We salute Colin Kaepernick


    by Gloria La Riva

    “Kaepernick’s action was a righteous protest against the epidemic of racism and police brutality in this country,” said Gloria La Riva. “As a socialist and proud, long-time resident of San Francisco, I salute the stand taken by SF 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who refused to stand for the national anthem at Friday night’s game.

    La Riva spoke from her San Francisco office in California where she is running for U.S. president as the Peace and Freedom Party candidate. Out of the five candidates on the California ballot, she is the only worker, only person of color and only socialist. She is also on the ballot in other states across the country.

    Colin Kaepernick
    Colin Kaepernick

    Kaepernick had explained his actions, saying: “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

    “I live in San Francisco, and everywhere you go you see exactly what Kaepernick is protesting,” continued La Riva. “SF police, and police around the country, systematically profile Black and Latino people, routinely brutalize working class people and in many cases kill innocent people of color.

    “Kaepernick is acting in the great tradition of athletes like boxer Muhammad Ali, who resisted the draft during the Vietnam war, and Olympic sprinters John Carlos and Tommie Smith, who used their prominence as athletes to take a public stand against racism and for Black liberation, along with Australian silver medalist Peter Norman, who stood in solidarity with them on the winner’s stand.

    “These athletes were willing to pay the price, whether it meant being vilified in the media and drummed out of the sport, as were Carlos, Smith and Norman, or stripped of a title and sentenced to prison, as was Ali.”

    “Kaepernick’s action was a righteous protest against the epidemic of racism and police brutality in this country,” said Gloria La Riva.

    La Riva quoted Ali, who said: “My conscience won’t let me go shoot my brother, or some darker people, or some poor hungry people in the mud for big powerful America,” he said at the time. “And shoot them for what? They never called me n—-r, they never lynched me, they didn’t put no dogs on me, they didn’t rob me of my nationality, rape and kill my mother and father. … Shoot them for what? How can I shoot them poor people? Just take me to jail.”

    La Riva continued, “Carlos and Smith had no regrets, despite the impact of racist reaction on their personal lives.” She quoted Carlos, who said, “I went up there as a dignified Black man and said, ‘What’s going on is wrong,’” and Smith, who said their action “was a cry for freedom and for human rights. We had to be seen because we couldn’t be heard.”

    La Riva concluded: “Since its formation, the U.S. capitalist class has consciously created a complex system of white supremacy to prevent working class unity and rebellion by all oppressed and exploited sectors of society. Over and above the genocide carried out against Native peoples, the enslavement of African peoples and its racist ideological justifications have been central to both extracting super-profits from oppressed people within the United States as well as preventing the entire working class from acting in its own interests.

    “We see the fight against racism and for Black liberation as central to the struggle for the liberation of all workers and the building of a socialist society.”

    “We see the fight against racism and for Black liberation as central to the struggle for the liberation of all workers and the building of a socialist society.”

    Gloria La Riva can be reached through her press contact, Estevan Hernandez, at estavan@gmail.com. The Party for Socialism and Liberation is running Gloria La Riva for president in the 2016 election. For more information on the campaign, including its 10-point program, visit the official campaign website.


    1. To know if it is really a righteous act tell me about how he is involved in inner city work? Black charities? His money would speak more to his righteousness than his mouth.

    2. There will always be a self righteous person such as yourself that will question the motives of others without just cause.

    3. It is correct that there is a problem with behavior of the police in USA, however this guy only want justice for blacks and has no concern about other people or other problems like no control over the police by "WE THE PEOPLE". Oops I forgot to mention that BLM recently announced that their biggest enemy is Israel. That should really make police change their way. Instead of doing something about the problem the guy went after chip publicity

    4. Being paid millions to play a game is called OPPORTUNITY not OPPRESSION. The flag represents all the people who died to give him the right to protest. At a minimum, he should respect the very symbol of his right to protest.

    5. One can only hope that this peabrained punk is going to be booed every single time he appears anywhere in public for the rest of his life.

    6. Millions of good Americans died for his freedom to play a game and be paid millions of dollars,… as well as his right to disgrace their sacrifices by not honoring the symbol under which they gave their lives.

      Actions really do speak louder than sanctimonious protests. Has this poser ever invested a day of his time trying to combat black on black murders is urban America? CRICKETS. Nuff said!

    7. So Aaron, you have no explanation? Just an insult to his question? Please don’t speak again, you poor ignorant soul.

    8. If cops are racist and out to get all the blacks, how come they are only going after the men? Wouldn't it be all comers shot in cold blood? Seems to me cops hate resistance and black men are being coached up to resist. Hitler did not load up the trains with just men. He wanted kids, grannies, moms and everyone jewish.

      There is no systematic anything. Get over yourselves and get to work on your own life.

    9. Imagine meeting a person from outerspace and truing to explain that our society it trying to become one harmonious culture devoid of race and divisions.

      Then explain to that Alien the presence of the NAACP, BET, Black Colleges, a host of divisive groups and clubs in colleges and negative contributions by rags like this.

    10. I have a right not to support him as well. this is OUR country and if he doesn't respect it then he can leave any time he chooses

    11. How ironic how he disrespects the ideal that gave him the right and opportunity to do so.
      Just leave, take black lives matter with you, it’s your right.

    12. Female prisons are overwhelmingly disproportionately filled with black women. 64% of all woman prisoners are black. Maybe cops are less afraid of women so aren’t as trigger happy? Idk, but they still “go after” them. If you don’t see the systemic racism in this country, you’re wilfully ignorant, or have an agenda.

    13. While I agree with Colin Kaepernick's right not to salute the flag for whatever reasons I am bemused by Gloria La Riva's support of Mr. Kaepernick. She is a staunch defender of the governments in Cuba and North Korea. Try not saluting the flags in those countries.

    14. Mr. Kaepernick is a true hero. It's great to see a prominent person stand up for truth and justice.
      And, just for the record. I'm voting for Gloria La Riva for president.

    15. I Feel this was the right thing to do, no matter what the forum,
      To me Colin is simply a Hero! exercizing his right to speak the
      truth to the world, he is my Hero, This is simply the truth, Cops kill
      Black People and go home with pay, The public community pays
      the salary for the Cops and for the Black Community, gets very little
      in return but Racism, Cops hired from all white Racist Communities
      Linked to the South, The States have a big Acknowledgement in Allowing
      these Killings without real investigations or Outcomes for distraught Families.

    16. Most football and basketball players after 5 years of retirement are usually broke, massah gets his money worth and they end up broke. They are afraid of standing with Kaepernick today but they will another day. These guys have been trained to obey and threatened by white society if they don't respect the anthem. How many white players will salute the anthem if it called for the death of white slaves, and the situation was reversed, now you get my point, it wasn't complex and the kneegrow doesn't understand the social dynamics of his actions. These guys studied sports in school, ever notice how most of them sound like they missed the 7th grade. This is what the educational system produced, a brute, void of critical thinking skills; ordered by the plantation.
      The NFL and NBA teams never file for bankruptcy, but 85% of the kneegrows do after they retire. If you're afraid of repercussions by white guys today, wait till you retire and join the lines of the needy. In need of a modern brain, same thing happened in plantation, the house kneegrow felt save with his castration, living and eating better than the field Black man, same case scenario today. they refuse because they are yellow belly coon-sucking, boot licking fools without a clue, rent a vowel and go back to a real school. college for most of them was a training to the pros. We see the repercussions of having a trained slave in the 21st century; a spineless caricature of a human being. The players standing with Kapernick are a fraction of those playing not even 1 % of them. they are well within their constitutional rights, yet still afraid to take stand, they can't be fired for executing their rights. The owner of the Miami Dolphins have sided with player, the president if the 49 Niners stands by Kapernick, what are these kneegrows afraid of? The fear of the phantom repercussion ghost cripples the cowards when the national anthem of disgrace is played, spineless punks with muscles don't impress me on Sundays. The mental chains cripples the kneegrow mind; the plantation lives in the psyche of the unconscious slave. The Zombies are controlled, the White Paternal Plantation Syndrome is a real phenomena.
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