Saturday, February 24, 2024

Justice long overdue: redevelopment to reparations

Persistent work by community activists advising the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure (OCII) has effectively transformed the Certificate of Preference (COP) program, a program designed to fail, into a vehicle for long overdue justice.

Ovrkast in the Oakland art scene

"But this EP I just put out is me saying I know now."

‘Crowns’ comes to the Bay Area Sept. 9 through Oct. 6

“Crowns” plays at the Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek from Sept. 9 - Oct. 6, 2023. 

Brick fest meditation

While we participate in these types of activities, I stress the importance of making sure these beautiful Black babies understand that they come from a legacy of master builders, architects and engineers.

Oakland Institute for Boxing

Boxing has been my life pretty much. It’s something that fell into place naturally for me as a fighter.

EOYDC offers stability for families in the community

A community center gives young people the space to be able to continue to engage with their peers and have more opportunities and resources outside of their school context.

The SF Bay View’s Community Journalism Program successfully trains Black citizen journalists

We need politically educated journalists who are sensitive to the community’s pain and struggle.

Special school board election in East Oakland

Oakland is scheduled to have a special school board election on Nov. 7, 2023, open only to District 5 residents to fill the current vacancy for the School Board director.

Introducing Ms. Patricia Jackson, equestrian and teacher!

... All must know that “We Ride Too”

The beautiful, unsettling ‘Josephine’s Feast’ extends its run into this weekend at the SF...

For me theater is like church – it’s a space where all kinds of people can gather in the flesh and process what it means to be human together through live actors.

Tallio is serving up more than coffee

What Tallio’s provides is affordable respect, which is priceless to someone who is often denied respect simply because of how they look.

The precious dirt at Hunters Point

Article 31, by allowing the SF Public Health Department to be paid by the developer, Lennar, blinds the city agency tasked with protecting human health to the clear fact that the “dirt at Hunters Point” is not a gold mine. It is nuclear waste.

Resolution in honor of Monsa Sakura Nitoto’

Monsa Nitoto’ was a visionary, a staunch advocate for Black and Brown business participation in public works projects and a champion for equity, access, diversity and inclusion.

Jeelani Shareef, financial freedom fighter

I'm a revolutionary, and revolutionaries create opportunities for the people.

Ruchell Cinque Magee was just released from prison after 67 years caged!

On July 15, 2021, Ruchell was denied parole for the 16th time. In 2023, Ruchell Magee signed a petition for compassionate release after incessant work to challenge the legitimacy of his imprisonment.

Cinque’s return – a poem

After 67 years in prison Ruchell Cinque Magee has reached Freedom upon being released.

Letter from Dr. Tolbert Small to the family of Dr. Mutulu Shakur 

Whenever the oppressed pick up arms, Mutulu lives. Whenever our children and grandchildren resist tyranny, racism and oppression, Mutulu lives!

Free fruit trees for Oakland residents

Oakland has the lowest life expectancy in Alameda county, due to the poor air quality.

All about the online show ‘Resolving Racism’

Our goal is to point out the fact that America doesn’t soar because it isn’t an eagle. And if we want America to get to eagle status, its whole make-up needs to change.

Driverless car company Waymo’s attack on Uber and Lyft drivers in San Francisco...

Driverless cars are taking the jobs of  tens of thousands of people in the local shared car economy as well as habitually stopping traffic during rush hour and in emergency situations.