Help me find Aunt Barbara and bring her home

by Minister Tonja Scott-Pate

Barbara Jean Hoskins

I am asking for the public’s help in finding my Aunt Barbara Jean Hoskins. My family has been desperately searching for her for many years, last knowing her whereabouts to be in the Oakland area. My aunt has been missing for over 20 years.

My family had received word that my aunt was living as a homeless person on the streets of Oakland. She has family that loves and misses her so very much.

Since my Aunt Barbara has been missing, all of her brothers and sisters have passed away, along with two of her daughters. We buried one of her daughters a month ago, at 37 years of age.

My Aunt Barbara has many grandchildren she has never met before. She has three daughters left, waiting to see their mother again.

Aunt Barbara is the last of our family in her generation. We know that she has suffered schizophrenia for many years, but we want her home no matter her condition.

I implore you to please help us bring her home as soon as possible.

I am willing to fly to Oakland to reunite with her and bring her home. We love and miss her so much.

In 2013 I lost my mother, my Aunt Barbara’s sister. I made my mother the promise that I will bring her baby sister home. Please help make this promise a reality.

If you have any information, write to Minister Tonja Scott-Pate, 2433 W. 58th St., Davenport, Iowa 52806, or call 563-570-2017.