Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Positive Directions Equals Change brings specialized help to SF

Support and love for life are available for all.

Political Prisoner Kwame Shakur speaks to Harvard, Howard law students

For victory, the foundation of the new house must be solid.

Dr. Espanola Jackson Day: Her legacy lives on

The legacy of love will always bear fruit.

Why are my fellow veterans harming minorities? 

How did "Thank you for your service" become "Get on the ground."

Oakland politics in review

What does democracy look like?

SFPD banned from using pretext stops to harass Black and Brown drivers

These stops, which are not making anyone safer, are also disproportionately carried out against people of color.

Why the right wing is obsessed with San Francisco

Trumpism, Covid-19 and racial reckoning following the murder of George Floyd mobilized a national conservative backlash – now playing out in our public education system.

Progressive SF Board of Education member Kevine Boggess is running for board president

There will be progressives – our children demand it!

One year after the recall, former SF School Board Pres. Gabriela López on the...

Politics is never in favor of upsetting the status quo.

Wanted: Radical sisterhood for our trans siblings in prison

CCWF did not prepare the population for SB132 inmates, nor did they prepare SB132 inmates for CCWF.

Boost! West Oakland’s CEO Ty-Licia Hooker speaks on academic recovery after the pandemic lockdowns

OUSD should make a commitment to educate the whole child.

The treacherous path to greatness: Musician The Verse talks about leaving Haiti

The Verse performing on Thursday, Jan. 19, at The Mary Jane Cannabis Consumption Bar, 2340 Harrison in Oakland, 6:30-8:30 p.m. Free admission.

An OUSD parent’s look at how lockdown affected her children’s learning

Children and families are suffering – OUSD must resolve issues in pre- and current COVID settings with efficient, healthy and equitable outcomes.

Will SF DA Jenkins prosecute white racist who water-hosed Black homeless woman?

“If we still have to see visions of Black people being hosed down in our streets by white men, right now in San Francisco, then we know we have a long way to go before we achieve any equity.” - Supervisor Shamann Walton

Small but explosive: Hip hop wordsmith Cloey Kaboom

Nobody influenced my stage presence.

Swept in the rain: Wood Street CommUnity Wire #1

CALL Oakland’s new mayor and ask her to live up to her promises of supporting houseless residents. Call now! 510-238-3141!

SF native Rachel Bolden on her book ‘My Food Stamps Cookbook’

Rachel has written a cookbook based on how she flipped the welfare system to actually strengthen her family’s health.

Let’s talk about reparations

“Imagine playing monopoly 246 times, but those 246 times you play, you’re not allowed to own any property or have any money.”

Inglewood calls on its legislators to help return local control to city’s schools

The power to lead Inglewood schools must be placed back into the hands of the community.

The state of OUSD classrooms post-Covid

“If anything, coming back from distance learning and seeing the needs our students have made the need for these changes even greater.”