Friday, March 24, 2023

Straight to the point with human rights lawyer Adante Pointer

by JR Valrey, the Minister of Information and Editor in Chief of the San Francisco Bay View Newspaper Adante Pointer has been on the front lines of the current day Human Rights movement. Fighting in...

Black on Black solutions: ‘Batters Up, Guns Down’ neighborhood softball league opener is March...

The men's season for Bats Up Guns Down is set to begin on March 26th, 2023, weather permitting. The first tournament event will be held on April 8th, 2023, which will be an Autism Awareness and Pre-Easter Celebration for kids.

Talkin’ to the youngsters

Talking to a few youngsters, I hear them saying there are white people in the inner city walking their poodles and how our communities are being gentrified.

Black co-owner of Rosemary Jane Consumption Bar talks local marijuana business and cannabis politics

JR interviews Cynthia Carey Grant live, at Smoke N’ Word at 2340 Harrison in Downtown Oakland.

Oakland Politics with Allyssa Victory

Oakland continues to work to stabilize itself during multiple local emergencies including one due to a cyberattack on City Hall.

Are we forced to drink health-damaging water because the state considers us slaves?

The question of the state of our humanity looms.

Black Defense Committee has Spoken: Liberation For All!

No comrades left behind enemy lines to suffer in concentration camps.

Universal healthcare legislation introduced in California?

Doing something different over the protracted struggle has every chance of being successful.

Why is the Anti War Movement not prevalent in the Black community today?

WWIII is gearing up and we trying to survive already with no time or energy to worry about it.

“We would have to pray, teach and activate everything to De-Gentrif*ck that land”

Love, soil, art and ComeUnity MamaFest Homefulness.

Meet the women making environmental justice history!

Brilliant women putting environmental injustices in the crosshairs.

Parlaying copaganda: The truth about San Francisco’s District Attorney and her attempts to coddle...

The temerity of D.A. Brooke Jenkins . . . and deaths of innocents.

Dr. Ratcliff honored by Black Chamber for Black History Month

Dr. Willie Ratcliff accepting his flowers grown from deep roots and rich nutrients.

Bay Area’s Dr. Danielle Richardson discusses pandemic’s effect on school-aged youth

What effects does the pandemic still have on students’ ability to learn and teachers’ ability to teach?

Jacqueline M. Norris joins 3rd Street’s Black business boom with services for the people!

JN Outreach provides human kindness with human services – the love!

Jamal Hart, grandson of Mumia Abu-Jamal, reflects on the 42 years of his grandfather’s...

The epitome of the best in humanity shines in Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Kehinde Koyejo directs one-woman play, “Brain Like Berkeley”

We laugh, cry, eat, and I do a ton of listening.

Highlighting court rulings that protect homeless people’s rights in the Bay Area

Allyssa Victory and JR Valrey live at Smoke N’ Word on Thursday, Feb. 16 at Rosemary Jane Cannabis Consumption Bar, 6-8pm.

Meet Bay Area native Sarah Allen – executive producer of SHOWTIME documentary “Stand” 

Exploration of different layers is meant to inspire and help others.

On the streets – Part 2

Playing catch-up is a lost cause.