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Culture Currents

Culture Currents

Cultural happenings in SF and beyond.

Affordable child care helped my family out of deep poverty. Can we save it?

Knowing my 2-year-old would be properly looked after enabled me to not only attend my classes but focus on my studies with peace of mind.


On July 17, 1862, Congress opened the Army to Black men – who responded in droves. By the war’s end, 179,000 Black Americans were Union soldiers, 10% of the force.

‘Soul Bowl’ brings the high drama of high school football to the SF Black...

The media frenzy surrounding the game is laid bare, showcasing the weight of history and community pride resting heavily on the shoulders of these young athletes.

We don’t want to hear you say Nigga no more: Misclassifying colorism in the...

Rappers feuding opens discourse on colorism

Gumbo Social is stirring up some conversations on 3rd Street 

Have a bowl of gumbo and some good conversation at his new location located at  5176 3rd St. near Thornton, San Francisco, CA 94124.

Next@90 Curtain Call: A new perspective on the San Francisco Ballet

by Dr. Tiffany Caesar  “Next@90 Curtain Call” performance in the beginning of April at the San Francisco Ballet was a phenomenal experience of diverse styles concerning the traditional art form. I was in awe of...

Mrs. Sadie Williams @100, still going strong

Mrs. Sadie Williams celebrates a century of life surrounded by loved ones.

Cuban leaders call for open doors with Black Community

by Jose Ricardo G. Bondoc San Francisco – On March 13, a diplomatic delegation from Cuba met with the San Francisco African American Chamber of Commerce (SFAACC) in the Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood of San...

‘The Rebel Girls’ film reckons with 60 days, 60 years later

A film honoring the mental, emotional and spiritual resolve of 15 Black girls

‘Let’s watch Mays’

Willie Mays was one of the greatest baseball players of all time. Many who know the game call him the greatest. 

California Assembly member Mia Bonta donates $1.25 million to support the Black Panther Party...

On Saturday, Feb. 17, California Assemblymember Mia Bonta donated $1.25 million to support the Black Panther Party Museum

44th annual Black Cuisine unites Bayview Hunters Point on Saturday, April 27

From its humble beginnings in the senior center at 1706 Yosemite, Black Cuisine has become a community-wide affair, embracing diverse organizations and individuals contributing to its Black cultural flavor.

San Francisco State commemorates Malcolm X’s legacy

“When you start from slavery, everything looks like progress.”

Gold Beams hosts a fire event at West Oakland’s Crucible

The night at the Crucible was filled with creativity, fire performances and a bit of raunch.

LandBack: ‘We have together set the Shellmound free!’

“We owe this victory to the ancestors and every single person who stood beside us in this fight. We did it!” said Deja Gould.

Readers respond to ‘Dental Robin Hood’

Dental Robin Hood update

The current state of reparations: case studies from key American cities

The demand for reparations is not merely a call for monetary compensation; it is a fight for recognition and justice and for the country to live up to its ideals of equality and liberty

Black history: Time is elastic at Smith Clock Co.

For David Smith, restorer of grandfather clocks, time runs at various speeds: the stately historic time of the clocks, some from the 17th century; the efficient speed of his work as timepiece diagnostician; and the expansive pace of the raconteur who seems not to notice time’s passage.

Kalimba King Carl Winters provides the sound track for Black History Month

Carl Winters, the Kalimba King, will play jazz, blues, gospel and freedom and civil rights songs on 12 kalimbas (African thumb pianos) and let participants play them.

City College adopts a Green New Deal

“We all are responsible for turning the tide of climate change. As a public educational institution and one of the largest property owners in the Bay Area, we at City College have a moral responsibility to act and set an example for our young people and community.” - Alan Wong