Sunday, October 24, 2021

Real Talk with the Bay View

On the spot interviews with local entrepreneurs, community members and people on the street with something to say.

šŸ¬Multimillion dollar condos, no resources for unhoused

Tenderloin, San Francisco ā€“ Malik speaks to folks at Code Tenderloin about the disparities in the city's priorities. London Breed: What's the plan for our unhoused? The homeless crisis didn't end just because COVID restrictions did!

An interview with Gwendolyn Westbrook of Mother Brown’s Dining Room

Stephanie, Ussy Bush

3rd and Quesada ā€“ Nube Brown interviews Stephanie who presents her custom-made rubs for food, candles, honey, spices and much more!

Harrell Powell, Aquarius Enterprise

Third and Quesada ā€“ Nube Brown speaks with Harrell Powell, who with his wife Deborah Powell, owns Aquarius Enterprise.

Two women of the TL supporting Proposition A

Tenderloin, San Francisco ā€“ Assistant Editor Malik Washington talks to two advocates of Prop A, a measure to create "$487.5 million in bonds going to fund permanent investments in transitional supportive housing facilities, shelters, and/or facilities that serve individuals experiencing homelessness."

Gov. Newsom: support AB 2542!