Lawsuit alleges Rwandan President Kagame’s guilt in Rwanda Genocide and Congo War


by Ann Garrison

On April 30, in Edmond, Oklahoma, a team of lawyers and process servers attempted to personally serve Rwandan President Paul Kagame with an eight count lawsuit, which includes actions causing the civilian massacres known as the Rwanda Genocide and racketeering to acquire and control the resources of eastern D.R. Congo.

Kagame delivered the commencement address at Oklahoma Christian University in Edmond, while demonstrators held up signs outside the hall. Inside, Kagame’s aides refused to accept the documents presented by lawyers and process servers. University officials then ordered the lawyers and process servers to leave, and Kagame himself left early, surrounded by bodyguards.

The lawsuit alleges that Kagame and nine of his current and former military officers and officials are guilty of the assassination of former Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana and Burundian President Cyprien Ntaryamira and subsequent acts that caused the 1994 massacres that came to be known as the Rwanda Genocide, after costing approximately 1 million Rwandan lives. The suit was filed by the widows of the two assassinated presidents.

It also alleges that Kagame and other defendants are guilty of racketeering, as defined by the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, to acquire and control an interest in the resources of Rwanda’s neighbor, D.R. Congo, site of what the U.N. has called the most lethal conflict since World War II. In January 2008, the International Rescue Committee estimated that it had cost 5.4 million Congolese lives.

D.R. Congo is one of the most resource rich nations on earth and its mineral wealth, most of all its cobalt reserves, is essential to modern military industries’ ability to manufacture for war.

Outlets around the world reported that Kagame had avoided process service by leaving the commencement exercise early, surrounded by bodyguards, but Digital Journal and KPFA Radio News both reported lawyer Peter Erlinder’s assurances that Kagame will have failed to avoid service if lawyers are able to demonstrate that he tried to do so intentionally. This is the KPFA Radio News report, “KPFA Radio News: Lawsuit alleges Rwandan President guilty of Rwanda Genocide.”

The lawsuit includes arguments for jurisdiction in the U.S., based on the Alien Tort Claims Act and the Federal Extraterritorial Torture Statute, and for the supplemental jurisdiction of the Oklahoma City court, based on laws of the state of Oklahoma and “ongoing, substantial contacts” with Kagame and the other defendants, meaning their engagement with various educational and non-profit organizations.

Its sixth count alleges that Kagame and the other defendants violated the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act in order to acquire and control the resources of neighboring D.R. Congo.

Specifically, it says:

“From not later than 1990 to the present, Kagame et. al, and his agents, and their co-conspirators formed a ‘RICO’ enterprise within the meaning of 18 U.S.C. §:1961(4) engaged in foreign and interstate commerce.”


“Over a period of years and continuing to the present, through a pattern of racketeering activity, have acquired and maintained an interest in resources in the eastern Congo to their own benefit.”

The 24-page complaint is available online, as a Google Doc, which can be reached by clicking on: Habyarimana vs. Kagame.

Its eight counts are:

1. Wrongful Death and Murder,

2. Crimes against Humanity,

3. Violation of the Rights of Life, Liberty and Security of Person,

4. Assault and Battery,

5. Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress,

6. Violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act,

7. Torture and

8. Conspiracy to Torture.

Peter Erlinder is arguing not only the affirmative lawsuit of widows Habyarimana and Ntaryamira in Habyarimana vs. Kagame but also the defense for Rwanda’s leading opposition presidential candidate, Victoire Ingabiré Umuhoza of the FDU-Inkingi Party, whom Kagame’s government has charged with genocide ideology speech crime and “associating with terrorists” amidst the run-up to what was to have been Rwanda’s 2010 presidential election, scheduled for Aug. 9.

Roots of the lawsuit

The three attorneys who filed the wrongful death lawsuit in an Oklahoma City federal court on Thursday, April 29, are representing Madame Agatha Habyarimana, widow of Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana, and Madame Sylvana Ntaryamira, widow of Burundian President, Cyprien Ntaryamira. Both their husbands died when assassins shot down their plane on April 6, 1994.

The two presidents were flying home from a conference between east and central African leaders in Tanzania, held to discuss ways to end violence between ethnic Hutus and Tutsis from Burundi and Rwanda, when their plane was shot out of the sky with a surface-to-air missile over Rwanda’s capital, Kigali.

That evening the BBC reported: “The deaths of the presidents, both Hutus, look likely to make the situation in both states [Rwanda and Burundi] worse. Heavy fighting has already been reported around the presidential palace in Rwanda after news of the deaths spread. News agencies in Kigali said explosions have been rocking the city but it was not immediately clear who was involved in the fighting.”

Between 800,000 and 1,200,000 Rwandans died before the fighting ended, largely in civilian massacres. At its end, current Rwandan President Kagame seized power in Kigali, as the victorious general in the 1990-1994 Rwandan Civil War.

Madames Habyarimana and Ntaryamira allege in their wrongful death lawsuit that Kagame, then leader of the Rwandan Patriotic Front, ordered their husbands’ assassination and that his and his army’s actions brought about the mass civilian massacre known as the Rwanda Genocide.

Earlier this week, French media reported that a Paris judge investigating the crash, Marc Trevidic, was planning to send experts to Rwanda. His predecessor, Judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere, had accused the RPF of shooting down the plane and called for the arrest of President Kagame.

The widows do not live in the United States but argue that a federal court in Oklahoma City has jurisdiction over their claims because of Kagame’s substantial contacts with Oklahoma Christian University.

President Kagame appeared at the university in Edmond, Oklahoma, on Friday, April 30, the day after the lawsuit was filed, to deliver the commencement address, but left the ceremony early, surrounded by bodyguards, avoiding process service.

Media outlets around the world report that Kagame avoided process service, but it’s not yet clear that he has, because a defendant may be considered served if it can be demonstrated that he has intentionally avoided process service.

Professor Peter Erlinder, lead defense counsel for the International Criminal Tribunal on Rwanda and one of the attorneys on the wrongful death case, said: “The U.S. Secret Service and university staff informed Kagame that we had a valid summons and complaint that we wished to serve upon him. We were instructed we could not approach Kagame for security reasons, with which we agreed, but Secret Service informed us that security requirements permitted service on any authorized person on his staff.”

“Rather than accept service, members of his staff refused to accept documents and the University ordered process servers and lawyers to leave campus … which is ‘interference with service of process,’ a misdemeanor under Oklahoma law. Also, because the university has now involved itself in the conspiracy to cover up Kagame’s crimes, they have exposed themselves to liability. The president of the University has been served with a copy of the complaint and summons for Mr. Kagame.”

A university spokesman said, “President Kagame is at Oklahoma Christian as the head of Rwanda to honor the 10 outstanding Rwandan Presidential Scholars who are graduating today.

“We do not want to distract from their remarkable accomplishments by getting involved in the politics of Rwanda and surrounding countries. We cannot comment on pending lawsuits.”

Attorneys in the lawsuit stated, “There is no independent functioning judiciary in Rwanda and any suit against defendants there would have been and would still be futile and would result in serious reprisals.”

Carla del Ponte, lead prosecutor for the International Criminal Tribunals on Rwanda and Yugoslavia, in her book, “Madame Prosecutor; Confrontations with Humanity’s Worst Criminals and the Culture of Impunity,” tells the story of how she was fired by the U.N. after announcing her intent to prosecute sitting Rwandan President Paul Kagame for the assassination of Presidents Habyarimana and Ntaryamira that triggered the genocide.

San Francisco writer Ann Garrison writes for the San Francisco Bay View, Digital Journal,, OpEdNews, Global Research, Colored Opinions and her blog, Plutocracy Now. She can be reached at This story, which originally appeared May 3 in Digital Journal, is combined with another Digital Journal story by Ann Garrison posted May 1.


  1. As Annie reports in her article, Carla del Ponte acknowledged Paul Kagame’s crimes but couldn’t go further because of his backers at that time. She was among the first foreign authorities to go against his impunity. There have been French and Spanish lawsuits against him in the same line. Now this Oklahoma one. How many are needed for Paul Kagame sponsors to understand that they should stop being part of an inner circle led by someone with so much …. It took years of colossal damages in terms of lives and liberties before the free world understood that Adolf Hitler was a danger for their humanity. The past should teach us all for the benefit of our present and future. The same way a different world emerged from the defeat of Hitler, a different Africa should emerge from the defeat of the African Hitler. He has been, with his partner criminals in the Great Lakes region, almost responsible of 10 million lives in the last 20 years. He is keeping the same number under his Rwandan prison, where some are allowed to get out and must come back, but where others are prohibited from seeing their loved ones.

    • @Ambrose. Tell us about your purities before you talk of kagame's,are there any really? What are the purities of a man who loiters and later litters th streets of London with his genocidal language.
      What does take for a man who claims to love his country to come home and give his contributions?

      Ah i forgot the UK VISA is much more important-you just have to make noise on the streets of London to make yourself vulnerable ,so that Home office can extend your Visa ortherwise i would risk being answerable to the crimes i commited-thats Ambrose Nzeyimana,everytime his Visa is about to expire he gives an interview about Kagame -I think you should thank him bse you are earning a living using his name.

  2. These people's protesting is bull shit!

    i thought this was a joke. you know, congolese have since many years ago, eastern congo's conflicts started before Kagame was born. do not think like unEducated people.

    WHO's Protesting? only congolese and Rwandans ex milicians who are outside africa. Go to GOMA and see the reality !

    DON't forget what he did. stopped a genocide that took place within 1,2,3….100days while everyone was watching.


    if there is someone who's responsable for DRC problems is only Congolese.

    • Since Rwanda has being involves in RDC province because of Hutus and mineral interests, the result is disastrous: Rape, crime, genocide …and you guys are talking about KAGAME as a heroes? Shame on you….Congolese blood is crying for vengeance!
      With all respect, you’re stupid! Stupid!
      My advice for you will be to learn true story from Congolese background. We are not fully clean in this state because of our poor president (Kabila) BUT do not forget our hospitality since you are seeking for land and peace.
      Very soon, Hutus and Congolese people may take the lead….get ready and do not crying after international community…horrible tusti!

  3. Western inaction and greed is the cause of the massive bloodshed here. Kagame may not be squeeky clean, but there are plenty bloodstained hands to blame, including those of us who like to have a cheap cell phone!!!!

    Lest we forget, the Rwandan Genocide!!!!

  4. These people’s protesting is bull shit!
    i thought this was a joke. you know, congolese have since many years ago, eastern congo’s conflicts started before Kagame was born. do not think like unEducated people.
    WHO’s Protesting? only congolese and Rwandans ex milicians who are outside africa. Go to GOMA and see the reality !
    DON’t forget what he did. stopped a genocide that took place within 1,2,3….100days while everyone was watching.
    if there is someone who’s responsable for DRC problems is only Congolese.

  5. DRC problems can only be solved by congolese! why can’t we rise as one nation and work hard to define our destiny, instead of pointing fingers where we should not?? why?

  6. These lawsuits shows that no one is above international law, the time will come where general Kagame will have to explain himself. He is now above some laws but for how long?
    All Rwandan know his direct implication in the genocides:
    1) He ordered and started genocide by shooting down the presidential air plane where 2 presidents and many officials were killed.
    2) About one of quarter of the countries was controlled by his military forces in the following districts: Ruhengeri, Byumba, Kibungo and half of Kigali. All or almost all ethnic Hutu in this region have been killed and some bodies thrown into the river up to Lake Victoria. As evidence the international communities can take DNA from grave in Uganda and compare with some survivor relatives if they are still living.
    3) Another evidence: late take DNA sample from all genocide memorial in Rwanda and compare the result with some ethnic hutu survivor DNA : as a conclusion you can see that most people died during the Rwanda genocide may be hutu ethnic and not tutsi?
    4) He ordered bombing the refugees’ camp in Congo and here many people died and this in serious crime or genocide as he has planned and he intended to eliminate all people inside the refugee’s camp.
    5) Kibeho massacres is another intention to eliminate one ethnic group, the Hutu
    6) After getting power since 94, he has used systematic massacre by inviting Hutu to gathering or meeting and shooting all of them. If you refused you were killed and if you accepted you were killed but by shooting and by agafuni and most people preferred the second method of being killed by bullet and not by agafuni.

    BY Dunia

    • @Dunia.
      was it Kagame who wrote the Kangura newspaper also? Was it Kagame who imported all those Machetes that were distributed to the Interahamwe? Are you saying that when Kagame shot down the earloplane so immediately Kabuga imported machetes and had them distributed to all communes all over the country just in our night of the 6th april? Unless you are saying that Kagame was working with Kabuga which of course is like night working with day.

      Was it Kagame who carried out the training of the young militias that later carried out the masscres?
      Where in the world do you come about saying that Kagame started the genocide.A genocide which ahd since been planned, are you aware that after the Arusha peace Accords Habyarimana's agents turned around and told the RPF side that " Nubwo musaza muzasanga imbarwa" what did that mean?-read between lines.
      About the DNA thing-ofcourse some Hutus died as result of not supporting the idea of extaminating their neigbours and thats whay its called a genocide against the Tutsis and moderate Hutus.
      About the Kibeho thing-the innocent victims who died ,died because the interahamwe were using the camp as a shied as they continued to carry on the killings.

  7. For the commencement in OK, kagame came in from the back door and left the same way. This is victory for his victim and the organizers of the protest. When him and his people attacked the Congolese people from their homes and places where they went to hide, they came from the front doors and killed them. Those who escaped went from the back doors. From now on, it is kagame’s turn to take the back door until he is caught. he is on the run my friends. I would encourage the international community particularly the American people to help us run after him. he is one of the many leaders in Africa who must always take the back door. The front doors belongs to the people not the criminals.

  8. Komera . Mukmeze mutubere aho tutari. Twe hano mu Rwanda twabaye ibiragi Imana ikomeze ibadukomereze kandi ibahe imbaraga zo gukomeza urugamba.

  9. @Albert

    Komera !! Humura ubu intwari zarahagurutse mpaka ukuri,ubutabera,n`ubwiyunge bigarutse mu Rwanda.Namwe ntimuheranwe n`ubwoba kuko Imana ifasha uwifashije.Mujye muhana amakuru mu bwitonzi bwinshi abantu bahumuke bave mu bwoba.

    • @ Jeremie, Imana ya banyabyaha nkamwe ntibaho-Imana mwasenze mufashe imihoro mutema abanatu singaho aho ibageje-Mwabaye kabono mpamaguru isimwarayimaze mugenda.It will haunt you till death.

  10. Chers Amis,

    Vous croyez que nous congolais sommes dupes? Non, Monsieur nous sommes peut-être plus malins que vous tous qui vous croyez intelligents. Nous savons bel et bien que le Rwanda par l’entremise de ses autorités ont participé au pillage et à la mort des millions des congolais qui sont morts depuis 1997. L’un ou l’autre jour le Rwanda et son peuple paiera le prix de la connerie de leurs autorités. Aujourd’hui, ils se réjouissent de leur président et trouvent des arguments pour le défendre, mais demain ils vont cherchez des formules pour demander pardon au peuple congolais.
    Sachez le aujourd’hui que le CONGO RD est un éléphant qui dort et le soleil pointe déjà à l’horizon.
    Le Rwanda paiera pour sa turpitude.

  11. Akebo yagereyemo abandi nawe niko azagererwamo. Nimumpere Kagame iyi message yemwe abamuri hafi mwe!!!!!!!

    • @ Alice.Ahubwo akebo mwagereyo mo aba tutsi niko mwagirewemo none mwari rutse isi mwayi majije amaguru.Amaraso y;umuntu ntabwo arikintu kyoroshye.Uzabibona ntabwo imana yarenga kuri iriya mihoro mwatemaguje abantu ngo ibafashe.

  12. Yes, no matter how log this will take, Somebody will be brought to justice. Kagame is not taht Clean. Remember this guy is a rebel, a former rebel. We ask him to give us an account on how he took power in Rwanda.

    We want to more about how the genocide started.

  13. @Ann,

    Ofcourse you would recommend anything that discridits our president.
    The people you support are killers-people who killed people in some un imagianble way such as swinging a baby on a wall and shatteing its head, such as raping women with the front part of the gun and using a rag to clean you up and then another person goes on.Ann Garrison, suerly you are a woman,what would you fell if someone raped you with a shapen stick cloated with blood which he just used to hack someone to death? or raped you with a bottle of beer? do you ever imagine that really? And who are those men we see on camera butching and raping during the 1994 genocide? have you seen a picture of Kagame or his men there? Why is that no camera capture RPF raping and hacking people to death-the media who covered those Hutu killers were not Rwandans-it was internationla media including the French-the so called enermies of Kagame.
    Why is that no one has come with atleast one video of Kagame and his men hacking children.

    Ann , i recommend you to visit “woman for woman international website and listen to the testimonies of the Congolese women today. what is happening to the Congolese women at the hands of FDLR.Thats exactly what they did to us in the Rwandan genocide.Surprisingly you blame all that on Kagame.When an FDLR rapes a woman in Congo they blame Kagame, when he goes there to try and stop the FDLR, they say,you are only here to steal the minerals eh, what do you want him to do.
    If Congolese feel that the FDRL are doing them harm then they should stop harbouring them and hand them over to Rwanda.But no they feel comfortable to sit down and blame Rwanda for thier own shit.He stopped his country’s genocide without help and so should Kabila.
    I find it so stupid and so cowardly for the Congolese to join hands with former Hutu extrimists to waste you ( media) time blamimg a man who has done a good job in cleaning up the mess that they left behind.Even God wouldnt allow a fair punishment for a mother who pounds another woman’s baby in a mortar because of the way God created her. NO NO NO

  14. @Dunia.

    May be you think that Kagame’s other name is Kabuga.If genocide why were all those machetes imported in the country and kept hidden ku milenge? The mass graves, whay woulld the whole country have long graves dug at the same time ready? Has it occured to you that those interahamwe guys had same types of machetes (imihoro)? come one did they go in the same shop at the same time? the simplist answer is that they had one supplier-KABUGA, and if that was not a plan to cleanse the Tutsis then you are out of your mind.Even if Kagame would have sparked off genocide-which is bullshit ofcourse,was that an excuse to turn onto your next door neighbour and butcher him? Why did they Hutu Interahamwe turn to fight RPF in particular if the believed he had killed thier president.
    Why would you take your frustrations onto innocent civilians? Theres no excuse for what what the Hutus did to Tutsis in 1994-its allover on vidios and it will always areminder that will haunt them to death.

    Kagame ordered the shooting of refugees in congo and Kibeho-that a lie-sho us proof and please by camera( like a video where kagame is holding gun shooting at innocent people-atleast we shall have some comaprison since we already video of Hutus killing and Raping women).And besides you and me know that after defeat, they Interahamwe disguised themslves among the refugees and continued killing even of Hutu moderates-and do you know what the so called innocent refugees did? they haboured them and covered them up-they sometimes gave information of the RPF so thet they can shoot at them-The Hutus of Rwanda? unbelievable! if you want to kill someone why dont you atleast shoot him,why do you choose to butcher him like an animal? if you want to rape a woman,whay dont you do it the normal way other than using sharp stuff?? inhumanity

  15. Claudine, I have read and heard all the very same accusations of atrocities committed against Hutu people, by the RPF, from 1990 to 1994. If the lawyers who’ve filed this suit against Paul Kagame and nine other Defendants in Oklahoma City prevail in their arguments for jurisdiction, then the case will be heard in a court of law, where hard evidence, and testimony, and, a jury, no doubt, will come to conclusions.

    You can’t win a legal or moral victory by shouting louder about Hutu crimes than those reporting and documenting RPF crimes.

    • @ Ann.Of course we know what you have heard or what you hear. And for your info we are not shouting out Hutu crimes thy are on camera.

  16. Hi speekers!
    It is a shame for Africa, if we can hear people raise their voices to protect Kagame. Who doen’t know that Kagame, the President had sacrificed other Tutsi for power. It is not easy for Africans when we try to see how much you are protecting you criminal president. If you need democracy in Africa, it is better to understand the truth hidden in the history. Democracy does not need tribalism, discrimination and…You need to let the truth come up your differences. Africa will not be free with this kind of people trying to wash Kagame’s hands in the Rwanda genocide and what happen now in the eastern of the DR Congo.
    You need to grow to build right countries in Africa. Be sure, you are the future of Africa. How can we belive in you (as a future for Rwanda) for to try to protect a criminal as your president.
    African leadership need truth,impatiality,… People from need to understand that they peace in the DRC so that their prosperity can be effective. You will never change the border with the DRC, this country will remain there for ever. You need a good relationship the congolese man!!!
    I am confident that the truth will come up and the great lakes region will be again an african heaven.

    Open you mind, be a friend of truth; africa will be blessed and people will be free.
    Kagame, as he killed other people, will live the place to others,the God’s justice will rise.

    Everybody need to join the truth, even if you are Tutsi who want to protect Tutsiism; be sure it is time to build a right Africa.

    Thank you.


  17. Kagame killers,

    Nobody can hide the truth forever.
    Those people who react here are directely engaged by kagame’s secret service. they are just using pseudos.
    But don’t forget that Kagame will end up like people he killed. America will not support him forever. Let him understand what’s happening with Isreal.
    Don’t forget that Rwanda has nothing to sell but DRC have.
    Kagame is ready to kill tutsi, hutu or congolese for his power. But at least he knows how to say who “really” killed.

    La fin est proche, Kagame n’est pas eternel.
    Vous pouvez toujours avoir de l’orgeuil mais sachez que KAGAME est comme HITLER et ses supporters comme les NAZI.

    Kagame peut continuer à mentir et à tuer mais pas pour longtemps.

    On verra qui rira le premier.

    Vous parlez de Goma, qui a dit que c’est une ville apaisée. C’est la ville la plus gangereuse du pays. En mission à Goma on vous paye la prime de risque. Il fait beau vivre mais on ne peut pas y vivre tellement elle pullule des agents de Kagame qui tue avec le poison et les armes.

    Vous ne pourrez tuer tout les congolais.
    Sachez que l’image que vous donnez des rwandais n’est pas la bonne.

    Il faut avoir honte de venir parler dialecte ici quand meme.

    Tous les rwandais ne sont de tueurs…

    Ah j’avais oublié BILL n’est plus et BUSH non plus.


  18. Exactement Iman,
    Goma est la ville la plus dangeureuse à cause de sa proximité avec Kagame. Les hommes de Kagame ont bel et bien changé des stratégies. Comme les armes semblent ne pas être en mesure d’éliminer un nombre important, selon nos amis voisins, ils utilisent maintenant le POISON.
    Chers Rwandais, qu’avons-nous fait de mal pour vous? Quand je me rappelle lorsque dans les années 60-70 je vous accuiellis; lorsque vous portez vos bébés dans des peaux des moutons, lorque vous n’aviez pas de maison, lorsque vous n’avez pas de quoi manger!!! N’est ce pas que ma mère que vous violez couru à votre sécours? Elle vous a veti, elle vous a logé, elle vous a donné à manger. Aujourd’hui voici le salaire que vous avez décidé de payer à la pauvre. Oh Afrique! Oh Rwanda, jusqu’à quand cesserez-vous de votre votre tribalisme jusqu’à oublier que vous êtes d’abord humain avant d’être Tutsi!
    Vous savez, le Congolais n’a pas et n’a jamais eu une culture de sang. Ne vous en faites. Quoi que vous fassiez au Congolais il vous a toujours pardonné. Mais, n’est ce pas que la justice divine vous attend un jour. Tout ce que Kagame fait aux autres, lui sera rendu en récompense.
    Pensez à reconstruire un Rwanda fort, multiculturel ou toute les aspirations politiques sont libres de s’exprimer. Vous vous ventez d’être un model de developpement quand l’opposition est étranglé, les journalistes ne sont libres…quelle démocratie? quel avenir pour le pays de vos encêtres?
    Ne continuer à couvrir votre criminel, mais pensez à construire un Rwanda fort sans distinction entre Hutu et Tutsi. Inspirez-vous de grands pays comme Le Canada. C’est daans ce pays qu’on trouve le plus grand nombre des cultures. On y trouve tous les pays du monde représentés. Pourquoi les gens y vivent dans l’harmonie. Vous avez eu recement la visite de Michael Jean, la gouverneur générale du Canada, n’est-ce pas qu’elle noir? Et vous, vous voulez faire taire les Hutus et croire que vous construirez un pays prospère, non non et non.

    Conseil d’un sage bantou.

    À bon entendeur salut.


  19. I usually do not leave comments on articles… but the exchange is extremely important.

    As a Congolese who lived during Mobutu’s reign, I can see how Kagame’s reign is coming to an end. At least Mobutu survived for 32 years… he, Kagame, is finished after 16 years… looks like a teenager reign to me…

    I know some of the people posting comments are paid by the Rwandan government… I also know that some because of the pain they have of who they lost in 94′ are blinded by the suffering of others… I could also add that many, I say, many people are not aware of the fact of what happened and what is happening in the region.

    Kagame is going to be gone very soon. That’s a fact. The situation in the Congo will change very soon also as I see the rise in the consciousness of the Congolese youth. In Uganda, I have hopes in the youth in the villages up north who are spreading knowledge through cds… and many more grassroots movement taking place which are not needed to be mentioned…

    The challenge remains the same… when will Africans understand what is at stake in the Congo? when will Rwandans come together as a nation and stop the hypocrisy of watching 6 million people dying across their borders and blame it on the victims? When will Ugandans come together as a nation so that internal conflict are not exploited by Museveni so that the LRA can go home? So many things to say… but my comment is not written for those agents who want to confuse the world…

    my comment is written for you… the Congolese youth primarly… the African youth… these coons we have as leaders will go… but let’s make sure we are writing our true history… working together as a people… and stop these unnecessary killings.

    To you my friend, reading this… be sure you rise… and do your part… no one has to know what you are doing… as long as you do your part to bring about change in the Congo… and the region!

    • @Kambale.You are looking at Kagame as a person and not as agovernment or party or an institution and thats where you go wrong.With or without Kagame , we Rwandans will carry on his work of building a nation.So i have bad news for your Kagame has not only built a nation but and a strong instution.
      As for Congo issues , i argue to take off your grooves and go save your country yourself just like kagame did instead of you sitting on your ass blaming uganda and rwanda for your mess.Its mess sort it yourself-sorry we can help you because we are busy re buliding our country that was shuttered by the pre 19194 genocidal governemnts .


  20. it deosn`t matter the true is there no motter how long it will be some where someone will remember and for example like myself who is a victim in both rwanda 1994 civil and Congo !996 how can i froget nor how can my children forget, AS FOR KAGOME IAM HERE TO LET YOU CHARENGE YOUSELF AND THINK WHERE IS ALL THE OTHERS WHO COMMITED THE SAME CRIME AS YOU DID, WHAT I HATE MOST IS THAT YOU WON`T LEAVE LONGER TO SEE WHEN RWANDA BECAME THE HEART OF AFRICA`S PEACE AND UNITE WITHOUT THE LEADERS LIKE YOU WE WILL AND YEAH WE WILL

  21. Conspiracy is what brought all these troubles,the always mediacovering on negative sides on one side while hiding the dark side of the the other side with sherishing achievements and those achievements which come by sheddings is that what we call achieves by interfering others in their own territories in the eyes of those who were supposed to condemn those actions,oh precious stones how corruptful you are a blinder!The looter is the owner and the owner is on the run not because of his weakness but by outside powers interferences.


  23. god is creator of human life, resources and everything else
    im sure he let this happened for raison who knows god him self, but for i beleive is that no one is above him u can kagame may think with is coloboration is able to do everything he want but one day just one day god we deliver is verdic trust me. let leave god jugde this people i know there are many that i can’t mention on internet but god knows our suffuring my people suffer yet there have everything a country ever needed congolese forgiveness is the way to go because many lives wasted in my monther land, let be strong stand as people of greateness congo na bisso

  24. Long live Kagame, if it wasnt for you Mr President , those Hutu extrimists would have finished us.We are with till ever.
    As for the congoress i suggest that you direct your moarnings to your own presidient ask him why he has failed you.
    Leave our president alone he is got acountry to look after here.

  25. Nyanjwenge, ne pas plaisanter comme une gosse comme ça. La chose à savoir! et si même tu es à mesure d’atteindre Kagame ; nous les Congolais nous ne sommes pas des idiots qui doivent taire devant la cruauté inégalable que ce meurtrier a faits pour nos parents, nos frères et sœurs. Il doit nécessairement expliquer, s’il avait vu un Zaïrois en 1994 au Rwanda participant à son génocide qu’il a toujours brandi et venir en suite se venger. Je demande à Nyanjwenge si le sang des autres est de l’eau qu’on verser facilement, et celui de Tutsi est du rouge que Dieu avait créé avec Adam.
    Moi qui vous parle j’ai tous les hommes de Kagame qui ont fait ces massacres, pour dire qu’il ne faut pas distraire les gens en défendant un cruel conscient comme celui-ci.
    J’ai participé à la scène j’était en première année secondaire, je me suis investi dans cette situation jusqu’à la fin de ma licence.
    Chien ! Si le monde n’a pas encore su que Kagame est criminel, Dieu et les Anges la save. Et alors c’est le moment de mettre tout au vu de l’univers.

  26. mwisebya umuyobozi uhabwa ibikombe n' isi yose ,niba twaranaje iwanyu muri congo nuko mwari mutubikiye abicanyi batubuzaga amahoro baratwiciye,badusenyeye,bafashe abana,n ababyeyi ku ngufu , bakoze byishi bibi mu rwanda bahungira iwanyu kandi nabwo nti barekeye aho muzi ibihe by abacengezi abantu bapfuye, muzi abasaga n' abatutsi bari muri congo cyane cyane abanyamurenge uko bishwe ,n' ibindi bikorwa bibi interahamwe n' abambari babo bakoze. mutirengagije rero niba mwaraducumbikiye mwigeze mubona uwo twishe kandi inshuti y' umwanzi wawe abari umwanzi wawe n'inshuti y' umwicanyi aba ari umwicanyi kereka namwe muri muri abo bakoraga ibyo bikorwa kuko inshuro nyinshi bamena amaraso bataziko nabo bayava

  27. These Lawyers know about the "Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act” means ?They know than any one that President Kagame doesn't have any commercial activities here in USA . They just want to be known by making defending a case they already know they cann't win.

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