Tuesday, May 18, 2021
Local News & Views

Local News & Views

Black truckers shut down multi-million-dollar UCSF job site for 4.5 hours

San Francisco continues its systematic assault on our second and third-generation Black and Brown families. We love San Francisco, but we will no longer stand for these human rights abuses.

March madness: McCarthyism at KPFA?

History records that the infamous Sen. Joe McCarthy died in 1957, but did his ghost haunt the March meeting of KPFA’s Local Station Board?

Fife for what’s right: Oakland City Council votes unanimously to fund community alternatives to...

Bright lights shine on Councilmember Carroll Fife’s resolution reshaping public safety by using tax dollars on the front end for communities.

To City College Trustee Tom Temprano and the Board of Trustees

CCSF students placed at risk of death by riot police while peacefully confronting the oppressions of capitalism, white supremacy, classism and racism by CCFS’s Tom Temprano and the Board of Trustees.

Black contractors getting few if any more city contracts since new law

“It’s a whole community being left behind,” said Bendu Griffin, president of Tonma, a management consulting firm in Oakland, adding that Black contractors are going extinct.

Green Party of California condemns Democratic Party ‘betrayal’ for shelving of Guaranteed Health Care...

Capitalism again blocks the road to affordable quality healthcare for all people as a human right.

BOS President Shamann Walton leads Reparations plan for Black San Franciscans!

SF BOS takes huge historical step in creating the 15-member African American Reparations Advisory Committee.

Why I am calling for a Local Health Emergency in San Francisco

Absence a response by the local health officer or designee moves Dr. Ahimsa Porter Sumchai to declare a Local Health Emergency under Section 101080 of the California Health and Safety Code at Naval Stations Hunters Point and Treasure Island.

Deputy Public Defender Eric McBurney’s statement on the case for his client Steven Jenkins

Shifting from criminalizing homeless lives requires digging deeper to expose the truth of the reality.

California’s deplorable treatment of mentally ill people of color

Keith Baxter is evidence that as a society we must revive the compassion necessary to validate our humanity and leave no one behind. Every heart counts.

Prop C funds released! San Francisco takes first step to move dial on homelessness

Birthed in the community, Our City Our Home’s Proposition C recommendations go to the mayor and BOS for final approval.

Brand-name health plans as low as $1!

Covered California offers healthcare premium relief opportunities to especially Black, Brown, Asian, other people of color and lower- and middle-income families.

San Francisco’s and McCormack Baron Salazar’s criminal neglect of Plaza East Apartments

Fillmore Black American voices raise the decibel charging disrespect and neglect regarding city government response to charges by tenants about issues with Plaza East Apartments' violations of tenants' rights and threats to safety and health.

Four Stockton cops viciously beat Black student, 17 – Burris filing federal suit

Police violence is raged against the people with impunity, ‘like a pack of wolves.’

Stealing our last acre and one remaining mule: Black, Brown and no income San...

by Tiny Gray-Garcia  Since 2013, in backroom deals with non-profit organizations, the San Francisco Housing Authority and HUD have been quietly enacting a benignly named plan called RAD, which results in the decimation of the...

Earth Day 2021 in San Francisco!

The lines are drawn – Captialism’s Profits over People, or, Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win, all Power to the People

Black Leaders: Spending must include Blacks as state prepares for billions in federal cash

Black-owned media is key to carry the messages of billions worth in opportunities available by President Biden’s proposed American Jobs Plan to disadvantaged minority communities and businesspeople.

Exposing rats in the social security system – and the coronavirus blues

Listen up Social Security! –The rat stops here! – Paradise Free Jah Love Supreme has you on blast!

Beautiful to broken elevator to bedbugs: My 17 years at Acton Courtyard Apartment Complex

The bedbug nightmare, it so so wrong, sleeping in the bathtub for way too long.

City College under attack: Students organize to save 600 faculty jobs

On Sunday, April 11, student organizers in the CCSF Student Coalition led a 150-person “March to Save CCSF” in the Mission in protest of the recently approved layoffs of over 600 professors at CCSF.