Saturday, August 13, 2022

Behind Enemy Lines

Writings and investigations from our Brothers and Sisters behind bars.

12th Street Reunion – continuing to build for the New Afrikan Nation

With steady movement forward, strategic creativity and planning relentlessly build on the determination to liberation.

Resident of the Pit – Knowledge and Awareness as a Black Man

David Richardson’s view from the Pit presents one question, and so many others, of ‘what is education to a Black man?’

The Board of Parole denied Reginald Samuels his freedom for sharing the SF Bay...

The corrupt, racist plantation system of wardens, guards, parole boards, prosecutors and judges are predators, playing their captives in

I’ve never had any justice; I’ll never have any peace. Still, I rise …

Hope for the survival and thrival of all human beings remains as long as we are still able to rise from the injustices.

Rightly convicted, wrongly sentenced

The carceral system relies on our collective focus continuing to be on only part of the picture.

Structural Racism: The Prison Industrial Slave Complex and war

All in a day’s racist work of u.s. control – over-policing of Black and Brown people to feed the PISC while sorting out and granting refuge to white Ukranians at the wall.

White Panthers and Revolutionary Intercommunalism

Building unity from razor wire plantations of oppression to schools of liberation.


The struggle is real for trans women in CCWF in the experiential transition moving forward against Western feminism’s journalistic toxic cocktail/ 'toxtail' of false information and hate.

Liberate the Caged Voices

Justice J. Anthony Kline stated in 2012 that: “The board appears to be violating the rights of thousands of inmates by systematically denying parole.”

Lane Murray Unit terrorized by white supremacy

"I cry out genocide! on the daily at Lane Murray Unit." – Britney Gulley

COVID-19 is biological warfare against prisoners

The canary still sings warning– who’s listening?

Is there any way you can get closer to home? A letter from the...

Cries for help are continuous from prisoners barely surviving the prison conditions in California, and everywhere in the U.S., – filthy, inhumane, dangerous and shameful.

Liberate the Caged Voices

Sitawa reveals his horrifying reality as a caged Elder, infirmed and no longer able to care for himself, neglected, abused and tortured by corrupt hellth nocare agents.

A call to support the men at Florida State Prison 

A desperate call for sustained public support for the people caged in Florida State Prison suffering continuous genocidal abuse and neglect by prison staff.

Is herd immunity the secret policy in California prisons?

No prisoner should be dehumanized and treated or made to feel like a lab rat, physically and mentally tortured by her captors with genocidal acts.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s inaction holds prisoners beyond parole dates and at risk of...

The disinterested, empty response from Michigan Gov. Gretchen, to Rand Gould reveals a common thread of cold disregard for those captured and caged by the state.

Open Prison Initiative

The prison industrial complex will continue to operate in its slave plantation manner until the We the People say NO MORE! We Are Our Own Liberators! – Jalil Muntaqim

Destroying the master’s tools: Soledad State Prison’s anti-Black racism and why we should choose...

Twisting the narrative around the prison system to be comfortable is like drinking a glass of lumpy sour milk imagining it to be a milkshake – not real, or productive.

My return to Virginia: A tribute to people power

This is what commitment looks like – day to day, every day – Truth to Power, by any means necessary.

Capitulation via compliance

As in all struggles, the fight for justice in an unjust society requires strategic unity.