by International Humanitarian Law Institute

Kigali, Rwanda, and St. Paul, USA – Rwandan opposition presidential candidate Madame Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza, Rwanda’s first female presidential candidate, was released on bail one day after being jailed by the Kagame government of Rwanda. According to one of Ingabire’s U.S. lawyers, law professor Peter Erlinder:

“Ingabire was arrested on trumped-up, political thought crimes, including association with a terrorist group, propagating genocide ideology, genocide denial, revisionism and divisionism, all arising from the “crime” of publicly objecting to the Kagame military dictatorship and Kagame’s version of Rwandan civil war history.”

Gen. Paul Kagame, her would-be opponent, is engineering a re-run of the 2003 sham “elections” that brought Kagame to power with 95 percent of the vote.

Kagame preventing free and fair elections in Rwanda … again

According to European Union election monitors, Human Rights Watch and the British Commonwealth Human Rights Institute, opposition parties were outlawed and opposition candidates jailed or exiled in 2003.

According to Erlinder: “The arrest of Madame Ingabire in the run-up to the 2010 election is a carbon copy of Kagame’s tactics in 2003 when all serious political challengers were jailed or driven from the country, including former Kagame loyalists, like the former president and prime minister, Pasteur Bizimungu and Faustin Twagiramungu.

“In 2003 Kagame also banned all opposition parties illegally divisionist, which he has recently repeated with Rwanda’s Green Party and Madame Ingabire’s FDU. Kagame pioneered the same election tactics that Kagame’s allies, the U.S. and U.K, condemned when Mugabe used Kagame’s tactics in Zimbabwe’s elections.”

Hundreds, if not thousands, of former Kagame supporters have gone into exile in the recent past, including the former speaker of the Rwandan Parliament, the Rwandan ambassador to the Netherlands, who granted Madame Ingabire’s visa to return to Rwanda in January, numerous senior military officers and political figures, and Paul Rusesabagina, the real hero portrayed in the movie “Hotel Rwanda.”

Kagame issues death threats against foreigners too

In late February 2010 leaked notes, in the original in the Kinyarwandan language, purported to report Kagame’s meeting with Rwandan ambassadors, who had not yet gone into exile. In the meeting, Kagame allegedly targeted some seven non-Rwandan lawyers, journalists and academics for public discrediting or assassination. Kagame had Erlinder’s name on his “hit list” even before Erlinder took on Ingabire’s defense, presumably for his role in genocide-planning acquittals in the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) Military-1 trial.

Erlinder said: “According to U.N. Security Council-commissioned reports of 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2008, the Kagame regime is responsible for more than 6 million deaths in the Congo, hundreds of thousands in Rwanda, which is confirmed in Spanish and French indictments, issued in 2006 and 2008. (See indictments of French Judge Bruguiere, November 2006, and Spanish Judge Merelles Abreu, February 2008.)

“According to ICTR prosecutor’s files and revealed by the books of ICTR prosecutors Del Ponte and Hartmann, Kagame also touched off the Rwandan ‘genocide’ by assassinating the presidents of Rwanda and Burundi as part of a final military assault to seize power in April 1994.”

“With this history, I have to take Kagame’s threats seriously and have to insist that the Obama administration, President Dennis Byron of the U.N. Rwanda Tribunal and Kagame himself provide public safe-passage guarantees for Madame Ingabire and all defense team members while we are defending democratic principles and human rights in Rwanda.”

Kagame has also declared Rwanda experts persona non-grata when they questioned his policies. Those he has named include Dr. Allison DesForges, Professor Filip Reyntjens, former U.S. Ambassador to Rwanda Robert Flaten and Hotal Rwanda hero Paul Rusesabagina.

Evidence of Kagame/RPF crimes and cover-up

Recently, U.S. political scientists Dr. Alan Stam of the University of Michigan and Dr. Christian Davenport of Notre Dame have analyzed data from all reported crimes in Rwanda during 1994 and have concluded that more Hutu were killed or brutalized than Tutsi before and after the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) seized power in July 1994. This analysis, together with the “conspiracy and planning” acquittals of former top military officers in the ICTR Military-1 case has called the entire theory of a “planned genocide” into question.

According to Erlinder: “It is just a matter of time before the world knows what those of us working at the ICTR already know and which has recently been confirmed by the 2007-2009 memoirs of former ICTR Chief Prosecutor Carla del Ponte and her aide, Florence Hartmann. Del Ponte reveals that, as early as January 1997, her predecessor, Louise Arbour, had the evidence to prosecute Paul Kagame for igniting the Rwandan ‘genocide’ by assassinating the presidents of Rwanda and Burundi on April 6, 1994. Also, U.N. and U.S. government documents in the Military-1 trial evidence show the United States has engaged in a massive cover-up of Kagame’s crimes to protect its own strategic interests in Central Africa, a cover-up which is also confirmed in Del Ponte’s and Hartmann’s memoirs.”

Ingabire defense team demands safe passage

Now that their client has been temporarily released, the Ingabire defense team insists that President Gen. Kagame and Rwanda’s justice minister and chief prosecutor, as well as others associated with the Kagame regime, military and police, and their major funders in the U.S. and U.K. all demonstrate respect for democratic principles and the rule of law by

(a) the immediate return of all computers, political or personal documents and other items seized from Madame Ingabire’s home;

(b) removal of all restrictions on Madame Ingabire’s ability to campaign for the votes of the Rwandan people, including the return of her passport and elimination of police reporting requirements;

(c) full recognition of her political party, the FDU, and the Green Party and other Rwandan opposition political parties;

(d) full access to the press and the media by opposition parties and candidates and an end to intimidation tactics against opposition political activities, as well as

(e) safe passage for members of Ingabire’s defense team.

The International Humanitarian Law Institute is directed by Peter Erlinder, professor of constitutional criminal law and international humanitarian law at William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul, Minn., U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger’s Minnesota alma mater. Erlinder is also lead defense counsel in the Military-1 trial at the U.N. Tribunal for Rwanda, the case in which four former top military leaders were acquitted of conspiring or planning to commit genocide or any other crimes, and the highest ranking defendant was acquitted of all charges, in December 2008. Erlinder is also president of ICTR-ADAD (Association des Avocats de la Defense) and past-president of the National Lawyers Guild in New York City. Professor Erlinder can be reached at


  1. The is nothing on the eath like your commitments to make the truth shine . By taking the risk to volonteer to travel to Rwanda, currently under a notorious government, you have prooved that there still exist the true fihgters for a peaceful and democratic rule of law in this uncomfortable world of today. We see and read about peole promoting the true democracy accross the world, but no one I have seen, who is comparable to you. Earlinder, do it please, don’t give up until she is allowed the freedom to show if the Rwandans support her or not.Thank you one more time.

  2. Please,please,please! All peace loving people of this world help us encourage and support this noble group led by Proffessor Peter Erlinder, come down to Rwanda and help expose these killers who have evaded justice all these years.
    Kagame and his supporters should know that their days of the lie are really numbered. The TRUTH will always win.
    Again its high time the USA and UK realise that they cannot shield Kagame the criminal any longer, for the truth and only the truth has come out to expose him.

  3. Ever since Kagame came to power, I have had no doubt about reports that him and the Ugandan president had a hand in both the starting of the genocide and the assassination of Laurent Kabila. These two gentlemen are initially apparent freedom fighters that are going to cause massive decline in democracy in the east african region in days to come.

  4. Sonner or later the truth will come out. Kagame should have gone way before Saddam Hussen because if I compare them, Saddam is an angel (do not get me wrong I know how bad Saddam was, but this is one way to let you visualize how bad Kagame is if Saddam could be called “angel”)

  5. please foreigners can u stop poking your nostrils in Rwandese issues! We have achieved alot from 1994 up todate as far as peace,development,health& IT and so many aspects are concerned.You watched over us as people died in hundreds.
    Gen Kagame fought with minimal means and stopped the Genocide, you cannot recognise all he has achieved for past 16yrs to put Rwanda whether it is now!
    Hey guys with genocide ideologies like Ingabire what u should know that the guns we used to take over Kigali& fight those interahamwes we still have them and we have acquired more sophicicated ones so sit back and leave Gen Kagame alone to rule us

  6. This is right to defend Madam Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza’s case. However more is needed. Defending her shouldn’t take the similar pattern of defense as the one encountered at the International Criminal Court for Rwanda (ICTR) where the international community played on the suffering of Rwandans to prolong it instead of stopping it. US and UK plus other vested interests in the minerals of the DRC have to be made to understand that they have to stop their unconditional support of Paul Kagame and Joweri Museveni. The problem is not RPF accusations against Victoire but US, UK and others’ backing to these two regimes.

    @Dr Bukara. Tony Blair, Rev Rick Warren, Ambassador Andrew Young, President Bill Clinton, and other foreigners behind Paul Kagame’s government, are they Rwandans? But because they have been all the time on Paul Kagame’s side, you don’t see them as foreigners, despite all the crimes against humanity he has been responsible of both in Rwanda and the Great Lakes region.
    From 1994 up to date, Rwanda has achieved some progress in some areas and at the benefit of some few people. Unless the country is limited to those some and few, for the rest it has been worst than what was there before 1994 regardless of ethnic groups people belong to.
    As our people died in millions, these foreigners didn’t watch over. Their attitude was part of the plan. It is not by repeating that lie thousand times that it will erase the call of Paul Kagame and his messengers across the world made after the shooting down of Habyarimana’s plane telling the international community that he didn’t want any foreign forces in his country, that those who would’ve dared he would fight them.
    The CIA Rwanda desk had in January 1994 made an assessment of the prevailing political situation at the time and concluded that any one who would kill president Juvenal Habyarimana would precipitate a civil war with around 300,000 to 500,000 causalities. But because Paul Kagame and his team were well aware of the fact that you cannot have an omelet without breaking the egg, went ahead and killed the president (if any one had a different view about who killed Juvenal Habyarimana, Paul Kagame could not have been more clear than during his interview with BBC’s Stephen Sackur on 7 December 2006).
    Paul Kagame didn’t stop the genocide. This is another lie which will only die after him. He planned the genocide, used it up to date to strengthen and remain in power. As Lieutenant Abdul Ruzibiza said in his book ‘Rwanda: The Secret History’, if Paul Kagame had wanted to stop the genocide, he could’ve done it, but he didn’t. If those who were supposedly to have planned the genocide have now been cleared of the planning by the ICTR, who else could it be if not the one that the crime committed has been profiting for the last 16 years?
    Claiming that because Paul Kagame has acquired more sophisticated weapon which can keep him in power forever is a misunderstanding of prevailing situation. A much more stronger claim would’ve for example been to say that UK and US backing will never change.

  7. Dr.Bukara,
    I greet you Doctor with due respect. When a foreigner brings it to your attention on a high street that you forgot to fasten the zipper of your trouser, you should first just pause and zip up instead of asking him where he comes from. Which genocide did you stop when you were also busy killing innocent Rwandese? Why dont you condemn your Kagame for starting the 1994 genocide before you praise him for stopping it? Fortunately this lie has now been uncovered. Please be informed that real and concrete evidence on the ground has confirmed that Museveni and Kagame’s henchmen were the real mass killers of innocent Rwandese from 1990 – 1998 in the Rwanda tragedy and justice is being seriously persued.

    Once a killer always a bloody killer. There is no development you will ever boast of unless you repent and stop killing innocent Rwandese both Hutu and Tutsi. You have the guts to boast of killing innocent people and have the courage of openly saying that you will kill even more.We are not doubting your capability and having acquired more sophiscated guns to kill Rwandese. Your mentor Museveni has vowed also never to leave power in Uganda because he thinks he is the only man with brains to rule Uganda, so you are still covered. But why are you forcing your dictatorship on peace loving, powerless people the Rwandese? You know very well that they do not like you ! mr. muscle sir ! Why are you harrasing your political opponents? The genocide ideologies you are using to silence and oppress the opposition are Kagame’s myopic fabrications to keep him in power and rule Rwanda killing with impunity.

    Rwandese people have brains to decide on who should be their leader so please give them a chance to choose for themselves. Stop killing and threatening Rwandese into submission. I do not think that your general Kagame is more powerful than what Amin used to be in Uganda Dr.Bukara.

  8. @ Francis Muhoozi; It hurts me that we still have genocide deniers out there; . “Which genocide did you stop when you were also busy killing innocent Rwandese? Why dont you condemn your Kagame for starting the 1994 genocide before you praise him for stopping it? Fortunately this lie has now been uncovered. Please be informed that real and concrete evidence on the ground has confirmed that Museveni and Kagame’s henchmen were the real mass killers of innocent Rwandese from 1990 – 1998 in the Rwanda tragedy and justice is being seriously persued.”

    What you write is not only evidential of your ideology but also of your narrow view to life.

    I know you are not in rwanda for the Rwanda as we know it today is not the same like you left. Do come by and see for your self. We on Rwanda have long moved on, you can stay with your ideologies in whatever country you are in but just know RWANDA HAS LONG MOVED ON.

    As for the political opponents you referring to; I am yet to see any of them following the right procedures that is registering their parties and doing everything legally.

    And please stop referring to her as the first female presidential whatever…….let her first register her party here, give and show us a credible manifesto otherwise let her go back running to her backers.


  9. The only person making sensible comments on this post is Joy, who is being very objective and not seeing issues from the extremely myopic standpoint of muhozi, ambrose, watching from the neighborhood et al.
    I believe in facts and figure, look at all possible socio economic indicators (world bank etc) and tell me if Rwanda has ever been better than it is today? I challenge all of you.

    Rwanda has since moved on as Joy aptly put it, we are looking forward and not backwards, for the best is yet to come.
    President Kagame has earned the confidence of Rwandans through his unending quest for prosperity for all Rwandans.
    He is a highly respected leader on the continent today for all the right reasons.

  10. Sandra and Joy,
    It is good to hear happy Rwandese like you who have decided to move on and support Kagame. Firstly, it is not fair to label me a genocide denier because I also lost many of my loved ones in that Rwanda tragedy caused by Museveni/Kagame uncalled for war. And Joy saying that I have a narrow view to life is completely misplaced because humanity and life is my major priority in life. What I want you to realise is that some people have not been able to cope and move on like you after this tragedy, and will never move on simply because justice up to now has favoured one side of the conflict that killed our people.
    Kagame is a rabid killer whose records have shown that his RPF assisted by Museveni and other foreign backers killed or caused the killing of many more Rwandese Hutu than any other group in this whole conflict, a fact you Sandra and Joy would want us to ignore because you definitely are not of that tribe. Personally I have real evidence that Kagame personally ordered the killing of my loved ones and I cannot stand seeing him deceive the whole world otherwise.
    Recently, U.S. political scientists Dr. Alan Stam of the University of Michigan and Dr. Christian Davenport of Notre Dame have analyzed data from all reported crimes in Rwanda during 1994 and have concluded that more Hutu were killed or brutalized than Tutsi before and after the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) seized power in July 1994. This analysis, together with the “conspiracy and planning” acquittals of former top Rwanda military officers in the ICTR Military-1 case has called the entire theory of a “planned genocide” into question.
    According to Peter Erlinder, professor of constitutional criminal law and international humanitarian law at William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul, Minn. USA, who is also, president of ICTR-ADAD (Association des Avocats de la Defense) and past-president of the National Lawyers Guild in New York City I quote , ” It is just a matter of time before the world knows what those of us working at the ICTR already know and which has recently been confirmed by the 2007-2009 memoirs of former ICTR Chief Prosecutor Carla del Ponte and her aide, Florence Hartmann. Del Ponte reveals that, as early as January 1997, her predecessor, Louise Arbour, had the evidence to prosecute Paul Kagame for igniting the Rwandan ‘genocide’ by assassinating the presidents of Rwanda and Burundi on April 6, 1994………”
    Sandra and Joy I can agree with you on only one condition; you are so far content with the course of seeking justice for your loved ones lost in the genocide, allow us also to prosecute Kagame who killed our loved ones. Then we shall all sit on a round table and talk about our dirty past with the sole purpose of living together again in harmony; not being poked by known criminals like Kagame posing as liberators.

    • when the Rwanda refugees went into the congo the French let the genociders take there arms and then they went into the congo killing and raping not just congolese but also Rwanda refugees. when Rwanda started to stabilize alot of Refugees want to return to Rwanda but the Genociders told them if you think of returning then we will kill you. The UN peace keeping forces also refused the refugees to go home. while your Rwandan people were dying in the congo from disease, starvation and being killed by fellow Rwandan. These are words for Rwanda people that were refugees in the Congo. The RPF went to congo to bring back the refugees and deal with the rebels. while dong this there were fighting and innocent people got caught in the middle. Now may I ask you why would the RPF go to congo to kill Rwanda refugees some that participated in the Genocide. When they did not kill Hutus in Rwanda during and after the Genocide. The RPF actually killed their own soldiers that decided to commitee crimes of vengeance? Saying that they should be protecting the people and not killing them? And the whole thing about Kagame planning the Genocide in debacle because today the Rwandan government and the French Government are investigating on who killed Habayrinmana. So why would Rwanda investigate and let French people come to investigate that when you say Kagame and museveni did it? would it not be like kagame shooting himself in the foot? this ingabire lady wants the Rwanda to become what it was in 1994 because when she came here all she could talk about was Hutu and Tutsi her favorite words and she went to the kigali memorial center and said i quote i see the Tutsi remain but where are the Hutu remains. I mean seriousily the Genocide happened to everyone how can she say something so insensative? there many Hutus that were killed protecting and speaking out against the Genocide. But why did she have to bring that up? We all suffered but all she can think about is Hutu and Tutsi??? And the person that wrote the article is lying Ingabire was not the first female candidate the was one in 2003 and another one in 2010. By the way she did not even register her party she came her for 6 months trying to divide Rwandese people and she did not come Register her party what was she doing here??? really if youu want your political party to campaign for presidency than register it!!!! woman… the government arrested Ingabire because she is working with terrorist i personally think they should have arrested for genocide ideology propaganda because ther is a law in Rwanda that state that no one should talk about the genocide ideology and teach it to others. she committed 2 crimes.
      look Rwanda has come far from what it was in 1994 and we are doing our best. I really sympathies with the refugees in Congo they should come home and live here. We all know how tough it is to be refugees and i also am here in Rwanda and see the consequences of the Genocide it was terrible and people are still suffering today. Today Genocide survivors are living next to people that killed their families and hunted them down. that the reality. The Rwanda people are trying to find a common ground which is that we are first Rwandans and we all claim this land.

  11. Muhoozi, I see you don’t even know what a tribe is, tribe means a social division in a traditional society consisting of linked families or communities with a common culture and dialect/laguage). So in Rwanda if there is another language that is spoken by the people which is not Kinyarwanda, kindly inform us so we have an intelligent discussion based on facts and not emotions.

  12. Muhoozi, I see you don’t even know what a tribe is, (tribe means a social division in a traditional society consisting of linked families or communities with a common culture and dialect/language). So in Rwanda if there is another language that is spoken by the people which is not Kinyarwanda, kindly inform us so we have an intelligent discussion based on facts and not emotions.

  13. @Francis Muhoozi; You obviously feel personally aggrieved by Kagame though, in my opinion your grievances are unsubstantiated and ill-founded but you are entitled to your feelings and opinions. What am not happy with is you being so selfish so as to try and mislead a whole host of people that read this blog, that because of your problems, Kagame is generally bad. Be objective.

    We should not deny that he has made Rwanda a safe haven today and it has grown to unprecedented heights never before registered in its past regimes. Today am proud to go to any part of the world and say am Rwandan without any fear of reprisal. He has established a sense of legitimacy, comfort, security and economic growth that we as Rwandans are supposed to continue pushing forward. You beat that.

    As for the people you just quoted, they are not saying the gospel truth. Just as you feel the need to tell this world your problems, so do they,writing a whole of lot of things that they think will add some literary value to the world.I choose not to believe them because all they assert is contrary to the reality.

    What we cant deny is that what happened in Rwanda in 1994 is real and should never happen again.

  14. Intellectual Nicodeme, I am not discussing on this blog to prove my intellect but to bring about informed facts. Whether Hutu/Tutsi/Twa are tribes or not is not the point. The point is that these sets of people exist and make up what we call Rwandese today. The fact is, Kagame is a criminal who should be prosecuted for real peace to be realised in Rwanda. Nicodeme please tell us why Kagame is so keen in prosecuting all suspects in the name of love for Rwandese and Rwanda as a nation, and yet he does not want to be prosecuted himself when to a multitude of people, national or international believe today that Kagame has a serious case to answer in as far as the Rwanda genocide and crimes against humanity are concerned?

    As for Joy, it is unfortunate that you think that I am trying to mislead people on this blog about your “angel” Kagame. Millions of people in Rwanda both Hutu and Tutsi are gagged. They cannot express their feelings on this subject because of the highly biased genocide laws Kagame has maliciously imposed in Rwanda. However, I totally agree with you Joy that what happened in Rwanda should surely never happen again and Kagame’s resolve to hide his murderous side is incidentally not helping in this wish for all Rwandese and to people with Rwanda at heart!

  15. Muhoozi, At least you know what an intellectual is, I still maintain, let us have a discussion based on facts and evidence and not your emotions.

  16. Dear Muhoozi and the Erlinders of this world,
    It`s easy to carry on your endless debates and theories on what happenned in Rwanda,ur version on what caused and sparked genocide.Am sure according to ur likes,INTERAHAMWE and the likes are coined by the Kagames and the RPF,and if they exist,they are innocent rwandese labelled by “killers” to hunt them for no reason and muhoozi and his learned academics, can confuse those who know little or care less about Rwanda and her people. Your sour grapes and ur hate for the regime in Kigali can be seen by the blind.Indeed,Tutsis were equal citizens in Rwanda,attended schools and were in all walks of life like any citizen in the pre 1994 Rwanda. Shame upon you for the denial that Rwandans are equal before the law,do same exams and pass mark set applies for all to mention but afew! The so called consultants in Rwanda affairs better than Rwandans themselves,could go ahead and write and get PHDs,but for sure they are consultants only to ignorant, and no wonder their view points taken as a standard even at ICTR! Those concerned are awake,you can go ahead and confuse the rest. Rwanda in Much better in all walks of life and in all spheres. Every society has rules and regulations and all must comply including the International experts on Rwanda. Sorry for this reality on ground, Rwanda not a jungle to the disappointment of Erlinders and Muhoozis of this “enlightened world”!!!

  17. This is an article from the wall street journal for Ann and company. This is how the WSJ sees it. SFBayview got it all wrong! stop misleading…!

  18. Dr.Ngarambe let us get serious! Why do you want the history of Rwanda to begin in 1994 with the genocide tragedy? I am lucky I am not a graduate of your RPF INGANDO indoctrination sessions being forced on Rwandans to rewrite the Rwandan history. Surely Dr.Ngarambe; were the Hutu and Tutsi living in harmony with each other before 1959? What was the level of the equality you are talking about between these Rwandese people before 1959? Please do not let us forget our dirty past history and instead use it to teach love, equality and mutual respect to our children as we continue to live together in our God given country Rwanda.

    What we are simply asking for is the basic human right of being equal in the hands of human law and natural justice. Just accept that you and your Kagame were too greedy and hungry for power and nothing was to stop you from taking it by force. Not even the lives of all the innocent Rwandese who were living in Rwanda at the time you hatched your murderous plan with Uganda’s Museveni to invade the peaceful country in 1990. You cannot deny the naked fact that the animosity between these peaceful people of Rwanda in the country between 1959 and 1990 was surely, gradually and steadily being forgotten. But because of your rabid thirst for power, you decided to attack and kill innocent people all in the name of forcing the 1959 Rwandese refugees in Uganda back into Rwanda without proper planning and when actually negotiations were strongly going on to solve this Rwandese refugee problem. Solving a political problem militarily, and re-iginiting the hard time memories in the majority of the Rwandan population. Sir, being a refugee does not at all give you a right to kill!

    I totally agree with you that every society has rules and regulations and all must comply. Starting with Kagame’s RPF and Museveni’s UPDF; let them explain why they failed to comply with International Law which forbids armed aggression on a neighbouring non provocative country in 1990; let Kagame explain to the International Criminal Court why he openly committed crimes against humanity on the unarmed Rwandese civilian population. Even in war there are rules and regulations. Let Kagame explain why he failed to comply with the rules when he ordered the shooting down of Late president Habyarimana’s plane which all credible evidence and logic has blamed for the ignition of the unfortunate genocide. Was Rwanda a jungle when you were unleashing your murderous campaign on it in 1990 Dr.Ngarambe?

    Before Kagame, his puppet government and Dr. Ngarambe talk of the rules and regulations in Rwanda, they should first examine themselves. Malicious manipulation of the truth, clever handling of the press to hide the truth, free press gagging, intimidations, imprisonments, assassinations, harassments, and excessive use of money, political appointments to power, can never build the hearts of Rwandese to live again together in harmony unless the truth and only the truth comes out.

  19. it is good to exchange our different views in this manner. May i request Dr Bukara, Nicodeme and Joy to read immpeccable and impartial reports such as Pean, P. (2005), Ruzibiza (2005), Onana, C. (2003), United Nations report (2008), Amnesty international (2007) and other reports on rwandan genocide demonstrating how general Paul Kagame knew that by shooting down Juvenal’s presidential plane tutsi in the country were going to perish. kagame said that even if one tutsi remained as long as he could get power , to him there was no problems! which genocide did he stop? he stoped what he started! Kagame is a criminal by nature he Killed Rwigema, Bunyenyezi his best friends and now he has sent in exile kayumba nyamwansa pierre karegeya. he killed about 5 million congolese and hutu refugees, kagame is stealing minerals in congo and buys sophisticated guns to kill his opponents and build kigali in order to mask international community that development is taking off!

  20. Muhoozi is nothing but FDLR idealogue who killed millions and if you think you ll do what you did pre 1994 youre mistaken and nobody sane is buying your garbage & tired BS,the only thing you deserve with your hate idealogue is a day in court(because we are fair & more democratic than your past genocidal regime) and remember when we say never again we real mean it,not just a slogan we are capable and more than determined to deal with people like you..go figure,we rwandese we are moving ahead for the better and we are not going to be distracted with your noisy hate propaganda!

  21. jon,
    I do not think that your abusive language on a blog like this will help you and Kagame your mentor shield your bloody hands man. Let us discuss facts on the ground and expose Kagame who caused and is still causing the deaths of millions of our people in the Great lakes region for his selfish reasons and greed for power.

    The world is slowly but surely catching up with Kagame’s murderous side and I am wondering why you “jon” cannot see this, or are you shieding your evil side also? To add to all the evidence we have now, let me treat you to the most recent one in the United States of America which you take to be your ally in evil:-



    April 30th 2010

    A Lawton attorney on Thursday filed a $350 million wrongful-death civil lawsuit against the president of Rwanda, who gave a commencement speech today at Oklahoma Christian University.

    * Read the complaints against the Rwanda president

    The attorney, John Zelbst, filed the lawsuit in Oklahoma City federal court against President Paul Kagame and other Rwandan officials.

    Zelbst and two other attorneys are representing the widows of two assassinated African presidents. The widows allege Kagame, then leader of the Rwandan Patriotic Front, ordered the presidents’ deaths in 1994.They also allege his army’s actions brought about the mass civilian massacre known as the Rwandan Genocide.

    Juvenal Habyarimana, the president of Rwanda, and Cyprien Ntaryamira, president of Burundi, were on a jet that was hit by surface-to-air missiles on April 6, 1994. Everyone aboard, including the French flight crew, died.

    A French judge in 2006 blamed Kagame for the deaths but said Kagame is immune from prosecution because he is president. The Kagame government has in the past denied the accusation.

    The widows do not live in the United States. They argue a federal court in Oklahoma City has jurisdiction over their claims because of Kagame’s substantial contacts with Oklahoma Christian University.

    “There is no independent functioning judiciary in Rwanda and any suit against defendants there would have been and would still be futile and would result in serious reprisals,” the attorneys stated in the lawsuit.
    A university spokesman said, “President Kagame is at Oklahoma Christian as the head of Rwanda to honor the 10 outstanding Rwandan Presidential Scholars who are graduating today”…

    So jon, before you remind me that you are capable of dealing with people like me which I know very well, just advise your Kagame to clear himself in now more than three international(foreign) courts where he is being accused of the same murder cases I am talking about. And be reminded that you are not more rwandese than the millions of people Kagame’s regime is oppressing, harassing,torturing and denying freedom in Rwanda today.

  22. Muhoozi your repetitive use of “murderous/killer” in Kagames name is so transparent,reveals it all about your bias–which is rooted in only one reality your ignorance, and your hatred for Kagame.
    and what you “researched” for is a lot of BS to support that bias.
    God help Rwanda from the likes of your type.

  23. jon,
    I wish you could take some time and search for the real truth about Kagame’s murderous side unless you are among the careless ones who want it maliciously shielded. With the well documented facts on the ground now, if I don’t address Kagame as a heartless killer trying to cover and hide himself behind the 1994 genocide tragedy in Rwanda, jon what do you want me to call him?

    French law courts, Spanish law courts and now Oklahoma USA law courts using the information now in public domain, want to try Kagame for the same murderous crimes against him that I am also talking about. If at all he is innocent and has Rwandese and Africans at heart as you jon would want us to believe, let him swallow his pride and defend himself in a competent, independent court of law and prove all of us accusing him wrong. That is incidentally the only way to save and clear his name.

  24. Muhoozi…deniars like you are still and will stubbornly cling to their lies and denial,why? because deniers are full of terror,fear and shame,pls stop posting your moronic ignorance and hate nobods buying that BS anymore,Kagame is doing fine and he never been a murderer,he was fighting your genocidal govts and interahamwe (like you?)…Rwanda is moving forward for the better,you keep opening your hype about nothing cases in french/spain/OK courts…remember if you killed anybody Gacaca will wait for you even for 100 yrs!

  25. This is Ann Garrison.Dont wast much of your time folks.You know waht to expect from her-usual biased stuff.I was told that Ann had travelled in most of Africa,and wherever she went she was treated like a white queen ,people line d and clapped their hands as matched the streets,however,when she reached in Rwanda after 1994,she met people who take pride in themselves,people who can not forget how people of her skin coulour turned a deaf ear while they wre being hacked to death with Hutu extremists.She never got the usual perpetual welcome she has always got and from that she decided that the cureent government of President are arrogant,proud and hence they must go so she can install her puppets.Sorry woman,we shall never trust your white people.We shall sort out ourselves together with our president kagame and thats what we are doing.
    I bet she is the one who found this lawyer for Ingabire,-tell him (lawyer) that even Sarkozy has since put down his weapon and apologised.
    You dont fight truth because truth fights you back.RPF stopped Genocide when evryone else was running away-its the truth-Enough of you Ann poking your nose into our businesses.
    @Ann and your whole crew.
    You have your own mess in your country to sort out.Why dont you try to reseacrh about the terrosit who planted that recent bomb in Newyork. You go about writing about Bombs in Kigali as a sign of instability whereas they are going off on the streets of Newyork at the same time. Now should we also conclude that President Obama is failing ,that he is surpressing people and Americans are not happy with him? Is that what your country USA is?

  26. I am really suprised buy how abusively and intolerantly Kagame’s supporters express their views.First of all they are telling off the international community and yet Rwanda recieves a lot of aid from the international community.Secondly they are not backing up there arguments with facts.All I have just read are uncountable insults towards those opposed to Kagame’s regime.People like Dr Ngarambe,Jon,Claudine Mukeshimana etc.. are not true supporters of Kagame but sycophants,and if His excellency President Paul Kagame is surrounded by such people, then he is fighting alone because sycophants don’t add any value to a politician.Claudine Mukeshimana’s comments amount to nothing but RACISM when she refers to people by their skin color.Honestly, would even Kagame want to associate himself with people like Claudine Mukeshimana? I doubt, unless all accusations against him are true.My advice to Kagame supporters – whatch your language because what you say is read by millions across the world.

  27. Francis Muhoozi has an objective analysis here! It is based on facts and supported by reports from credible courts and other institutions!

    I think those of you who do not agree with him should avoid accusing him or insulting him but instead, disprove each of his statements! That would be much more convincing!

    @ Ngambe (Dr), Joy, Claudine Mukeshimana, jon and all of you who may also have a case, plead it!

    On my part, I've been in Rwanda before 1994, during 1994 and after 1994; I might be in good position to analyze all your comments! Here is my opinion:

    – Rwandese suffered so much all along their history that I don't think it is possible all alone to turn the country into a peaceful, prosperous and fair place! It dooesn't mean that Rwandese would not be smart enough to do it, but it means that if they were capable, they would have done it long ago! Sometimes, it of a great honour to be humble and recognize others (foreigners) have something better than us! Let's learn from anyone and not boast about our great nature while all of us know inside we are not so good!

  28. – Paul Kagame surely killed Juvenal Habyrimana; he does not deny it! Mutsinzi report concluded on Hutu extremists to be the ones who shot the presidential jet down and on Habyarimana J. to have been killed because he accepted to share power with RPF Tutsis; if so, Habyarimana is then worth to be treated as a hero, or at least, a moderate hutu! But according to Kagame's speeches, he was a man to kill, he was worth nothing! That is clearly a contradiction! Only liars contradict themselves on such important issues;

    – Kagame never wanted to share power with hutus, he had enough influence and military power in January 1994 to enter the government and the army as it has been done in Burundi with CNDD-FDD and FNL PALIPEHUTU; but RPF refused to swear! Habyarimana did;

  29. – RPF shot Habyarimana as he was coming back from last chance peace negociation; according to Mutsinzi report again, he made suge concessions in the meeting showing that the hutu regime and Rwandese in general really wanted peace more than anything else, but RPF didn't care, they launched the missiles killing 2 presidents, and immediately resumed the war in violation of the cease fire agreement! so whose to blame for the killings?

    – RPF was busy killing hutus in Byumba, Kibungo, ect. while hutus on their side began killing tutsis first in Kigali and spreading to the rest of the country in the aftermaths; who do you think triggered the 1994 tragedy? Francis Muhoozi recognizes there have been a genocide against the Tutsis, but as a person who cares about humanity, I also have to say that RPF was at the same time killing hutus en masse! It had even started before, since 1990 RPF imposed terror on hutu peasants wherever its army conquered!

  30. – When you hear these locations, what do you think of: Kibeho, Kanama/Mahoko, Mugunga, Tingi-Tingi, Kasese? What is your conception of a genocide? RPF tutsis, chased hutu refugees in DRC and killed by tens of thousands! Since AFDL (of course we all know that it was RPF of Kagame) started the Zaire war in 1996, more than 6 million people died in DRC, in Rwanda (Gisenyi and Ruhengeri, thousands were being killed by RPF soldiers! So, what do you call those killings? Tutsis were killing hutus! Interahamwe killed between 500,000 and 800,000 tutsis in 1994, but RPF tutsi power killed more hutus than the tutsis who perished in the 1994 genocide! Again I ask you, how do you qualify the killings of hutus by the tutsi army?

    So, before you treat Francis Muhoozi of genocide denier, think of yourself who deny the genocide against the Hutu people/tribe/race/ethnic since 1972 in Burundi where tutsi rwandese took active part in the massacre of more than 200,000 burundian hutus! Did any tutsi from Rwanda help defend the innocent hutu civilians being chased and killed? Where were you then? Tutsi turned a deaf ear while turned a deaf ear while Hutus were being hacked to death by the Tutsi army.

  31. Like Claudine Mukeshimana who keep accusing "white people" to have abandonned Tutsis, remember RPF threatened the International Community of being targeted by RPF soldiers if they came to Rwanda! Of course, RPF propaganda doesn't tell you about it, do they?

    – sure RPF is made of many killers who are now leading the country! If you really love Rwanda and Rwandese, why do you keep protecting them? Why are you manifesting in support of Rose Kabuye who took an active role in the shooting down of the presidential plane carrying Habyarimana and Burundian presindent? Unless she is innocent, what I seriously doubt!

  32. – You pretend Rwanda is developing fast! Are you so sure about what you are saying? First think about all the financial inflows rwanda has benefited since RPF took power in 1994! How many billions of US$? You can't count, can you? What about the billions "earned" from the DRC looting since 1996 up to now? Where did the money go? UN reports on development say that more than 60% of Rwandese live under the poverty line! Less than a half of children complete their primary school! Is it the development you refering to?

  33. – I know Kigali, it has luxurious places like Nyarutarama, brand new cars and SUVs riding the nice roads of the capital! Professional staff earning salaries comparable to those of Europe! But how many Rwandese are benefiting from that? And mostly, which Rwandese? You speak about Rwanda becoming a financial hub in the East Africa region while people can't even feed their children! You talk about technology and IT while more than half the population can read and write correctly! What kind of country is this, what kind of governance is that??? And you say without any shame: "We, Rwandese, are moving on!" Shame on you whoever you are when you and yours earn 10 to 100 what a primary teacher or a health agent can only get!

  34. – You accuse Francis Muhoozi and before him Victoire Ingabire to be an FDLR ideologue! FDRL is made of soldiers who were between 2 and 10 years old in 1994 when then genocide against tutsis occured! They did not take part in those killings! Some of their other members did! So, you can not treat the whole organisation as being made of genociders especially since those young soldiers are mostly orphans from the genocide RPF conducted against Hutu refugees in DRC since 1996 up to now! They are first protectiong themselves against an agressor who openly attacks regularly DRC in order to kill them!

  35. Secondly, FDRL recognized the 1994 genocide and officially abandonned the goal of attacking Rwanda, they want to solve the problem through negociations! RPF never agreed to the idea! This clearly shows that the Tutsi regime in Kigali can not tolerate any other ideology than the one it has preached to the whole country and to the world, though we know it to be false and dangerous! RPF until now preaches that there are no ethnic differences between rwandese, all of them are of the same race, the Rwandese race! This is totally false! There are Hutus of Negroid race, Tutsis of Hamitic/Nilotic race and Twa of Pigmoid race! Would you dare pretend that there are no races in the USA because all americans speak english? Come on! We are adults and we know our history!

  36. – @ nicodeme; tribes or clans are not the same as race/ethnic! Hutus share the same nation, clans with tutsis but they have still different races!

    – all of you who are defending Kagame, think twice before associating yourself with a killer! Are you willing to do what he did and be condemned with him?

    Open your eyes and learn from history! See how real humanity defendors contributed to man liberty and prosperity, peace and happiness through the centuries! They preached human rights and fraternity, the right to wealth for anyone who may succeed reaching it! The right to be proud of your race! Let's admire what they achieved in the USA,Europe and do the same here! We can not develop if we don't follow their path, because good come out of good things!

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