Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Abolition Now!

Writings and investigations from our siblings behind bars.

Ruchell Cinque Magee was just released from prison after 67 years caged!

On July 15, 2021, Ruchell was denied parole for the 16th time. In 2023, Ruchell Magee signed a petition for compassionate release after incessant work to challenge the legitimacy of his imprisonment.

Cinque’s return – a poem

After 67 years in prison Ruchell Cinque Magee has reached Freedom upon being released.

Letter from Dr. Tolbert Small to the family of Dr. Mutulu Shakur 

Whenever the oppressed pick up arms, Mutulu lives. Whenever our children and grandchildren resist tyranny, racism and oppression, Mutulu lives!

Dr. Mutulu Shakur presente

His service to the Black community wasn’t just in revolutionary activism, but as a doctor of acupuncture, where he treated addicted drug users and AIDS patients.

Humanity’s plea: Free Mumia

Jamal Hart Jr, the grandson of political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal, Zaire Saunders, the copy editor of the SF Bay View newspaper and writer Robbie Jackson were at an event on June 4 at the PSL office in San Francisco discussing the many injustices in Mumia’s case.

Death Row: Then and now

Independence and emancipation mean little if the prison system isn't abolished

Militant prisoners made zombies: Mental health politics of Ohio State Prison

Society must be transformed. The quality of life for humans must be increased with the system of mental health at the forefront for change.

Are you ready for World War?

There are no winners in a World War!

Bill requiring state to house incarcerated parents close to their children passes Senate Public...

AB 1226 requires an incarcerated parent or legal guardian of a minor child be placed in a correctional facility that's closest to their child’s home

In Haiti, ‘gang warfare’ is a cover for imperialist intervention

We think it’s time for people who are in the progressive and left movements to take a serious look at the importance of Haiti

California Legislature rejects $360.6M proposal for San Quentin Prison

California legislature has rejected Gov. Newsom's $360.6 million budget proposal for the expansion of San Quentin State Prison

Is Black-originated culture a social justice ‘warrior’ blind spot?

To see our powerful culture and its curriculum – rooted in Black history and self-empowerment – be denied in places where it is arguably needed the most is an affront in this otherwise activist driven environment.

‘Prison Lives Matter: Liberate Our Elders’ webinar Aug. 4-6

The holding of international tribunals, developing The People’s Senate, and organizing national strategy is how we gain our freedom.

Dialogue with a gangsta

A revolutionary love will free us!

Rashid: From my denied and delayed cancer care to the worst possible treatment 

It’s been exactly a year and a half since Virginia prison officials had clinical evidence from PSA (prostate-specific antigen) blood tests that I have prostate cancer ...


Enough police terror!

Tyranny at Dr. Lane Murray Unit: guards profiteering off new underground sport

At Lane Murray Unit, the warden is a tyrant and the officers are her exclusive army of bullies and extortionists!

Talkin’ to the youngsters

Talking to a few youngsters, I hear them saying there are white people in the inner city walking their poodles and how our communities are being gentrified.

Women of the Party

“They enrich our today as they enriched our yesterday.” – Mumia

The Most Beautiful Body Art 

From the depths of the divine the beauty emerges.