‘Soul Bowl’ brings the high drama of high school football to the SF Black Film Festival tonight

soul-bowl-2, ‘Soul Bowl’ brings the high drama of high school football to the SF Black Film Festival tonight, Culture Currents Featured Local News & Views
Produced by MK Productions, KCRT and James Farr, “Soul Bowl” is described as “a testament to the enduring power of community spirit.”

by Robbie Jackson 

Being born and raised in Richmond, California, is a privilege few can honestly claim. At times Richmond is overshadowed by its neighboring cities like Oakland and San Francisco. However San Francisco Black Film Festival’s two-time winner James Farr has made it clear that Richmond is a special place with special people and it should get the spotlight it deserves. 

From naming his kids after the city to taking on projects that highlight its rich history, Farr speaks highly of the city that raised him. “This is about bringing back that spirit of good Richmond energy. Bringing back that memory of community love. Richmond is different. The model of the city is pride and purpose.” says Farr when asked what Richmond means to him. This year for the film festival Farr has decided that  Richmond’s history will be the star of his film. 

The film “Soul Bowl: 1984 NCS Championship” is quite literally a rare showing of an archive centered around Black history and Black community. The film travels back to1984, when Farr details how the film was originally shot on his aunt’s VHS camcorder and was produced 15 years later for the 25th anniversary. It has sat dormant until now! 

This year the film will grace the big screen to display this rich history for all to see. We have the pleasure of witnessing  the intensity through grainy VHS footage as Kennedy and El Cerrito clash.  “Kennedy v El Cerrito: The Game That Changed the NCS” relives the legendary “Soul Bowl” rivalry. 

To the locals this was so much more than a game. It is so much more than high school football. Farr details that he had cousins on both sides of the ball. So no matter who won this game, it holds a special place in his heart. 

This documentary is a true depiction of the love and pride that comes from being from the mighty city. Produced by MK Productions. KCRT and James Farr, the film is described as “a testament to the enduring power of community spirit. Will Kennedy upset the odds? Will El Cerrito retain their dominance? Buckle up and prepare to find out – the answer lies within the flickering VHS frames of “Kennedy v El Cerrito: The Game That Changed the NCS,” a night forever remembered as the “Soul Bowl.” 

Hollywood Progressive writes about the film: 

“This wasn’t just any game; it was a head-on collision of teen titans, a clash that would forever be remembered as the ‘Soul Bowl.’ Vivid accounts from players, coaches and sportswriters paint a picture of the rivalry – a tradition that transcended competition. It was a battle for bragging rights, a fight for the very soul of the community.

“We hear tales of the underdog spirit burning bright within the Kennedy Eagles, a team hungry for victory. The media frenzy surrounding the game is laid bare, showcasing the weight of history and community pride resting heavily on the shoulders of these young athletes. ”The Soul Bowl will be screened on Saturday, June 15,  during the San Francisco Black Film Festival! Come and enjoy this film and many more, all centered around Black lives, Black love, Black struggles, and Black joy! Tickets can be purchased at https://www.sfbff.org. See you there!