 55 to 65, physical fit. Nationality is of no importance. Must be able to communicate and looking for serious relationship, drama free and honest and loyal, committed to commitment. Please write me at: Mr. Joseph Hunt #V-26768 Chowchilla CA 93610 B-1-04-4L. P.O. Box 92 (U.S.P)

I am looking for a female pen pal. I’m 30 yrs old, 6 ft tall, 200 Lbs, light skin Mexican, with the face of an Angel, body of a god. Facebook to only confirm this at I’m from Southern Cali here to bring you some Southern Comfort. I’ve been down two years and have a few left. I stay working out five times a week since I been down. Some say I look like the Incredible Hulk. I’m searching for someone who is down to earth to write and get to know me. Please send a picture of yourself. I enjoy drawing, I like to watch the sunset from my cell window, and taking long walks on the tier. Juan Funez #BF7486 O-wing 316 P.O. Box 689 Soledad Ca 93960

My name is Kevin Warren; I’m a 46 year old black man. I’m looking for a down to earth woman who is willing to put in the time, effort and energy to learn about the man I’m mentally, emotionally and spiritually and at the same time allow me the opportunity to get to know the person, woman, mother (if you have children), daughter, sister, etc., that you are, not just the woman you’re on the surface. I’m looking for a mature woman who knows exactly what she wants in life and love, not for the moment but rather someone I can share my life with and we can build a future and life together. I’m not concerned abut a woman’s physical beauty; I love women of all different shapes, sizes and races. I’m more concerned about the woman you are mentally, emotionally, and especially spiritually. My Information: Kevin Warren #512616 H.U. (2D-103) Jefferson City Correctional Center 8200 No more Victims Road Jefferson City, Missouri 65101 Or go to and go to their e-mail section, fill out the information and set up an e-mail account.

To Whom it may concern, My name is La’Tia Carbo WF8528 I am 23 years old. I been incarcerated sine 2016 I am seeking pen pals to correspond with anyone genuinely interested in building a sincere friendship and possibly more. Im currently pursuing higher education and spending my free time figuring out exactly what I want out of life. Im hoping to make a connection as this is a very lonely place. Hope to hear from you soon. La’Tia Carbo WF8528 WB-945-up 16756 Chino-Corona RD Corona CA 92880

My name is Lerissa, I am a 39 yr old single hispanic female. 5’8 and a little on the thick side. I’m interested in getting to know someone as a friend, pen-pal and maybe more. I’m honest, loyal and versatile. Get to know me more. My address is: Lerissa Marie Zazueta #2092278, 1401 State School Rd., Gatesville, Tx. 76599. Hope to hear from you soon. I’m an open book ask away

Help Wanted – Part time Pen Pal needed. Position available for a dependable mature woman. No experience required. Rewarding position with lots of bonuses. If a quality friendship with a unique, sincere & honest, SBM, who’s self taught in the language of love is what you’d like, apply soon! Interested parties submit letters to: Smart Communications/Pa DOC LeVar Brown, #FZ-8925 SCI-Greene P.O. Box 33028 St. Petersburg, FL 33733 Thanks and best wishes. “Sincerely” LeVar Brown

If you were not born with a vagina please pass on this. My name is Lord Edgar. I am 5’9 dark skin, brown eyez 220 well placed pounds, I love sports, board an card gamez. I love history an politics as you can see I am physically incarcerated but not mentally I’m around guys all day

24-7. I’m looking for some female attention. If u would like to keep it real contack me. Lord Edgar Mazyck AN6674 480 Alta Rd San Diego Ca 92179

To who ever will love to write me. My name is Lovelle I am a black man. I am 50 years old with a good heart. I am 6,1 and 257 pounds. And I work out all the time. I don’t have any kids at all. I

love kids to and I am good as gold. I am looking any woman of any age, to write to me and will love to come see me if they like to. I been lock up for 12 years now all a long with out a woman to make me happy. I love giving my love to some one that will love me back. And I love sea food and soul food I am a real good cook, and I love the out doors fishing. I love the word of god that I read some time. And I have been looking for that some one that tell me about they self and will like for me to call them. So if you will love to write me give me your time. Hit me back Lovelle Wilson 444188 Walnut-3-bed-15- Angola LA 70712

I’m 5’10 very athletic built brown skin with the bald head. I enjoy bodybuilding cooking and siting back by the fire-place – enjoying the company of a good down to earth woman, race and age is really not a issue as long as your over 21 years old. My release date is 8-4-2020 then im free to go wherever, so if your open minded then write me at Mark Kevin Tolson #941000 cedar Creek

Correction Center P.O. Box 37 Littlerock Wash 98556 or hit me on

Dear Bay View, ~ Hello World! I have a question. What if I told you what you have here is a very sexy hypnotic beauty by the name of “Dreamy”, who is Brazilian and Black, light skin, long hair, nice round bubble butt, breasts that are more than a mouth full, tattoos, 6 piercings, 5’6” 145 lbs., thick where it matters most, beautiful bedroom eyes, thick luscious lips and speaks English, Portuguese and Spanish. Would that sound like the woman of your dreams? Then what would you say if I told you that I’m also a transgender woman? Would that change your interest in me? If not then you sound like someone I would like to get to know. I’m looking to make friends and connect with people from all over, especially California. I get out 2021 and I’m looking to move

to San Diego. So if anyone got any info for me on programs that help felons and recently released people find jobs and housing please write and let me know. I’m also looking to connect with other trans women. All are welcome to hit me up even other prisoners. Antyon Turner #374182, W.C.I, P.O. Box 351, Waupun, Wi 53963 Thank you SF Bay View. Sincerely, Dreamy

Dear reader – my name is Rasheen. Someone once said that a stranger is just someone who’s your friend that you have not met yet. I would like to develop a caring, sincere friendship that can stand the test of time, I’m a very easy going person. I enjoy to write letters, write poetry, talk on phone, read books, and play basketball. I’m open to new adventures. I’m looking for someone to connect with. It doesn’t matter if you’re a prisoner or free. Lets do it. But be sure to include an address I can write to in the body of the letter. If you’re a prisoner, write me at R. Robinson 40 Lenora Austin, 86 American Legion Hwy #10, Dorchester, MA 02124. Thank you for your time, anyone is welcome to write, race, shape & size don’t matter, your honesty matters the most. If you email me via you have to include an address or Po box for me to write back. Or you ca write by mail @: Rasheen Robinson #1751570 3872 FM 350 South, Livingston, Texas 77351

Hi, my name is Rob & I’m looking to meet friends & hopefully a good women that can show me some companionship. I’m very good looking, all tatted & smart. I take a lot of self help classes & am pursuing a college degree. I work out & enjoy sports. I’m very funny & I try to make everyday a good day. I’m looking to find a meaningful & lasting relationships. I love music & dancing. I am seeking a stable, & reliable friend, that I can share my heart & life with. Age, ethnicity, size does not matter to me, I just want something authentic. I’m very optimistic & I want a healthy & flourishing relationship. I would like a woman to be loyal, honest, optimistic, open minded, has self respect, thoughtful affectionate, understanding, independent, intelligent, classy yet sexy, communicates assertively, is open to fall in love. I’m so much more than just a convict, I’m a good caring man, I am very ambitious & I intend to get out & be very successful. I love hiking & going to the beach. If you like what you hear then please write & lets begin a beautiful friendship & hopefully more. Write me… Rob R. Gale CDC #BI9886 Valley State Prison P.O. Box 92 Chowchilla, Ca 93610

Pen Pal, My name is Robert Jones #1371515 I’m at River North Correctional Center in Virginia.

I’ve been locked up for 5 years with a bit left to do, I’m Muslim and I’m 33 yrs old until June 13th. I want a loyal friend or a wife, if you chose to correspond further download Jpay app set up an account and add me to it. Select the VAdoc then put my inmate number in, my facebook page is “Robert L Jones” I’m in prison blues with baldhead and a beard. Robert Jones #1371515 River North Correctional center 329 Dellbrook Ln. Independence VA, 24348

Hello, My name is Robert Sherman (middle) name Stephen which is what I go by, but I’m 35 from Brooklyn, New York I am currently doing 2yrs in Virginia and would like to meet a female that’s serious about a friendship or more. About me I am 5’8 very built, brown eyes – short hair with tattoos. I attended some college and upon my release I wold like to go back to school. I consider myself to be very Loyal & honest, I also exspect the same in return, I’m very supportive and wish the best for people… I like to read books and listen to music, I would like to travel or have some one travel to visit. Where I am located we have Email services so you can add me by going to and looking up Robert Sherman #1168502 – I’m not sure if mail can be sent straight through so if you decide to write me please have it 3way if your locked up and I’ll do the same. I’m not picky about who responds really I would like to meet someone who is outside of prison or soon to be released but anybody will do all friends are welcome. Well until I hear back stay “Beautiful” Information: Robert Sherman #1168502 (email) River North Correctional Center 329 Dell Brook ln Independence, VA 24348

I’m Roberto Boricua from New Jersey P.R, 46, 150 pds, 5’9, blk hr, brw eyes, old school b-boy, I do all love sisters, latinas, hip hop, latino music, vacations, travel my girls big front, back I seek friends whoever needs a penpal shoot me a line you can give out my email . I been down 11yrs my expire date 12-16-21 single no support very lonely anyone can shoot me line for more info thank you Bay View for your concern – your boy Puerto Rico – W.B. Soon – Roberto Durand # 1078930 E.S.P. P.O. Box – 1989 Ely, N.V. 89301

I’m an inmate in the Florida Penal System. I’m 5’4’’ 170lbs brown skinned 43 yr old male who’s looking for a friend or companion (female) no matter race & age. Someone who’s honest and not childish. You can contact me through or write to me at attn: Shamond Byrd #M26138 Mayo correctional institution, 8784 U.S. Hwy 27 West Mayo, FL 32066 I look forward to your response. Sincerely, Shamond byrd #M26138

To a new beginning, Hello, My name is Mr. Sherman Martinez Buggs. I would like to share something about me. I’m a smart, intelligent, softhearted man that takes life for what it is. I’ve made a few bad choices and judgments throughout my life that led me to prison, which I regret each and everyday, Please don’t judge me for my past choices and take the time to know me for the honest man I am. If you ask me anything, I will always be honest and truthful with you. I’m looking to build a strong friendship, with a woman that will open up and carry a conversation, someone that wants and feels like they can share the world with me. I want a friendship where we can share our thoughts, dreams and feelings with one another. I like to read and write. I love to play basketball, lift weights, playing chess is one thing I love to do to pass the time. I also love music that will something take me out of this place (slow, soft and smoothed music). I’m truly just a simple man who is looking for a pen-pal to open their heart and take a risk with me and indulge in a honest friendship. Thank you for reading my profile. Your new beginning, Sherman Please put your address inside the letter you write and also, you can e-mail me @ Much. Address is Buggs #307233 RMI 1342 W Main St Ionia, Mi 48846

My name is Valai I’m in search of a penpal some one I could talk to and enjoy life with I have no kids and I never been marryed anyone may write me age, race do not matter if you would like to get to know me feel free to write me back or email me at my Jpay account… Valai Stettler (coc#wf8099) (unit #MB-123 low) 16756 Chino Corona rd. Corona, CA 92880

Hey whatz-up out there you found a cool handsome genuine person to correspond to. Can talk about anything. Would be nice for any legal assistance or reliable resource. I discharge 2022. Born in Washington State raised in San Antonio, TX. I stand at 5’10” and weigh 160 depending what I ate. I’m 38 don’t have kids nonetheless my best interest is to move on to bigger and better things in life. Victor Diaz T.D.C.J #1885162 13911 F.M. 3328 Tennessee Colony, Tx 75880

“Hi from the inside” I’m a 60 yr young white Jewish woman – I’m looking for a 60 plus young at heart man who would enjoy long walks along the beach at sunset, camping, fishing or just sitting on the back porch taking in G-d’s amazing sun-rises/sun-sets. For right now I’m looking for a friend to correspond w/ back and forth. I’m 5’9, 200 lbs, hazel eyes, dark brown short hair, freckles, I enjoy gardening, swimming, and just enjoying life. I don’t have children. It doesn’t matter about your race or religion, I’m just looking for a friend. I truly enjoy “football” my team is the “New England Patriots”. If I tickle your fancy than just drop me a line or two you won’t regret it not one bit. Thank you so very much for your time and effort, Susan Baker #945171 LCI-Annex 11120 NW Gainesville Rd Ocala Houda 34482

Hi guys, My name is Sandi. I’m looking for someone to spend some time w/ and get to now. I have lots of interest. Ride/sail/travel they say don’t ride a Harley ride a biker! I want the rain on my back and music in my ears. So if your up for that shoot me a letter. Sandra D. McHenry #2093174 1401 State School Rd. Gatesville, TX. 76599 I can receive Jpay but can only write back

Ads added March 17, 2020

Hi my name is Jaylene Meola. I’m 28 yrs old. I have brown hair and blue eyes. I’m 5’7 and I’m about to be released from prison in early May. I’m looking to find someone who wants to help steer me in the right direction to become successful. I was born and raised in the Bay Area and can’t wait to come home. I’m looking for new positive influences in my life and can’t wait to see what comes my way. Please write to learn more about me and to see if we hit it off. Thanks for the interest. Jaylene Meola #1207328, JCC, 3 Prison Road, Jean, NV 89019

Hello ladies. I am a SBM in search of a friend or lover. Someone who’s not judgmental and believes in second chances. Am a jokester, love to travel and enjoy life. Getting money isn’t the problem it’s the lack of a real woman in my corner. Am a risk taker. I am trying to build a future that’s better than my past. Am willing to uproot and leave Chicago. I will be 33 yrs old in April. My out date no matter what is Sept 4th, 2020. I am an open book. Please write, I promise to write back…Always love, Donovan Davis #M10874, MCC, PO Box 1000, Menard, IL 62259

Hello there, my name is Maurice and I’m currently incarcerated. My current release date is 11/27/2020. I’ve been down 7 yrs. Because my son was threatened by someone my age. Here’s a little about me, I’m brn skin, bald head, 5’8½ and I’m 38 yrs of age. Looking for someone that I can build a bond with and become best friends first and see where we’ll go from there. Thank you for giving me the time and I really appreciate it. 😊 FB: Maurice Moe Williams. Maurice Williams #AS2536, CSP Corcoran, 3C-01-140L, PO Box 3471, Corcoran, CA 93212

Hey beautiful ladies of all races, my name is John. I’m 25 years old. I’m serving a 20 year sentence but looking to be home within the next 2 years. I’m seeking love, friendship, and much more. I’m an African-American, brown skin complexion, brown eyes, 6’3, 220 lbs. I have my own stamps, envelopes, paper and income. I’m looking for females ages 18-35, preferably a white woman 4’11 to 5’7 tall, weighing under 145 pounds, but I’m really not picky or petty cause it might be the one you seeking to be that real one. I just want a female that won’t judge me and accepts me for me. I’ll put you on my visitation list so you can come see me. All I ask for is honesty and loyalty. I am seeking love on a long-term relationship. My hobbies include reading, listening to music, watching movies, and going sightseeing. I’m honest, loyal, and fun. Every female says I have a sensitive side when it comes to my woman, friend or lover, and yes I love to spoil my woman from the inside to the outside and even much better when I’m free to see her smile. I will correspond with females who is incarcerated also but we have to go through someone on the outside because the Alabama prison system won’t accept correspondence from another prison. Please don’t hesitate to write me back and I will reply. I’ll enjoy a few pictures if u can. John Wilson III #283248, SCCF, 1000 St. Clair Road, Springville, AL 35146

Hello, I’m Robert Pesina. I’m a 41 year old single Hispanic male. I’m 5’6. I’m incarcerated in Arkansas. I’m looking for single ladies of any nationality to be pen-pals with. All of my immediate family has passed away, the most recent was my father. So I’m looking for a few lady pen-pals to write and become friends with or LTR. All I’m asking for are ladies that won’t judge me for my past and won’t discriminate. Robert Pesina #171891, ORCU, PO Box 1630, Malvern, AR 72104

I am thankful for having the blessful ability to escape my thoughts outside these hated walls where society often shut their eyes and oblivion their minds to the locked down souls that dwells in the midst of physical and psychological hell. Seeking to alleviate the pain from those who vow to dare to care. To comfort me during my hours of trials and tribulation. Hoping to receive your warm embrace as a friend. I want to build a solid bond that’s built on trust, loyalty and honesty. Because without these three a righteous connection will be impossible to establish. Robert Moore #E96523, MCSP, A-2-111L, PO Box 409020, Ione, CA 95640

Single white male, 42, 5’7”, brn hair/blu eyes, born in PA, mostly raised in CA. I live in the San Jose area. Seek friendship, any race/sex, open to more. Want positive people in my life. Welcome reply: John Kerestesy II #BC0551, CSATF, 62-11-4U, PO Box 5244, Corcoran, CA 93212

Greetings, good morning, good afternoon, good evening, God bless and may God continue to bless you and guide you down the right path because the struggle is real and God knows and also understands. My name is Phillip Edwards. I’m born and raised from South Central Los Angeles. I am 34 years of age and I enjoy writing and also corresponding with others. I would love to have a beautiful woman as a pen pal but whoever God chooses to send me I’m go be grateful and show God the full gratitude. I love writing also I love reading my Bible and speaking about God. I am not perfect at all, I’m a ex-gang member, God loves all his children but God also loves the gang member because he/she can reach out to others that others can’t reach out to. God bless and please be and become my pen pal. Phillip Edwards #BI6689, CSP-LAC, D-D3-112, PO Box 4670, Lancaster, CA 93539

If you don’t take a chance you won’t stand a chance! Hello Ladies! My name is Jamone. Family & friends call me Mone, like make you moan LOL. I’m caramel complected, 6’2”, physically fit. My ethnicity is (Blasian) Black & Korean. I’m 36 years young, born & raised in Seattle, WA. I’m an open-minded Gemini who’s very ambitious and adventurous. They same Geminis are the life of the party. I’m a very mature individual who’s understanding with an open ear to listen. An extrovert with so much personality. A straightforward, solid authentic individual. I’m all about self improvement for forward movement. I’m in search for a lady who’s honest, loyal, consistent, sexy and understanding. To me that is a turn on. A lady who likes to enjoy life. My likes are, travelling, making music, trying new things, movies, working out, spending time with family and friends. I get out Sept 2021 so next year is my year. I have a whole lot of positive energy to share, so go ahead and take an advantage. If I sparked your interest get at me, and I’ll respond with no delay. Let’s be open to the positive possibilities, and press onto greater achievements in the near future. Don’t be shy to send me a pic! Blessings! Jamone Pratt #BJ0610, SCCC, PO Box 435, Pasadena, CA 96074

Greetings, I am looking for a friendship that will build value. I’m searching for someone very rare, someone special so I thought that I would take this step because this is the first of many steps I will take in my life. I offer you who I am, no face, no fronts, just me and I ask of you to come take this journey with me together. Let’s see where it leads and I ask that you just be who you are. I am open to whatever but I am cool on the B.S. My motives are simple, I am ready to share life and what it has to offer with someone special. Who can overlook the stereotypes that’s placed on the incarcerated and allow herself to get to know me? I also understand that time is patience and if you allow me the chance to give the gifts I have to offer, your time and patience will be well invested and we both are worth it. I assure you that the person behind this introduction is sincere and willing to meet you halfway in formalizing a lasting and loyal friendship. I am looking for a woman 25-35 or older, Caucasian or Latina or Asian, must have a beautiful smile and is down to earth. I stand at 5’9, about 165 lbs, light brown skin, all muscles, cut, no fat and I have tattoos. I am incarcerated for robbery, doing 23 yrs with 85%. I hope you will contact me. Lionell Dunn #V43295, CSATF, PO Box 5244, Corcoran, CA 93212

I understand that song Bob Marley sang, Redemption Song, “All I ever heard”. At 27 years old now I’ve seen it all being enslaved since the age of 16. The level that I’m on mentally is above this low place I reside currently. So I thank the struggle for the strength I’ve gained and I look forward to any beautiful soul that can relate. Joadanus Olivas #AE9727, MCSP, PO Box 409020, Ione, CA 95640

Hello I’m 63, 30 years innocent in prison, white, inventor, artist, mechanically inclined. Jack of all trades, master of none. Watercolor, acrylic murals, pen & ink. Some God. Love all wildlife, hard to see it, ornithology. They say turn 60 do 25 years and they parole you, but to CDCR prison I’m worth $100,000 to prison builders a year. So…stuck 8 more years. I’ve no-one to write, but can draw near anything for you, cartoons too! If only one believed air rises under water…and gravity falls then a 10 million dollar X prize could be won…As well as the 10 million dollar X prize removing C02 from the atmosphere and creating non-polluting power long after man…Jeff S. Harnden #H31120, CSP-LAC, D-1-123, PO Box 4670, Lancaster, CA 93539

– THE SIMPLE MAN – Tall dark & handsome (38) incarcerated since teen. On my way home after 20+ yrs. Looking to meet someone to vibe w/on a smooth conversational level w/similar life interests. Into business and re-estsablishing myself in society as a legitimate & productive citizen. Interested in starting a publishing company to provide a platform for the undiscovered talent in our minority communities and behind these prison walls. This is my way of giving back, by helping people to change, rehabilitate, and progress. If you would like to build w/me on a personal and/or business level, please contact The Simple Man @ Sonny Martin #T26791, MCSP, A2-111, PO Box 409020, Ione, CA 95640

Revolutionary greetings to all the women out there that are all shades of Black. I’m seeking positive friendships that will build up and benefit both myself and those whom I write. Commitment to one individual woman for me is important at this time. It’s a pleasure for me to meet SBFs from various walks of life that are single, love children, and are goal-oriented. I always keep short and long-term goals for myself. Within the next two years I’m seeking to retain a lawyer to help me get out of prison, and publish a poetry book. Two of my long-term goals is to open two businesses: a barbeque/vegetarian restaurant, and a hip-hop shop/studio. In order for me to develop and build solid relationships, regular communication, trust, honesty, and spirituality are important. I look to find fun relationships with no limitations, as well as business relationships with reciprocation and selflessness coming from both ends. So if you would like to get to know me, I’m here to both listen and correspond with you, and we can help each other succeed. Love & Peace, Ras OnI-Daniel L. Garcia #T19940, HDSP, B1-134L, PO Box 3030, Susanville, CA 96127

Well hello! My name is Armando Taylor, age 37, 175 lb, 5’11”, and with brown eyed charisma. I may fool a lot of people with the last name. I am a Mexican from the Coachella Valley. I am incarcerated for 1st degree murder. I like to apply that artistic side of myself in many ways. I can draw, write poetry, and do have a sense of humor. I would really like to make a friend who shares common interests and can stay positive. I am well educated and mannered. I like corny stuff. I love R&B music but am inclined to listen my ear to all genres. Spanish & English. I will be publishing my poetry soon. The Skeleton Poet. I am known to many as Kalak-as. But would like to just correspond in hope to get deeper and eventually blossom into a relationship. I tend to lean to the Buddhist side of my roots. The mind is a wonder and those who are self-disciplined and use such truths will find that inner peace. I’ve been incarcerated now for 2½ years and got some time to go. But if I could find the right person to take a journey with me. Then hey! I’m all yours. Just look me up on Facebook under calacas1352@yahoo. There you may be able to view photos and see how family oriented I am. Thank you for this opportunity and for those who would like to embark on a journey, let’s set sail. Sincerest Respect, Armando Taylor #BF0647, CSP Corcoran, 4AIR-14L-SHU, PO Box 3476, Corcoran, CA 93212

I’m a brown skinned, 5’6, well built, intelligent, well mannered, 31 year old and Georgia-born man. Seeking a pen pal of anyone whom think they can find the time to converse back and forth with me until they see fit. Times are changing so I know people aren’t using mail the old way as much anymore. So if it makes it easy to write you can email me through, or you can write a letter to me if you want to go that way, the choice is yours. So if you might have had your curiosity piqued then here is a little more bout me. I like working out, drawing, writing and leanring new things. I’m pretty much well versed in many things. So if you are curious to find out more, write me. Roderick Brown #J38887, BRCF, A1-112L, 5914 Jeff Ates Road, Milton, FL 32583

38 white/Ital male, old fashion, dominant. Enjoys camping, hiking, swimming, pool, good books, eclectic taste in music. Looking for pen pals to talk about many different things from books, music, politics, life in general. Just looking for friends on the outside to connect with. Can email on or write me. Fred Lucius #E16818, CCI, 19562 SE Institution Road, Blountstown, FL 32424-5156

SBM, 43, in search of down to earth, spiritual female with a sense of humor. I love to write letters, poems. I’m not looking for any financial gain just friendship. Will respond to all letters quickly. Looking for a few smiles in this concrete hell. Made a mistake an learned from it. Not bitter but stronger and wiser with a strong desire to right my wrongs. I have dreams that I hope to share with the right female. So if you’re interested in a brown skin, bald headed, slim built, funny, loving guy then I ask that we get to know each other. I only ask that you get to know me before you judge where I’m at. Email or write James Lee Williams #681622, SSP, PO Box 726, Glennville, GA 30427

Greetings to all Bay View readers from around the world. Attn: Pen-Pal Needed. Hello, my name is Tavarres J. Henderson. I’m a 42 year old D/D/F dark complexion male, highly educated in the area of law. I am also an advocate and activist-philanthropist, currently seeking an intelligent male or female companion of any race who is fun, loveable, loyal and down to earth. As for me I am honest, unique overall. I am a good person, with a good heart and come from a good family. However…in the month of March 2016 I made a very poor decision, which led to a Robbery By Intimidation conviction that placed me in the Georgia Department of Corrections. However my case is currently being reviewed by Georgia Court of Appeals with a very good chance of being overturned within the next year. I am seeking someone to correspond with whom is familiar with computers also whom seeks to be financially independent. I am open to talk and discussion love life and realities. Please be advised if any inmates whom are looking to write me for legal help or advice cannot put their facility name or their ID#. Just use your name and address because Georgia Department of Corrections do not allow incarcerated citizens to write other incarcerated citizens. I’ll be waiting! Interested parties submit letter to Mr. Tavarres J. Henderson #1002250536, VSP, PO Box 5368, Valdosta, GA 31603

I knew I would love you and everything you would have to offer, that night I stepped out of the Cal-Tran for a smoke. You were wearing 2015 like it was the last days to a new beginning. And I was just a young artist with a coy lawless attitude for life. Ever the renegade I was for I wore my heart on my sleeves. And at the AT&T park, where they kept the old man, I gazed out at your waters wondering if I was dreaming. Fore no other city at that time had ever given me a reason like you did to stay. And so I left, to settle my debts, and in hopes to return to you seasoned with abundant sense and character. While I am doing that, San Francisco, consider sending me one of your lovers. For I know while they vary in presentation, status, and complexion we are very much alive. Always I will love you second to my beloved Nigeria, Africa. Prince Uche #411277, PCC, PO Box 99, Pontiac, IL 61764

I am seeking female penpals, any that will write. I am always the happiest and joyfilled and good and all else too, all the time. Faygie Fields #N60666, JTC, 2848 West McDonough Street, Joliet, IL 60436

Hello Ladies, I’m Dre, a free spirited nature lover who seeks to correspond with an open-minded individual. Enjoy such things as reading, writing, learning, listening to music, laughing and having a good time. My friendship will smooth, comfort, and coat your intellectual needs beyond distractions. Friendship is sought and kept alive by a deep yearning to know another and be known by another. Age 45, race Black. You can contact me at or Deandre Johnson #311139, LSP, 17544 Tunica Trace, Angola, LA 70712

Backstreet Boi. SWM, 31, 5’7”, 178, red/blond, hazel, university grad seeks that missing laughter. Bi-sexual, CLN, seeking CLN, NND, LAD. I write and email via prison email. I live in Mass but pln to move to Cali. Write me. Michael Theroux #W108986, NCCI, 500 Colony Road, Gardner, MA 01440-4238

My name is Sherrod Lee, aka Newcy. I’m 5’9, 185 lbs with dreadlocks. I’m a black man of Jamaican, Indian, Afrikan Amerikan descent, that’s 26 yrs old with a 12 yr old daughter. I’m looking for a true loyal Queen of any nationality with morals & a good head on their shoulder on all levels & aspects of life between the ages of 25-45. I like all music, studying, history, reading, books, enjoy cooking, enjoying traveling/sightseeing. I’m from Saint Louis Missouri an strong family man with values of respect, loyalty, love, responsibilities & hoping to find a woman who can tie me down & experience a new chapter & life. Pictures can be seen on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat @ NewcyLee. I can be reached at or Sherrod Lee #1224787, SCCC, 1B-116, 255 West Highway 32, Licking, MO 65542

“Divine Sexton” here, a single *pansexual POC (GF) age 50 seeking open-minded individuals for correspondence. Friends first, possible LTR. Release date 12/16/21 (can relocate for right person). *Pansexual = when I look for a partner gender is the last thing I consider so age, race, sex, gender (cis or trans), body types, etc.. are non-issues – it’s the inner essence I’m interested in. I am an aspiring poet/author and LGBTQI+ activist who enjoys music, literature, and sports. And is attracted to femininity/femmes in all its/their varied forms/bodies/presentations. (Masculinity too! 😊) That’s the gender-fluid in me (LOL). I value honesty, truth, respect, and love! Interested? Hit me up! Have pic for a pic! Will respond to any/all – yet seek that ONE! (Inmates must use a third party to write, and do not put your ID# or unit on the letter. NCDPS does not allow prison-to-prison letters) Willie (Divine Sexton) Craig, Jr. #0147042, WCC, 404 Statesville Road, North Wilkesboro, NC 28659

To the beautiful women who are interested in writing someone who is incarcerated. My name is Billy W. Ingram. I’m 44, I am brown skinned with brown eyes, and a smile to kill for. I’m 5’11, 196 pounds muscle. I have 4 year more to do. I enjoy reading, writing, music, working out, and I study different cultures. I am looking for a nice woman like yourself who doesn’t mind writing and get to know each other. Race do not matter or age or transsexual. Sincerely, Billy Wade Ingram #0200522, NCI, PO Box 600, Nashville, NC 27856

SBM, 6’3½, 26 years old, slim. Attention women from all walks of life. I know you are tired of being lied to by men who lack loyalty and respect but I’m here to cherish your friendship as well as fulfill your desires. I appraise communication, loyalty and honesty in its most potent form. I am a songwriter and an ambitious romantic who is seeking a bond, a special one that remains unchanged by time or distance. If you are interested in my conversation write me at: Calvin King #1366992, MCI, 355 Old Glenwood Road, Marion, NC 28752

My name is Rondayle Ingram. I’m 5’9, brown skin, brown eyes, long dreadlocks and a pretty smile. I’m 36 years old. I was born May 21, 1983 and yes I’m a Gemini. I’m from a small town called Robbins, I was born and raised there. It’s in NC. I like to read, write, listen to all kinds of music. I’m into a lot of sports, football, basketball, softball, I love to ride my dirtbikes and 4wheelers. I love fishing, camping, really just getting out and enjoying the outside. I’m looking for someone that wants a pen-pal that don’t mind getting letters and cards. I get along with everyone. It’s two women in my life that I love with all my heart and that’s my Grandmother that’s 84 years old and my mother. I have 2 brothers one younger and one older. I’m not going to write much but if you would like to get to know me I’ll be waiting by the mailbox. Oh yea my nickname is Stuffy, that’s what everybody in my family calls me. My grandma gave me that name when I was a little boy. You have a bless day and I hope to hear from you soon. I can be reached at Rondayle Ingram #0727746, NCI, PO Box 600, Nashville, NC 27856

My name is Antwan Ash. I’m a 30 year old black male with long dreads and stands 5’9½”. I’ve been incarcerated since the age of 16 and still is paying for my mistake. I would describe myself as fun, easy to get along with, loving, caring, non-judgmental, and family oriented. I’m big on loyalty, love, respect. I’m looking for that special someone because a King’s kingdom can’t be complete without his Queen. I have no kids as of yet and looking to meet females only who’s looking to meet new men. Who knows maybe I’ll find my Queen and meet some loyal friends along the way to correspond with. Antwan Ash #1021963, SCI, 22385 McGirts Bridge Road, Laurinburg, NC 28352

Hello. My name is Maurice. I have been incarcerated for the past 20 years. I am seeking to build some form of friendship with open-minded people worldwide. I am God-fearing, understanding, intelligent, loyal, and independent. I have changed my life and became a better man in the mind, body and soul. When I am released from prison I plan to become a personal fitness trainer and travel the world. I look forward to hearing from someone soon. Take care. Faster response institutional email available via or write Maurice Brown #A391784, MCI, PO Box 57, Marion, OH 43301

Hello. My name is Robert Parker, aka Bam Bam $. I was born on May 22, 1966 and I am now 53 years old. I am from Toledo, Ohio, the “Glass City”. I am bald headed with a goatee and brown eyes. I am nice looking but not conceited or stuck on myself either. What about you. I am also an African American man. My hobbies are, I love to play chess, I love working out to keep my body in shape and I love to listen. How about you. I went to Scott High School and Robinson Junior High. I also love all kinds of women. Age, color or size makes no difference to me, how about you. I do believe in God but I am not holier than thou, you dig. I also believe in honesty. If I can’t be honest to myself, I cannot be honest with anyone, you dig. So tell me a few things about yourself. Do you have any pictures of yourself, if so, please mail one to me. So, tell me what is going on with you, I am listening, what’s up. I have to go now, until the next time, Peace. WRITE ME. Sincerely, Robert Parker #616510, MCI, PO Box 57, Marion, OH 43301

HELP WANTED – PART TIME/FULL TIME Pen Pal needed. Position available for a dependable, down-to-earth, expressive woman. No experience required. Rewarding position with lots of benefits. If a quality lasting friendship with a positive, honest, unique 40 y/o, SBM, creative artist and motivational mentor is what you would like, apply soon! Interested parties, submit letter to: Hon. André A. Johnson #15009675, EOCI, 2500 Westgate, Pendleton, OR 97801,

Hello, my name is Dwayne AKA Dee or Wayne. I’m 27 from Philadelphia, 6 ft, brown skin. I am up for parole in July of 2024. I am looking for new friends to join me on my travel through life. Being incarcerated can really break a person on every level, however it also puts a level of pressure on a person mentally that can help produce diamonds, it’s all about perception. I am an open-minded man who spends his time seeking knowledge. I would love to connect with someone who can walk that path with me. Gender, age, race, or sexuality I have no bias towards I will write back. I just ask that you be real with me as I will with you. Any questions you want answered only have to be asked. If you do decide to contact me you won’t be disappointed with what you will get. Peace. Smart Communications/PADOC, Dwayne Washington #NQ2023, SCI Phoenix, PO Box 33028, St. Petersburg, FL 33733

Hello. My name is Shawn Thompson, I am 40 yrs of age but looking & feeling forever 21. I’m 5’11, 190 pounds, brown eyes, jet black Indian hair. Looking for a woman friend, who’s genuine. I can receive emails through, click on PA DOC, my jail Camp Hill. Smart Communications/PADOC, Shawn Thompson #LC1790, SCI Camp Hill, PO Box 33028, St. Petersburg, FL 33733

Please send me pics of you!! I’m Black and Sicilian male from Wilkinsburg, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvannia. Athletic built, 5’11½, 175 lbs, cut/bulked, pretty deep brown eyes, milk smooth chocolate complexion, I am very attractive. I am a writer/rapper. I am 22 years old, fun, energetic, sexually fluent, so women and men and MTF transgenders and transsexuals feel free to contact me and I prefer generous lovers. Donations to or money order directly to me. Smart Communications/PADOC, Dorian Holmes #NE2674, SCI Albion, PO Box 33028, St. Petersburg, FL 33733

I am a friendly and open minded woman with a good heart and a strong will to succeed. I’m hoping to meet a supportive man who is positive and easy going. I like reading books, gardening and learning new ways to become a better person. I am 40 and willing to relocate upon my release from prison. Don’t keep me waiting. I’d love to hear from you! Jade Keller #1858852, CMCU, V-2-28, 1401 State School Road, Gatesville, TX 76599

Hello my name is D’Symone, some call me Dayday. I’m 26, outgoing, open minded, curvy, and sexy as hell. I’m also a woman who refuses to let my past define who I am. I’m on this ad looking for someone to converse with and maybe more. I would like someone mature and educated. We all know age ain’t nothing but a number! If you’re looking for a sexy, young, educated woman here I am. Feel free to me email me at but be sure to add your address so I can write back. Or just write me at D’Symone Suiters #2188862, Mountain View Unit, 2305 Ransom Road, Gatesville, TX 76528

Hi my name is Michaelraie Gonzales. I’m 23 years old, born Feb 27th, 1997. I’m 5’7, 180 lbs, with black hair and dark brown eyes. I’m a Mexican born and raised. I’m from a small lil town outside San Antonio called Kenedy, TX. I’m a very down to earth, compassionate type of person. I love to laugh, and just have fun. I love to do and see new things, there’s so much out there. I like all types of music. I’m open minded, but never pass my personal beliefs on anyone. I don’t have any kids, I’m single, and have never been married. I’m looking for someone to conversate with, and who knows maybe become good friends. I have gotten my GED, along with a couple of other certificates. I’m currently working on getting a vocational certificate for electricity. I plan on taking college courses as well. I’m going to be upfront about my charge and sentence. I’m serving 20 years for a murder. I have 5 on the 20 so I see parole in another 5. I’m not that same person anymore. I have learned from my mistakes and decisions in life. I just hope one day I can be forgiven for the pain and hurt I have caused so many people. I’m sure you have heard all this before so I’m just going to let you be the judge when you write me: Michaelraie Gonzales #2106437, Hughes Unit, Route 2, Box 4400, 3201 FM 929, Gatesville, TX 76597

I am 24 years old, brown hair, brown eyes, 5’6”, and athletic. I run every day. I am incarcerated at the moment, serving a 6 year sentence. Veronica Rudd #2149229, Mountain View Unit, 2305 Ransom Road, Gatesville, TX 76528

Hello my name is Olivia Blanford but my friends and family call me Nickie. I’m originally from Kentucky but in Texas right this moment. I’m 5’5” with long brown hair and brown eyes. Right now my hair is dyed a light brown on top and a darker brown underneath. I’m a very outspoken, easy going, fun, laid back, open and honest person. I’m a little bit country with a sprinkle of Rock-N-Roll (LOL). I love the outdoors, camping, fishing, and fourwheeling! I also love to draw, read, and writing, as well as spending time with my family. I’m looking forward to making new friends, meeting new people and discovering where this may go. I am an open book so if you’d like to get to know more and would like to see if we can make a connection please send me a letter or email me at Be sure if you JPay me that you send an address I can write you back at. I look forward to hearing back. Olivia Blanford #2241468, Hobby Unit, 742 FM 712, Marlin, TX 76661

My name is Delfino Hernandez. I’m doing 12 yrs here at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice system. I’m going to be honest from the start, I’m not looking for any type of relationship except that of a friendship, because I got this time to do and don’t need any head game at this time. So I’m looking for anyone that won’t mind being a friend to someone behind bars. I’m 52 going on 52 come April. I’m 155-160 lbs, 5’6”, I’m not light, nor dark in complexion. I’m more inbetween. Dark brown hair & eyes, with very little gray in my head, but quite a lot on my beard, but it comes with age. I’m hoping to write someone around my age, but it don’t matter. I’d rather them already be in a relationship because as I said I’m just looking to be a friend you could write to and talk about any and everything you’d like to share or vent out on or about. I can be here to just hear you out or could give you some type of advice if you’d accept it. Well, I think that’s enough since I’m hoping someone will write. Sincerely, Delfino Hernandez #2088054, Michael Unit, 2664 FM 2054, Tennessee Colony, TX 75886

To the special lady reading these words…Hello, thank you for taking the time to check out my page. I assure you that you’ve made a wise decision. My name is Lazarus. I was born and raised in Dallas, TX a wonderful city, that I’ll love to tell you all about, a placed that groomed me into the man I am today. Since coming to prison I have accomplished a construction trade, overcomers program and am working on getting culinary trade. The fact that I’m in prison is only a blemish to my otherwise untarnished reputation, and it will be a great mistake to judge me solely on that flaw. I’ve made a mistake in life and have learned greatly from it. When I was a boy I thought and acted like one, but now as a man I’ve grown and I move accordingly. I am looking to write someone with an open mind and caring heart. Allow your words to be my navigational system and ray of light as I find my way through this dark place. Lazarus Blue #2116107, Telford Unit, 3899 State Highway 98, New Boston, TX 75570

Greetings to those who truly cares: I am Derrick Webster, 54 of age, African American, 5’7, 160 pounds, soon to be released next year 2021. I am in search of those of sound mind, someone who’s willing to accommodate me intellectually of one’s innermost feelings and ideas. Female compassion and an honest relationship, making plans toward the future, means a great to me if nothing but friends. I am a spiritual person when it comes to sharing my thoughts and feelings intellectwise which exhilarates my soul and intensify affections, I feel that spiritually when used as a means of contact can bring about a deeper level of understanding and relatedness. It’s been awhile since I’ve been in any kind of relationship, therefore I’ve lost the basic touch of one’s encouraging inspiration, the inner and outer beauty as to share one’s thoughtful observations, in providing simple guidance for creating a radiance that comes from within because beauty is soul deep. There’s nothing more powerful than honesty! Derrick Webster #1155256, Michael Unit, 2664 FM 2054, Tennessee Colony, TX 75886

Hello my name is Tatriauna Roberts and a nickname that I go by is Auna. I’m 26 years and 5’5, 115 lbs. I’m mixed with black and Irish, my eyes are brown and my hair is dark brown. I’m from St. Louis Missouri and moved to Texas in October 2016. My favorite color is pink and I love to do girly things, like shopping, reading, cuddling, etc. I listen to all types of music and love horror, comedy, and action movies. I love chilling at home, but will sometimes be down for going out somewhere. I’m a mother, so my world revolves around my kids. I’m just looking for someone to write (between ages 28-40) and if it turns into something more, then I welcome it. For pictures, if possible, you can get some off my Facebook page that are to your liking. Tatriauna Roberts #2286974, Hobby Unit, G2-10T, 742 FM 712, Marlin, TX 76661

My name is LaToya, but my friends call me Black. I’m a sensuous, exotic female who will try just about anything once, depending on what it is. I’m passionate and seductively kinky. I have a great sense of humor, and no matter my current situation I’m honest, trustworthy, and optimistic with a caring heart and an adventurous spirit. LaToya Smith #1576145, Mountain View Unit, 2305 Ransom Road, Gatesville, TX 76528

O’-si-yo. I am a 41-year-old Native American (75% Cherokee, 25% Caucasian). I am 5’11”, 175 lbs, black/graying hair, brown eyes. I am kind, caring, compassionate, dedicated, and creative. I enjoy writing, reading, drawing, learning new things, watching movies, and much more. I have made a lot of bad choices in my life and one of those put me in a cage made of steel and concrete. Even though life has its ups and downs, I manage to keep a positive attitude. I have never been stronger in will and wisdom than I am today. Entering these cold and lonely white walls you are faced with two choices: Lose all hope or get stronger. I chose to climb up the ladder. In this current chapter of my life I am embarking on a new story of Michael. 😊 I am currently working on a degree in Biblical Studies through “The Freedom Academy”, educating myself in other cultures, and teaching myself Cambodian and Korean languages. I find the Cambodian writing beautiful in the way they write their words. At one time I could only read and write Cherokee. I didn’t learn to read and write English until I was 32 years old. I have always liked to learn about other people. To me other people are like snowflakes, there are not two alike, each person is unique and beautiful in their own way. I really cherish my friendships so am only looking for a genuine God-loving friendship. God Bless you all. Michael Shane Coronado #1681652, Hughes Unit, 3201 FM 929, Gatesville, TX 76597-1010

¿Cómo estás? I am a Hispanic male, look like I am 25 yrs old lol. Around 187 lbs, 5’6”, salt & pepper hair, brown eyes and light brown skin, people describe me as a kind-hearted caring man. I only want to do the will of my Heavenly Father. I enjoy reading the Bible and doing Bible studies. I enjoy making my friends laugh to help them to forget the bad day they have had. I value friendship because it’s God’s gift. I hope and pray that you want to get to know me before you pass judgment. Because everybody has a past, even Jesus had a past. I don’t care about anybody’s past because if I judge I’m no friend. If I judge how can I show my Heavenly Father’s love that he has shown me. I’m not trying to make myself look as though I’m an angel or better than the next man. Because I’ll never be either. I enjoy: walks in the park, spending family time, bar-b-ques, dining out, I listen to Tejano music, oldies 50s-60s, some blues, some of the 80s I like to sing. But the truth is I’m so bad the cows starts to howling when I am singing LOL. I really enjoy making the one I’m with feel special. The kind of pen-pal-friend I’m looking for loves God more than anything. Race, looks don’t matter to me. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope to hear from you soon. Gary Balboa #1999361, Hughes Unit, 3201 FM 929, A-H, Gatesville, TX 76597-1010

Hello, and thank you for granting me your time today. How are you and what’s going on? DOB 7-24-76, LOS Life, RD 2028. An alluringly handsome 6’3”, 250 lb, 43 year old Black male from Houston, TX here seeking to share my struggle having endured a great sense of abandonment and hardship throughout my 26 year of journey of incarceration. A lot has been lost. However, I remain hopeful and optimistically faithful. I’m just a man striving in a complex world. A man with the ability to dream and the courage, confidence and wisdom to turn my aspirations into accomplishments. I have not always done the right thing in life – drinking the tears of angels and stumbling in the shoes of absolute fools. The pain in my life has delivered a profound overstanding to my heart and mind. Furnishing me with growth which is a process of trial, error and experimentation. You can learn more from your failures than your successes. I have a great maturity to offer. I come seeking a sympathizer – one who is thoughtful and trustworthy. Willing to share an exquisite taste of reciprocity by bringing whatever intellectual inspiration to my dull life. I promise not to judge, blame or accuse. It’s real! “Life is the greatest of all statements, so make sure yours speaks volumes.” Can receive email via or snail mail. Keith A. Ross #00722581, Wynne Unit, 810 FM 2821, Huntsville, TX 77349

Hello. My name is Rosie McGarity. I’ve been incarcerated since 2001. I am lookin to go home this year after a 25 yr sentence. I am looking for a man who is single & knows how to hold me down & keep me happy and uplifted & smiling & keep it 100%. I have long hair, light brown eyes that change colors. I’m 230 pds. I enjoy cooking, dancing, music & satisfying my man’s every needs. I am single. I have no time for lies or games. If I go home we can stay connected? See where things fall? I am black, Hispanic, Irish & Indian. I speak, read & write Spanish. I’m looking for a man who is patient & caring, looks and age doesn’t matter as long as it’s legal. I know the value I’m worth, I’m not going to accept less. I can relocate. If you give me a chance I’ll give you one 2. Hit me up, I have pictures. Rosie McGarity #1171175, Lane Murray Unit, 1916 North Highway 36 Bypass, Gatesville, TX 76596

Hello I am looking for a penpal to write. I have no financial support or family. Being Black is powerful. I need friends to talk to and donations to help me buy a typewriter which is $225 and pay off medical. I owe them $112 and our mail room $23. I am an indigent inmate and a novel writer. I am writing five books and I have one finished. And it’s unpublished. You can make donations by writing Inmate Trust Fund Statement of Account, PO Box 60, Huntsville, TX 77342-0060. You can send money orders and cheques to me. Thank you and GOD Bless! I will write. Mr. Senenca Lungearld Cox #1878624, Hughes Unit, Route 2, Box 4400, Gatesville, TX 76597

Hi. I’m David aka “Lil’ Inky”. Single and very charming father of two amazing teens. At this moment I’m isolated from the world physically, but mentally getting ready for bigger, better things. I’m only back on a parole violation, will be soon released from this sad lonely institution I’m forced to live in. I made lousy decisions and learned the hard way. I’m not perfect but who is. I cry, hurt, bleed and breathe just like you. This ain’t the life I want, friendship, true love, a family is what I desire. I know I’m a wonderful father and a marvelous man, seeking to meet better friends or get lucky enough to find that “one” fragment. My heart lacks a confident, unique well minded woman who can enjoy hiking, fishing, and camping. But also dinner and a movie, a woman who enjoys laughing and having fun. My likes are a female’s edges, my weakness her beautiful smile. Moments to remember “you” basking in my arms lost in each other’s eyes. I’m interracial, all that matters is her corazon, “heart”, mind and soul. My favorite way to pass the time is reading, writing, working out, and drawing. I like building myself mentally and physically. I’ve also furthered my education in HVAC-R so upon my release I plan on going into business for myself. Hoping I can grasp your time and attention for mutual friendship, time invested is time well spent…A perfect day would begin and end with a friend like you…David Benitez Jr. #01489473, Hughes Unit, Route 2, Box 4400, Gatesville, TX 76597

Ever thought of adopting a friend? If so, I’m available, smart, witty, handsome, alone, social, loyal, felicitous, protective, and passionate about finding a friend. I’m fond of communion. Not seeking sympathy but empathy in fellowship. I’m adorable as a Yorkie and storable like a teacup. Better I smile when tickled, listen with passion and respond with care. I’m into creative writing, presently working on my autobiography. I enjoy poetry, puzzles, sports, not really into physical training, however I do enough cardio to stay healthy. I fancy reading Western, urban, and romance novels. I plan to continue my education in business, science, and criminal law. I love to fish, camp, and cuddle. I’m a country city boy. In addition to ranching I’m into fast cars & conscientious women. A good date consists of dinner and a movie. A great date is filled with laughter & excessive eye contact. Qualities I like in a woman are confidence & optimism. I find a woman’s eyes to be her sexiest body part. Her smile is my weakness. To be feminine is beautiful, sensual, and magnetically attractive to the masculinity inside me. I have no type, what’s essential is unseen. I’m extremely inter-racial. I encourage all women white, Asian and Latin ethnic to write me. To find a true friend is my lifetime goal. Robert Thomas #1829000, Hughes Unit, Route 2, Box 4400, Gatesville, TX 76597

Hi! I will make this very simple. I would like it very much to have a female to correspond with. I have been down for six years serving a life sentence (Non-Agg). I come up for parole in October of this year, but the way parole works in Texas, I’ll probably be given a set off this first time up. I’m trying to be optimistic and say I will be granted the first time. There is a whole story to my life that I would like to share. I promise to respond to all, so write to me. Later. Michael Brown #1978080, Polunsky Unit, 3A-67-B, 3872 FM 350 South, Livingston, TX 77351

Hello ladies…I’m a 42 year old SWM incarcerated in a Texas state prison. I’m 5’10, with hazel eyes and dark brown hair. I have many interests/hobbies, but my main one is the automotive stuff. I’m a former car audio / video / alarm installation tech. I love many different types of music and movies. I enjoy reading, writing, beaches, b-b-q’ing, outdoors, and some sports. I’m non-judgmental, honest, funny, and seek someone of the same. I spend the vast majority of my time in my unit law library and enjoy doing law stuff. I seek a free-world lady pen-pal (prohibited from communicating with incarcerated women – prison policy), who is interested in being friends. I’m open to any race, but my age preference is 30 years old and up, someone mature who is seeking genuine friendship. Obviously, there is way more to me than just what I’ve said above, and look forward to telling you all about me, while I learn about you. A true friend awaits you. Take care. Frankie Nealy #1714921, Ellis Unit, 1697 FM 980, Huntsville, TX 77343

Ads added March 13, 2020

Hello, my name is Jerrold. I’m 49 years young, Afro-American, 5’7 and 195 pounds. I’m a Sagittarius, respectful, honest and trustworthy man who cares for others’ feelings. I’m spontaneous, adventurous, open-minded and willing to try anything once. I enjoy comedy, bowling, traveling and cooking. I’m into full figured/plus size ones but I do not discriminate against others, especially if the bond and connection are there. I’m looking to establish a friendship with someone who is open-hearted, strong minded and am willing to let their sincerity reach far beyond their physical existence to touch me with a sense of joy. I know life can be full of tangles for many of us and often the encouragement we need to strive to overcome life’s struggles relies on our communication with someone who wants to see us achieve against our hard times. Being in here denies me from a lot but it doesn’t deny me from being who I am as a person and giving someone my honesty, trust and respect to build a strong foundation for a friendship or relationship. I’ll be released on 5-20-2020 or maybe sooner. So if you have room for a genuine guy like myself in your heart I would be honored and love to hear from you. Open to hear from anyone. Take care and God bless. I can be reached via text at 513-297-4239 or write Jerrold Ezell #13359089, FCI Milan, PO Box 1000, Milan, MI 48160

Hello precious friends. Damon R. Johnson here, just so happen to be a SBM who’s willing to meet new friends from around the globe. I was born in Norfolk, VA but raised in Oakland, CA. Currently I’m serving 19-48 months for Level II drug trafficking charge. I’m scheduled for release on 5/26/20. If I don’t make parole then I discharge a free man in September 2020. I’m 44 yrs of age, 5’9”, 189 lbs of solid muscle. I look 30, no one believes I’m over 40 and I’m fine with that. I’m one of multi talents with a Class B License for Airbrakes, a certified forklift operator, tow motor operator, and I’m skilled in the water systems field and have experience in welding. I work out 5 days a week and I pray daily that God comes into my life. I also write urban novels. I’m genuine, fun-loving, energetic, super-loveable. There’s so much I can say about myself but in a relationship I understand that it’s not all about me. I’m hoping the right moment has presented itself for my dream to come true and that is to meet a great friend or possibly the love of my life. I believe that unconditional love is what true Romance is all about. I want to hear from everyone. Looks, race, weight and age as long as you’re grown is not important. It’s what’s inside that counts. Will respond to all, and I can call on my own dime. Damon R. Johnson #1219178, WSCC, PO Box 7007, Carson City, NV 89702

Hello & hi. My name is Eliberto, for a picture check Facebook tho on this one I have long hair, present is “fade”. 24 yrs old & will be released in July. What brings me here is loneliness & financial support. I’m not going to lie to you or trick you with all false & created lies to attract you. If you would like to communicate let’s, if not not. We can be friends or friends with benefits just as long as we’re both on the same page. My future dreams are being a book writer, rock singer, a dancer, a stripper, world traveler, business man & a Fifty Shades of Grey type man. What about yours? Feel like reaching them together? Write. There ain’t no way we’re not going to reach our dreams, we’re living, breathing & alive & moving ain’t we? So what’s the hold up! Take care, Eliberto Hernandez #1120042, HDSP, PO Box 650, Indian Springs, NV 89070, Las Vegas, NV 89070

Hello, my name is Norman. I’m from San Diego, CA. I’m a Pacific Islander. I’m 5’9, weigh 180, built, also 21 yrs old. I’m very outgoing and got a great sense of humor. I get out July 2020. Just looking for a friend to write 😊 Thank you. Norman Spence #BK0861, CRC, PO Box 3535, Norco, CA 92860

I’m from Cocoa Beach, Fla. 5’4, 140 lbs., blk hair, bro. eyes, measurement: 40-26-38. Chocolate treat. 57 year look 30. I’m looking for friendship to develop into a lasting relationship & to relocate upon release. My release is in 8/2020. Very honest & open-minded. Enjoy writing, cuddling, kissing, exercising, household, etc. Would like to meet my Mr. Right. Someone who’s truthful, caring, loveable, taking care of my soulmate is what I do best 😊 Write me if you like me so far. A very sexy sweet lady. Laura Harper #696134, FCI, N1149, 11120 NW Gainesville Road, Ocala, FL 34482

As Salaam Alaykum! I hope this letter finds you in the best of health and the highest blessing from the Almighty! This is Fatal. What’s good? I heard somewhat of today’s events, please holler at me, so I’ll know the true story not what Twitter says. I am down to six months. There are two more of us where I’m at now. One is in the lear (for now; he must correct his conduct & actions) and the other is with new era nwa. Yes, I’m focused on freedom and money. Anyway, hold your head and stay up, as I know you will. My info is alan cata, zero two & two seven two zero, please holler back and I’ll do the same. As Salaam Alaykum! Your Brother, Fatal / Anthony Alvarez #14A0706, SSCF, 354 Hunter Street, Ossining, NY 10562

Down to earth handsome single man looking for female pen pals to build new friendships in & out of prison. I’m 5’6, 165 lb, athletic body, light hazel almond shaped eyes, true Sagittarius, outgoing with a funny personality. I’m a single father & business owner. My out date is 10-1-2020. I’m thoughtful, kind, & very open minded with a healthy outlook in life. I’m very romantic, loyal & respectful to females. I don’t smoke, drink, or use drugs. I’m very outgoing & at times spontaneous. Love to snuggle, I love affection & love to give it too. And I love to spend quality time with my friends. Feel free to ask anything, I like long & meaningful conversation. Hope to hear from you soon & often. Send a picture & write a letter. Love & Respect, Louis Cruz #BJ7193, ASP, PO Box 901, Avenal, CA 93204

Seeking Donations. American Native/Black female, 33. In need of outside support, financial support in time of need. An only child. Parents and grandparents both deceased. A loner. No family or friends. Praying for someone to enter her life, to be here financially, to communicate with, to be here wholeheartedly. If you are this person please send funds (money order, business cheque) to Bria Morris #06679043, PO Box 474701, Des Moines, IA 50947. Write to: Bria Morris #06679043, FCI Aliceville, PO Box 4000, Aliceville, AL 35442

I’m 63 years young, have served 33 years in prison for taking money. I’ve met the parole board six times, starting in 1997 & received four year denials each time my applications were viewed by the screening committee. (Clemency) the fourth time I received merit in 2011. I also received merit in 2015 final decision under Governor Mike Beebe. Mr. Beebe denied me each time saying there were protesters, which I’ve learned the Prosecutor and Judge only objected, no one protested. I re-applied May 17th, 2019 to learn our screening committee ruled “No merit”. So I’m now awaiting a response from Governor Ian Hutchinson. I badly need help, I’ve a few hundred dollars I’m holding to get a lawyer willing to assist me in gaining my freedom. I have no family, furthered my education in prison, am receiving dialysis treatment three times weekly, wheelchair-bound from spinal injury in 1969. I feel I’ve served my time, overdue, yet can’t get out. I truly pray to hear from whomever is viewing this letter, for it’s true to the best of my knowledge. I’ve pleaded with everyone I know concerning my inhumane treatment. I was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas. Since my family passed on I have no help. Helping me would harm no-one. I seek a pen pal to sincerely share everything with and God knows I’m a good man! I hope to read your thoughts, so until then, “God bless you!” Respectfully, Lamar Kemp #085183, ORCU, PO Box 1630, Malvern, AR 72104

6 ft 1 tall handsome and intelligent 28 year old brown skin brother who is an author, and aspiring real estate investor. Looking for a pen pal particularly a lady friend and a partner to develop a healthy relationship with. I have 8 months until I parole and would like to get a head start on meeting new friends and deepening bonds. Lloyd Payne #V92838, SQSP, 1 Main Street, San Quentin, CA 94964

Hello my name is Lord Edgar. I am presently in the belly of the beast. I am seeking a pen pal. I do have preferences. For instance I am in need of some female attention. So if you were not born with a vagina please pass me by. I am Black, 5’9, 220 lbs all in the right places, brown eyes, dreds. I love board games and card games, sports, politics, and history. I can hold a conversation on just about anything. So if u r interested please write. In struggle, Lord Edgar Mazyck #AN6674, RJDCF, 480 Alta Road, San Diego, CA 92179

It will be me, my to be girl & R kids 1st, w/God. #1. Our careers to prosper & aspirations, dreamz, motivations to go beyond. Day to day contentment. I am a Gemini – go big or die like all of ‘em you know. & did get shot 3 times Fairfield Smokeshop plus 5/4/17. Lost granny after losing mom at 11, & on Mothers Day I could not cope. Lost it, after 5 yrs no prison. Came back. Now I write crime thrillers going big, no more living them. Did it & survived. Praise to God. Who wit me? Releaes 6/19/25. B-day 5/24/80. Be down wit me, let’s build each other up – life character, spiritual & financial wise. God bless. Darontay Tyrone Lewis #BH5097, CHCF, C2B-114, PO Box 32200, Stockton, CA 95213

Hello. I’m up against the wall family. It’s not easy for a man to voice his need for help. But when you have no other means, well then you speak your truth and allow heaven and its angels to rain her blessings upon you. I’m serving a non-violent conviction and need an attorney to help get me back to my family and freedom. I don’t have the funds. Please help if you can… or (800) 574-5729, or cheques mailed directly to me. Be my sunshine. Demar R. Rosemond #H26977, CCI, PO Box 1906, Tehachapi, CA 93581

Big Cee here, I’m very positive, energetic, determined & honest as well a solid built black man (5’9, 197 lbs.). My life view is to see every day as a fresh start, hold no grudges, fears or resentments from the prior days. I love to have fun, to laugh, to read & write. I’m a published author (Titled: Winter in Watts, at Amazon, Barnes & Noble), college grad and soon to be free man. I have no kids, never been married, don’t do drugs or smoke. I’m financially stable, business minded & very ambitious. I would love to meet someone who exhibits similar qualities, someone who is open-minded, adventurous, positive and open to learning new things. Age, race, gender is of no real significance to me. The only thing that matters is your honest willingness to be a friend. I have the ability to email in real time and if that interests you simply go to: or just write me. I wish you well. Maurice Townsend #J50718, CSATF, PO Box 5248, Corcoran, CA 93212

Hey everyone! My name is Sahmanntha. I’m 23 as of March 1st. I’ a Pisces, so I’m super chill. I’m non-judgmental and love to have fun. I like to travel, cook, and write poetry. I love animals. I’m French, Italian and Japanese. I’m 5’2” tall, with brown hair, almond shaped green eyes and freckles. I’m “thick”, I weigh about 140 lbs. I am spiritual. I’m a goof-ball, and love adventure. I’m open to all conversation, male and female. I will respond to all letters, I like pictures but it’s not a requirement. If you like what you’re reading, drop me a line and let’s see where this goes. Keep your head high! Sahmanntha Rundstrom #16673608, SF County Jail, 425 7th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

39 yrs, 6’1, 185, in search of someone to shed a little light on these grey walls and in return I’d be willing to share my desires for the future. My incarceration is only temporary. However, this new journey that I’ve chosen comes with a new thirst for life, knowledge and companionship. One of the world’s most sought after secrets is happiness. I realize that happiness comes in many forms. The happiness I seek comes in the form of a letter. Words are powerful. Words can be a new beginning for a person. Certain things in life are inevitable, like we know that the sun will rise and set with each day! I can only hope that our chance of meeting will be an inevitable moment. So I hope the mailman will pick up and deliver your first letter to me….Alex Castillo #F72197, CSP, D2-124, PO Box 5007, Calipatria, CA 92233

Hi my name is Dante Strong and I’m currently serving time. I’m young, only 23 years old and I’m just looking for someone fun to talk to that can hold consistent conversations. I’ve been down for almost 3 yrs now but I still have a Facebook which isn’t updated but my user name is (Tay Strong) so feel free to look me up. I’m ending this short, hopefully to get replies. Dante Strong #BJ8606, CMC-East 12218, PO Box 8101, San Luis Obispo, CA 93409

Unlike most men who are in prison, I have no tattoos, I’m not in a gang, I don’t use drugs, and I’m not a repeat offender. This is my first and last time in prison. Believe it or not, the man gave me 12 years for protecting my home and family. But I’m glad to report that I’m almost out. So, if you are a lady that needs a thug in her life, please ignore this ad and move on to the next one. Bye Felicia. Now, for the rest of you who are looking for a real man and not some young punk without direction, please allow me to introduce myself properly: Hi, my name is Manuel and I’m an attractive 42 year old Latino (5’10, 190 pounds). In the free world I used to be a DJ/music producer and I helped a few people get signed to major labels. Nowadays I write books and short stories; one of which came in first place in a movie script contest. I also spend my days furthering my education, working out and reading autobiographies. Now I’m looking to interact with a Black or Asian woman between the ages of 30-40, and I pray that she loves music as much as me. If this ad has sparked your interest then look no further and holler at me. You won’t be disappointed. Manuel Aleman #AP8157, Walden House MCRP, 2307 West 6th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90057

What’s up, my name is Christian, I’m 23 years old and from Visalia, about an hour from Fresno. I’m an outgoing person, I don’t discriminate and I’m not biased but I hope to establish friendships and connect with people who are as genuine and friendly as I am. I parole in 4 years so if you’d like to share some time with me through paper and pen, write me and tell me a little about yourself. I’m open to any questions you have for me as well. Hope to hear from you soon. Christian Lepe #AY8602, HDSP, PO Box 3030, Susanville, CA 96127-3030

Black male 54 y/o, 6’3”, 235 lbs., bald head, brown eyes, med. Complexion, nice looking. Serving a term for 2nd degree robbery due to past substance abuse issues. Sober since 12-26-2009. Maximum release date in early 2026, can be anywhere between that date and as early as 2020. Intelligent, earned college degree in Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, compassionate, understanding, honest and patient. Health conscious and physically fit. Seeking a female friend/companion between 35-70, any race, looks unimportant. Contact info: Roger Jones #AE4000, CHCF, E-5B-113L, PO Box 213040, Stockton, CA 95213

Hello to world that still remains free, my name is Diamond Baker (male) 21 years young Blk and brown skin. I stand 5’7 but may grab and hold your attention like a 7 footer. I’m 177 lbs and I do have a beautiful daughter. Anyhow I’m down to 27 months of a 6 year sentence. Honestly I’m not looking for any one body in particular because I do come with a lil baggage. But do understand games are played out. So if you’re looking to be played know this is not game stop. To whomever chooses to write me, do so with your heart lightly but not fully guarded and a very open but un-paranoid mind. And I do have a very interesting story to tell but @ this dark hour on my hourglass, no1 to tell it to. Don’t wait, I was told “you study long, you study wrong”. Feel free to write @ some point I’m hoping I can strike you back. Let your pen speak, that is until we meet. Hookup: Diamond Baker #BB2074, CSP Corcoran, 3B-02-129U, PO Box 3466, Corcoran, CA 93212

Hello My Friend. I’m looking for someone I can communicate with in hopes of building a mutual friendship. I’m open to any woman regardless of marital status. I don’t discriminate on any nationality, belief, or any other differences people often mistake. I’m very fair & just like a woman for being herself at all times. True beauty comes in all forms no matter the intraceable features of it. I enjoy staying happy & seeing others happy as well. Some of my favorite interests are exercising, writing, reading, meditating, & last not least staying optimistic by all means. I would love for you to venture this path with me starting today in bondage…Date of birth = February 13, 1983; Nationality = African-American; Gender = Male; Been incarcerated since = May 29, 2001; Height = 6’3½; Weight = 175 lbs; Skin complexion = Light brown; Eye complexion = Hazel brown. Email through or write Derryl Easter #V08253, CSATF, C6-127, PO Box 5246, Corcoran, CA 93212

My name is Tou, I’m 36 yrs, 5’6, 170 lbs. I’m from Stockton. I’m Asian. I’ve been down for 5 years, got one year more to go. I like to work, listen to music – R&B, hip-hop, rap – and love writing. I work in maintenance mechanics. I’m looking for someone to connect with who’s willing to write me constantly. Interested in women only. Thank you. Tou Lee Her #G62970, ASP, PO Box 901, Avenal, CA 93204

My name is Tyrane L. White. I’m 6’2”, 220 lbs., 33 years old, male, I am an African American & Native American decedent. I am a God fearing man. I enjoy dancing, traveling, reading, singing, meditation, walking on the beach, music, movies, cooking, swimming. I love a female who like to try adventures, legendary things. I am looking for a wonderful one of a kind woman, special someone not just anyone, to love me for me…someone who will always be honest with her & I through good and bad situations. I am searching for a soul mate, a sidekick, a three in one combo of a best friend with purity of true learning, overall, visualizing, everything = unconditional love. I am a man with diversity to my mind, heart & soul so I have an appetite for a variety of different culture/racial background women. True love awaits with a blessed man such as myself. Step out on a blessed leap of faith, hope and love & that wonderful special someone be that prospect. Mrs. Right, a futuristic that possible Mrs. White. Please do bless me with your presence 😊 Tyrane L. White #BA7660, CMF, P-3-321, PO Box 2000, Vacaville, CA 95687

I would like to start by introducing myself. My name is Gabe, I’m 36 yrs old, Native and Hispanic….and on the stocky side. So no, I’m not skinny. I’ve been incarcerated for about 11 yrs now and am looking at an early release in the near future. I’m a very positive person and like to stay optimistic to all aspects of my life. I come from a very large family, so I am very family orientated…What I am looking for is someone to not only share good conversation with, but also a good friendship. Gabriel Fuentes #AM3146, ASP, PO Box 901, Avenal, CA 93204

Hello, my name is Michael Green. I’m a Black inmate looking for a female of any race to correspond with. Michael Green #F90202, CTF, RA-119, PO Box 705, Soledad, CA 93960-0705

My name is Jorge Mejia. I’m light brown, brown eyes, black hair, Hispanic. Height: 5’5, Weigh: 190. Facebook if you want to put a face to the name. Jorge Mejia #BC2946, CMC-SP, Ad Seg Cell 4121, PO Box 8101, San Luis Obispo, CA 93409

Praise the Lord and may God truly bless you! My calling to become a pastor has always been in my heart. However, for years I attempted to do my own will, in which landed me in prison. After some true growth and honest self-examination I finally realize that in order for me to be happy with myself, I had to surrender my life to Christ. Now that I have, God has been using me to lead souls to him like never before and for that I am beyond grateful. Not to turn this into a long-winded sermon. I’m simply seeking support/funds/sponsors in completing seminary! I’ve been preaching for years, but now has come the time to seek becoming: “Ordained”. So if God touches your heart to help me in this journey, please contact me. P.S. Yes, I’m single seek my good thing (wife). Antonio Marquis Eubanks #AM8331, KVSP, C1-103, PO Box 5103, Delano, CA 93216

Hello! My name is Johnny Ray. I’m 37 yrs old, a Taurus. I’m 5’8, 190 lbs. I have brn eyes and blk hair. I have a lot of tattoos. I’m from Kern County (Delano) but I reside in Bakersfield, Cal. Some of my hobbies include: tattooing, drawing, reading, and writing. I love to play sports. I also love to watch sports. I’m half Mex, half Whi. I’m looking for a woman who is down to earth, loves to laugh and is not judgmental. Someone who is laid back. Everyone says I’m funny, so, the laughter part is a must. So if you feel this is you, take a chance, you never know what’s possible. Your picture gets my picture. Be good & God bless. Johnny Ray Ortega #BB4659, RJDCF, A-4-129U, 480 Alta Road, San Diego, CA 92179

I’m a white, 56 yr, male originally from Calgary, Alberta, Canada who grew up in San Fernando Valley, L.A. I’ve been locked up now for almost 20 years and I’m a 3rd striker who goes to the parole board in 2025. I’m not a sex offender of any type nor am I in for murder. All my charges stem from running from the police. However the reason for my current predicament i.e., being housed in solitary confinement is I’m being accused of allegedly stabbing Sirhan Sirhan for which I’m fighting it in court. I haven’t had a pen pal in years so I thought it’s best to be upfront and honest so there’s no surprises later. As to a pen pal I have no particular or bias preference and I’m looking forward to hearing from somebody. Sincerely, Stephen Miko #T48293, CSP-LAC, ASU-G-181, PO Box 4430, Lancaster, CA 93539

I’m a 48 yr old Mexican, 5”, about 240 lbs. I shave my head, got tattoos from my neck down. I’m hoping to find a good and funny female friend that can put a smile on my face during these hard lonely days in my cell and I hope I could also put a big smile on the female that gives me the chance to get to know her? I promise that you will not be disappointed. Just take the chance. I truly hope you are interested in meeting and getting to know me, a lonely prisoner with a good sense of humor that I’m looking forward to sharing with that special female friend. I really hope it’s you? So I hope you don’t mind writing to this lonely prisoner. Hope to find the right female friend to start a long friendship with and maybe, hopefully more. So please if it’s you take this chance, don’t let the opportunity pass you by. All females may apply. Juan Romero #J21131, KVSP, ASU-2-122, PO Box 5104, Delano, CA 93216

Factually innocent political prisoner entombed on fabricated sex case. Originally a radical activist protest organizer from Berkeley; before being transformed by “law enforcement” into paper-man pariah poster-child satanic “mind control” cult leader – I was the lead singer/guitarist for the band 2B1. Our first, of many actions, was providing logistics, staging and music for the Oakland Union of the Homeless, at Bobby Hutton Field in 1988 for the Hyatt Regency march and riot. Now 60, still active in the struggle for truth, justice, and freedom from oppression for all peoples. In 2005, I was convicted – according to the homophobic judge – because I “admitted” I was gay. You: eyes wide open and can see through the paper-man propaganda polluting “freemind” on the out. Me: Danish-Hungarian Jew, scholar, poet, “jailhouse” lawyer, mathematician, computer scientist, author, & etc., looking for serious fellow activists, friends, hands-on doers: Technologists, Gearheads, and Admin. Assist. We: Working hard to make a real difference in actual cases, changing laws, prison reform and securing justice for real people falsely convicted – those without a voice. Please help, send your letter with SAE and one loose stamp, to: David M. David #F78383, RJDCF, A4-137, 480 Alta Road, San Diego, CA 92179

My name is Jose De Anda (Jim Dandy), excitingly highlighting the fact: I am seeking friends and open to a new relationship with a woman. I am a confident & handsome 31 year ol man, standing at 6 feet tall – light complected and well self cared, who is also family-oriented, goal-driven; being able to create or find avenues where I can share my artistic talents while empowering others to positively “change perspectives” is something I daily strive for here in captivity & out in society. Your support can positively change someone’s life! Whether you come from a diverse cultural background or an all white community you are encouraged to reach out and share…what would you like me to know about you? My heritage is Mayan-Mexican-European, embracing it allowed my Mayantude to emerge! “Moral-relativism” does exist & needs to break new barriers to create real change! Jose De Anda #AH5332, PBSP, A-3-123, PO Box 7500, Crescent City, CA 95532

A Black Survivor’s Story. After 43 years of false imprisonments. 32 years of illegal solitary confinements. 10 more years of being buried alive in a still secret model of involuntary human research experiments. Plus, still being a captive survivor of three mass hunger strike protests to help expose all of the above crimes of genocide and domestic torture violations. I urgently need to meet or reconnect to some new female kindred spirits, whom are mentally mature enough to mutually aid me to bring a Black Jubilee-based end!!! To those most evil, and man-made shackles of physical bondage and economic neo-slavery. For more info. about the founder and author of “The Dreaded Return of Harriet Tubman’s Children Movement”, please contact: Yafen Iyapo-I, s/n L. Alexander #B72288, ISP, C3-124, PO Box 2199, Blythe, CA 92226

ALL due respect. My name is Raynon. Seeking someone to exchange positive vibe with. Mature conversation about what comes to mind sprinkled with a few moments of youthful laughter. As you see, I have made a few boyish choices in my past, but have used my mistakes as stepping stones to rise to who I have become. We are all a work in progress at different points in the process. Would you agree? So a little more about myself: I am a Leo; close to my parole hearing with expectations of freedom; I am very open and honest; I look for a reason to smile. I am solution-oriented, so worries and stress are not welcome. A go-getter with ambition and vision to see where I am headed. I have a gift of seeing value in others and letting my actions tell them their worth. No children, or baggage attached to my life; and I am not interested in playing the “tuff guy” to attract weak relationships. I am satisfied in who I am today. And am not threatened by a woman who is satisfied and strong within herself. Which leaves the million dollar question…”What’s on your mind?” I look forward to you. Raynon Jones #V15940, CSATF, G2-7-2U, PO Box 5244, Corcoran, CA 93212

Attention: Flyass@Falcon:
Hello women of America, my name is Jordan Kidd. I’m from Sacramento, Cali. Dark skin / Blk / GSOH / EDUC / GL / Down-to-earth / compassionate / growth oriented, college educated, confident, attentive. I’m a visual delight! I am a nice looking, solid, normal, passionate guy. I like to read self-help books and murder mystery, listen to hip-hop music like “Young Dolph” and “Kevin Gates”. I like working out, and watching sports. My favorite teams is “Dallas Cowboys” and “Sacramento Kings”. What I’m looking for is a meaningful relationship w/affection and love, kisses sent to me by a beautiful woman that’s smart, funny, romantic, open-minded, non-judgmental, has great morals with positive values and goals. A woman that’s responsible, and would like to share her quality time. I’m looking for a woman who wants her man to pay attention and for you to share all you have to offer w/no resistance. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, please write me. If you like to get to know me better then don’t hesitate, take action now & give a great guy a chance. Jordan Kidd #G63950, MCSP, PO Box 409020, Ione, CA 9564

Hello ladies my name is David. I am 5’11”, 245 pounds, 40 year old, black man, brown eyes, muscular built. I am a positive person, visionary type of attitude towards life, I’ve goals, resources, and a whole lot of understanding. I’m not looking for anyone who isn’t serious about being all you can be. While incarcerated I’m currently trying to obtain a B.A. degree through the college program that’s provided, I completed a carpentry course, and stayin reading my profession class A trucking book. I’m also engaging in a lot of activities that’ll help me from subjecting myself to situations like this. I am easy to get along with, once I get to you know you. I’m very funny and love life. If you’re looking for a winner look no further. Talk to me, I talk back! David Conerly #19176-111, USP Lompoc, 3901 Klein Boulevard, Lompoc, CA 93436

My name is Jermaine C. Carter. I am 46 years old, from the San Bernardino area. I have been incarcerated since 1994, as an aider and abetter to a murder robbery. I am currently serving a sentence of 15 years to life, and life without the possibility of parole. I am seeking my liberation from the penal system as my circumstance applies to the changing of the current laws. I am seeking correspondence with serious minded women between the ages of 29-52 of all nationalities. Also, I am a single African American heterosexual man with no children. Jermaine C. Carter #J49927, CVSP, A2-14-5L, PO Box 2349, Blythe, CA 92226-2349

I am a 32 year old Chicano from Boyle Heights. I am a talented writer who’s strenuously working to propel his career. Outside connections are almost obsolete due to extended stays in isolation. I’ve had my work stolen, lost and discarded by prison employees and outside opportunists – yet refuse to accept defeat. I am seeking to connect to the outside world with somebody who can help me in my endeavors. I’m 5’9” and have too many tattoos to count. All I have is drive, passion, and talent. You can check out pictures at Peter Sierra #AM7519, CCI, PO Box 1902, Tehachapi, CA 93581

Hello, my name is Henry Emerson and I’m seeking a female pen pal. I’m from Los Angeles, CA. I’m a short termer, so to speak, compared to many through the grace of “God”! I am 6 ft, 250 pounds, Blk, God fearing. I like sports, reading, and fishing. Real people all the time a must! Thank you so much and may “God” bless you always. Henry Emerson #BK1493, CSATF, E-5-111L, PO Box 5242, Corcoran, CA 93212

EMERGENCY ALERT. EMERGENCY ALERT. THIS IS AN EMERGENCY. I am searching for a BBW of any age & race to be my friend, my Queen and future. Ladies aren’t y’all tired of these thirsty, goofy, basic dudes out here? Y’all need to stop letting these dudes rob you of your time & the good years of your life with lies and games. Dudes be so wack don’t y’all feel like you deserve a refund or an exchange? Wouldn’t it be great if guys came with receipts so you can take them back where they came from once you realize you got a raw deal LOL! My name is Haki but I also go by DJ-Fetish. I’m from Oakland and was one of the hottest DJs in the Bay Area until I was hated on and kidnapped away from society by unfortunate circumstances. I need a real woman in my life who will supply mental stimulation, realness & companionship. In exchange I’ll give that back 100% by giving you all of me. I’m loyal, affectionate, understanding, open-minded, and love to listen. I’m attracted to big women, 200 pounds plus. I love women that have pretty kissable toes, that always wear sandals and that like their feet rubbed. It seems like all the good women are locked in stagnant, dead end relationships with unworthy goofy dudes who don’t even understand what real love is. I’ll respond to anyone that writes me. Haki McClain #T26960, CSP-LAC, PO Box 4430, Lancaster, CA 93539-4430

Kind wishes comrades! I’m Tasha; 39 years old, 5’4, 140 lbs. I have brown eyes, hair and complexion; attractive. I’m a thinker, well read and college educated. I’m a natural born leader, sensual Scorpio woman that is brave and stable. My likes are: reading, travelling, exercising, dancing, writing, community service and self-improving activities – oh, and I love music. I am looking for conversation and companionship. Responding individuals should be mature (age unimportant), conscious, and stable. Right on! Tasha Brown #X08560, CCWF, 506-08-03L, PO Box 1508, Chowchilla, CA 93610

Hello, I am looking for a lady pen-pal. For whom I would like to engage in academic type conversation. So if you are interested in Political Science, Archaeology, Astronomy, Military History, other sciences or academic type fields of thought then I would be most interested in having a conversation with you. I am 52 years old and I am a man who is of mixed multi-cultural origins. Race does not matter to me and I am open to someone between their 20s thru 50s. I would enjoy talking with a lady who is mature enough to handle an intellectual conversation but also who is fun enough to talk about movies, books, and TV shows with. P.S. I am a huge dog-loving person. So if you are interested, here is how you can contact me: Edward Reid #BF4145, HDSP, A-2-102, PO Box 3030, Susanville, CA 96127-3030

Hi, my name is Carlos Lazo. I’m 24 y/o, and a Tulare County native. I’m Mexican/Italian, 5’11. I weigh 170. Light brown eyes, light brown skin, short black hair, I am lean built. I’m looking for someone to have a good conversation with & possibly make a new friend. I love to laugh an have a good time. I love listening to music & making music. As well as tattooing & drawing. I love food & I love to cook but Taco Bell is my favorite. Again I’m looking for a friend. If interested I hope to hear from you if not pass my info along & have a blessed day. Carlos Lazo #BC1615, PBSP, PO Box 7500, Crescent City, CA 95532

Hello, my name is Dorthon but everyone calls me Musa. I am a 44 year old African American man with good morals and habits and strong believer in God. I’ve been in prison for 10 years and get released in a year and a half. I am hoping for a nice female pen pal to write to and write to me. If you would like to write me I will write you back and you can know more about me. Dorthon Fountila #AI5179, SQSP, H-1-26, 1 Main Street, San Quentin, CA 94964

My name is Nathan Preston. I am 36 years old, Puerto Rican, Sioux Indian, African American male. Seeking a soul mate companion in crime. Other words, someone who will ride it out. I’m also 6’2”, roughly 180 pounds, lightly complected, with a fade, strong mentally, politically conscious, extremely attractive. I want the one who perceives lust, love, romance & friendship. My issues are…I have none. No time is better than today to find an everlasting love with a man who’s not afraid to take control. Follow this straightforward individual cause I ain’t scared of nothin. Give me your time & I’ll make it worth your while. Hope you’re sexy, thick, successful, hygenic, & high maintenance. Get ya boy, holla back. Nathan Preston #AP9778, RJDCF, A-2-236L, 480 Alta Road, San Diego, CA 92179

Hello Beautiful Ladies all around the world. I am looking for a female friend to correspond with, any culture/race, who is fun, lovable, down to earth and not judgmental. Basically a real equally yoked Superwoman for a Superman. I have been on a long journey of incarceration, a man that desires companionship to fulfill the void in my soul. I am not over-possessive and no control issues exists in my mind, heart, and soul, just desire to embark on a love voyage that I never vacationed on in life. I believe in equality, loyal, sincerity, and a Real Man such as myself can be available to accept genuine love from a Real Woman. So feel free step right up and claim me, that one of a kind guy, Mr. Right, and he is I. Learning. Overall. Visualizing. Everything. Unconditional Love. Richard Sanchez #R65494, CMF, P3-321, PO Box 2000, Vacaville, CA 95687

First, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my ad. Let me tell you a little about me. My name is Kenny. I am an energetic, 41 yrs young, handsome, strong, intelligent, very, very masculine bisexual Black man seeking sincere friendship from the “outside world”. Originally from Chicago, Illinois – I’m kind, outgoing, compassionate, ambitious, reliable, persistent, trustworthy, and fun!! I enjoy: watching movies, sports (football) (Bears), reading books, working out, music, and more. I am seeking someone who is honest, sincere, and non-judgmental. Also someone who would like to correspond on a regular basis. I only have a couple years left on my sentence. I will answer all who take the time to write! I hope to hear from you soon! Anyone interested may contact me at: Kenneth Jones #BK0028, MCSP, PO Box 409060, Ione, CA 95640

My name is Steve Dunckhurst. I’m white, 52, brown/brown, 5’10, 160. Looking for anyone, female only, whom has got a moment to make a friend, and we’ll see where we can go and what develops. Either way – you can’t say we did not try…No games, please. Steve C. Dunckhurst #V97052, FSP, PO Box 715071, Represa, CA 95671

Hi, my name is Eric. I’m the current CEO of 2Krowns Inc., a registered non-profit in the state of California. We’re looking to fill some seats on our Board of Directors. We have 3 positions, all voluntary work at this time. We are looking for one person that is into marketing, somebody willing to work with CDCR and other officials, and a website developer. If you’re interested please contact me, experience would be awesome; if you’re looking to get your name out there, contact us. Requesting your assistance. Much regards, Eric O’Dell #F03425, CSP-LAC, B-4-209, PO Box 4490, Lancaster, CA 93539

My name is Tomas. I’m 26 years old from Los Angeles. I’m currently serving a 16 year & month term. I’ve been incarcerated since 2015. I’m reaching out in hope to find a consistent pen-pal. I’d appreciate an honest conversation. As of now I don’t have any kind of communication with the outside world. I don’t have kids and I’m single. To keep myself busy I enjoy working out and listening to music. I also like to read or watch TV to wind down. Please know I will not waste ur time. I’ll cherish any opportunity to meet someone spending time on me. I really hope to hear back from you. I’ll be waiting patiently. Take care. Sincerely, Tomas Machado #AY7267, CSP-SAC, PO Box 290066, Represa, CA 95671

Hi my name is Lonnie Young and I am looking for a pen-pal to correspond with from time to time and even email. I am 5’8”, 51 years old, blk. I will write everyone that writes to me. If you would like to email me you can use, you can attach photos or ecards or 30 second videos. I will receive it and email you back. Thank you! Lonnie Ray Young #AK8905, CSATF, G2-11-4L, PO Box 5244, Corcoran, CA 93212

41 year old white inmate seeking intelligent correspondence with a principled human being that is interested in seeking knowledge, pursuing righteousness and evolving, please write! My address: Daniel Nardine #P13257, CHCF, E-E1A-125, PO Box 33290, Stockton, CA 95213

My name is Jesse Shavers. I’m 58 years old, 6’ tall, African American, 260 pounds, brown eyes, and a resident of San Francisco. My hobbies are: having fun, watching sports, listening to music, watching movies, cooking, going to amusement parks, eating out, fishing, swimming, spending time with family is very important, and I’m a gtrue animal lover, and bike riding! I’m looking for someone to share my heart with, someone who’s looking for a honest person, to be truthful with at all times. I’m a real down to earth person when it comes to paying attention to someone else’s needs. I’ve been in prison for 22 years, and I’ve only had one visit from my family in 2017! I’m a good listener when it comes to other people’s feelings!! It took me this long to see how selfish I was towards other people, as well as myself. But now I’m a better person in Christ. If you’re interested in me, write me back an I will tell you everything you want to know about me!? Your friend, Jesse Shavers #P42584, HDSP, PO Box 3030, Susanville, CA 96127

My name is Timothy. I have baby blue eyes that match my smile. I have blond hair & at 183 lbs and at 6’1, yes I’m Irish all the way and still looking good at the age of 41 years old LOL 😊 I’m “single” and my body is covered with tattoos. I’m from Orange County, California by the beach for a late nite stroll. My birthday is October 29. Right now I am living in solitary confinement. I’m in prison for drugs. I have changed my life around and want to continue this sobriety journey, if possible get a correspondence friend who is also following the same equal journey of a sober life. A friend that can understand my pain that I have been hiding behind these cold walls and my loving heart of mine!! And a friend that would accept me as for who Timothy stands for now. Looking for a friend with a great personality and down to earth and someone who can knock me right out of my shoes, LOL. Music and dancing is a part of me – I am a baker and a cook at the same time. To see pictures of me look me up on Facebook as Jordan Shedd. I have Levi tatted on my neck, my son’s name…So I’ll be waiting for the mailman to drop my first letter at my door from you. Timothy McLelland #BJ9988, CIM, PO Box 441, Chino, CA 91708

Single Nubian queens in the world out there, what it so baby? This diamond in the rough whose name is Tommy Junior but you can call me TJ. 34 years of age, 5’5, brown skin, hairstyle short cut waves, is snappin on um” LOL 😊 Very muscular & handsome, great personality. Seeking authentic friendship with a beautiful lady that has the swagg to match mine, outgoing, love to party and have fun festivities. If you’re interested pick up a pen and hop on this marathon with yo boi. Sincerely, Tommy Halfacre Jr. #150482, BVCC, East 3-South-7, PO Box 2017, Buena Vista, CO, 81211

I’m 6’0” – 183 lbs. with blue/grey eyes & brown hair. I was born on May 6, 1965 in Forrest City, Arkansas. Interests include: reading, music, animals, cooking, children, moon-lite walks along the beach. I’m open minded, I possess a great sense of humor, I’m also a very understanding and caring person with a warm heart & gentle touch. My reaching out hoping to find a non-judgmental & compassionate person is not a game to me…so I don’t lie to or deceive, and I refuse to put up false images. If a person allows me to be a part of their life, I want them to know ME and not some false image. People make mistakes/misjudgments – I was young and stupid when I made mine…but I blame nobody except myself. Therefore, I have to pay the consequences for my being foolish & irresponsible. I wish so much that I could go back in time so I can change what happen…but, I can’t! So, I have to deal with the consequences, which is only right. I ask that I be judged by me as a person, and not by the environment I’m in. Nobody should go through life alone…so I ask YOU if you’ll give me a chance? Daniel Bowen #330705, FSP, PO Box 800, Raiford, FL 32083

I’m incarcerated in Florida until my return to San Francisco in a few years. I’m extremely isolated here and would really appreciate a friend to occasionally correspond with me. I traveled the world extensively before my legal troubles, and enjoy talking about the different cultures. I’m a life-long 49ers fan, this season has been exceptional. I’m 45, and was married once in the past. I’m very thoughtful, kind, and good at problem solving. I’m a great listener. Hopefully I hear from you soon. Adam Barnett #M99813, GCF, 5168 Ezell Road, Graceville, FL 32440

Seeking pen pal & legal assistance. Pen pal: Hello Ladies, my name is Martino Mike Ramos. I’m 58 years old. Look yo, I’m American/Puerto Rican. I don’t speak Spanish. It’s a New York thing. I only speak English. My likes are music, drawing, animals, traveling, cooking, photography. I’m single, no family, no one! I’m looking for someone who will love me for me…someone who will always be honest with me. Good or bad…please keep it real. I’m very open-minded, sweet, honest, down-2-earth, loyal. No games. Looking for friendship, possibly more. Pro bono attorney needed: Imprisoned man doing too much time. I’m 58 yrs old, seeking pro bono attorney legal services, advocacy, monetary donations. Appointed attorney was indicated for racketeering, incompetent per Florida bar and disbarred. Need help with my Appellate case, please help me. Email via or contact: Martino Ramos #K70883, SCI, 9544 County Road 476B, Bushnell, FL 33513

I’m a white male, 6’2”, 200 pounds and I’m 58 years old. Looking for white female anywhere from 35 to my age. Could be Christian type OK. I’m looking to get out in 6-7 years at the most so I’ll be looking for a relationship. I’m a man with a great heart and care for my woman mentally and physically but not financially. Stephen Kane #701291, LCI, 11064 NW Dempsey Barron Road, Bristol, FL 32321

CJ: Blk/M 6’0, 180 pounds, 46 yrs. old and divorced. Hello, friends. I am more than delighted to say that I am seeking someone who is willing to write inspiring letters of encouragement. Because my case is still in the Appeal Courts. Now, the road is very narrow, and lonely. After 11 years of battle with courts. And the system is enough to drive any man insane, without a strong woman to help through the rough storm. So, whoever is willing to respond will be more than welcome. At this time I can’t be choosy of age, race, nor size. Any mature adult woman is welcome to contact me at: Clarence Moore #M79534, CCI, H-1-1109U, 19562 SE Institutional Drive, Blountstown, FL 32424

Behind hazel eyes…you’ll find a passionate and loyal lover, full of life and energy looking to unleash it with that perfect someone. To begin our story email or video visit with me exclusively at or write to me at Amanda Blair #E44286, LCI, 11120 NW Gainesville Road, Ocala, FL 34482

Greetings World! Warmest regards are included. I write not simply in search of a pen pal; my aim is to earn a friend, lovingly. After nearly 30 years on lockdown, and yet maintain an impressive sense of hope, sanity, and the ability to intelligently reach out, such begs the inquiry: How; how can one exposed to such length of incarceration keep it together? My response: “Strength is a many-faceted word”. However, any authentic “Strength” must also include an ingredient of “LOVE”. I have discovered both, from within – I AM BEAUTIFUL! Please write. 57 yrs, 6’, 220 lbs, release date: 1/20/28; earliest 1/20/2024. Will re-locate. Edward Lee Wilson #079099, APCI, 8100 Highway 64 East, Avon Park, FL 33825

Help wanted. Searching for caring people in a world full of so many cold hearts. I’m a kindhearted, understanding man who gives full attention and appreciates those in his life. I’m 40 yrs young, still full of fun, 190 lbs. Been through so much, I know I’m blessed to be above ground. I hope to make connections with the outside world through this ad. I enjoy shows like the Walking Dead. Unfortunately it seems to reflect life as it is with us having many issues already and still wanting to take advantage and harm each other instead of living peacefully together. Maurice Pledger #R03597, GCC, 12078 Illinois Route 185, Hillsboro, IL 62049

Hello possible friend, bestie, or more 😊. My name is Henry, I’m 33 and I’m from Chicago, Ill. I’m here with great hope of establishing a sincere and honest friendship with someone who can see where I’m at doesn’t define who I am. Life is about taking chances and doing things beyond the normal and meeting new people of all walks of life. Some find this unthinkable, but I believe the unthinkable is attained only after we step outside our comfort zone and truly be open to the pleasure of a friendship. I myself am a simple individual who is humorous and easy to get along with. I’m nonjudgmental, open minded with a down to earth personality. Like a diamond I have flaws, but my value is immeasurable. Besides me being active in any way possible, I enjoy reading, writing poetry, and engaging in meaningful conversation. My strongest quality is me being a great listener and my loyalty to someone on all levels. There’s so much more to me than just these words that I’ll love to share. So if you’re interested in knowing more I look forward to hearing from you soon. Truly yours, Henry Richardson #R58396, MCC, PO Box 1000, Menard, IL 62259

God took His time with you and I will too…to earn your trust, earn your laugh, earn your friendship. I’ve been locked up since age 14 in 1995, so know all about wasted time. But now that I’m within a couple years of release, I don’t have any more to waste in making genuine connections with genuine people. Some things to share in common are a love for nature, animals, yoga, tattoos, and entrepreneurship. I’m studying Spanish, business, and communication, so I can pursue my ambitions to make a world impact. No romance, no handouts, and no strings, just extraordinary adventure. Jonnie Morgan #K60696, SCC, 6665 State Route 146 East, Vienna, IL 62995

I’m looking for any pen pal to write from any place. I’m Black/mixed, 35 years of age, date of birth 6-4-84. 6 foot to 6’1”, 230 lbs, solid. With long curly hair. Hope to hear from you soon. Prince Richard #R17418, MCC, PO Box 1000, Menard, IL 62259

Hello my name is Ronald. I am African American, 46 yrs old and I was born and raised in Chicago. I enjoy drawing and writing poetry. I am interested in someone who I can share my art and poetry with as well as someone I can write and share thoughts, past experiences, and future goals & plans with. I am also very spiritual and very well read. If you are interested in developing a writing relationship and meeting a genuine compassionate person, then write to me. You will not be disappointed. Hope to hear from you soon. Ronald Hinton #R32517, HCC, PO Box 1700, Galesburg, IL 61402

I don’t have anyone on the outside and would love to have someone to communicate with. My name is Cetewayo Ragins. I’m 38, black and have a very open stance to everyone’s belief systems and modus operandi. If possible I would like a female pen pal, as I am around dudes all day and it sucks. Plus I think I am more open and expressive with women. I love music of all forms and my interest in books and movies tends to be toward esoteric forms of expression. I am in a place of spiritual growth where I recognise the omni that flows under all positive religions and spiritual paths. I would also feel more safe knowing that I have someone on the outside that knows I’m here so they can’t just treat me like an animal. Thank you for your time. Cetewayo Ragins, Douglas County Jail, 3601 East 25th Street, Lawrence, KS 66046-5616

Hey there! I’m EJ. A 26 year old incarcerated Two-Spirit Apache/Cherokee Native American. I am 5’8, 158 lbs, born and from Lexington, KY and I am a writer. I am looking for other Native Americans or anyone who would like a positive influence in their life. My motives are good and my moral proper. I would love any friend and I’ll be sure to put a smile on your face. Two-Spirit is a word Native people use to mean part of the LGBTQ2S community. I hope to hear from ya soon. Note that mail room policy is only white envelopes and no address labels. Edward Oney #282802, EKCC, 200 Road to Justice, West Liberty, KY 41472

Hello! My name’s Tremel but my friends call me Trey. I’m a certified fitness trainer originally from New York City, currently incarcerated in southeast Kentucky. I like to read, work out, play chess, listen to music. And most importantly learning new things. I’m currently enrolled in an electric class and teach a fitness class in the afternoon. I’m here looking to meet new people I can build a friendship with from the ground up, naturally and organically. Firstly let’s make a connection. I’m all about vibes and energy. Let’s take it from there. Tremel Taylor #77279054, USP McCreary, Unit 6A, PO Box 3000, Pine Knot, KY 42635

Looking for pen pals. I’m fighting for freedom, and we need to win. Be happy for all pen pals. Power to the family, then and now! Love San Francisco, from Louisiana. Waiting to hear from you, via or write Mr. Tommy Davis #345339, ACC, Mercury-A1-22, 3751 Lauderdale Woodyard Road, Kinder, LA 70648

My name is Donald. I’m a black strong but sensitive man, serving time in Louisiana. I love to read and cuddle. I love women who are sexy, but sweet. I would love to hear from you so we can explore what we have in common. Write to me if you feel we would make a great match. Please write: Donald Wiliams #93824, LSP, TU Lower F, 17544 Tunica Trace, Angola, LA 70712

Habari (Swahili for “Hello/Hi”). It is my intention to fulfill the longing I have which is to share my qualities with someone who is willing to travel this road of incarceration and struggle with me. Someone living their best lives. Someone I can build a meaningful bond with, that will surpass my time of confinement. A bond that includes uplifting, respecting, motivating, encouraging and communicating on a grand level, playing a positive role in each other’s lives. I’m not interested in a romantic relationship. I’m 5’9, 211 lbs (very athletic build), 27 years young, light brown skin, dark brown eyes and hair (gentleman’s taper with deep waves) and tattoos. Pictures available upon request. A native of Baltimore City. Not only do I exercise daily, I also practice yoga/meditation. I’m a vegetarian. I’m loyal, charismatic, generous, strong-willed, open minded, open hearted, creative, intelligent, humble, dedicated, motivated, disciplined, and understanding. I’m not a religious man, but a spiritual who believes simply in love, equality, truth, beauty, liberation, peace and happiness. My interests are black history, Greek mythology, wellness, social justice, criminal justice reform; social, political, and economic progression, philosophy and sports. My time is spent BECOMING the king I was made to be: self realizing, planning for life after my release, reading, drawing, and writing; music, poetry, and novels. Prayer and general letters of encouragement are welcome. Michael Crudup #00431172, NBCI, 14100 McMullen Highway SW, Cumberland, MD 21502

My s/n: Gerald Ray Williams / however, I’m fully conscious of my S*E*L*F mentally, physically, and spiritually. So, my watu know me as Saba Asaur Uhuru…I’ve been a 13th Amendment slave since I was 17 yrs old, I’m 40 yrs of age now. I’m a builder. I cherish the relationships that I am blessed to build from the bottom up to keep my voice alive! I’m a simple man. I feel as though nothing in this world is more beautiful, more intelligent, and more sacred than a woman! With that said ~ May I explore you the proper way! In struggle, Gerald Williams #259084, MBP, 1960 US Highway 41 South, Marquette, MI 49855

Hey my name is Donald Taylor. I’m a Black male age 26 from Detroit & weigh 190 pounds, stand 6’0 even, with dreads. I love to work out, read and educate myself on all walks of life. Currently I am searching for a strong woman that’s not afraid to be herself, and that’ll be willing to weather any storm that may come. At the moment I am serving a natural life sentence for a murder I had no parts in, but due to faith I am now on my way back to kourt to overturn the unjust sentence. I am searching for a friend that I can grow with, mentally, physically, and maybe even spiritually. As a man I refuse to make excuses, so as a man I refuse to accept them. I’m a straightforward guy that’s only looking for a woman that can stand on all ten without the lies. You may contact me on or through regular postal services but please make sure you incorporate your contact info if you wish for me to respond. Also I am teaching myself Spanish. Donald Taylor #896701, BMCF, 13924 Wadaga Road, Baraga, MI 49908

My name is Stanley L. Gibbs. I’m an African American man and am seeking a good woman – Ms. Right – to share my friendship and love with. Race is not important to me, so if you feel that you are looking for a good man such as myself please respond to this ad. Friendship first and then hopefully a serious relationship, and am open-minded about marriage if the right woman comes along…This is my first time being locked up and will be my last. I have been locked up a while, I made a wrong turn in my life when I was much younger and have learned from my time. I’m very close with my family, and am a God-fearing man. I have no kids, but do love them all. I have a very good sense of humor and know how to appreciate a beautiful woman. I’m a very romantic 57 years young – I look to be about 35 years old, everyone tells me I look younger than my real age, I guess because I work out/exercise every day, and have no health problems, plenty of muscle 😊. I hope to hear from you soon. I will respond to all letters but only write if you are free and serious. Also when you write please include your return address inside the letter and on the outside of the envelope so I will make sure I got the address to write you back. Email me at or write me at: Mr. Stanley L. Gibbs #162140, BCF, 13924 Wadaga Road, Baraga, MI 49908-9204

Seeking female pen pal. Hello, my name is Terrance J. Bombard. I’m known by friends and family by T.J. I’m a 26 yr old Mexican and Black male, 5’7, 165 lbs, athletic build. Currently incarcerated, but only in physical form. I’m very understanding and don’t judge and expect the same in return. Looking for anyone that’s open for conversation. My interests are sports, art, comedy, music, drama, and movies. Overall I’m looking for anyone that’s open for any subject. For more information contact me at: Terrance J. Bombard #865363, MBP, 1960 US Highway 41 South, Marquette, MI 49855

Hello and how are you? My name is Jacquelyn. I am 33 years old and am from Flint, MI. I am currently in prison on a probation violation, my guidelines are 24-240 months and I will be going up for parole soon. I have long dark brown hair, brown eyes that change from dark to light, weigh 200 lbs, I’m white and Native American, and I stand 5’4”. I like to be outside, I love campfires on a nice night. I listen to all kinds of music, I love comedy movies (Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart are my two favorites), and I also enjoy horror movies sometimes. I love to laugh and make others laugh. I believe in God and am a firm believer that He makes everything happen for a reason. I am looking for someone I can connect with on a mental level first, then hopefully an emotional basis at some point. If you’re interested then please get back with me 😊. Please include your address in the letter. You can email me at or write Jacquelyn Yoder #475739, WHVCF, 3201 Bemis Road, Ysilanti, MI 48197

I’m a white 46 year old, brown hair with natural red highlights, brown eyes, dimples, 5’7”, 169 pounds. I’m down to earth, loyal and fun. I’m a fun loving person that likes to enjoy life and help others. I embrace every day and try to stay positive and happy! I love to learn new things. I like different types of music. I love to cook and bake. Please include your address in the letter. Hope to hear from you. Karen Lawter #834299, WHVCF, 3201 Bemis Road, Ysilanti, MI 48197

Truth needs no support! So I speak truth, if I lie to you, I lie to myself; I’m seeking realness in its essence, so no faking with me nor yourself. I’m interested in only women, whose willingness & ambitiousness will create a union & connect the distance that keeps us from exchanging thoughts & pictures & everything else man & woman indulge in. I’m very ambitious, outspoken, adventurous, seeking someone with some common interest or likeness. I’m 6’3” tall, muscular built, dark brown eyes & light brown complexion, with various body art. I’m very openminded, willing to accept nothing more than a woman who’s really ready to adventure & conquer. Don’t be afraid, I’m him. Look me up:, Diallo C. Davidson #180899, ERDCC, 2727 Highway K, Bonne Terre, MO 63628

Hi my name is Moses Ramsey aka Teflon. I am a 29 yr old Black male, in shape, 200 lb, 6’0, born in Denver, CO June 21, 1990. I’m tatted up, face tattoo, sexy. Looking for a woman for correspondence, positive influence, maybe a relationship. I am locked up in a Max level 5 prison. I will be leaving for a lower level soon. I love R+B, rap, pop, country, and old school slow jams. I also write music, love sports, shopping, going out to nice places and partying a little. I have a beautiful daughter 8 yrs old, she my world. I have 10 yr with 40% so that’s 4 yrs. Hit me up if you like what you hear, for more info. Email through or write Moses Ramsey #1268449, JCCC, 8200 No More Victims Road, Jefferson City, MO 65101

Hello, my name is Joshua Johnson. I am 30 yrs old, white single male. I am 6’1”, 192 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes. I am open minded and always willing to get to know someone. I am a nerd. I read more than I watch TV. I like watching anime and reading manga. I play video games. I read mostly fantasy and science fiction. I spend most of my day reading, listening to music, or working out. I am looking for someone to write who enjoys intellectual conversation. I have been incarcerated for 4 years and have 12 years to go. I am not looking for a significant other but if it happens I won’t be blind to it. Life is too short to not take chances so this is me taking a chance. Joshua Johnson #1300475, SCCC, 255 West Highway 32, Licking, MO 65542

The Beginning of a Guerrilla. Hey, my name is Lavell Nunley. I am currently incarcerated for something I didn’t do. I have been lock’d up since I was 15 years old. I’m 23 years old now. I have been in solitary confinement for 2 years. I have been studying the work of comrade George Jackson. I really love what they have done for the people. They have inspired me to de-educate and re-educate myself. The only problem is that I don’t have anyone to send me literature. I would really love to study “Blood In My Eye” and “Assata”. My family are still lost. I hope I don’t sound disrespectful, I just want to help them understand the science of human nature and stop harming theirself with the poison the government put in our neighborhoods. They have told lies for years and years. It’s time they be exposed for the truth. Comrade George Jackson said we should not compromise with the enemy therefore I will not. I will fight for the people. If anyone can help me please write me back ASAP. George Living Through Me! Respectfully, Lavall Nunley #1269417, ERDCC, 2727 Highway K, Bonne Terre, MO 63628

What’s up beautiful women of the world? My name is Maurice Jones but better known as Reese. Currently I ain’t got no pictures floating around but you can look me up on & see a diamond in the ruff. Picture this though, I’m 32, 6’1, 220 pounds solid, & chocolate the best thing going on top of having tattoos that complments my athletic structure. I’m single & looking so get at me if you’re willing to take a walk on the wild side with a risk taker. Be sure to send address so I can write back, can’t wait to hear from you. I can be contacted through or at Maurice Jones #116193, HU 1-A-102, SCCC, 255 West Highway 32, Licking, MO 65542

Hello my name is Kimberly Yates. I have been down since Feb. 9, 2007. White single female, 5’7, 155 lbs, 45 yrs old. Brown hair, brown eyes, wear glasses. Cancer is my Zodiac sign. My birthday is July 21, 1974. My hobbies are spending time with family, pen pal, love the outdoors, listening to music, watching TV, reading. By far not a judgmental person. The only person that can judge us is God. Not racist, love all race. Especially black men. Looking for a man to write between the ages of 35 and up, who is loyal, honest, trustworthy, faithful. Have a picture to send once I hear from you. Only allowed to get white paper, white envelopes. Will be waiting to hear from you. Kimberly Yates #143773, CMCF, Yard A Bldg BH123, PO Box 88550, Pearl, MS 39208

I’m a 35 year young handsome gentleman. I stand at 5’10, 180 lbs. of athletic sex appeal. I have tattoos from my neck to legs. I’m a mixed with Italian, German, and Black. I am a father of 4 and a barber by trade. You find me on Instagram @ takingallfades ( to see photos. I’m looking for good conversation from a female companion. And see where it goes from there. Also looking for someone who’s serious about life, not scared to take risks, and someone who loves to laugh. If this is you, I’m hoping to hear from you. Chad Walker #86120, SDCC, PO Box 208, 4-B-7, Indian Springs, NV 89070

Dear Beautiful Queens. Hello my name is Kevin. I’m 24 years old, 5’8, brown eyes, wgt 140 pounds. My body on point 8 pack and all. I’m very loyal, funny, honest, and love to joke and laugh. I was raised to be independent and to handle my responsibility. I know how to cook, clean, and all the other things a man supposed to know how to do, and handle. I’m African American with brown skin. I’m doing time for drugs trafficking. I have 1 and a half left to do. I’m looking for a friend that I can get to know and make smile, and maybe more. I don’t judge nobody that’s not my place or job. Whatever Beautiful Queen, Independent Lady, Goddess reading this don’t think twice about getting to know me. You can be the one I been looking for all my life. And I could be the one you been wishing and paying or. Don’t got time for no dreams. I’m chasing my dreams. Right now I’m in a nightmare soon to wake out of. Always smile, good for the soul. If you stop contemplating and pick up that pen and write your boi an see what the future and time bring us. You can write me at Kevin McCoy #1128892, HDSP, PO Box 650, Indian Springs, NV 89070

I’m a 39 yr old sexy Latina seeking mature male & females to correspond with to experience what life brings openly. I’m charismatic, loving, open minded. Looking for that special someone to build memories. There’s much more to me I’d love to share with you, let’s go on this journey together & discover each other. Ivonne Cabrera #1026217, FMWCC, 5-M-201, 4370 Smiley Road, Las Vegas, NV 89115

Looking for a pen pal, my name is Daverbalus Clark. I’m African American, 49 yrs old from Vallejo, CA. I’m about a year to the streets. I’ll be relocating back to the Bay Area when this is over. Write to Daverbalus Clark #66253, WSCC, PO Box 7007, Carson City, NV 89702

To be in another’s thoughts prevails the truth and positively brings out the best in two (Hebrews 13:3). No matter thus gender male or female adopt this inmate and sponsor my poetry for strangers are merely friends who we have yet to meet. While prison is where I’m at but not who I am. Therefore life without the possibility is only the court’s sentence and does not define my true personality. So as the traffic sign agrees any should obey the yellow light when cruising for need as I know the heart is fragile and God only issues one to each human being. Guard it with all ya might of means. But do remember always for only the mind tells the heart to beat. Sincerely urs, the rose that grew from the penitentiaries. Andre Winters #80705, ESP, PO Box 1989, Ely, NV 89301

SBF, 35 yo, 5’8, 175 lbs. ISO-LTR with kind & secure gentleman. Write to: Rochalonn Chapman #0096696, FMWCC, 4370 Smiley Road, Las Vegas, NV 89115

May I say something to Black women out there. Are you rich – successful – very smart. But your relationships aren’t working – you only need a poor-desperate man. If you choose a man that can think or has had a relationship it won’t work, you’ll only be lonely again. Because you choose material. A Black woman must choose her brother, because he is Black only. I promise you, if you are successful and lonely, you only need a poor man – that hasn’t had a relationship – can barely drive. Please think about it and look me up. My name is Zachary Simmons #77866, ESP, PO Box 1989, Ely, NV 89301

I’m a 36 year old half white, half Filipino guy who’s originally from Southern Cali but currently residing in Nevada. I’m seeking friendship from a person who is strong minded and down to earth…someone who’s genuine and who wouldn’t mind a little attention 😊. I, myself am compassionate, open-minded, intelligent, introverted and I’m also a good listener. I can be the one to guide you when you’re feeling lost, or be that listening ear when you just need to vent. A few of my interests are movies, technology, music, traveling and more. If you think you can vibe with me and are also someone who won’t allow my current situation to taint the image of who I am and who I can be to you, write me and let me know. I don’t have FB…sorry but I have photos available to send. Chase Wells #1197565, HDSP, PO Box 650, Indian Springs, NV 89070

Intelligent, incarcerated Black Male, 57 yrs, 5’8, 207 lbs, medium complexion. Loves to read, write, and exercise. Looking for sincere correspondents only. Age, race, sex unimportant, will respond to all! Abdul Wali Saleem #222579, SWSP, PO Box 6000, Bridgeton, NJ 08302-3479

Hi. I’m looking for a pen pal to free my mind from all negativity of prison life. And in hopes of finding a good church source upon release; in hopes of finding a job; looking into oil fields so far…And to stay clean. I’m 33 with four years left to do on an 8 year bid. I want to settle down. Respectfully, Justin Stone #82321, PNM, VI North, 3-A-Q111, PO Box 1059, Santa Fe, NM 87504-1059

My name is Preston “Rasta Snoop” Grant. Single, 6’5”, 175 lbs, slim, medium and athletically built. Light brown skin complexion. I’m mixed with Jamaican, Indian and Asiatic Black. I have dreadlocks. Born and raised in Charlotte, NC. I’m a Scorpio. Honest, trustworthy, sincere, humble, compassionate, likeable, loveable, loving, open-minded, genuine, one-of-a-kind, loyal, affectionate, supportive, dependable, responsible, caring, thoughtful, concerned, spiritual minded, with a great sense of humor. Like spending time with my family and that special someone. I like working out, running, staying in shape; cleaning, cooking, making people laugh, working with my hands; different kinds of foods/cultures; trying/learning new things; reading, writing, traveling, listening to all types of music, watching movies, sports, cartoons, TV. Like playing chess, pool, basketball, football, ping pong, bowling, swimming, meeting new people. Age, race unimportant. Females only. Please no games, mature females need to respond. I will answer all letters. I do have pictures to send if you write me. Please send me a picture of you also. I won’t waste your time so please don’t waste mine. Speaking of time I’m really worth the time and effort that you put forth. Looking for female friends to see how things can go in the future. You won’t be disappointed. I have a lot to share. So don’t be afraid to get to know me. Food for thought: Some of the best men are locked up. Guess what, I’m one of them. One love, one aim, one destiny. Peace and Blessing. Jah!! Rastastafi!! Preston “Rasta Snoop” Grant #0466835, NCI, PO Box 600, Nashville, NC 27856

Grown Man seeking Grown Woman. 33 yr. old, Puerto Rican/Italian man, seeking a friend to confide in whom considers honesty, loyalty & communication to be as important as I do. Nothing matters but the beauty of your soul. Contact info: Tommy M. Accardi, Sr. #0861582, TCI, 4600 Swamp Fox Highway West, Tabor City, NC 28463

My name is Eric, a 38 year old black male, 154 lbs, 5’6”, brown skin with dreads. I live in Raleigh, NC and I’m looking for pen pals of any race for friendship. I’ve been through a lot and to this day people still lie on and to me. I really need someone that’ll always be honest with me and in return I’m willing to do anything for that person and willing to answer any questions. I hope to hear from someone soon and thanks for your time. Eric Cameron #0588398, WCC, 1000 Rock Quarry Road, Raleigh, NC 27610

Hello Readers, my name is Jordan (Jai). I am 28 and have about 5 years left on my prison sentence. I am interested in making friends and maybe more. I’m open to anyone who is willing to write. To pique your interest, I am from Boone, NC and am Jewish by birth; an open homosexual with a black preference. I am definitely into the whole Daddi/boi, thug/snowbunny situation 😊 My black preference extends to black culture as well. I love black non-fiction literature and African-American history! I am a college graduate with a degree in Hospitality Mgmt. I plan to open a restaurant highlighting Israeli cuisine upon release. Prison can motivate and inspire if one allows it to. That’s how I prefer to use my time and maybe you could help? Write me and we will talk more, Jai. Jordan Jones #1336365, CCC, 2992 Riverside Drive, Asheville, NC 28804

My name is Thomas Neeley and I am 5’9 with dark hair and green eyes and I am from a Cherokee Indian / Italian / Sicilian background. I love to work out, run, sports, athletic build. I love reading manga and I’m business minded. I love to travel, talk on the phone, write letters and share my poetry with others. I love expressing myself through words. I love to cook. I have 8½ years left behind these walls and would love for someone to help hold my hand through this. I promise you will never regret it. I am very loyal and loving and a God-fearing man. If you would like to give me a chance to make you smile, laugh and bring a little joy into your life just grab a pen and paper and write me. I’ll be sitting here waiting for you! 😊 Thomas Neeley #0569738, WCI, PO Box 728, Norlina, NC 27563

Hi, my name is Thaddeus McKinney from Asheville, North Carolina. I’m a 5’10, 155 pounds, SBM, 48 years of age, brown skin, brown eyes. I’m look’n for a woman that’s into the Lord. I’m a man that believe that a good woman is from the Lord. We could share Bible verses, talk about the future, planning things that are ahead, forgetting the things that’s behind. I like speaking my mind, I’m a good listener, fun to be around, very outgoing, love sports, working out. If a woman likes writing about her ambition, I’m the long lost friend. If interested I’m at Thaddeus McKinney #0271543, TCI, 4600 Swamp Fox Highway West, Tabor City, NC 28463

Even w/the Queen I have for a Mother, it’s only been these last few years that I’ve realized what a gem the womyn is, how multi-faceted and complex the womyn is. I salute you all. I spent my younger years viewing womyn thru the eyes of a superficial little boy. But w/age comes wisdom and w/my shades removed I can see the womyn for the brave, strong, capable goddesses you are. I salute you all. Now I’m a 38 yr. old Afrikan man looking for a Queen to adore, love, RESPECT. This phase of existence is fleeting, I’m not afraid to say that I truly desire to have a relationship w/a lady that transcends the superficial and touches me in a place the hands cannot go. The lady who’s moved enough by my words to respond – is the one that fate has chosen for me, and I’ll be awaiting your letter love. Reach me at Steven Lamont Foreman #0628663, NCI, PO Box 2087, Goldsboro, NC 27533

Dear friend. My name is Terry Laney. Afro American, 44. I’m open minded and will send mail back, fast with stamp inside you can respond back. Terry Laney #0232646, Central Prison, 4285 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699

Hey Beautiful, my name is Chrispen Murphy better known as Murph or Chris!!! I am a single, very handsome black male, who is currently locked up with a release date of 3/12/2021. I am from High Point, NC, born and raised with great parents. I am brown complexion, with brown eyes, with short very wavy hair. I stand 6’0, 195 pounds and in good shape from working out. I am 22 y/or, no kids yet and seriously open to relocation. I am looking for a female/trans woman or feminine man to correspond with. Any race, age or body type who is funny, loveable, loyal and down to earth like myself. I am a sexy bisexual male who enjoys traveling and quality time. I am hoping that my being incarcerated doesn’t stop you from writing and actually getting to know me. I am an amazing guy with a heart full of love and ambition; just one bad decision cost me 2½ years of my life but it doesn’t make me a bad guy! I’ll be 23 yo upon release. I promise you won’t regret getting to know me!!! If you write I can send pictures! I answer ALL CORRESPONDENCES!!! Write me at: Chrispen Murphy #1446811, MCI, Box 169, Hoffman, NC  28347

I’m 33 years old, brown skin, 5’9, 170 lbs and charming. I would like to meet a lady I can build with, one that has a beautiful spirit! Thank you, Bonrick Lee Barksdale #1420045, SCI, 22385 McGirts Bridge Road, Laurinburg, NC 28352

My name is Jasper R. Marshall. I’m 5’10, dark brown skin, brown eyes, bald with a goatee chain strap and a great smile. I love to laugh and have fun. I am very creative, drawing tattoos, making clothes, etc. I’m lookin for friends to get to know, if something happens it is God willing. I would just like someone to talk to, be there for. Thank you for taking the time to read this ad. Jasper R. Marshall #1233864, FCC, Box 155, Bunn, NC 27508

I’m seeking either friendship or a love connection with a woman, either Asian or white would be a plus. I’m Native American, Mexican and white, my religion is Wiccan. I have a friendly disposition and a great sense of humor. I enjoy watching anime and reading manga and many other things that interest me. I’m one who believes that common interests and familiar grounds are a great place to build an empire for an impeccable friendship. If you have the time and patience to wait these years out while getting to know me, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Jose Diego Garcia #15964096, OSP, 2605 State Street, Salem, OR 97310

41-year old male looking for pen pals worldwide. Any race, will reply to all. English or German primary language. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Mark Kurtz #17248962, EOCI, 2500 Westgate, Pendleton, OR 97801

Seeking pen pal for friendship. I’m a currently incarcerated male in Oregon wishing to correspond and make friends while we share our unique experiences. I’m white, 6’1”, with an athletic build. Interested in Arts, writing, physical activities, and much more. I would love to hear your stories and experiences and share mine. Write me @ Jedediah Donley #20702177, EOCI, 2500 Westgate, Pendleton, OR 97801

I’m looking to find a nice sexy female to write while in prison. I love tattoos and piercings on a girl, it’s very attractive. I’m 5’11, blue eyes, great build an have lots of tattoos myself, an plan to get more. Get at me girls I’m lonely an can’t wait to hear from you! Only females please and thank you. Brandon Avery Weltch #21741968, EOCI, 2500 Westgate, Pendleton, OR 97801

Hey! How are you? My name is Nickolas and I’m looking for some cool people to talk to. I’m a nerd. I love video games, manga and anime but I’m willing to have conversations about anything. I’m a great listener and an even better friend. I’d love to be a part of your life if you’ll have me. Thanks for taking the time to read this and have a wonderful day. Nickolas Vega #18764976, EOCI, 2500 Westgate, Pendleton, OR 97801

Hello to all, my name is Geno. I’m a 49 yr young bisexual African American, white & Italian male. I’m seeking friends, someone who values true friendship & understands what it’s like to feel judged & alone. I have been locked down since 2010 with a few years left. I’m doing this time alone as family & those so-called friends have faded away. I’m looking to meet both men, women as well as LGBTQ who are non-judgmental, honest, loyal, fun, mature, intelligent, down to earth & generous. Chase what matters & what matters to me is family, friends & last but not least money. Don’t get me wrong money isn’t everything granted but it is if you don’t have any. Just being honest with you. I will respond to all those that write me, if you can take the time for me, I owe that loyalty back to you. No topic is taboo, ask & you’ll get an honest answer. I am not ashamed to ask for help or donations. I am just a man, nothing more, nothing less. If I sound like someone you would like to help or get to know then please do so @ the info below. Please make donations out to Eugene C. Neubarth #8286601 and send money orders to DOC Central Trust, PO Box 14400, Salem, OR 97309-5077 or you can use You can contact me as follows. Until then always love who you are but now with me as a new friend. Geno Neubarth #8286601, SRCI, 777 Stanton Boulevard, Ontario, OR 97914

I’m a highly intelligent strong good looking independent 39 yr old male. I love to travel, listen to music and draw! Am an amazing artist! I’m 6’1, 185 pounds, cut in all the right places! I’m a Capricorn and very loyal but shy and I’m a caring and loving person. I’m an adventurous, passionate person with a positive attitude. I enjoy outdoor activities, fine dining, culture, arts, and traveling! I treasure the company of a down to earth woman who is sophisticated, and a caring person. I’m Native American but grew up around a Hispanic culture. I speak and understand Spanish. I’m incarcerated and am getting out soon. You can see pictures of me at I’m open to write anybody. I can receive messages at I’m not a judgmental person. If you want a good man then give me a try! I will respond to any who contacts me. So I look forward to meeting some new people. Love to hear from you soon! Jason Aitken #12768577, TRCI, 82911 Beach Access Road, Umatilla, OR 97882

My name is Steve. I’m currently serving a life sentence for murder. I’m easy to communicate with and learning to value life like my father told me when I first got locked up for this crime. I’m 30 years old, 5’10, 200 pounds. I read, watch TV, listen to music, receive visits from my family, play basketball, work out outside when it’s not too cold. I’m from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I’m looking for a penpal so if you’re interested in communicating with me my information is: Smart Communications/PADOC, Stephen Sprull #KD8173, SCI Huntingdon, PO Box 33028, St. Petersburg, FL 33733

If 2 hearts are a pair why let this distance and space keep us from getting near, close enough for me to share my wit and charm life without laughter now that’s just unfair. Want to hear a joke? A grasshopper walks into a bar and hops onto the stool. The bartender takes one look at him and say: “Hey, we’ve got a drink named after you”. The grasshopper says “Who me? Leroy?”. I should take a moment to introduce myself. Hello! Ladies my name is LeVar, and I’m a lover, a son, father, and brother, seeking woman interesting, educated and funny. I’m 40 yrs old, father of two who’s been searching for you! I been wrongfully incarcerated nearly 15 years and searching for that special one who’s going to be there upon my release. I enjoy working out, reading, writing poems, and my new hobby would include listening to you. So, if you like a corny joke to lighten the mood or just someone who’s interested in you sharing how your day went, please contact me via Facebook (yeah we’re on the internet now) or, or write me at Smart Communications/PADOC, LeVar Brown #FZ8925, SCI Greene, PO Box 33028, St. Petersburg, FL 33733

In this new era of Jim Crow…Political minded prisoner is looking to correspond with brothers and sisters who believe in the struggle and liberation of poor, oppressed, and people of color all over the world. No subject or topics off limits dealing with racism, sexism, gender inequality, mass incarceration, police brutality, u.s. wealth disparities, organized religions, UCC applications and theories, health care apartheid, and economic empowerment blueprints for liberation and social revolutions. Self educated in american politics, Afrikan anthropology, world history, and various eastern and western religious mystery systems. I’m 48 yrs old, I’ve been on the Pennsylvania Prison Plantations for over 25 yrs, building with The Gods, reasoning with the Rastas, fasting in Black August, studying The 101s, and reciting the Divine Constitution of the M.S.T. of A. Branch Temple #13, learning the 42 laws/precepts of Maat, and reading The Torah on Shabbat with The Brothers of Truth Ministry. I make no apologies for my myopic view of the word through the bars of a corrupt criminal justice system. I look forward to corresponding with college students, school teachers, mothers who are fed up, social activists, poets, LGBTQ community members, religious leaders, bangers, white liberals, black feminists, white supremacists, and black conservatives. Read Bible, Quran, Baldwin, Fanon, Mao, Iceberg Slim, Alice Walker, Zane, Harper Lee, Sun Tzu, George Jackson, and others. Unconditional release in Feb 2029, before that any day. Let us plot and plan to break the curses of Lev:26 & Deut:28. Smart Communications/PADOC, Michael Farris #BS0005, SCI Fayette, PO Box 33028, St. Petersburg, FL 33733

Hello, my name is Jack. I’m 43 yrs, 6”, 160 lbs, brn eyes and hair. I’m waiting for my P.C.R.A. on a crime I didn’t do. I’m looking for a pen pal. I have no friends, no family and look forward to hearing from someone. Smart Communications/PADOC, Jack Massey #NL6318, SCI Huntingdon, PO Box 33028, St. Petersburg, FL 33733

My name is Jeravn Paolucci, 38 years old. I am 6’ even, weigh 165 lbs, I have cherry wood eyes (reddish brown), black hair. A lot of people say I look like Drake but I don’t see the resemblance. I love video games, basketball, pro wrestling, and hockey, also Nascar. My favorite TV shows are Deputy, Empire, Vanderpump Rules, and Batman. I am a huge comic book buff, my favorite superhero is Green Arrow. I am also currently in the process of writing a novel, it’s a detective novel and I am almost done with it. I am seeking pen pals to write me and to find good friends that can keep me positive while I am locked up, someone I can talk to when things are not going so well or someone I can trust with my deep darkest secrets. If that is you hit me up at: Smart Communications/PADOC, Jeravn Paolucci #NN6596, SCI Albion, PO Box 33028, St. Petersburg, FL 33733

Greetings Ladies! With all due respect I’ve taken the liberty to place this ad looking for a female pen pal friend to correspond with. I am a lifer. Am 52 years old and hoping that someone would find my ad interesting and contact me. I’ve no picks when it comes to the Ladies – Asian, Black, Spanish, white, etc. I love and respect them all. So Ladies please consider me and contact me. Am waiting patiently for a contact. I’ll deeply appreciate your time and consideration. Thank you! Email me at, or write me at Smart Communications/PADOC, John Wayne #CU9870, SCI Pine Grove, PO Box 33028, St. Petersburg, FL 33733

I’m looking for a woman! I’m 5’11”, 170, 41, BM. Any woman looking for some substance, looking for a man with integrity, and looking for a man that will respect and truly appreciate you, I’m your man. My name is William Case, 4em for short. I read, like sports, work out, and most importantly – LOVE WOMEN. So, if you are in search of a man that will treat you special, and show you how superior the woman is, get with me:, Smart Communications/PADOC, William Case #DX9137, SCI Coal Township, PO Box 33028, St. Petersburg, FL 33733

I have been incarcerated 29 months with no one to write or family. And would love to have someone to help do my time. My charges are not violent or sexual, I’m incarcerated due to “self-defense” but I stepped out of self-defense making it an offense. I’m not a bad person. I’m a loving person looking to compromise with a nice and loving lady. I actually was protecting a woman and her 3 year old from an intruder on the day of my arrest, but I guess even heroes have to suffer. I would like to write someone who understands me and is willing to open up to me because I’m ready to do whatever it takes to have that special someone. Cedric Barnett #512563, MCCC, PO Box 2000, Wartburg, TN 37887

I would really enjoy having a pen pal that I could talk to and feel like I have some kind of friend that truly means well in what they write. I have met a few people that I write through the Tennessee prison system but to have someone on the outside to talk to & have a conversation with about almost anything would really help me out in a lot of ways. The main way is because I use writing as a form of therapy to change my mindset when I get depressed or just down in the dumps. Being able to write someone from the outside and talk to would be a God send and a pleasure to have the ability to do so. I will be grateful for anyone. Thank you in advance & God bless. Sincerely, Justin Calvin #608918, HCCF, PO Box 549, Whiteville, TN 38075

Greetings. I would like to connect with a generous, loving, understanding, non-judgmental man. I am a serious, pleasing woman who is capable of playing her cards right. My Facebook is I am a very honest loving woman who loves animals, outdoors, dancing and music. Attract what you expect, reflect what you respect, mirror what you admire. Start each day with a grateful heart. Looking forward to meeting you. Margaret Walker #2184824, CMCU, 1401 State School Road, Gatesville, TX 76599

My name is Kevin, I’m 43 yrs old, divorced since 2014 and doing time alone. I started doing methamphetamines and lost myself in 2014 and began a sinful criminal life. I was arrested on eight felonies and came to prison five years ago (Feb 11th, 2015). I’m a Christian and walk a new path toward change. I’m looking for a female friend to share my thoughts, feelings, and maybe life with. Age, looks, past can be whatever, all I ask is honesty, just be real! I’m six foot tall and weigh 200 pounds. I work out every day so I’m in great shape. I’m covered in tattoos from wrists to ankles. I have baby blue eyes and light brown hair. You can see my pics on Facebook as “Flash Idk Hartsfield”, I have thousands of pics and videos. Drop me a few lines and let’s see where life takes us. I have a little bit of time till I parole out and one of my cases under Habeas Corpus Appeal (INNOCENT) so let’s spend some time getting to know one another. Have a great day. In Christ, Kevin AKA FLASH – Kevin Hartsfield #2084336, Lewis Unit, 777 FM 3497, Woodville, TX 75990

After the darkest hour of the night, the dawn awakens. A cliché that has proven itself true as my life unfolds, in terms of my incarceration there is no exception while I am still in the midst of darkness. The sunrise is now in my view shining on what is now less than three years before I will be eligible for parole again. So as I patiently wait for that day, I would like to lay a foundation on which to build up new friendships. My friends and family call me “Nando”. As a spirited individual I like to keep active, whether or work or on my downtime, keeping busy is key. I enjoy sports, exercising, reading and listening to music. I’m looking to add writing to that list of hobbies. I believe it’s a dying art and being intimate without the physical is something I am interested in reviving. A letter goes a long way. Your thoughts, feelings, laughs, and activities on paper help my mind temporarily escape the reality of my confinement. It also builds bridges that not only reconnect me to the outside world but also leads to new friendships. Since everything has to begin with something I’ve taken the initiative to start building. The next move is on you. If interested I look forward to meeting you. If you choose to respond by please attach a return address. I appreciate your time and hope to be writing you soon. Until then, Fernando Flores #903146, Ferguson Unit, 12120 Savage Drive, Midway, TX 75852

Am currently seeking a Muslim wife to share my life with. I myself am a Moorish Muslim incarcerated under the false pretense of Aggravated Robbery committed in the city of Houston, TX where I am from. I am 27 years of age, a height of 5’11, Brown skin complexion, with Brown eyes and Black hair. I am currently serving a six year sentence and will be free from bondage Jan. 5th, 2022, so as not to keep my future Queen in waiting. If by chance one wishes to view pictures of the man behind the pen, please feel free to go to Facebook and type in Nicholas Graham Don’t Worry Bout It Nigga, and you should be able to find me. Many are called, but I hope I may be the one that is chosen! Nicholas Graham #2051372, Allred Unit, 2101 FM 369 North, Iowa Park, TX 76367

My name is Jesse Blain. I’m 46 years old, Caucasian. I’m 5’11, 200 pds, muscle athletic build and have been working out since I was 29. I work in the oil field, ride motorcycles, go camping, jump cliffs, play guitar. I like nice things, I’m easy going and kids and dogs get attached to me very fast. I’m looking for a friend to correspond with who’s optimistic and down to earth and a good heart. I’m working on getting pics. I am not bad to look at by no means LOL. From what I hear anyhow. Take a chance and write me with an address. Thankx. Jesse Blain #2160709, Wallace Unit, 1675 South FM 3525, Colorado City, TX 79512

Peace and Blessings. My name is Kenyon by birth but my righteous name is Sincere. I’m a 40 year old Black King looking for a Queen to start and rule my kingdom with. But more than anything I’m looking for someone that has the same values I do. Them being loyalty, integrity, honesty, understanding and openmindedness. Like I said I’m looking for a Queen, a woman that knows and understands her worth but also knows that a King plays a key role in her being a full Queen and not just a princess. I have a strong belief that relationships, friendships should add to each person and make them better and life easier. So if I can’t add to you that means I’m taking from you and I’m not that kind of man. I try not to take what I’m not willing to give. With that said, I hope to hear from you. You can email me via or write me at Kenyon “Sincere” Washington #1872185, A. Hughes Unit, Route 2, Box 4400, Gatesville, TX 76597

Hi my name is Kiera but everyone calls me Keke. I’m 20 years old and African American. I’m looking for anyone that has time to write or jpay me ( I’m 5’4” tall. I’m a very good listener and very open minded. I love to write and make music. Female or male can write me, I love them both. I’m a heavy reader, and in the process of studying to becoming a paralegal. Kiera Henderson #2119171, Murray Unit, 1916 North Highway 36 Bypass, Gatesville, TX 76596

My full name is Sheila Ann Bruner, AKA Oklahoma. I am African American & Native Indian, Choctaw Seminole. My age is half of a C-note. My height is 5’3½, wt 145 lbs. My hobbies are various indoor & outdoor sports, camping, hiking, hunting, cooking, shopping, gardening and much more. I’m seeking friendship and maybe more, someone financially stable and who likes romance & affectionate nice dinners by candlelight. And lots of kissing, hugging, and making good love…Affectionately yours, Sheila Bruner #02990516, Harris County Sheriff’s Office Jail, 1200 Baker Street, Houston, TX 77002

My name is Luis Adrian Martinez but my friends call me Panda. I’m 32 yrs old, 5’7 tall, Latino, I’m covered in tattoos. I’m serving a 10 yr sentence for Possession/Aggravated Assault on a public servant. I feel lonely, and I’m looking for a female friend (pen-pal). I spend my days working out and educating my brain with positive stuff. Looks is not everything, because true beauty comes within. I have a sense of humor, smart, caring, loving, & I got courage. I’m the same person anywhere, it doesn’t matter place or time or who’s around. I hope to hear from you. Sincerely, Luis Adrian Martinez aka Panda #02187679, Gib Lewis Unit, 777 FM 3497, Woodville, TX 75990

My full name is Michelle Renée Wilson, my race is a beautiful Caucasian with blue, green, grey eyes and dirty blonde hair. I’m 5’7, 156 lbs, beautiful long legs. I’m 36 years old, my birthday is February 11, 1984. I got my GED, went to college and have my associate’s in Business Technology. I graduated that with an average of 97%. I love the outdoors, fishing, crabbing, anything to do with nature. I was raised on the beach, I love swimming 😊 I’m very affectionate and passionate. Looking for long-term relationship and would love to move in upon my release here. Oh and I give really great massages, wonderful, spontaneous, outgoing personality. Sincerely, Michelle Wilson #0199865, Harris County Sheriff’s Office Jail, 1200 Baker Street, Houston, TX 77002

This is Roy Neil Morris. I am 50 years old, 6’1”, 213 lbs. I am looking for a pen pal to write. I am blonde with a touch of gray. Things I like to do is cook, BBQ, watch movies, and do things as friends should do. I love my Lord Jesus Christ. I own my own remodeling business, I do it all, electrical, plumbing, framing, sheetrock, painting, and my favorite is tile. I made a bad choice and ended up in here. I am single and don’t know what to say in one of these ads, but you have to start somewhere. Thank you and God Bless. Roy Neil Morris #2109887, McConnell Unit, 3001 South Emily Road, Beeville, TX 78102

I feel the need for some outside contact to break the repetitive routine of prison life. General information about myself: I am a 33 year old Hispanic male, single, 5’9” tall, about 150 pounds. Serving a six year sentence for a non-violent crime. I’m interested in learning new information, ideas, and skills. I read a wide variety of books, whenever I have time to do so. I like different genres of movies, music, and TV shows. Growing up, I didn’t have many close friends. I’m making strides to change that. I welcome all letters, no matter what your background. I would like to make friends who would like to occasionally share their everyday life. Write me at: Rolando Patlán #01498515, Ramsey Unit, 1100 FM 655, Rosharon, TX 77583

Hello, my name is Christi. I am light skin caramel complexion. Even my juice box tastes like caramel. Brown hair, brown eyes. Race Blk & Creole, height 5’4, weight 135 lbs, DOB 05/29/88. Expected release 03-2021. I am a single female searchin for friends and possibly my soulmate, including legal assistance, to entertain me through these helpless lonely times. I find myself lonely and I need someone to share my thoughts with. I’m a very athletic, intelligent, sensual, open minded, optimistic, understanding woman. I am instantly seductive – pure pleasure wrapped in impulsive charm. I enjoy music, outdoors, layin lookin at the sunset, feeling the fresh air against my sexy body, feeling a free spirit. I’m very entertaining and will do anything to satisfy my significant other. I am desperately seeking legal help for a parole lawyer. I have been incarcerated for 11 yrs on a 25 Agg. for first degree murder that was self defense. If you could spark my flame in any area please write me @ Christi Lashaye McCall #1624818, Lane Murray Unit, 1916 North Highway 36 Bypass, Gatesville, TX 76596

Someone once said that a stranger is just a friend that you have not met yet. I believe that is true. With that said, hello my name is Rasheen. I would like to develop a caring, sincere friendship that can stand the test of time. I’m a caring, easy going passionate friend who is loyal to the core! I made some bad choices in my life, but I am not a bad person. I’ve learned to live on life’s terms and not my own. Being in a positive state of mind, I would value and appreciate having some positive people in my life to connect with. My passions are reading, writing poetry, sports, music, writing letters and talking on the phone. If you’re interested, please write to me. I answer to all. If you would like to know more about me or see my photos, please visit and check out my profile. Also, if you email me via, please include your return address. Thanks. Rasheen Robinson #1751570, Polunsky Unit, 3872 FM 350 South, Livingston, TX 77351

Hi my name is Starr. I’m 28 years old and currently incarcerated in Texas. I am currently serving time on an 8 year sentence. I am looking for pen pals to correspond with. A few things I enjoy are driving, listening to music, and getting tattoos. If you would like to get to know me, feel free to write me. Starr Blake #02281827, San Saba Unit, 206 South Wallace Creek Road, San Saba, TX 76877

Hello my name is Valerie Lopez. I’m 32 yrs old, single, stand at 5’3½, weigh about 150, have black hair and brown eyes. I’m looking for anyone who is interested in friendship and is willing to be supportive as I will do the same. I’m very loyal, honest, and trustworthy. So if you are interested in someone who will always be a real friend then I’ll be looking forward to your letters and hope to learn more about you, as you will learn more about me. Thank you for your time and honesty. Valerie Lopez #1631756, Hobby Unit, 742 FM 712, Marlin, TX 76661

My name is Javier Flores. I am 44 years old. I have been in prison for 13 years now. I enjoy reading all kinds of books. I love to draw, and I also write books. I am currently writing my first fiction book. I am a very positive person and take every chance to better myself so that I can succeed upon my release. I joke around a lot and love to laugh. I have been in administrative segregation my whole time in prison. I am looking for friends to write with and be able to have some outside company. If you are interested please feel free to reach out so we can begin to start a friendship. Bye, Javier Flores #1559597, Ramsey Unit, 1100 FM 655, Rosharon, TX 77583

I’m in search of some correspondence with all who are willing to get to know “ME”. I am an open minded man with lots to offer. I’ve been through a lot and have seen even more. I enjoy normal conversation, what’s going on in each other’s life, sports, and in my spare time I design different things made with leather. I am a genuine person who could use some inspiring and encouraging words at times. In return, I also can provide those too! I’ll be ready to respond to all who see “ME” worthy of their time. Thank you!!! Ronney Weems #1674091, Michael Unit, 2664 FM 2054, Tennessee Colony, TX 75886

My name is Bobby Hamilton, I’m 6’2, 190 lbs, 32 year old male. I’m Black with lite brown skin. My likes are reading Biography books, History books and working out, learning new things and having fun. I like writing music. I’m a single man with no ids, a man with no family or friends to love or care for. I’m looking for someone who will love me and cares about me and understands me for who I am as a person and who will always be honest with me. I am also honest myself. Being honest is one of the most important things in a relationship and as long as we are honest with each other life will be wonderful for us. I am a very open-minded person and I have a very good understanding so why should I limit myself. It’s not what’s on the outside that counts it’s what’s on the inside that counts the most to me at the end of the day. I’m looking for a woman in her 30s or 40s so please be free to write me. I’ll excuse myself respectfully but before I excuse myself I want to say peace and love to all of the beautiful women in the world who are reading this right now. May GOD keep you and your family safe. GOD Bless you. Bobby Hamilton #1412479, Coffield Unit, 2661 FM 2054, Tennessee Colony, TX 75884

Want to see pictures of me? Look up Cash Mula on Facebook. Please call me Prince. I’m waiting to meet you and can’t wait to hear from you so please don’t second guess it. You can put a smile on my face with one letter no matter your age, race, location, or gender. I just love making new friends honestly. I love to write, so much so I’ve began writing books. I read “A LOT” as well, play basketball, and work out to stay in shape. Prison has changed my outlook on life, now I look forward to my future whereas I use to live in the moment, I now stay healthy when I use to do drugs, also I actually cherish life and grow by meeting new people learning new things. I don’t think I’ve ever really had a friend that wasn’t there for the wrong reasons ya know? And I can honestly say I’ve been in love with all the wrong people, but if I can love them as much as I did imagine what would come of a mutual love and understanding? Everyone deserves to experience “true love” and “true friendship” in life. Don’t let my tattoos scare you away, I’ve been a tattoo artist for a while and was trying so hard to become a tattooed model but…well…you catch my drift. Rehabilitation and success require a little help at times, even if it’s just good advice. Please don’t be a stranger, write me. Prince, aka Robert Merrill #2043543, Ramsey Unit, 1100 FM 655, Rosharon, TX 77583

ATTENTION LADIES! This is a limited time offer, I need your undivided attention for a minute please. Are you interested in corresponding with an inmate? Did your last or prior pen-pal satisfy your taste buds? If you are tired of the bland flavor and craving for something more mouth watering then don’t look no further. I have what it takes to put a little more spice into your life. At this moment all I have to offer is a handsome smile that will cast off any of your rainy days. Do you agree, looking into someone’s eyes is a window to their soul? You may look deep into my eyes, discover the innocence and we could possibly build a foundation of trust. My ears are always open for more understanding and our conversation will bring colors to life. We can discuss about anything and everything that you woud write into your diary, this will be our secret kept confidential. I am non judgmental so be comfortable in your skin and come as you are. If you can accept me at my worst (this is temporary) I’ll allow you to be at my side when I’m at my best. I appreciate you for your time, if this message fits your criteria, don’t hesitate to make your next move. My info is: Syna John Heng #1232505, Telford Unit, 3899 State Highway 98, New Boston, TX 75570

My name is Michael Kimmel. I’m 35 years old! I’m bi-racial, half Black and half white. Handsome. Golden brown skin tone, white teeth – nice smile. I’m 5’10½”, 195 lbs, muscular athletic build. Will provide a picture to you if you write me. Honestly, I’m lonely, seeking a friend to have great conversations with, to exchange thoughts, ideas, dreams and goals. I’m self-educated mostly but have some college experience. Though I’m lonely, I’m not sad but fun loving. I love to laugh and make others laugh. I maintain positive and optimistic attitudes towards life. More about me! I love to travel and meet new people. I’m constantly trying to rehabilitate and educate myself more at every opportunity given to me. I think all people are unique and special in their own way and just so you know looks, personal appearances, age, ethnicity, nor any other trivial thing like that matter to me. I’m a simple man, easy to please, open, and honest. Now if I may ask you, what are your interests, hobbies, aspirations, and profession in life? Just a few starter questions. Well I hope I’m open minded enough to fulfill whatever you are looking for in a pen pal. Hope to hear from you soon. Write to me at the address below OR if you register your phone to my name I will prepay for all my calls to you and can call in 72 hrs. For phone registration call 866-806-7804, email me via or write Michael Kimmel #1459952, Wynne Unit, 810 FM 2821 West, Huntsville, TX 77349

David D. Reece, age 36, 5’8, weigh 205 lbs, African-American. Single/straight man seeking single women, any type or race. My favorite color is candy apple red. I have education/skills in welding, as a barber, and with interior design. My favorite cities are Las Vegas, Miami, and Little Rock, Ark. My favorite car is the 1996 Impala Super Sport. My favorite shoes are Nike Air Force One, Air Max, Reebok Classic, and Kahi and my favorite clothes are Coogi, Red Monkey, Miskeen, Crown Holder, and Bathing Ape. My hobbies are traveling, weight lifting, boxing, and customizing cars. Can send a picture. David D. Reece #1661947, Powledge Unit, 1400 FM 3452, Palestine, TX 75803

Hello world Big Girls need love too! I’m a big sexy red lady looking for an outgoing person that is willing to have an open mind, great heart and that knows and understand that people make mistakes is willing to give second chances. I’m 35 with a 3 year sentence max out in 2021. I’m a bisexual that love exploring and living life to the fullest. If I’m someone you would like to know please write back soon. Tonya Elder #2230073, CMCU, 1401 State School Road, Gatesville, TX 76599

Searching for Pen Pal!! So right about now I know you just finished looking at some other guys, so I guess I have about 30 seconds to catch your attention. Well I’m incredibly handsome and I have a body like a Greek God 😊. But for real let me just say I appreciate it for anyone who decides to correspond with me. My name is Christopher Pacheco. I’m 28 years young, light skin Mexican, really good looking and tatted up. I’m 5’7 and 170 pounds, in good shape with black hair. I’m looking for someone to write and just get to know. I’m a really loyal and friendly guy. I think I could make you smile. In fact I know I can. I love to talk a lot. So if you like to talk I think we could be perfect for each other. My intentions in placing this ad is to find that one girl that’s going to make me smile. I’m looking for that one girl I can call baby, but don’t get me wrong, I’m the type of guy that will take it slow too. I think that people should give everyone a chance to get to know someone because that someone just might be the one. If you’re interested and just want to be friends that’s cool too. I’ll be more than happy to be your friend. With that being said, I guess hit me up, I’ll be waiting. Sincerely, Christopher Pacheco #1780115, A. Hughes Unit, 3201 FM 929, Gatesville, TX 76597

African American female, 39 years of age, 5’5, 200 pd solid, brown eyes, black hair, highly athletic. I am seeking someone who is open minded, loves to laugh, can tell a good joke and is not afraid to be different. Enjoys life’s thrills and doesn’t take things too seriously. I love bathroom readers full of useless information. I’m an old soul. I’m interested in the mind…over matter. Your looks, size, race, or gender doesn’t concern me – I seek your mind I see nothing else. I want to release my self into you. Life gives us lemons…I seek only to add sugar…Elizabeth Bridges #1300565, Crain Unit, 1401 State School Road, Gatesville, TX 76599

Mexican American male, single, 5’9”, 190 lbs, athletically built, light golden brown skin complexion, light brown eyes. I love to play sports and stay fit. Nevertheless, I am not complicated, just in search of an open-minded, straightforward, down-to-earth female – one who is above and beyond the artificial role plays and emotional games. If you’re out there, your highness, I would love to politic with you on a level of love and friendship. I promise to answer all letters and send photos to the heart that is sincere. So get at me ASAP. Sincerely, René Carcano #2039249, Wallace Unit, 1675 South FM 3525, Colorado City, TX 79512

First & foremost much love, loyalty, honor, and respect to whom it may concern. My name is Henry Taylor Krueger III. I am locked up in Bexar County Adult Detention Center. I am being held here in lockdown 23 hours a day 7 days a week. When I come out for my day room I am in shackles and only when I am out of my cell. I have been wrongly accused of this heinous crime. My bond is half a million dollars. I have been here for a few years now and have no pen pals. I am looking to obtain a friend or two. I am 195 lbs, 39 years of age, brown eyes, 6’3”, white male. My charge is Capital Murder. I would love to have some pen pals ASAP. They are trying to give me the Death Penalty. I need some love in my life or just good pen friends. Thanks. God says it’s better to give than to receive, I hope this letter brings both, I give all I got. Henry Krueger III #747677, Bexar County Jail, 200 North Comal Street, San Antonio, TX 78207

Hello my name is Terra Dart, I am looking for a pen pal. I am 32, white female, 262 lbs, 5’7, with two little girls. I am currently incarcerated in Harris County Jail, January was one year, never again first and only time. I am looking for someone to talk to and help pass the time. I enjoy writing and talking to all different types of people. I enjoy listening to all types of music, hanging out with friends, bonfires, muddin, dancing, country living, puzzles, activities w/my girls. Can’t wait to hear back from you. Terra Dart #02981784, Harris County Sheriff’s Office Jail, 1200 Baker Street, Houston, TX 77002

SBM, 45, 6’4”, 260, likes reading, writing and sports. Seeking penfriends W/W. Mr. Gretchon Powell #1607214, Telford Unit, 3899 State Highway 98, New Boston, TX 75570

STOP!! LOOK and read HELP WANTED / PEN-PAL WANTED. No experience required, age, race, religion not important. I’m seeking correspondence with an open minded, understanding person who would like to share their life experiences, adventures whether it’s good or bad, as well as me sharing mines. I’m very easy to talk to, get along with. I’m compassionate, sincere, confident, open minded, honest, and non judgmental. I would like to be judged by the content of my character not by the mistakes I have made in the past that I have learned from. Hopefully I have aroused your interest if so hit me right away so we can begin our new friendship. Have a great day. You can email me through, Leon Nigel Barrett #1621218, A. Hughes Unit, Route 2, Box 4400, Gatesville, TX 76597

My name is Stephanie Martinez. I am easy going, and easy to talk to. I am 5’2”, weigh 165 lbs, long hair, brown eyes. I’ve got a good sense of humor. Open to any conversation. I am seeking someone to keep me company on this journey. I am here on an attempt to deliver charge, and have a 25 year TDC Sentence. I love to read books from authors like: Penelope Sky, Lora Leigh, Jaci Burton, Laurell K. Hamilton, Sylvia Day, and Colleen Hoover. I enjoy dancing, cooking, and love to play pool. I definitely love the outdoors. So I am seeking friendship, possibly more, from male or female. Sincerely, Stephanie Martinez #2124811, CMCU, 1401 State School Road, Gatesville, TX 76599

Tall Texas Blonde looking for great adult conversation and a penpal with a good sense of humor. I have blue eyes and I am 5’11” tall and I love life. Can send a photo upon request. Shoot me a letter – you’ll be glad you did! Thanks for making my day! I will respond to all letters! Diane Peasley #2154314, Crain Unit/Trusty Camp 2-60, 1401 State School Road, Gatesville, TX 76599

People, this may be an unusual use for a pen-pal ad, but read on it may be directed at you. My name is Daniel Dillard and I am 33 years old. I have been incarcerated since I was 19 years old and I am serving a Life Without Parole sentence in Texas. Instead of rotting away, I have spent the last 14 years teaching myself the law and studying business. If you have any knowledge of the suppression tactics used in Texas, then you understand that Texas does NOT allow its prisoners to use their hard earned knowledge for profit. BUT Texas does NOT control who we IMPART this knowledge to. So I am searching for people who have a founder’s mindset and a basic web page building knowledge. Only the mindset is mandatory. AND a willingness to be in personal contact regularly. Send a brief summary of your resume and an introductory letter to: Daniel D. Dillard #1400285, James V. Allred Unit, 2101 FM 369 North, Iowa Park, TX 76367

Att. Women wanted for pen pal, for friendship maybe more, depends on chemistry. Women 30+ reply, any race. Looking to meet good heart Christian woman but if you believe in God that’s fine too. My name is Derrion Hamilton, I’m 39 years old, 5’11, 220 lbs, caramel complexion, million $ smile, will send photo if you do the same. My nickname is Gorgeous not vain or conceited. I come up for parole 2020 & every year after that. My sentence is up 2025. I’m very loyal & a great listener. I look forward to hearing from you. God Bless! Derrion Hamilton #2075931, Hodge Unit, 379 FM 2972, Rusk, TX 75785

Hi, my name is Gerardo Pinedo. I’m a 28 year old Hispanic looking to meet someone to share some thoughts with. Willing to write anyone. 5’5”, 160 lbs, tattoos. If you are out there contact me at Gerardo Pinedo #2108999, Hightower Unit, 902 FM 686, Dayton, TX 77535

Spicy Hispanic that will try anything once, depending on what it is. My eyes are green but I’m not jealous minded. I’m open-minded, loyal to a fault and love learning new things. I’m 5’2” but I’m not short on education so we can talk about anything. I’m a poet @ heart who loves traveling. I wish to correspond with someone of the same caliber. Can you think outside the box? Destiny Villarreal #1018310, Hobby Unit, 742 FM 712, Marlin, TX 76661

Looking to share laughs with someone! Are you tired of the same old personal ads and lies or people lacking honesty, sincerity and respect? Well I promise to listen and give my attention, affection, appreciation to always lend a helping hand…deliver a prompt reply to all letters and devote time. I’m 6’3”, 290 lbs, mixed-race Black/white/Native American. I’m confident, spontaneous, and open-minded. I believe this is a stepping-stone to success and always looking for new opportunities in my life. I’m searching for meaningful and lasting friendship and maybe relationship with the right special woman. I’m 39 yrs old. Raymond Hale #1912194, Robertson Unit, 12071 FM 3522, Abilene, TX 79601

Hi, I’m Erica Brown-Verdell. African-American/Black woman, born 3/20/76, 5’3”, 140 lbs, sandy red hair, hazel eyes. I’m straight but willing to write anyone. I am laid back, easy going, high spirited, easy to get along with. I am honest, smart, funny & beautiful w/a heart as big as Texas. Looking for friends to share my time with. Thank you for taking the time to read my ad. I look forward to hearing back from you soon. Have a wonderful day & God Bless you. Sincerely, Erica Brown-Verdell #1751757, Hobby Unit, 742 FM 712, Marlin, TX 76661

INNOCENT MAN, WRONGLY CONVICTED. As of now, I’ll never go home. But there is hope! I have an alibi, and one day I will prove my innocence. Therefore I seek a friend who will help ease my troubled mind, gladden my weary heart, and brighten these darkest of days with kind words and compassion. I am a musician (I play French horn and drums); a writer of poetry, novels, short stories, screen- and stageplays, and songs; and a novice artist, still working on my skills as a portraiture. In the 3¾ yrs I have been incarcerated, I have obtained multiple paralegal certificates, not only to help fight my case, but to secure a better future for myself. I love learning new things just for the sake of learning something new. In school, I excelled at math, science, and social studies (history/geography). I was in ROTC, and spent 6 yrs in band. I enjoy most genres of music, particularly older music from the 60s-90s. But I like newer country! Shout out to Rascal Flats! Due to my situation, I’m not looking for a relationship and welcome all races, ages, sexes, sizes, shapes and sexual orientations to write, whether in America or overseas. I feel open, honest, and effective communication is paramount in every type of relationship, platonic or otherwise. I have nothing to hide, and don’t judge others. Feel free to ask anything, I’ll be forthright, asking only the same in return. Vernard Brown Jr. #2040544, Michael Unit, 2664 FM 2054, Tennessee Colony, TX 75886

“Chocolate Lovers Dream”. My name is Sheila Taylor. I am 36 years young, 5’5”, long brown hair, brown eyes and yes my race is black. I am from Richmond, VA. I love cooking, basketball, camping, skinny dipping, and racquetball. I love meeting new people. Please don’t be shy. I am waiting to hear from you. You can reach me by email on or wrote. Sheila Taylor #1137606, VCCW, PO Box 1, Goochland, VA 23063

Dear Society. My name is Terrell Terry and I’m 34 years old. Born and raised inside Richmond Virginia. I am the co-founder of #PrisonLivesMatter and believe with all my heart if we work together as a society we can end mass incarceration. They got us men and women locked up all around the world. However I don’t want prison to be locked inside my heart. That is why I’m reaching out to society hoping to find somebody who can brighten up some of these lonely days. If I had to describe myself I would say I’m intelligent, loyal, dependable, compassionate and understanding and open minded to all aspects of life. I’m the type of person who would rather find the diamond within somebody’s heart than a physical one you could place in my hand. Enclosed with love, you can email me at or write me at Terrell Terry #1038171, ROSP, PO Box 970, Pound, VA 24279

I come before you in the royal form of Jadon K. Artis. Date of birth: 5/3/1990. Zodiac sign: Taurus. Race: African-American. Height: 5’9”. Weight: 190 pounds, with a muscular build. Birthplace: Franklin, Virginia in the Country of Southampton. Positive traits: Strong-willed, reliable, warm-hearted, trustworthy, loyal, and etc…Negative traits: Stubborn, inflexible, resentful, violent, and etc…My favorite colors are black, red, green, and yellow. My favorite time of the year are spring and summer. I have 3 years left on my sentence. My release plan consists of acquiring my CDLs and driving trucks, saving my money, investing in real estate, starting my own custodial maintenance business, and etc…collaborate with prison activist groups to revolutionize inhumane prison conditions worldwide. Organize demonstrations to change laws as such as the 85% with no possibility of parole in Virginia, and etc…I am in quest of like minded individuals. No matter their race, nationality, or creed. Male or female. If you are reading this profile and share similar ideas, pick up a pen and write me an introductional letter. I humbly extend my love to you, as well as my gratitude in your sharing this profile with me. Until your response, I am awaiting in the utmost respect, love, peace, truth, loyalty & trust! You can set up an email through, or my information is as follows: Jadon K. Artis #1421443, Sussex II State Prison, 24429 Musselwhite Drive, Waverly, VA 23891

Hello beautiful people, they call me Dun-da-da an I’m a good dude. I hope you don’t mind reaching out 2 me in my situation, but I could really use your moral support and understanding! I’m an activist an poet. I’m a avid chess player. An eye received my GED in ’02! I’m a friendly people person! I am 36 years young an I’m from Petersburg, VA! I’m brown skin, brown eyes, an 175 lbs! I’m 5’7 in height an I am a avid book reader an book writer. I exercise a lot an I love automobiles, pictures, big cities, spontaneous people an education. I’m very Godly an I want 2 be a better person! An I want 2 do great things. An I wanna help people in the world grab their dreams an make them come true! Please write me so I can learn who you are an you can learn more about me! My release date is 12-12-22 an my DOB is 8-2-83. Please get at me fam! Peace, love, an happiness. And stay healthy an happy! Stay safe and be real and elevate always. You can contact me thru or you can write me, Antonari Alexander #1185995, ROSP, PO Box 1900, Pound, VA 24279

My name is Troy Tucker but everyone calls me Yamu. Imma east coast native hoping to meet a female on the west coast. I’m in prison in Virginia and the latest I should be released is June 2021. At 5’10 and weighing 210 pounds, I’m brown skin with brown eyes, a beard, and bald head. I was born 6-23-84. You can see what I look like and hear some of my music by going on YouTube and typing this name and song titles in: Gary Hines “Letter 2 da streets”, Gary Hines “Industry killa”, Gary Hines “Big homey”, Gary Hines “Message to young Fon”. All music videos listed under the name Gary Hines are me. Due to a bogus contract I signed my name was owned at the time. I can also be seen in another music video on YouTube by Young Fonn called “Anotha level”. I wrote all my music and Young Fonn’s music. Because of a pending record deal with a west coast label I’m trying to relocate to California once released. Hopefully I’ve piqued your interest. I can be emailed at or write me at: Troy Scot Tucker #1155419, LCC, 1607 Planters Road, Lawrenceville, VA 23868

Hello, how are you beautiful ladies? My name is DaQuarius, you can call me Bright Eyes. I’m 28 yrs old, was born 3/15/91. I am 5’7”, 160 lbs, with a graham cracker skin tone. I’m currently serving time in a federal penitentiary. I’m a man of many different qualities an attributes. I’m seeking female companionship, someone who can keep me grounded and focused in my aspiration and leaves all the superficial judgments to the immature. I’d prefer someone older with a dark hue an I have a fetish for women who classify themselves as BBWs. I don’t care what race/nationality she is. Regardless of my preferences I will respond to all inquiries. During my leisure time I like playing chess, reading, writing, singing, and exercising. I love new an interesting experiences/things. Since this incarceration I’ve acknowledged so much about myself, like my potential that others have already witnessed; that has been one of my motivating forces in restoring my “self” image. I am awaiting your reply and will respond in a timely fashion. I don’t write poison pen letters nor do I desire to trick others with lies, deceptions, and false alibis. May God continue to Bless you. Please send all correspondence to: DaQuarius Daniels #30125076, USP Lee County, PO Box 305, Jonesville, VA 24263

I truly hope the ladies that’s reading what I’ve wrote understand that I’m sincere and honest; not a burden or a mishap. I’ve been thru quite a lot lately and lost faith in myself. The last couple of yrs has taught me a lot about myself and patience. From day to day living to getting more educated. I know it’s a lot to ask someone to be friends with someone in this type of situation. To ease your mind I can assure you I’m honorable and respectful. I’m merely looking for correspondence and friendship. Faith is leading me to take the first step. Do you have faith. And, are you willing to take the first step with me? If your answer is yes, then I’ll start with my name. My name is Albert, but people call me Al. I have 13 months left and conversing with a beautiful soul would be pleasant and delightful. Ladies if you want to contact me here’s how: or by mail, Albert Glover #783494, CBCC, 1830 Eagle Crest Way, Clallam Bay, WA 98326

Fetishists in stilettos & stockings sought. My name is Terry, I am a 51 year old white male – severely tattooed, easygoing, down to earth and practical. I will write or email anyone in the States or abroad. I welcome all replies & discriminate against no one for any reason. I’ll send photo for photo! I am 5’7, 170 lbs, brown hair, hazel blue eyes. I am a good man, I just got lost and broken. I could really use some penpals, female, shemale or wildside walkers…especially alternative lifestyle types in stiletto heels & stockings, nylons or other kinky hosiery or latex, PVC or kinky wear. To email me use, or write Terry L. Grant #929565, MCC/WSR B-127, PO Box 777, Monroe, WA 98272

Looking for people to write to as friends. I’ve been in prison a long time, have no family and would like to hear from someone. I’m paying for my wrongs, I’m remorseful for what I did and I’m doing my time as a changed person. Hope to hear from someone soon. Jim Ruzicka #624728, MCC TRU, A-303, Box 888, Monroe, WA 98272

My name is Jenaro Matthews. I am 42 yrs old, 5’5”, 150 lbs – nationality my father’s side from Africa, mother Italian and Cherokee. I am currently incarcerated in Washington state, releasing in a couple years. I am fit and healthy. I was previously a single parent for several years. I am family orientated. My own children are beautiful and now grown. I have no interest in being a bachelor, nor living a bachelor lifestyle after release. I am a Christian and I am doing everything I can to be obedient to the Lord so he will allow the quality of my life to be improved. If you are like me and would like to meet a new friend that is a good thing. I can be found on (in Washington state, JPay allows emails, photos, and 30 sec videograms) or you can write to me directly at: Jenaro Matthews #881210, CCCC, PO Box 37, Little Rock, WA 98556

45 year old female, single, 6’0, 179, brown hair, gray eyes. Outgoing, non-judgmental, open minded, good cook. Love to draw & crochet. Love the outdoors. Looking for friendship or LTR. Will be released in the next 2 years. Incarcerated for a drug overdose case! Will relocate, will write anyone. Goal oriented. HSED graduate, some college. Any more info please contact me. Georgene Vincent #419651, TCI, PO Box 3100, Fond du Lac, WI 54936

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Mature man, 69 years old, healthy, mentally astute, fun loving with excellent sense of humor and still active in life and love. Seeking mature, down-to-earth woman who likewise enjoys living and has the fires of life burning in her heart and soul and the flames of passion igniting her libido when stoked by the right man — her “Mr. Right.” Friendship and eventual romance is the goal. I’m a Black man, but I don’t care what race, creed or color you are. Just be of appropriate age (60 years or older), reasonably healthy, genuine, still carrying a zest for life, and sincere about exploring a meaningful, committed future with that special someone. If this sounds like it could be you, then let’s not waste any more time! Write and let’s begin the journey of getting to know ech other. My hookup is: Khalif Lateef, C-52678, CSP-Solano, 6-115, P.O. Box 4000, Vacaville CA 95696.

Looking 4 a friend, someone just 2 talk to about having a better life. 50 yrs, 5’7”, 190 lbs, light brown eyes, African American from Oakland. Short timer. Looking for outside friendship. Can’t we just talk? Jahwar Bukhari, 1664495, 651 I St., Sacramento CA 95814.

Hello LGBTIQ or anybody interested. I’m 29, mulatto (Black and white), 6 ft or 6’1, 190-210 lbs, athletic build. I workout on a weekly basis. I’m currently incarcerated for assault and battery w/a deadly wpn. I have been incarcerated for 7 years as of June 18, 2019 (been maximum security over 2 years). I enjoy working out, playing basketball and football. I sing, read and write poetry, and rap and r+b songs and soul songs. I’m clean cut, clean shaven. I’m a alpha/dominant male in life and in the bedroom. Some of my goals are to settle a pending lawsuit upon my release at my parole hearing in December 2019, work, and take care of my kids. I like to get visits and talk on the phone so if you write send your number and I will call as soon as possible. Due to me possibly being released December 2019 I’m including my current location but also you may want to call my grandmother Ina at 918-739-3693 or 918-282-3099, or my mother Jennifer Smoke at 918-230-0200 as they will know my contact info. I hope to hear from you, you will have a positive, motivated person in your life! Great blessings to you. Tyler Welch Randall #670235, LCC, Bravo-9-107B, 8607 SE Flower Mound Road, Lawton, OK 73501

My name is TANK. I’m currently locked up for a drug charge. I got 14-30 months, I max out this January. I’m 23, 6 feet, 240, athletic build, light brown. I’m a honest, funny, bold, outgoing, ambitious, loving, loyal, intellectual young Black man looking for the same in a woman. I’m non-judgmental, I don’t care about race, looks, or any of that. Just hit me and we can see where things go. Y’all can see what I look like on my YouTube channel, Anthony Steele, my video is called Car Crackin music video. Y’all can hit me up at Anthony Rawlings #NG8625, Smart Communications/PADOC, SCI Benner, PO Box 33028, St Petersburg, FL 33733

Hello Ladies, my name is Ishmael but everyone calls me Jackpot. I am 42 years young, 5’9” tall, 170 lbs with a pecanian skin complexion and I am in search of white, Cuban or Puerto Rican women to vibe with. I have about 5 months before I am to be released and I have been given 16½ years for sales of cocaine and a high speed chase. If you would like to vibe wit me via email go up under or if you would like to write me my address is Ishmael Whitaker #194469, SRCI, 5850 East Milton Road, Milton, FL 32583

Looking for sincere love, each one/teach one. Single, 6 ft, 190 lbs, lifer. Send photo. Race doesn’t matter! Also looking for financial assistance for investigator to take lie detector test ($25/hour) for Board of Prison term hearing Feb 2020. I was set-up/framed by Los Angeles Sheriff Deputy 1996 to enforce a 3-strike illegally, with excessive use of force. Need donation to show the Deputy lied about the specific act. Alonzo McKinney # K74846, CCI, PO Box 1902, Tehachapi, CA 93581

Ads added Oct. 23, 2019

42 yr old proud Blackman looking to start and build a meaningful relationship while still incarcerated. I am looking for a woman that has no problem with a relationship under these conditions, someone into visiting on weekends, writing letters, collect phone calls, JPays and pictures. I need a woman okay with the knowledge the man of her interest is on a yard and sh will have to wait to the weekends to see him. I am open to talk and discuss love, life and realities of relationships and any other cool topics. I am into Hispanic women but I am open to all women. Must be 28 yrs and older, looking for something serious, able to have children and secure in self. You can see pictures at, or Take care and hope to hear from you soon. Thank you! Weldon Rashawn Bedford #B13576, PBSP, 133-130, PO Box 7500, Crescent City, CA 95532

I hope these words are received with an open mind and pure heart. I’m a self-made strong minded African American male looking for a strong minded woman to build with and get to know. I’m 5’9, dark complexion with long dreds that hang to my waist, a body covered in meaningful tattoo art and a mouth full of gold teeth. I’m worthwhile to say the least. I’m just looking to get to know new people who have a positive attitude on life and aspirations to be something. I am the CEO of a indie record label in Charlotte, NC. I love music, poetry, and enjoying life stress free. If this interests you or you wish to know more HMU. I’m scheduled for release 11/2/19. I’m open to receive all mail but anyone locked up who writes me will have to send the letters 3rd party. All pics sent will receive a pic with me in street attire. Stay blessed. I look forward to your letters. Antoine Williams #1005406, Central Prison, 4285 Mail Service CTR, Raleigh, NC 27699-4200

I’m 46, Gemini, 150 lbs, all 6 abs good shape, breakdancer, exercises. Love most music, beaches, lakes, parks, travel. Outgoing, funny. Love Hot Rods, Classics, Off Road Vehicles, Motorcycles, animals. Looking for friendship & a pen pal who will hold me down till I come out, 11-16-19. I need to come to a girl who is here for me. I’m successful with houses, land, business. I offer no bills, no rent, vacation, a good life; if we talk, no lies. My word, I am all a girl needs. Expect satisfaction, my guarantee. Roberto Durand #1078930, ESP, PO Box 1989, Ely, NV 89301

Hello. I want you to know I’m going to keep it genuine and tell the truth to you because before I lie to you, I’ll lie for you and I won’t do too much of that. My name is Chris Armstrong. I’m 25 years old with no kids. I’m prioritized, organized, and well maintained. Every woman reading this can take the opportunity to see if they are qualified to start a friendship that may transpire into something deeper. I am 6’2, 180 lbs and I have the body of an action figure. My skills that have are carpentry, painting, and cooking. I’ve been incarcerated for 16 months on a non-violent offense and I have a release date Jan 2020. It’s my intention to capture someone’s special attention. Don’t you know that I’m willing to build because I want to lay, pray, and stay with a significant other. There are pics of me on Facebook: Frank D-No (Elrah A`Finesse), Twitter @FrankDno. If you’re qualified and would like to get acquainted then email me through or write me. I will respond to your correspondence. Stay Blessed. #IAm #TRUE Chris Armstrong #1316824, SCC, 300 East Pedro Simmons Drive, Charleston, MO 63834

Ordained minister, 57, B/M seeks virtuous woman. Lawrence Martin #106491, EARU, PO Box 180, Brickeys, AR 72320-0179

Hello out there ladies. My name is Brian Shalom Hunter but I am known to most as simply “Goldie”. Unfortunately for the moment I am trapped inside the belly of the beast. The good news is, the oppressor did not win in my case, I overturned a natural life sentence and am due for release in 2021. Not only did I refuse to lose, I also refused to become a product of my current environment. I am so much more than my current environment, I like to think of myself as old money and fine wine – I just continue to mature and get better with time. I’m looking for that special lady of similar mindset, a woman who refuses to lose and on a constant mission to better oneself and win. I want someone who is loyal, respects herself and commands respect, a Queen who knows her worth and won’t settle for nothing less. Are you my Queen? I am blk and Puerto Rican, 5’9”, well built and toned, caramel colored skin and hazel green eyes. I am a Brooklyn NY native. Race is not important to me, but keeping it real is most important. I am a man of many resources an visions, convict mail welcome. Cannot get mail directly from other institutions. Write me at the following: Brian Shalom Hunter #147483, ASPC-Eyman, SMU #1, 1-D-7, PO Box 4000, Florence, AZ 85132

If you were given the privilege to receive this letter, I promise you have gained a friend for life! And I hope to receive a letter in return with hopes of the same. “No pressure, right” LOL…I’m a Mexican American. I stand at 5’8”, have a stocky muscular build body & honey brown eyes. I’m currently in pursuit of attending college to get my Associates Degree, with much hope and hard work I know I will accomplish my goal. I love to laugh, smile, and just be happy whenever possible. I’m charming, outgoing, have a great personality. I love nature and animals, music, reading books, writing poetry, and traveling. I don’t judge people nor discriminate because of color, shapes, religion, or political reasons. I respect and want respect in return. I been through a lot in my life and it’s been hard to part ways with the emotional feelings and the mental aspect of forgiving others and forgiving myself. I’m a man, but I’m not afraid of asking for help! To be honest this feels like putting a message in a bottle and casting it out to sea in hopes of it reaching the eyes and heart of someone special and not afraid of putting themself out there. I’ve been hurt but I also know for all of the pain there is also healing in the words and actions of others. I hope to hear from you so we can embark on a journey in getting to know one another. Andrew J. Hernandez #BD9402, CSP-Corcoran, PO Box 8800, Corcoran, CA 93212-8309

Salutation to all the lovely ladies. Would you like to put a smile on a lonely heart? If so, my name is Fred Christian Jr. I’m a 52 year young Black man. I have so much love to give. At this very moment I am incarcerated. Like I’ve stated you have the blessing to put a smile on a lonely heart. I’ll send a photo in the first letter. You can write me at: Fred Christian Jr. #BC5642, PVSP, D-2-150L, PO Box 8500, Coalinga, CA 93210

My name is Donovan. I’m looking for someone to connect with. I’m dashing, smart, loving and I love to enjoy life. I’m 6’2, 190 lbs. I’m looking for someone with a beautiful soul. I am incarcerated at Folsom with under 3 years left. Write to: Donovan Kline #H24956, CSP-SAC, A-4-128, PO Box 290066, Represa, CA 95671

Dear Readers – first and foremost I would like to start this missive by introducing myself. My name is Jose Rodriguez. I’m 28 yrs, I’m a Virgo, 5’9” tall, weight 185, light skinned, light brown eyes, Mexican, and born and raised in Compton. I’m seeking a friendship from a woman who may be interested in writing someone who’s been away quite some time from family and friends. I enjoy reading and drawing. I’m hoping to find a gorgeous woman 25-45 years of age. I’m not asking for much but some righteous friendship and a letter. If you would like to know more about me feel free to write, I don’t bite, I’m a very humble person with good intentions. Don’t hesitate to write me @ Jose Rodriguez #AY1868, CSP, PO Box 3471, Corcoran, CA 93212

I’M SO BLESSED and excited to meet you! God gave me a vision and a plan to put it in place! I’m getting out with my life and that’s all I need. Success and great loss is behind me and now I’m rich in wisdom with a promising future. I was married and now I’m happily single. Progressing in life and spreading love and unity is my goal. I’m 35, 6’6”, Afro-American man. I’m a man of vision, a man of Love, a man of resilience, and a man of God. Email me via for the quickest reply! Joshua Gray #BE5935, CSATF/State Prison at Corcoran, PO Box 5248, Corcoran, CA 93212

43 yr old Blk man from Los Angeles (born & raised), handsome and intelligent. Been down since 7/98, first parole hearing 7/22. Looking for a meaningful correspondence with a patient, understanding & sincere person. Will respond to all (no prisoners allowed). Kevin L. Ward #P89746, CCI, 4A-2-201L, PO Box 1902, Tehachapi, CA 93581

In this “Insta” world do you miss taking time to get to know people? I do; and I’m locked up! I feel confined, hoping to make friendships come what may. Connection on different levels, sharing insights, dreams, and all. Labels like race or age don’t matter. I’m young, white and ugly. Kidding! 32, red hair, 6 foot, 190 fit and tatted. Reading, working out and writing to pass time until I get back to Santa Barbara. Ignorance got me here 10 yrs ago, love will find me freedom, always. Please tell me all about yourself. Ask anything, no limits just honesty. Ryan Zietlow #AW4018, CSP-LAC, C-4-232, PO Box 4610, Lancaster, CA 93539

My name is Lakquan and I’m a 26 year old man. I’m looking for help with an attorney because I’m being charged with murder for someone I did not do any harm to. I’m being profiled because I’m black with ex-gang ties and my PD is helping the DA. I’ve lost my kids and family and now I’m fighting for my life. As God is my witness I am innocent and should not be here. I have nothing or anyone to help me. I’m asking for anyone’s help…Please. Lakquan Solomon #X-4350990, Sacramento County Main Jail, 4W302A, 651 I Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

I’m in Lancaster Prison, looking to write someone and share my thoughts with. I been here 25 years and hope to get out when I got to the parole board next year. Thank you for your help, it allows us in prison to connect with people in the outside world. We as human beings need that connection. You know behind these prison walls you got to have some connection with someone because these people allow bullshit to come your way with other inmates. We got to stay strong and allow God to work in your life. I been here 25 years and God has been important place in my life by standing on His word. Thank you again, hope to hear from you soon. Darnell Young #E32419, CSP-LAC, C-2-102U, PO Box 4610, Lancaster, CA 93539

Incarcerated man 49-years-of age, 5’6”, 168 lbs with brown eyes and a skin complexion that match. Seeking friendship/relationship with a woman I could surround myself with the great quality of her. A woman willing and able to accept this proposal and grant me the opportunity that can be only approved with her consent. Respectfully, Warren Frank Jr. #E09709, CSP-LAC, C-1-150, PO Box 4610, Lancaster, CA 93539

Greetings San Fran Bay View readers! I hop this posting finds you well. I am a 55 year old male inmate and student. While I have obtained a degree in math while in prison, I’m currently working on additional degrees in business, psychology, and sociology. If the opportunity presents itself, I would like to study criminal justice. I also write some poetry and spend some of my time in art projects. I am interested in hearing from interested persons in the free world. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time. Mark Ehlers #F43751, CTF, SB 348, PO Box 705, Soledad, CA 93960-0705

My name is Lyralisa. This support team search is for a few good men, and women, a few good transgendered males, and transgendered females. Whether you are single, a married couple, tribe, firm or corporation, all are offered free membership here! So log on, sign up, and feel free to email me your personal, spiritual, or informational support, via My mission is to build a strong network of kindhearted, sincere alliances. In turn, how can I support you in your daily encounter with the world and its taxing demands? What kind of support am I looking for? Immediate info that can increase my ability to gain stable residence when paroling – is trailer home/park resident info on the Thousand Path Plan, or if you are a grant writer, landowner, farmer, website designer, nurse, doctor, surgeon or publisher. The economic support required to accomplish stability now and along the way, you can donate – and share copyrights from royalties of book sales of mine that publishers want. To use your Mastercard, VISA, or American Express, call 1-800-597-5729. MoneyGram code is 614. To send money orders mail them to JPay, 2202 South Figueroa Street, PO Box 3001, Los Angeles, CA 90007; include my name and prison number on the memo or used for line. I eagerly await you! Ms. Lyralisa Stevens #T79267, CSATF, E-5-138L, PO Box 5242, Corcoran, CA 93212

What’s up Queen? Hi, my name is Cedric “Jamar” Woods, better known as Honcho. I’m looking for friendship and any woman that’s tired of kissing frogs, trying to find her prince. I can be that Black knight and shining armor that will help you slay your personal dragons, your King my Queen, that Prince Charming. For you with my poems, my drawings, my mind, will and affections. My honesty, comfort, loyalty, and overprotection with your heart. I’m called fine, cute, or handsome when women refer to my looks. I’m 6’3” in height, 227 lbs., bald head, with my beard like my homie (Nipsey Hussle, R.I.P.). I love to work out and spend time writing rap songs, or reading. I have a sense of humor. Tell me about yourself and your interests, whatever you’re comfortable with? It will not surprise me being from South Central, 70th Ave and Crenshaw area. I will respond to you. Due to the new Senate Bill 1437 I’m due to be released soon. Cedric “Jamar” Woods #K95001, CCI Tehachapi, A-2B-110, PO Box 1902, Tehachapi, CA 93581

Hello, my name is Paul Latanzio. I’m Italian/Mexican, from West Los Angeles, and have been incarcerated eleven plus yrs. I’m currently seeking a higher education, I semi draw, and I’m learning to speak Italian & Spanish, in which I’m not quite fluent yet. I’m self taught and have an aptitude for learning new things. I like to read and I’m fond of creative writing which in my spare time I like to work on, in addition to my poetic literature. I enjoy sports and card games. Also I like to exercise. I like to challenge myself because I feel just because I’m in here, I shouldn’t let my determination fade completely. I know intros are brief, but if you take the time to get to know me, you’ll find that I’m knowledgeable, kind, and easy to talk to. If you’re interested in building a companionship, feel free to write. Paul Latanzio #AH0379, PBSP, B-5-112, PO Box 7500, Crescent City, CA 95532

To my special lady! My name is Mr. Salvador Rolando Chavez Sol Jr. I’m 42 years young. I’m Latino from the city of San Francisco, Precita Park/Mission. I’m 5’7, weigh 235 lbs, and I carry it well. I’m in jail fighting a murder case. I should be home soon, my case is looking good. But I’m looking for that special lady to come home to. And would love to get to know one another through pen-pal mail. I’m looking for that sweet lady to come home to, to take care of, to love each other. Now imagine two strong minds put together, knowing what we want out of life and a relationship. I’m into movies, camping, sports. I also have Jesus in my life and I would like a Christian lady who has Jesus in her life. I’m a real spiritual person. I love to hold down a job when working in the field. I’m a very responsible person. When it comes to a relationship, I’m looking for any race, between 25-35 years old. She has to have a good head on her shoulders and know what she wants out of life. To be honest I’m ready to settle down & get married, have kids and have a good life. Now if my letter catches your eye please feel free to write, all I have is time. Please send me a picture when writing me a letter, thank you. Now allow me to be excused, gracias. Mr. Salvador Rolando Chavez Sol Jr. #513680, County Jail #4, D-8, 850 Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

Help Wanted & Assistance Needed! “Boogie Swan”, 26 y.o. Black & Vietnamese Taurus from Baltimore, Maryland. I’m 5’10”, 180 pounds (in good shape), hazel eyes, gentleman’s fade, big beard and tatted to the max with swagg out of this world that says “My sauce drippin too hard”. Are you looking for a friend, companion, or simply a homeboy you can trust? Well here’s a sexy, conscious young Black man, who can make you smile even on your worst day. I write urban novels, poetry and music…no correction “Great Music” that results in hits. I got my own “R&B Blood” swagg and you’ll be shocked how good I am once you hear it. I been trapped behind these steel confines for 8 years now and I’ve recently won my appeal so I’m due to come home in 2020 Inshallah. I’m looking for someone who’s down…let’s Bikk-It for a while and you just might like a young Brother. Age, race or location is no problem. Whether you wanna build on a conscious level, read my poetry, develop some type of relation or simply talk freaky to ya boi…here I am…or should I say I am “HIM”? My IG is @BoogieSwan9 or go to for pictures. Write me at: Michael D. Johnson #54401-037, USP Florence, PO Box 7000, Florence, CO 81226

I am a 39 year old man who is doing 12½ years, with about five years left. I do not have any kids. While here I have been working hard at bettering myself. I’m looking to talk to people who are upbeat and can talk to me about what’s going on in life. As well as someone who likes to share pics. Not just of their self but of life. I am just looking to be around people who can show me how to live a better life. I’ll be looking to hear from you. Terrance Burton #244193, CCI, 900 Highland Avenue, Cheshire, CT 06416

Peaceful greetings. If you’re reading this, I hope you are well and in great health & spirits. My name is Renaldo McGirth. I’m a 31 year old man who was lied on, wrongfully charged, convicted, and sentenced to death all between the ages of 18-20 years old. I’m writing this message in the hopes of finding open hearted, open minded honest & kind people, open to writing, befriending, and if possible may even helping and/or visiting me. I don’t profess nor confess to have all the answers. But I do have thoughts, opinions, ideas, a set of good listening ears, and a desire to learn, live and become a better being. So if you or someone you know have the time and space in your life, please feel free to write to me at the address below. Or if you’d prefer to email, log onto and add yourself to my email contact list. I truly hope you will decide to answer my call. Sincerely, Renaldo McGirth #U33164, UCI, PO Box 1000, Raiford, FL 32083

I’m a Black female that’s serving a 40 year sentence. But I’m only a few years left to do. I’m single, don’t have kids, very smart, love art & writing. I just enjoy life period. Want to share hopes & dreams with someone who’s as caring as I am. I love to read, never been married, healthy and teach others, I’m a teacher. Well I hope to hear from you. I’m 5’2”, weigh 135 pds, 35 years of age. Born and raised in Broward County. You can email me via or write Pamela Faulks #419152, LCI, 11120 NW Gainesville Road, Ocala, FL 34482

A 40 year old Black male from Florida prison seeking a single down to earth woman to write as pen pal friends. You can contact me at: Javoney Roberts #460885, SRCI, 5850 East Milton Road, Milton, FL 32583-7914

My name is Timothy Neloms. I’m a proud GAY man, I’m 32 years old, 6’1, 178 lbs. I have a degree in culinary art & automotive. I’m looking for all penpals, any race doesn’t matter. I’m black & Puerto Rican, no kids. I enjoy writing poems, love to write, read, laugh. God Fearing man must be over 21 years old. I have open ears to listen and slow to speak. I’m the 4th oldest out of 13 kids. I can’t penpal with other prisoners. I love movies, cooking, laser tag, traveling and spending time with that special someone. My motto: Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. Love Always, Timothy Neloms #M33687, PCC, PO Box 99, Pontiac, IL 61764

Hello everyone. My name is Tyrin N. Smith. The fact that you’re reading this particular section of the San Francisco Bay View indicates you’re sincerely seeking a genuine pen-pal…Thank you, because I am as well. With the utmost humility, I’m confident I’ll be successful in my search of a friend, so I’ll save us some things to discuss once we start communicating directly with one another. I aim to simply obtain a friend(s) that’s not judgmental, genuine and willing to build regardless of our differences at any level. And that’s the type of person you’ll get in return. In addition to that, with all I’ve been through in life, good and bad, I’m thankful for the opportunity being alive brings. I’m not content with “where” I am right now, but proud of the “person” I am right now. I’ve been incarcerated since the age of 22 (2002), with a lot of work and some belief. I’m currently back in court on the brink of getting a 30 year sentence reduction. I’m from Chicago, Illinois. I won’t waste time describing the things I enjoy, I’ll just say there isn’t much I’m not into or at least experiencing / learning about. Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you and building. You can use to set up an email account, or through regular mail at the info below. Respectfully, Tyrin N. Smith #B78535, SCC, PO Box 112, Joliet, IL 60434

Blessin 2 you on this day. My name is Stacey Johnson but my family & people who know me call me Stacey Dolla. It was a name my Grandma gave me as a child because I would never leave the house without one in my pocket. I’m a young black king, I’m 6’4, about 230 pounds. Brown skinned, low haircut. I like 2 read, write, play sports, listen 2 good music. I’m a very honest person and I stand on truth in everything in life. I hate a liar, 2 me if you will lie 2 me, you will kill me. I was told be honest and give that person a chance. I accept it or leave it. I believe everything needs a strong foundation I stand on. Right now I’m still fighting 4 my freedom, I’m doing time 4 something someone else done. I just need to find da right person 2 listen 2 my story. I’m not looking 2 play any games, I am looking 4 a loyal friend, someone I can build wit in dis life. I understand things can become more, I’m just asking 4 a chance. I don’t need no young minded person in my life. But if you are real and looking 4 a loyal king who will respect you as a Queen then please get at me soon. I leave as I came, honest, respectful and tru. I’m 30 yrs old, looking 4 someone 28 & up. Email via or write: Stacey Johnson #149508, ISP, 1 Park Row, Michigan City, IN 46360

H3llo may I hav3 som3on3 att3ntion for a bri3f mom3nt pl3as3? First and for3most no fairy tal3s ar3 un3xp3ctation. I am looking for som3 fri3nds to writ3 to, pl3as3 allow m3 to pay my r3sp3ct too som3on3 physically and m3ntally. My nam3 is Rodn3y but I’m known as Blu3 or L.A. to thos3 I associat3 with. I’m light brown skin compl3xion, 180 lbs, brown 3y3s, low haircut, 6’0. I’m born in N3w Orl3ans but I mov3d to th3 w3st coast, Long B3ach, California wh3n I was 5 yrs old. I b33n incarc3rat3d sinc3 2012. I turn3d 37 on July 25. I lov3 r3ptil3s, tarantulas & scorpions, r3ading & writing. Hop3 to h3ar from som3on3. Go to with addr3ss. Thanks! Rodney Thornton #448890, RCC, Sun 4L-5, 27268 Highway 21 North, Angie, LA 70426

Hello World. 2 my Queens I’m a SWM who come from Lansing, Michigan. My name is Robert L. Kissee, everybody call me Rob Villain. I’m 32 years old, 5’11, 176 lbs, brown hair, hazel eyez with many tattoos. I have been confined 2 these 4 walls for 14 years since the age of 18 yrs old. In many ways you can say I grew up behind these walls. Being gone for so long I’ve lost communication 2 the outside world so I’m hoping 2 find new friends who we can share some laughs with but also hold a real convo. I’m very open minded on all things. I’m what they call an activist in the making so I’m looking for anybody who can help me reach the masses with our cause. I want somebody who can build with me so I can gain more knowledge. I’m open 2 all conversation. I’m also looking for a beautiful woman who I can conversate with & get 2 know, I’m NOT looking no money only freedom from these 4 walls. I go up for parole in 2021. I will be truly bless from Allah if you come thru this and reach out, Inshallah. You can reach out 2 me at but due 2 being labeled as a gang member (Blood) I can’t respond on jpay so please send a return address. See you at the crossroad, can’t wait 2 take this journey. May Allah bless you and your loved ones. Robert L. Kissee #575639, BCF, 13924 Wadaga Road, Baraga, MI 49908-9204

Greetings of Peace & Love! My name is Mr. Derrin Windsor aka “Mustafas”. I am a 54 year old Blackman who possess a maturity of character as well as a disciplined mind. In saying that I am very upfront, I have been incarcerated 26 years seeking freedom in 2020. I enjoy reading books, knowledge & wisdom that enhance the intellect. I am searching for that precious gift that God blessed this Earth with, a “Woman”. That divine gift who displays the feminine quality of a Goddess. A Queen that is willing to build a relationship based upon becoming Best Friends. If you are interested in allowing a conscious man to touch you Spiritually, Mentally and Emotionally, not to say travel with your thoughts, please contact me to learn more. I leave as I came, in Peace and Real Love. Email via or write Derrin Windsor #233025, GHCF, 2727 East Beecher Street, Adrian, MI 49221

If you are looking for a strong solid figure of a man, I am looking & waiting for you. I am 6’3, 230 lbs solid, Dreads, fully fit, Four Golds outgoing, love someone with a good sense of humor, also who is down to earth. I love lasagna!! So hopefully you are a woman who knows her way around in the kitchen. You can look me up. I’ll be expecting you. And you can expect to Never be Disappointed. No matter what race you are, no matter what size you are, I’m not judgmental. Marco Franklin #1074418, JCCC, HU-7B-211, 8200 No More Victims Road, Jefferson City, MO 65101

Hi. I’m 31 years old, 5’11, 175 pounds, light brown from St. Louis, MO. I was wrongfully convicted of a crime I didn’t commit, in a city that’s getting worse but I think prison has made me smarter and stronger. So it was a blessing in disguise. Now I’m on my way home after all this time and I’m looking for a good woman to build a relationship and friendship with before my release. I need positivity in my life. I can sing and write music. I enjoy reading and writing. I just want to find someone to treat like a queen. If you’re interested hit me up with a letter or email at Try the unknown, it can change lives for the better. Raymond English #1150805, JCCC, 8200 No More Victims Road, Jefferson City, MO 65101

I am a Gay white male, 5’10, 165 lbs, 42 years old, shaved head, light brown trimmed facial hair, very sexy body! Wanting someone who is also Gay and is single. Looking for a long term friendship with no games included. You must have humor, are intelligent and can communicate because communication is key to staying vibrant. I will open up on a more personal level when I write you back. Just know it’s all good baby. Rodney Stegall #0388720, PCI, 527 Commerce Drive, Elizabeth City, NC 27909

Dear lovely Queens – “Are you tired of the same old personal ads and lies? Or guys who are lacking honesty, sincerity, and respect?” Well I pray that this letter finds you Queens in the best of health and spirits. My name is Jeremy Raphael Jackman, I’m a Moorish American, Sovereign, Aboriginal, Indigenous King. I’m in search of a beautiful gorgeous Queen that knows her worth in this world, to write and develop a friendship and more. Someone once said a stranger is just a friend you have not met yet. I believe that is true, do you? I also believe true friendship and more should be built on trust, respect, honesty, appreciation, sincerity, and attention. Because I believe in honesty up front, feel free to ask any question you have for me. No topic is taboo either! So you Queens know I’m a 30 year old Asiatic (Black) man, I have long dreads, I’m a conscious brother seeking only one Queen to take my breath away. I’m 5’7 and 160 pounds, handsome Moor that’s seeking divine love. My lovely Queen if you are out there always understand nothing in life is guaranteed, but should you consider becoming my pen Queen, here are some things I can promise to be for you: someone you can come to for comfort; eyes you can look into and trust; a heart that understands and doesn’t judge; a supporting shoulder to cry on; a door that is always open; and time devoted to you alone. Jeremy R. Jackman #1082643, Central Prison, 1300 Western Boulevard, 4285 MSC, Raleigh, NC 27699

Hello! My name is Carl B. Primus Jr., but my friends call me CJ. I’m 26 years old, born in Rockingham, NC but was in Laurinburg, NC. Here are several things about myself: love sports, outdoorsman, animals, cars and food. I’m not a narrow-minded person, down to earth type of person. Love trying new things as long as they aren’t weird. Looking for that special someone that wants a relationship or real friendship. I would love to meet a woman with these qualities: family oriented, independent, strong willed, open-minded, funny, sexy and smart. I am not too picky about what a woman looks like, nor what her race is. The thing I care about is the inside of a person, not the outside. To all beautiful queens. Carl B. Primus Jr. #1163382, TCI, 4600 Swamp Fox 904 Highway West, Tabor City, NC 28463

Hello, my name is Carlos E. Sanchez, I am 50 years old, in prison since 1995 for drug trafficking (first time offender) and not violent at all…I am seeking support from you, all that beautiful and compassionate people, in my request to the Governor of North Carolina for clemency! It’s my dream that many of you will be interested to know what happened, so I can obtain your support. Never been in trouble since my years here and I have obtained all the education possible to better myself and to be a role model to others. Please write to me if you are interested in helping me out, I will appreciate it with all my heart! Carlos E. Sanchez, PCI, 601 North 3rd Street, Bayboro, NC 28515

Very flamboyant, nice to keep things going, very talented in making music. Born in Jamaica, 35 years of age, black male, 6’0 ht, wt 174, perfect smile. I am the religious type, Allah the Highest the most greatest AKBAR. Love to record every chance I get just to take away stress and anger. Looking for a woman that likes Jamaicans. Yes, reply to me and God will do the rest. Mr. Taj K. WedderBurn #A614018, CRC, C-3-2074, PO Box 300, Orient, OH 43146

Master Richard Robinson. Light brown skin, hazel green eyes, 5’10”, 165 lbs, very muscular, very sexual, very motivated, very ambitious, focused, family oriented, business minded, lifelong friend, stable owner, love to eat, love to cook, eternally at war with poverty and mediocrity, giver, grateful, protective, observant, highly intelligent, intuitive, resourceful, understanding. Fave quote “By any means necessary” by Malcolm X. Idols my Father, JayZ, Kylie Jenner, Nat Turner, Clyde Barrow, Bonnie Parker, Archbishop Don Juan. Born in Newark, NJ. Goals: The World is Not Enough. Fave songs: P.I.M.P. by 50 Cent, Sky’s the Limit, Hard Knock Life, Suge, Pop Out. Books: Art of War, The Prince, Behold a Pale Horse. Movies: The Mack, Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. TV shows: BBC World News, Nightly Business Report, Sister Circle, Lady Gang, Nightly Pop, TMZ. Video game: Gauntlet. Hobby: Gambling and conversating. Smart Communications/PADOC, Richard Robinson #HZ7933, SCI Rockview, PO Box 33028, St Petersburg, FL 33733

I’m an incarcerated Single Black Male, 39 yrs of age, 5’10”, 189 lbs. I’m an open-minded Libra and I’m seeking correspondence in steps in adventurous ways. I’m looking to being straightforward and respecting whatever ethnicity or gender you represent. Over the years I’ve lost many people that called theirself friends not only cause the distances that separate us but due to the common structure and struggles that come with being deeply embedded in the system. Furthermore, I wish to build a lasting friendship with that person that has good friendship qualities. So don’t be shy to contact me if possible through or snail mail. To learn a lil more about the person I am. My info: Derrick O. Edwards #1790458, Polunsky Unit, 3872 FM 350 South, Livingston, TX 77351

Hi ladies…I’m a Texas prisoner doing 2 life terms. I’m Hispanic, 43 years old, slim, trim, 5’7, 150 lbs, blk hair & eyes w/some tats. Been locked up lil over 25 years. Now I’m in search for that 1 female, must be over 40 years old, mature, not scared to take a chance. I am a very seasoned man with no mind games. A native of San Antonio, Texas. Look forward to your correspondence. Interested parties please contact me at: Evodio Preto Herebia #00774853, Bill Clements Unit, 9601 Spur 591, Amarillo, TX 79107

Dear Reader – What that do did baby. Slow to the finish line on mine. If you always looking up like me, slow motion is better than no motion. My personality is lit up like game 7 of the World Series at night time, with a look on life like a magnified glass. I wake up trying to make happy happy; and put a smile on a smile face. Deeper than the average, and rounded like a basketball. I am a street cat that is self-education, with a heart the size of the day after forever. If you looking at this as mere verbosity, it’s meant to qualify and disqualify. I play, I joke, I laugh, I love, I feel, I understand, disqualif I, I listen, I care, I believe, I’m yours, I’m truthful, I’m serious as all outdoors. I don’t matter what you are like, I am water, I will fit your mold. If you can grow you are my type, if you can open up we’ve got more in common than could be expected. If you love people, life, and yourself, get at me. You really don’t have to know the combination to your heart, I’m a professional safecracker! I will know what you’re keeping in it, before you breathe out the air you just breathed in. The exact opposite of being full of myself darling, I’m just in tune with the universe. If the universe can be breathtaking, why can’t we? Peace and blessings momie. Much L/P/B, Allen Ray McKinzy Jr. #1836478, Allred Unit, 2101 FM 369 North, Iowa Park, TX 76367

Hello…My name is Nigel Hampton and I’m 28 years old. 5’9”, 140 lbs. Very athletic. Born and raised in Houston, Texas. I would describe myself as fun, easy going, ambitious, non-judgmental, giving, playful, romantic, passionate, family oriented, and monogamous. Patience and understanding are the two inner qualities I hold within myself. As for being indoors, I enjoy all of the typical things such as morning rituals and lazy afternoons. I also enjoy cooking although I must admit, I sometimes have to dig the instructions out the trash. LOL. As far as being outdoors, I enjoy just about everything, from dirt bike and ATV riding to jet skiing. I’m currently incarcerated for the mistakes and decisions I regretfully made as a youth, but I’m sure you know history is rarely made by reasonable men. I am in search of a pen-pal who is willing to become a long-term friend and who will keep me engaged in their daily personal life in a way that will prevent me from becoming lost in this prison system. Someone who knows balance is important to them, enjoys the nice things in life, but is also spiritual and doesn’t get fully caught up in the quest for material goods. Someone who enjoys the simple things in life, but can also be spontaneous. And just so you know, age dissimilarities has nothing to do with comparability! Nigel M. Hampton #1847481, Allred Unit, 2101 FM 369 North, Iowa Park, TX 76367

Hello World! I want to try something new; why not make it you….I’m willing to give you all of me. In exchange for someone who is genuine, open and not afraid to experience new things without making false promises. I assure you anything we engage in will be fulfilling…Try Me! My hobbies – dedicated to writing music, and a few books of my own, getting inked (tattooed) is the social norm, and last but not least, spending time with family and friends. D.O.B. 3-12-93. Charlie Mishaw #1797672, Clements Unit, 9601 Spur 591, Amarillo, TX 79107

Hi, I am looking for a nice young lady no matter what color or religion she’s in. As long as she is looking for the man like me. I am honest, loyal, respectful, good sense of humor, and respect women. I am 48 yrs. old. I love to read, dance, work out, write poems, meditate, and listen to the radio. I am 5’4½, 185 lbs. I do not smoke nor drink. I do not have any kids nor had any sex (straight virgin). If you are interested to get to know me please feel free to be honest, loyal, and respectful. You can write me or email via if you wants to know me. Your true friend indeed is me 100% loyalty 😊 Tony Lorenzo Franklin #475924, Wynne Unit, B3-3-16B, 810 FM 2821, Huntsville, TX 77349

SWF with lots of tattoos needing a penpal to shine light into my darkness. Open-minded to all conversation. FB info Bella Hogan (face tats). Brandy Belle Trawick #2239678, Hilltop Unit, 1500 State School Road, Gatesville, TX 76598

Hair: Bald & Beard / jet black, Race: Black, Height: 5’5, Weight: 165 lbs, Eyes: Brown, D.O.B.: 5/1/85, Prefenc: Searching for women, Release Date: 2020. I hope all is well, I’m good I guess. I woke up this morning so that’s a blessing. I’m a great guy, I love music, food, fashion, sports, and my loved 1s. I’m strong minded, understanding, down to earth, handsome, and my heart is made of gold. I’m searching for a great lady friend, 1 who is on the chubby side, I love a thick woman, 1 who is understanding, kind hearted, strong minded, and beautiful inside and out. Please look me up on FB (Shalaby Porter 5/1/85) and steal a few pics off my old page, or contact a family member of mines, so they can send y’all a pic of me (my niece Tyesha, #443-872-9926; my brother Franky, #410-805-5043). I have much more to offer, so let’s link up, so we won’t miss our blessing. Sincerely, Shalaby Porter #44658037, USP Beaumont, PO Box 26030, Beaumont, TX 77720

My name is Patsy Ann Kuhse. I’m white, female, 51 yrs old, brown hair, light green eyes. Behind the very lonely walls of prison, no window to look out to see the awesome outside world. Been down 23 yrs. Must I say I’m very lonely, need that special someone to enter my life to remove the loneliness from the walls that surround me within them. I’m originally from Kalamazoo, Mich. I’m a mother of 4 grown daughters. I’m very honest, devoted, caring, loyal, not into games. And so very much non-judgmental. Because I know we all have made mistakes in our lives some time or other. I do hope you find in your heart to drop me a few lines to be a friend, soulmate, companion of this world. That could take my mind somewhere else besides here at Lane Murray Unit. Mom-Dad are still alive. 2 brothers, no sisters. My hobbies are gardening, canning, fishing, camping, walking along the beach, traveling around the world to see what other parts of the world looks like. Sincerely Beautiful, Patsy Kuhse #731382, Lane Murray Unit, K3A-27, 1916 North Highway 36 Bypass, Gatesville, TX 76596-4612

Peace is Positive-Energy-Always-Creates-Elevation. Hello as I writ this with a smile, my resurrected and born again name is Immanual Mann Imān the All Mighty Black Seed. I’m 40 yrs old, a “Blackman” who have dark Asiatic features. I’m 185 lbs, physically fit, handsome, masculine and bald with a nice looking beard. I been lock up within this tomb/slave plantation for 18 yrs. I’m educated formally with college degree in Associate Degree. And educated with the knowledge of self, I’m foundated in the lessons of 5%. And I’m incomplete without a “Black Queen” or a caring woman to socialize with. I’m authentic and I’m looking to stimulate the woman (wisdom) reading this. Peace. Mr. Emanual Fields #01127671, Beto Unit, 1391 FM 3328, Tennessee Colony, TX 75880

Hello to all, my name is Aaron but I’m known to everyone as A.J. or Bam. I am 24 years old, 6 ft tall, 175 pounds, brown eyes and chocolate skin complexion. I’m from Dallas, TX and I’m also a former music artist. I love reading, making and listening to music, cooking and eating good seafood, kids and animals and I love to laugh and explore different sceneries and try new things. I’m very humble, respectful, caring, genuine, hardworking, dedicated, fearless, loving, and I have a non-judgmental grown man mindset. I see parole in a couple more years so most of my time is spent working out and preparing my mind, body, and business plans for my release. I would like to correspond with someone that shares the same values as I and is also family oriented. I know how mugshots can make people look so I have photos that I can send you or a social media page to visit if you wish to see what I really look like. I would also love to receive photos of you with your introduction letter. Looking forward to meeting you. Aaron J. Mitchell #2092929, Alfred Hughes Unit, Route 2, Box 4400, Gatesville, TX 76597

Hello! My name is Kati. I am looking for a pen-pal that has similar interests as I do & will correspond with me while I am incarcerated. I am a 5’3, blonde hair, blue eyed Texan & I love fast cars, good music, funny jokes & thought provoking conversation. I am laid back & not afraid to get my hands dirty. I hope that you will be able to help me make it through encouragement & positive conversation. I look forward to hearing from you soon! Katherine Cline #2174964, Crain Trusty Camp, 1401 State School Road, Gatesville, TX 76599

Ciao! My name is Ashley Forlenza and I’m halfway through a two year sentence in San Saba, TX. I’m 5’5, Italian, dark brown hair, hazel eyes, athletic build, straight white teeth (and yes I have them all). I grew up riding Harleys and I enjoy the outdoors. I’m 29, no kids, looking for someone fun to connect with. I’m an Aries, I love music, animals and sports but I’m a closet nerd. If you’d enjoy me on your backseat then write me or email me at, but be sure to include an address I can write to in the body of the letter. You can view my pictures on Facebook under Ashley Forlenza from Parker, CO, lives in Houston, TX. Ashley Forlenza #02218383, San Saba Unit, 206 South Wallace Creek Road, San Saba, TX 76877

My name is Amber Gutierrez. I am 5’5 tall, 160 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes. I like to travel, cook, read music, and movies. I am looking for a good penpal. Plz include an address I can write you at. Pics on FB under Amber Turner, Big Springs, TX. I am recently divorced. Amber Gutierrez #2233339, San Saba Unit, 206 South Wallace Creek Road, San Saba, TX 76877

My name is Trisha McCoy. I am 30 years old, from Waco, TX. I am white. I am honest, loyal, trustworthy, funny, down to earth. I will be home no matter what by November 5, 2021. I am ready to go back to school online. I have my dental assistant license. I graduated TSTC-Texas State Technical College. I am looking for someone to settle down with. Hope to hear from someone soon. If you email me via you have to include an address or PO Box for me to write back. Or you can write back by mail @: Trisha McCoy #2213495, Hobby Unit, 742 FM 12, Marlin, TX 76661

Hi! My name is Brandy Salazar. I am looking for friends, maybe something later down the road. I am mixed Hispanic and white. I am 37 and I have long black curly hair, honey brown eyes. If you’d like to know anything else, here’s my info. Respectfully, Brandy Salazar #1788747, Riverside Crain Unit, 1401 State School Road, Gatesville, TX 76599

Looking for a friend, male or female/tranny etc. I am serving 99 yrs in Texas for murder, will accept legal help also if anyone is looking to help a Brother out, newspapers or magazines or books must be sent by publisher, bookstores, libraries, Amazon things/places like that. I’m Moorish, black, white and Spanish, speak/read/write German, English and Spanish. 5’10, black hair, sea-foam green eyes and tan. Please feel free to write and share photos, I have many. I hope you overstand my need for letters and stuff. If you email via please include return addy. Prisoner or free! Peace be to you. Samuel Ferralez #1809763, Coffield Unit, 2661 FM 2054, Tennessee Colony, TX 75884

I’m White and Latin. I’m a paralegal and a jack-of-all-trades, no virus. I’m a vegetarian and an artist. I’m looking for friends to write who are positive, good people. I’m a Baptist. I was born 2/20/1980 (Pisces) and I have blonde hair and hazel eyes. I’m 5’9” and 200 pounds. This institution only allows letters that are no more than 2 pages. Write me at the address below or you can also send me email via Dewey Venable #1165480, Sussex 1 State Prison, 24414 Musselwhite Drive, Waverly, VA 23891

My name’s Joey. I’m 24, I’m from Oakland, came to prison from Seattle. Looking for friendship, penpal, possible relationship. I’m 5’10”, 195 pounds. I get out 5-12-2020, and I’m coming back to the Bay. You can email me via or write Joseph DePaco #400590, MCC-TRU, A6151, PO Box 888, Monroe, WA 98272