Sean Bell’s killers acquitted

Nicole-Paultre-Bell-with-family-photo, Sean Bell’s killers acquitted, Archives 1976-2008 News & Views
Nicole Paultre Bell holds a photo of her family when it was whole, before NYPD officers murdered Sean Bell and were acquitted.

Part 3

by Minister of Information JR          

On April 25, a New York judge acquitted three police officers who had fired 50 shots killing 23-year-old Black male Sean Bell on his wedding day. This is the final segment in a three-part series where POCC Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. and Minister of Culture M1, also of the rap group dead prez, gave their summations on what the people need to do to move forward. You could hear this interview in its entirety at

MOI JR: Chairman Fred, you get the last word.

Ch. Fred: Kwame Nkrumah of the Ghanaian independence movement stated that neocolonialism is the last stage of colonialism. You could smell the corrosion of this system by them allowing the people to engage in the discussion of whether there will be a Black president. This is a needed tactic right now, by U.S. imperialism.

We could look at such case examples as the Roman empire. At its decline, everybody except Roman citizens were in power-play positions. And we’re realists: We realize that people become engaged in the work either through inspiration, aspiration or desperation. And even if you take a quick look back during the era of the ‘60s, there were certain situations that helped to expose U.S. imperialism. I’m talking about how this government got down on its own president with the Kennedy assassination.

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Even with the U.S. government assassination of Dr. King, this propelled people’s consciousness level to a point where it came to “ain’t no compromising with capitalism.” We have to seize the time, with the stage in the game that we are at right now. And I am glad that you pointed out the question. It was some Negro cops involved in this hit, and we got to use it to step the struggle up to another level, because you have a lot of forces who get caught up with the question, talking about “they need more negro pigs.”

“There was a such thing as society prior to this parasitical system of imperialism. People dealt with their contradictions, and people need to be clear on that. We can deal with our own contradictions.”

There’s people who struggle with us when we say that the whole police power structure has to be dismantled, and those who represent it. A lot of people say, “I can’t go with that, because we do need the pigs” so on and so forth. And let the record reflect there was a such thing as society prior to this parasitical system of imperialism. People dealt with their contradictions, and people need to be clear on that. We can deal with our own contradictions.

This whole race question has to be dealt with. In fact, I think it was last month, the assassination of Brotha Larry Davis, who dealt with the pigs, and who knew the history of the New York police. When they came at him, he was clear whether they were Black or white or whatever color they was, they were coming to deal with him, and he responded to them. A lot of people are fearful of articulating, when the cops come into our communities, they’re not coming to get no cats out of no trees.

As Minister Huey P. Newton articulated, “They are an occupying army,” similar to, as he pointed out, the role the troops played in Vietnam. The role that the police play in our community, we have to use this to heighten the level of consciousness. People, be very clear, whether it be a white cop or a Black cop, the pigs have a role to play, and that is to maintain the class piece and to send a message of terror to our communities: “Don’t resist” and “Don’t call to question nothing,” you know what I’m saying?

So we got to seize the time, and address this whole thing and put the race question in its correct context and be very clear that there is a war being waged on our people. And the only thing that is going to stop it is organized resistance.

M1: That’s right.

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