Saturday, August 13, 2022

‘Please wake me when I’m free’: LA’s 2Pac museum

The brilliant life of Tupac Shakur unfolds as journalist Hunter walks through The Canvas.

All lyrics no gimmicks: Oakland rapper Calvin Rodgers

Looking for something fresh in hip hop? Check out Calvin!

‘Straight Outta Hunters Point’ comes home 20 years later 

“I’ve shown this film all over the country, but nothing beats bringing it home to Hunters Point.”

Expert panel inextricably links Treasure Island and Hunters Point

Superfund sites Treasure Island and Hunters Point share virtually identical socioeconomic and toxic histories.

When Hefty bags are home

Amir Cornish’s deep expression of value and gratitude for his essential black bag.

Turned hard right by recall, San Francisco can bounce back in November: Run, Chesa,...

On Election Day, this “progressive” city unelected the most progressive prosecutor in the country, a district attorney who serves as a model across the U.S. for a criminal justice system that truly does justice, even for Black and other oppressed people.

SF Bay View awarded $85,000 to launch community journalism program!

Black-owned media gets new funding for resources needed to educate, inform and connect communities.

On IG, NorCal Next Up is dominating promotions

NorCal Next Up Dom looks for the precious stones on the road less traveled.

2 moms and 11 kids occupy closed OUSD school Parker Elementary in East Oakland

“We had to take the school to make it right because the Oakland Unified School District would not listen. Now we're worried about police – we need security at all times.”

Community rallies to support bombshell report on Hunters Point Shipyard

Over $1 billion taxpayer dollars over 30 years have been spent to clean up the Hunters Point Shipyard Superfund site that continues to poison and kill residents.

The San Francisco Black Film Festival returns June 16-19

The San Francisco Black Film Festival is filled with exciting independent films screened in theaters and online June 16-19.

SF Library programs exclude people without internet access

It is at the least exclusive, and at worst discriminatory, for libraries to not publicize availability of phone access to virtual library events when it’s available.

Souljourning for Truth: Wanda’s Picks for June 2022

Wanda shares her vision and path to walking the walk of Sojourner Truth, and lifts up “Daughters of the Delta.”

Wanda Rogers named 2022 Minority Small Business Champion of the Year

Award winner Wanda Rogers is charged up guiding others to their own achievements and accomplishments.

‘Black Daddy: The Movie’ screens at the 2022 San Francisco Black Film Festival

Filmmaker Drummer describes how “Black Daddy” illuminates and uplifts Black fathers on many levels.

Celebrate Juneteenth in the historic Black town of Allensworth

Take Amtrak San Joaquins Trains to Juneteenth celebrations in Allensworth State Historic Park – Allensworth, the first town in California to be founded, financed and governed by African Americans.

Bay View Voters Guide

VOTE! Guidance here. VOTE!

Sign our Reparations petition, support Pamela and Chesa for DA in Alameda and SF...

Baba Jahahara graces our humanity, touching all of our emotions with light on our beautiful people.

Why we support JoAnn Walker for Alameda County Sheriff

Eddie Dillard details the reasons why JoAnn Walker and Pamela Price deserve your votes.

Know Your Rights, Part IV

Knowing Your Rights takes care of you and yours.