Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Culture Currents

Cultural happenings in SF and beyond.

The People’s Narrative: The Black Panther Party Museum in Oakland

"Happy Birthday, Huey" will be celebrated Saturday, Feb. 17. Activities include the showing of a film, and the following night at the New Parkway Theatre in Oakland, filmmaker Cat Brooks will also display a movie she produced on Huey P. Newton.

Being separate and unequal at UC Berkeley

“Do you think Black writers do better at writing Black literature than white ones?” “Yes, of course, because the Black writers can really see what we have contributed to the world.” We like to grow and mature from having our stories told by us to us.

Troublemakers and system changers, healthcare that works for you

Z, acknowledging the effort change requires, said, “I know we’re all tired. But if I’m tired, I want to be tired and healthy. Don’t be afraid and intimidated. Go in there and be who you are, because truth don’t tremble.”

Full hearts, full circle: Dr. Gina Fromer leads with love at GLIDE

According to Dr. Gina, “[Rev.] Cecil basically told the entire board that Gina is in this position and y’all need to let her lead. Let her do her thing. She's going to move this organization forward.”

Black Bayview college students tell their success stories

“I go to Harvard University. 100% College Prep was part of that village that helped to cultivate me into the person I am today. I'm from Sunnydale and live in Bayview. My family is from here.”

Black Santa presides over Bayview Hunters Point family wonderland

“The holiday celebration and toy giveaway at the Opera House is amazing for the community. This event demonstrates how the Bayview Hunters Point community is a family and will continue to love on each other.” – Supervisor Shamann Walton

NAACP 10th annual Freedom Fund gala presents new generation of Black leadership

"The event not only celebrated, but also honored eight local individuals who have been making outstanding contributions to the cause of full democracy and equal opportunities for all"

Black Doll Festival visits Oakland’s African American Museum

“Our mission is to preserve African American history and culture,” added Silva. “That's very important.”

Mozell Brooks: ‘It’s hot, baby’ (1937-2023)

Mozell’s Kitchen was a community space where everyone from politicians to executives, Muni bus drivers and teens would come to the purple restaurant for a taste of home.

The Peacock Lounge revitalizes itself with Jazz Fridays

Black music is gaining a new foothold with the revamped Peacock Lounge and Gold Room.

Dental Robin Hood

The Marin City Health and Wellness Center has been working to restore the type of medical and dental services Dr. Coleman’s center was known for in the ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s.

A songsational salute to Black women worldwide

All too often, the value of the feminine gender goes underestimated – at bargain-basement prices not penthouse-level ones.

City College set to collide with CSM football in the battle for the Bay...

"I think each year, City’s team gets better. We’ve had several excellent players and teams, but these players are stronger and faster.”

Nancy Cato helps us see ourselves through art

“It’s been a blast creating these images in one of the Blackest parts of San Francisco. It’s an honor."

The death of the Hip Hop legend: How corporate rap is killing the Hip...

In today’s era, where the motive is profit over cultural substance, artists are becoming disposable commodities with careers barely lasting a few years.

Child hands and legs and memory: two poems on Palestine

Not wanting to be one of the missing or one of the unable-to-be-identified killed, the little girl wrote on the inside of her palm in neat Arabic script, “If my hand survived, this is my name,” before she was slain.

Dr. Clayborne Carson receives 2023 Freedom Award from the National Civil Rights Museum

Dr. Carson, the Martin Luther King Jr. Centennial Professor, emeritus, is a distinguished scholar, historian and activist, recognized for his lifelong commitment to civil and human rights, especially in preserving the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

In Loving Memory of Jo Ann Jones

Rest in peace, Jo Ann Jones. Her community advocacy will be sorely missed.

LoveLife Foundation is putting love back in our communities

“Our annual Oakland’s Finest Black Tie Gala and College Scholarship Drive raises funds to give college scholarships to deserving Black youth to attend four-year colleges,” says Lacy.

Remembering MOVE on film

For here were MOVE people, not just in brief sound bites, but in extended discussions, giving their ideas, insights, and arguments.