Friday, September 29, 2023

District Attorney Brooke Jenkins’ approval stays at record low after her refusal to charge...

Check out the words of Attorney Geoffrea Morris, as she breaks down the murder of Banko Brown

Cracking the sobriety code

Trent Taylor shares the code of sobriety

The kidnapping of young Black girls plagues Oakland

On any given Friday night, I could find girls as young as 14, 15 or 16 on the track in underwear, bras and high heels being exploited.

Banko Brown’s uncle responds to the murder video and DA Jenkins’ decision not to...

“I’m tripping because I don’t think that everybody is seeing the same video that I’m seeing ... it’s being ignored, just like every other thing in the Black community." - Banko Brown's uncle Jerry Brown

Soul Stroll is back!

Soul Stroll has over 40 partners and health providers with information to help people.

San Francisco’s Carnaval is right around the corner

Just be ready to absorb different colors, costumes, and languages.

Do you know what happens to the Bay Area’s trash after trash day?

Landfills take about 30 to 40 years to fill up and when they finally fill up, another one is created.

Come see ‘The Nigger Lovers’

There was a lot of red wine at the start of the process and then by the end I think I switched to coffee.

Tidal Wave Comics brings Black and diverse comic characters to life

Ken Johnson is an African American comic book writer and illustrator

Political prisoner and wife get mural in East Oakland

Jamal Hart, Mumia’s grandson, has kept up the fight to bring his grandfather home.

Making it impossible to win

Can the Labor community unite to pass universal health care?

Killed for being hungry: the murder of Banko Brown

“He was the type of person to give you his shirt off his back, That’s how we knew him.”

Black Owned biodegradable dental hygiene products hit the market

Our products are unique and stand out from all other brands. For one we dropped the old fashion designs of oral-care products and went with a brand new look that hasn’t been seen before.

Idiocy of original intent

  by Mumia Abu-Jamal For several decades, right wing ideologues and lawyers have argued that the U.S. Constitution must only be interpreted according to what they call original intent—or according to how the Founding Fathers would...

Boss Down Youth Group: a young people’s employment training program

During the summer, when the youth are let out of school for break, community advocate and San Francisco native Stormy Henry uses this time to facilitate her Boss Down Youth Group

A talk with Big Toine

Rap veteran Big Toine talks about changing hip hop landscape

Jamesha Smith: Stockton’s stiletto dance classes instructor

Stiletto dance instructor Jamesha Smith is liberating souls one dance class at a time.

Afro-Arab food: ASÚKAR Palestinian Cuban Fusion

by Zaire Saunders While all art is either an attempt at expression, or expression itself – cooking cuisine encapsulates the human experience beautifully and expresses it most exactly – a merging of different parts. When...

Oakland local politics with columnist Allyssa Victory

"As Oakland’s leadership focuses on repair of City infrastructure, it continues to struggle with trash management and control."

Larry June’s ‘The Great Escape’ album review

 “The Great Escape” album has a cinematic style to it like a soundtrack to a 007 espionage movie.