Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Tallio is serving up more than coffee

What Tallio’s provides is affordable respect, which is priceless to someone who is often denied respect simply because of how they look.

The precious dirt at Hunters Point

Article 31, by allowing the SF Public Health Department to be paid by the developer, Lennar, blinds the city agency tasked with protecting human health to the clear fact that the “dirt at Hunters Point” is not a gold mine. It is nuclear waste.

Resolution in honor of Monsa Sakura Nitoto’

Monsa Nitoto’ was a visionary, a staunch advocate for Black and Brown business participation in public works projects and a champion for equity, access, diversity and inclusion.

Jeelani Shareef, financial freedom fighter

I'm a revolutionary, and revolutionaries create opportunities for the people.

Ruchell Cinque Magee was just released from prison after 67 years caged!

On July 15, 2021, Ruchell was denied parole for the 16th time. In 2023, Ruchell Magee signed a petition for compassionate release after incessant work to challenge the legitimacy of his imprisonment.

Cinque’s return – a poem

After 67 years in prison Ruchell Cinque Magee has reached Freedom upon being released.

Letter from Dr. Tolbert Small to the family of Dr. Mutulu Shakur 

Whenever the oppressed pick up arms, Mutulu lives. Whenever our children and grandchildren resist tyranny, racism and oppression, Mutulu lives!

Free fruit trees for Oakland residents

Oakland has the lowest life expectancy in Alameda county, due to the poor air quality.

All about the online show ‘Resolving Racism’

Our goal is to point out the fact that America doesn’t soar because it isn’t an eagle. And if we want America to get to eagle status, its whole make-up needs to change.

Driverless car company Waymo’s attack on Uber and Lyft drivers in San Francisco...

Driverless cars are taking the jobs of  tens of thousands of people in the local shared car economy as well as habitually stopping traffic during rush hour and in emergency situations.

Frisco’s Vegan Hood Chefs are taking tastebuds by storm

We are from Bayview Hunters Point (Ronnishia) and Lakeview (Rheema). Food has always been a part of my life and a huge staple in my family and community. I can’t remember a time in my life where my family didn’t convene or share stories over meals.

‘The Blackening’ is a horror movie for even the scariest of cats

This quintessential FUBU film “invites everyone in the audience to feel included in its diabolically socially competitive, naughty-clever games.”

First the Ebony Alert – now what?

“When we first started pushing all this, we were talking about the missing women and girls. But guess what? There are more missing Black boys than girls. We always ignore our Black boys. We ignore them until they are killing someone.”

I am a part of the invisible section of the homeless epidemic in the...

At least half of the Black men that I know living in San Francisco, Oakland and Vallejo are facing housing instability.

Ladybug Mecca: ‘Drippin’ like water’

How does it feel for you and Digable to be sampled so much by people like E40, Rick Rock and Snoop when initially y’all made music for the conscious community?

Bayview Hunters Point finally has its own farmers’ market – every Thursday

I plan to use mushrooms and plants to remediate the soil in Bayview and teach students how to grow oyster mushrooms and spread the mycelium: small scale projects, big victories

Black Unity Council relaunches!

The first CommUNITY Town Hall is slated for August with a unique format that will feature topical information presented by community members coupled with time for intentional community building.

Got reparations? For 21 questions, Menhuam Ayele has 21 answers

In the book “Got Reparations? 21 Questions, 21 Answers,” author Menhuam Ayele lays out some basic principles of what reparations means for Black people in America

Bill requiring state to house incarcerated parents close to their children passes Senate Public...

AB 1226 requires an incarcerated parent or legal guardian of a minor child be placed in a correctional facility that's closest to their child’s home

Oakland Strokes Youth Summer workshops teach the sport of rowing

We run summer camps in June out at San Pablo reservoir and in July at our boathouse in Oakland. We host Learn to Row days for organizations and schools we partner with as well.