Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Abolition Now!

Writings and investigations from our siblings behind bars.

A Quest for Democracy in Sacramento

More than 200 people came to the Capitol in Sacramento as part of a lobby day for justice-involved and formerly incarcerated individuals, with participants travelling from around the state. The second annual Formerly Incarcerated People’s Quest for Democracy focused on 16 bills, including policies on reentry, sentencing reform and sealing of juvenile records.

Living for the oppressed

Although KB’s housed in the cell next to me, we hadn’t talked for about a week. He expressed frustration with me. Feeling years in segregation has affected my mind – negatively – in that I don’t seem interested to use my “wits” to get out: of segregation and ultimately prison. He goes for the “be a good boy and they’ll let you out” line. Had to correct him.

The WHY of the Prisoner Subscription Fund

What is Black authenticity?

May Day amidst global mayhem

May Day, the day celebrated for over a century as an emblem of workers’ power, seems to have become a symbol of its fall. Social and communal wealth has been funneled to banking and corporate interests – bailouts for billionaires – while workers have faced, at best, a plague of cutbacks; at worst, mass layoffs and firings as businesses reorganize by being even more antagonistic to labor.

In Georgia, protesters demand ‘End inhumane jail conditions!’

Prisoners and their families have been complaining about the horrible living conditions in the jail. They have told stories of inadequate and inedible food, black mold growing on cell walls and extensive use of solitary confinement. Also, access is limited for medical services for both pre-existing conditions and illnesses acquired inside the jail.

Sweet land of liberty

Let’s build that culture bridge, build that culture bridge, build that culture bridge.

The making of ‘Cold World’

Bay View writer Kwame “Beans” Shakur released the track “Cold World” in January 2021. Kwame is an amazing prison rights freedom fighter and organizer behind bars of the National Freedom Movement and the New Afrikan Black Panther Party – at only 29.

All power to the Peoples

Until Black people are free, no people are free.

The WHY of the Prisoner Subscription Fund

Gratitude for the momentary lift from today’s plantation.

Third Circuit denies Mumia a rehearing

Power to the people. Free ‘em all.

Another world is possible: Boots of the Coup interviews Mumia Abu Jamal

"There is a very thin line between those of us who are political and those of us who are not ... that is why I say that there are millions of Malcolms. They just don’t know it yet."

A call to action – back to the future

Focus highlights prisoners responsibility to be released as persons worthy of being released to our communities.

The WHY of the Prisoner’s Subscription Fund 

The Prisoner's Subscription Fund helps to educate, inside and out.

Rashid: Advocacy vs. serving the people

Rashid lifts the fog obscuring the fight against “the struggle.”

Food Wars

The logic of the market leads to mass starvation.

Kwame ‘Beans’ Shakur: Call to Action for National Unification

In every state across Turtle Island, we have outside people doing Revolutionary Nationalism and abolitionist work. In every single prison we have Political Prisoners and Politicized individuals doing the work and resisting their captivity. PLM is to unite those people.

My husband, the Rev. Edward Pinkney, is still sitting in the Berrien County Jail

Rev. Pinkney is a victim of a frame-up by Berrien County Court and Sheriff Department, which has a national reputation for police brutality and racism.

‘Give us our mail!’

The San Quentin Death Row inmates have filed a complaint. Their goal is a settled and dependable mail handling standard that enables them to stay in touch with their family and friends. We fully support them.

Let’s talk dollars and sense

Now it is time to learn a little something about “stacking,” “flipping” and “buying assets.”

My dear father, Mumia Abu-Jamal, needs to be exonerated NOW!