Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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The Oakland Roots Soccer Club is making their presence known

In 2018 the Oakland Roots Soccer Club was formed. In the Fall of 2019, they began to play in the National Independent Soccer Association. In 2021, the Oakland Roots Soccer Club began to play in the USL Championship, the second division of professional soccer in the United States.

Introducing Zaire Saunders, the SF Bay View’s new copy editor

So that’s how I see myself and my work. I want to liberate at least one (Black) person, multiple people would be astounding. If I can offer them a good story, or a poem that just touches the soul and gives them hope, I want to remind us of our humanity so we can go forward and free someone else; then my life would never be in vain.

A comical stoner’s paradise seen on film in ‘Hippie Hill’

by Robbie Jackson April 20 is upon us, and in the Bay Area, it’s more than just a holiday. It’s a way of life. So on 4/20, the actual day, there will be so many...

Let’s talk about botanical sexism

For everything in the environment to function properly there has to be a balance between male and female trees

Jeffrey Blankfort: photographing the Black community and the Panther Party

The fight for freedom and revolution is kept alive through photos of the Black Panther Party, captured by Jeffrey Blankfort

Bakers delight: an interview with local baker extraordinaire Kayla Watson

After a slow start, Kayla Watson became the go-to baker for her friends’ children’s birthday parties. When you look at her creations, it is unimaginable that she made these goodies in her house, instead of at some world class commercial facility.

Afatasi The Artist: ‘In our case for reparations’

There must be sweeping systemic changes; there is no amount of saving, no amount of small business savvy nor educational advancement, that can combat the effects of the racist public policies that are keeping us in poverty

Haiti: “The Truth Speaks for Itself”

Support the popular movement in Haiti. Demand an end to U.S. funding for the Haitian National Police and military.   Demand an end to the Biden Administration’s unconscionable attacks on refugees.

The garden that grew from grief

During my deepest moment of despair, loss and grief, I received a vision reel that played in my mind as a movie, which resembled a large healing community farm on land much further than I could even see.

Why is the Anti War Movement not prevalent in the Black community today?

WWIII is gearing up and we trying to survive already with no time or energy to worry about it.

Jamal Hart, grandson of Mumia Abu-Jamal, reflects on the 42 years of his grandfather’s...

The epitome of the best in humanity shines in Mumia Abu-Jamal.

How an international tribunal 70 years in the making found the U.S. guilty of...

U.S. Guilty of Genocide, again and again – passion in unity is the fight forward.

Why the right wing is obsessed with San Francisco

Trumpism, Covid-19 and racial reckoning following the murder of George Floyd mobilized a national conservative backlash – now playing out in our public education system.

Survivors uncensored: Voices from Rwanda and the Rwandan diaspora

The US as humanitarian imperialist, evokes. . .’Inspiring Stories of Resilience and Humanity’ from Rwanda.

In 60 days a PA judge will determine if political prisoner Mumia gets new...

The ”Mumia Exceptions” and “Mumia Laws” are real – and damning.

Soulguard Wadiya

Their fire burns eternal.

Why does the US want to keep Kagame in power in Rwanda?

Despite the threat of further terror, Rwandan genocide survivors write their stories so we, especially Americans, will know the truth about the U.S.-Kagame alliance.

Rwanda and Uganda’s M23 militia reappears to slaughter & plunder in DRC

US empire relentless with anti-democratic policies supporting authoritarian leaders and plunder of natural resources in the Congo and other nations globally.

Mumia Abu-Jamal denied a new trial

By blatantly dismissing new evidence, ‘til now buried in the prosecutors own files, the racist court confirms its intent for innocent captive Mumia to die in prison.

Prison Radio demands treatment for Rashid’s cancer

This a call for We the People to counter the prison system’s strategic tactic of medical neglect and denial with intentional genocide of political prisoners.