Tuesday, December 6, 2022
Abolition Now!

Abolition Now!

Writings and investigations from our siblings behind bars.

On the streets – and making it work

The community welcome mat needs to be much better made to embrace our community members transitioning from the caged existence.

Can’t stop, Won’t stop

The work for justice and freedom goes on behind the walls, with vision and love for the people, for as long it takes.

Open letter to Brittney Griner from U.S. imprisoned Lebron fan

The reach of love in human connection and solidarity is infinite.

Finding the answers

Barnett digs out legalities intentionally buried and obfuscated that can strategically assist incarcerated people.

Retaliation for litigation: Virginia targets prisoners suing against solitary confinement 

The hypocrisy of Amerikan de-mockracy, is laid out here to the minute.

Why would medical professionals lie? 

Medical death sentences are arranged for prisoners with impunity by prison officials, guards, doctors and other so-called medical professionals in tight cooperation.

Medical care as a political weapon

What is neo-colonialism and what does it look like?

Prominent Lawyer defends Sitawa, on Hunger Strike for 20 days

Hunger striking against racist medical neglect is Sitawa’s brutal struggle for all prisoners.

Prison Radio demands treatment for Rashid’s cancer

This a call for We the People to counter the prison system’s strategic tactic of medical neglect and denial with intentional genocide of political prisoners.

We need your help – they’re killing us

Alabama striking prisoners are asking the world to hold America responsible, and Alabama to hold ADOC accountable, for decades and current human rights violations.

Ceasing to practice the gang lifestyle wasn’t enough

How to be the illuminated beacon of the seeds of a new social order.

Reflections: We are the sons

When nothing is legal except wealth and power – what shall we do?

Prison Lives Matter!

Elder Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War are trying to survive the other death sentence of medical neglect and abuse – intended genocide by the state.

Zero accountability! Part 2

The term “health care” in prisons does not apply and rarely supplied.

Retaliatory officer snatches medical parole from Elder Sitawa

Elder Sitawa carries one weapon, contraband in the prison system – love.

I’m Sitawa Nantambu Jamaa – I will not be violated!

Inadequate, illegal and denied “medical care” mirrors plantation protocol.

The most overlooked: model prisoners on a path of spiritual truth

CDCr’s relentless denial of prisoners’ humanity ironically often inspires the best of the best.

What happened to Balagoon, Father of the Fruit? Part 2

Their minds survived, but SHU confinement dealt a death blow on their bodies.

The prisoners’ property matrix

Prison administration and employees guilty of stealing and messing with prisoners’ belongings by all means possible, all illegal and all inhumane.