Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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The latest from the Black community worldwide.

Black liberation is not a Russian scheme

Miller shines bright light on risible reasoning behind FBI attacks on UHURU.

SF Black Chamber strengthens bonds with Cuba

Cuba is not a terrorist state to be sanctioned; it is a neighbor to be acknowledged and respected.

New York Times disparages Aristide, Haiti’s champion of the poor

NY Times upholds the u.s. empire’s lies like no one’s watching – Charlie Hinton and Haiti Action Committee eyes are on it.

FBI raids African People’s Socialist Party

Feeling their grip on power sllpping, the u.s. empire makes a preemtory attack – a warning to any opposition to the state?

Armed guards assault Parker Community School, fired educators speak out

Make your voice heard today, Aug. 10, at La Escuelita, 2nd Ave and E. 10th Street in Oakland, 4:30 p.m.

Love and a PraiseSong to a Mother, Ms. Billie

Forever expressions of transitioning Mother love and kinship returned to the Ancestors.

Blacks and Natives unite to elect first Alaska Native to Congress

A longstanding coalition between Black Alaskans and Alaska Natives is being reinvigorated by the campaign of Mary Peltola for Alaska’s lone seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The Haitian Revolution today: The limits of token solidarity

The Haitian people continue their struggle against relentless u.s. imperialism.

Remembering John W. Smith Jr., longtime ‘Mayor of Potrero Hill’ 1947-2022

John W. Smith remembered as powerful in his persistence to act for sustained vitality of his community in the midst of brutal gentrification.

Haiti: The ransom is still being paid

Message to Haiti from u.s. empire and friends : You can pay to exist; we rule.

Money, money, money: The real deal behind Putin’s invasion of Ukraine

Rand Gould illuminates the exact path and particular truths of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, death of The People and inhuman capitalistic greed.

NCBW SF teams up with Doris Ward Employment Training Program to open doors of...

NCBW SF puts serious juice into training and supporting Black and women of color into meaningful jobs in the hospitality, restaurant and retail sales industries.

My name ain’t ‘Toby!’

Call me what you will, I will not answer until you call me by my name.

The kinky roots of British royalty

Born into the pinnacle of privilege, European royalty, Prince Harry would never be a target of racism. He was shocked by the reality that his life of privilege did not extend to his Black wife and yes, little Archie.

‘His spirit reflected a giant’: Mumia Abu-Jamal remembers Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s visit to Death...

Mumia Abu-Jamal recalls the short giant of Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s visit to his tiny cell on death row, “The Arch” to his friends and family, a perfect example of love

I am honored to call Archbishop Tutu a friend

Matt Meyer shares his loving appreciation and acknowledgment for his friend, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, fallen warrior for liberation for all, now transitioning to the ancestors.

Haitian asylum seekers sue U.S. government for ‘anti-Black racism within the immigration system’

The U.S. government continues to show true colors of anti-Black racism in its shell games of immigration tactics.

We Charge Genocide: 70th anniversary

Looking at the reality of US government’s ongoing genocide being committed upon its own people.

Crying at the Centro Fidel Castro Ruz

The US government’s designated threat honorably shines light on the path for when we decide it’s our turn.

Survivors of mass incarceration speak truth to power at Spirit of Mandela Tribunal

The International Jurists listened to testimonies from 30 witnesses including these six icons at the International Tribunal in New York Oct. 22-25, 2021 finding the US government Guilty of Human Rights Violations constituting Genocide.