Friday, May 20, 2022

Rapper-producer Mani Draper speaks on his newly released wildly popular album, ‘Communion: Book 1’

Keeping the beat, message and creative juices fresh, Mani Draper describes what is driving his laying down another layer of Neo-Mobb sounds.

Freedom is necessary: Prakash Churaman’s liberation struggle in Queens

The daily heartbreak of our precious children increasingly being incarcerated, many for life, by the capitalist genocidal corporate government of the u.s. is becoming the torturous nightmare that never ends and sends genocide’s death knells rippling out into the future seven generations beyond.

Inaccurate media and activist judge jeopardize SF’s first prosecution of a killer cop

Response to article in Mission Local: "Chaos erupts as judge delays hearing of officer accused of killing Keita O'Neil"

Early reading instruction in San Francisco public schools: A love affair with what has...

SFUSD is another sick example of education at the merciless bidding of capitalism’s genocidal process against Black, Brown and Indigenous people.

Dr. Jaseon Outlaw speaks on mental health in the Black community during the pandemic

Reaching out for help is essential to staying strong in maintaining, or attending to, our mental health balance while navigating the many daily struggles.

SF State Ethnic Studies students oppose the recall of Chesa Boudin!

In 2019, San Francisco demonstrated a commitment to re-evaluating the failed policies of the past by putting Chesa Boudin in office.

SF Human Rights Commission’s Dr. Sheryl Davis encourages Doris Ward Workforce program grads

“What you are accomplishing is also about those following behind you as you pave a better way for those to come.”

Sundiata Acoli granted parole

One more gift of the gods and the support and work of the movement to Free Them All! Welcome Home Sundiata!

Prioritize Black and Brown disabled students in the fight to halt OUSD school closures

OUSD school closures will further undermine the work towards racially stigmatized and marginalized injustices impacting Black and Brown disabled students.

Keita O’Neil’s family calls for packing the courtroom Friday, May 6, for police officer...

Pack the courtroom Friday, May 6, 9 a.m. This is the first time in San Francisco that a killer cop is being held accountable.

Rebecca Kaplan, the best choice for Alameda County supervisor

Rebecca will continue to address head-on the rising unsheltered population, ensuring access to adequate medical and mental health services for our uninsured residents, tackling the housing affordability and housing demand issues and seeking equitable solutions to the county’s procurement processes.

Money, money, money: The real deal behind Putin’s invasion of Ukraine

Rand Gould illuminates the exact path and particular truths of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, death of The People and inhuman capitalistic greed.

Reflecting on climate terrorism with the youth of DeeColonize Academy

Young people write from their view of how the climate crisis impacts vulnerable, houseless people here and abroad.

Know Your Rights, Part III: 2022 legislative update from Legal Services for Prisoners with...

Laws and Acts have passed that we should be, minimally at the least, knowledgeable about for the wellbeing of ourselves, our loved ones and communities. Knowledge is power.

Celebrating International Workers’ Day!

Baba Jahahara offers forth victories in the movement, the work to be continued, plenty to be hopeful about and grateful for, and always honoring the Ancestors.

Cowgirl of the sky

Success stories from those moving forward from addiction are testaments to the strength and resilience of the human spirit.

The fight for the climate

The pollution at the shipyard impacts everyone in the Bay Area. In the coming years, with rising sea levels, the entire bay will be contaminated by radioactive material.

‘We just unionized Amazon’: How two best friends beat the retail giant’s union-busting campaign

“And I’m ecstatic about what’s next. I know this is the catalyst for the revolution against Amazon, the same way it’s been happening with Starbucks.”

Mayor Breed oversaw divisive redistricting, pitting Black and Asian people against each other

Critics allege that, at one point, the mayor supported a draft map that watered down the City’s Black vote.

Youth-led Earth Day march to City Hall: Protect the people of Bayview and Treasure...

This Earth Day in SF, roughly 1,000 young people marched with environmental advocates from Union Square to City Hall calling for environmental justice.