Friday, September 22, 2023

Culture Currents

Cultural happenings in SF and beyond.

Photographing the ‘68 Olympics: talking wit’ photographer Jeffrey Blankfort

It’s difficult, more than a half century later, to compare the energy in the stadium before and after Smith’s and Carlos’s fist raising

‘The Critic’s Company’ review

As a writer and someone who strives to follow my dream, it’s an all too relatable feeling of not being taken seriously when you yourself are serious about following your own path to achieve those dreams.

Oakland’s Kinfolx is on top of the wave of new businesses in Oakland after...

we wanted to ensure that our community had a stake and place to call home in this rapidly changing area of Oakland. 

A talk with Big Toine

Rap veteran Big Toine talks about changing hip hop landscape

Queen Iminah: from Oakland to Harvard to Ghana and back

From Ghetto to Goddess is the movement.

Larry June’s ‘The Great Escape’ album review

 “The Great Escape” album has a cinematic style to it like a soundtrack to a 007 espionage movie.

Campaign launched calling for the removal of Cuba from the list of state sponsors...

Cuba was initially placed on the list of state sponsors of terrorism during the Reagan administration in 1982 because of its support for anti-colonial struggles around the world, most notably in Africa.

Award-winning Afrofuturist Nisi Shawl brings the magic of history to young readers with ‘Speculation’

  by Sumiko Saulson Award-winning Afrofuturist Nisi Shawl has knocked it out of the park with “Speculation,” a work of mid grade fiction (for 8- to 12-year-olds) about Winna, a young girl with magical glasses that...

Black on Black solutions: ‘Batters Up, Guns Down’ neighborhood softball league opener is March...

The men's season for Bats Up Guns Down is set to begin on March 26th, 2023, weather permitting. The first tournament event will be held on April 8th, 2023, which will be an Autism Awareness and Pre-Easter Celebration for kids.

Haiti: “The Truth Speaks for Itself”

Support the popular movement in Haiti. Demand an end to U.S. funding for the Haitian National Police and military.   Demand an end to the Biden Administration’s unconscionable attacks on refugees.

Kerby Garcia’s Sick N Tired Shred Program App

Nutrition plays the biggest part in working out.

The Most Beautiful Body Art 

From the depths of the divine the beauty emerges.

Conscious Wordplay and Wizardry: Meet Richmond’s Spoken Word Master Donte Clark 

“I feel like The Most High speaks to me more clearly through poetry than any other way.” – Donte Clark

Daylite Comes After the Night: an interview with the local rapper Daylite

Daylite breaking through the stereotypes.

Hidden History Black Museum opens in Los Angeles

The new Hidden History Museum owns the narrative.

Unfortunately, sometimes “black” does crack

Focus on The People.

Dr. Artel Great revives 70s Black cinema with emphasis on Black consciousness.

by People’s Minister of Information JR Valrey, Oakland Bureau Chief The Museum of the African Diaspora (MOAD) has recently announced its new Cultural Critic in Residence, Dr. Artel Great, who recently debuted a film series,...

Black Shakespeare: Layce Lynne Kieu

Kieu said, “it was love and I knew it was something I couldn’t stop doing.”

Allyssa Victory on what’s new with Oakland Black History news

Remembering where we come from enlightens the path we forge to a thriving Black future in Oakland.

African American poets’ poetry, On the Fly: Wanda’s Picks for February 2023

All about the perfect play for the Bay and poets’ poetry of Black Resistance.