SF Bay View Fellowship

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Beginning 2021, the San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper is introducing our new fellowship program, the SF Bay View Black Media Fellowship! Every 6 months, we work with one student photojournalist or journalist with a stipend of up to $10,000 each and give them space to practice on the ground, live journalism and hone their unique voices.

This summer, we are working with Tashi Jones, a dynamic freshman at San Francisco State University originally from Stockton. Tashi is a photojournalism major and comes equipped with a lifetime of engaging in the struggle for Black liberation.

Please make a tax-deductible contribution below to fund Tashi along with the next generation of emerging young Black leaders, freedom fighters and servants of the people in Black media.

We need your support funding journalists for our historic, legacy newspaper by the Black community and for the Black community locally and nationwide. Our young people are hungry to be engaged in independent media! Newsrooms are where stories are told and where WE need to be telling OUR OWN stories.

Newsrooms around the country are being swallowed up by mainstream, corporate media, in whose interest it is to remain politically and socially neutral. The Bay View provides a voice for agents of change, people taking charge of the narrative of Black organizing, educating, art, culture, life, and love! And these young, politically engaged people should be paid for their work. This is reparations: paying people to show and tell the world the truth through the independent, historic San Francisco Bay View National Black newspaper!