Friday, July 12, 2024

Can BVHP finally win the housing and jobs promised over 15 years ago?

One of the best opportunities for thousands of eligible certificate of preference holders is presented in this development if the City requires the Developer to deliver more housing and on a clear timeline.

Kwame ‘Beans’ Shakur: Call to Action for National Unification

In every state across Turtle Island, we have outside people doing Revolutionary Nationalism and abolitionist work. In every single prison we have Political Prisoners and Politicized individuals doing the work and resisting their captivity. PLM is to unite those people.

Sekou Odinga, Black liberation fighter, passes at 79

“Sekou Odinga lived to manifest ... the need to resist in order to overcome white supremacy and capitalist-imperialism, the scourge of the planet. Long Live the warrior spirit of Sekou Odinga.” - Jalil Muntaqim

Blue lies matter: How courts protect abusive cops and prison guards

Police and guard abuse is not and has never been about a few bad apples doing wrong. The entire legal system is structured to enable and protect abusers so they suffer no consequences for their offenses.

Welcome to the Bay View Archives! With a $20,000 grant from The San Francisco Foundation, we our team has formally digitized and published our trove of incredible Black journalism dating back all the way from 1976 to 2008.

Those who must be shown: an environmental justice manifesto

George D. Porter dedicated his career to the International Longshoremen’s Workers Union Local 34. He died in the care of his loving family on the morning of Feb. 19, 1992. His immediate cause of death was dehydration. His final cause of death was pulmonary asbestosis.

Then wasn’t the time, but now is!

“The police say to us all the time that they can’t do their jobs because we won’t talk and tell on someone. Well, we ARE telling on PG&E … so now we tell them it’s your turn. Do your job! Do it now!”

Lennar builds shoddy homes

“We have been living the Lennar nightmare for seven years. We are original owners with perpetual water intrusion. I am trying to organize my neighbors (168 defective homes) and share information in hopes that together we can make a difference ... We are absolutely devastated. I am writing from Novato, California.” — Tamara