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‘The Blackening’ is a horror movie for even the scariest of cats

This quintessential FUBU film “invites everyone in the audience to feel included in its diabolically socially competitive, naughty-clever games.”

Oakland Carnival is set to run!

"Oakland Carnival is held in the spirit of community and cooperation."

Speaking of Crack …

“Three Strikes and You’re Out” resulted in people going in young and spending their entire life in prison for offenses that should never have been felonies.

Both Sides of the Conversation podcasts keep the Black community informed locally

I saw a need to provide a platform that addresses the issues that are negatively impacting the Black and Brown communities

Honoring our African ancestors – ancient and modern, Ramses II to now

“Primary research is the greatest weapon against the distortion of African and African American culture and history.” – Manu Ampim

40 days and 39 nights: Wanda Sabir journeys with Sojourner Truth 

Learning the Truth is the only way home.

At Dr. Ratcliff’s 90th, see Kevin Epps’ new film & join the Honor Roll!

Celebrate Love and Wisdom on Sept. 16!

The Green Streets uplifts our people!

With love, empowerment and creativity, brothers collaborate in bringing our communities home.

‘We need something real’

Twenty years later, Kevin Epps’ “Straight Outta Hunters Point” film viewed again elicits real deep community conversation.

Just released: ACLU report finds widespread coercion of incarcerated workers across U.S. is slavery

ACLU issues damning report on evidence of plantation slavery culture in today’s prisons.

Attention California Black contractors!

Wake up, People, Jim Crow is back!

Abort the patriarchy! Abolish slavery! Dance to life!

Transitions, struggles, victories and reminders from a walk in June with Baba Jahahara.

‘We’re still here’: Kevin Epps celebrates 20 years of ‘Straight Outta Hunters Point’

“Home. Bayview. Means a lot to me.” – Kevin Epps

‘Straight Outta Hunters Point’ comes home 20 years later 

“I’ve shown this film all over the country, but nothing beats bringing it home to Hunters Point.”

Souljourning for Truth: Wanda’s Picks for June 2022

Wanda shares her vision and path to walking the walk of Sojourner Truth, and lifts up “Daughters of the Delta.”

Sign our Reparations petition, support Pamela and Chesa for DA in Alameda and SF...

Baba Jahahara graces our humanity, touching all of our emotions with light on our beautiful people.

Coming home to freedom in East Liberty

The Ratcliffs and East Liberty – a rich story of lived history and self-determination.

Barbara Lee: I addressed the UN General Assembly on abolition of slavery and the...

One hundred and twenty years after Congress’ first attempt to outlaw lynching, the Emmett Till Antilynching Act of 2022 will be signed into law by President Biden, making lyinching a hate crime.

Local R&B artist Keidra Onstage is set to rock the stage of the prestigious...

Oakland native Keidra Onstage beckons with her fire – still rising with her energy, inspiration and hope into the next galaxy – April 7th.

Wanda’s Picks August 2021: Interview with Pamela Price

Wanda Sabir’s interview with Pamela Price, Esq., running again for County of Alameda District Attorney, is a deep dive into aspirations that strengthen the DA progressive movement to unseat injustice in our justice system.