Friday, September 22, 2023

City Ball remembers San Francisco athletes

by Lee Hubbard San Francisco – The indoor gym at the San Francisco Christian Center on Mission Street on the border of San Francisco and Daly City was filled with a seated and standing room...

The rise of Hunters Point rapper and actor Money Tut

by Minister of Information JR Valrey I came across the musical works of Money Tut and the group EIGHTY3, when I was the tour manager on tour with Tony, Toni, Tone and Keidraonstage in Ghana,...

‘Crowns’ comes to the Bay Area Sept. 9 through Oct. 6

“Crowns” plays at the Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek from Sept. 9 - Oct. 6, 2023. 

Tactics of division: Undermining unity among Black communities in America 

One of the most infamous instances of strategic division was the Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) initiated by J. Edgar Hoover in the 1950s.

The Oakland International Film Festival runs through Sept. 23 

We are rediscovering Oakland through the Oakland International Film Festival, intending to raise more awareness about these businesses and Oakland in general.

No place for old men

Today, men in their 70s and 80s roll around here in wheelchairs or hobble on walkers or even stroll with the help of canes.

Brick fest meditation

While we participate in these types of activities, I stress the importance of making sure these beautiful Black babies understand that they come from a legacy of master builders, architects and engineers.

‘Keep Families Close’ bill makes visitation easier for incarcerated parents of minor children

In California, thousands of incarcerated parents are placed more than 500 miles from their children and struggle to maintain contact with their children.

Oakland Institute for Boxing

Boxing has been my life pretty much. It’s something that fell into place naturally for me as a fighter.

Cornel West offers voters a choice

“We can end poverty, endless war, cop cities, mass incarceration and ecological collapse, and provide housing, health care, reproductive rights, reparations, education and thriving wages for all,” Cornell West declared.

AfroComicCon comes to Oakland on Sept. 17

AfroComiCon is an annual event that celebrates and showcases Black excellence in the fields of art, media, tech and entertainment, as well as the realms of Black speculative literature, fiction, comic books, graphic novels, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, animation and related media

EOYDC offers stability for families in the community

A community center gives young people the space to be able to continue to engage with their peers and have more opportunities and resources outside of their school context.

Historic restaurant Souley Vegan a pillar of Oakland cuisine

Souley Vegan owner Tamearra Dyson’s recipes were the first to make “a vegan lifestyle” possible to imagine for Black people’s taste buds.

Extreme heat and overcrowding make Texas prison hell

The living conditions here on the Coffield Unit are in total violation of the Eighth Amendment. The SPCA would not allow dogs to be housed as we are.

The SF Bay View’s Community Journalism Program successfully trains Black citizen journalists

We need politically educated journalists who are sensitive to the community’s pain and struggle.

A reparations explanation for angry white people

Reparations seem to be a problem only when it comes to making things balanced with Black Americans.

Another victory for People’s Power: My release from solitary confinement

During my time in solitary, officials attempted to stop my cancer treatment at outside hospitals. It was only because of public awareness and protest that my treatment was resumed and recently completed.

Special school board election in East Oakland

Oakland is scheduled to have a special school board election on Nov. 7, 2023, open only to District 5 residents to fill the current vacancy for the School Board director.

Introducing Ms. Patricia Jackson, equestrian and teacher!

... All must know that “We Ride Too”

The beautiful, unsettling ‘Josephine’s Feast’ extends its run into this weekend at the SF...

For me theater is like church – it’s a space where all kinds of people can gather in the flesh and process what it means to be human together through live actors.