Thursday, August 18, 2022

Love and a PraiseSong to a Mother, Ms. Billie

Forever expressions of transitioning Mother love and kinship returned to the Ancestors.

Celebrate Dr. Ratcliff’s 90th birthday

Like the faceted wonder of a kaleidoscope – the indomitable Dr. Willie Ratcliff.

The passing of a maker of a Panther

Presente! Billie Jo Bottom-Brown.

Crackdown on the culture: Vendors barred from 24th St. BART plaza

Blinded by racist classism, city leaders and local orgs can’t see the vibrancy of 24th Street Plaza.

California repeals discriminatory loitering for prostitution law

Working towards full decriminalization of sex work in the ongoing war against women, US PROS and others salute recent progress.

Another disheartening Supreme Court decision: West Virginia v. EPA

The Hunters Point Biomonitoring Foundation sustains hope in the deepening struggle for human rights and environmental justice.

Blacks and Natives unite to elect first Alaska Native to Congress

A longstanding coalition between Black Alaskans and Alaska Natives is being reinvigorated by the campaign of Mary Peltola for Alaska’s lone seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The community occupation of Parker Elementary in East Oakland is almost 2 months old

As privatization worms its way into all aspects of society, Parker Community School strategizes for the long haul.

SF Supervisors call on new DA Brooke Jenkins to preserve Innocence Commission

The Innocence Commission digs deeper to exonerate the innocent.

Chrysallis Lab is helping people with employment skills and opportunities

Hurdling systemic barriers, presentation tools are offered to give people an extra-best shot at landing a first or transitioning job.

The 1st Annual Black August Film Festival is Aug. 13 in Pasadena

Black August Film Festival expands possibilities in the human experience and the freedom struggle.

The Haitian Revolution today: The limits of token solidarity

The Haitian people continue their struggle against relentless u.s. imperialism.

HUD provides valued support where it is needed

Hope from HUD with Mountain View City Council’s leadership addressing affordable housing for Bay Area residents.

Dr. George W. Davis Senior Center honors community members instrumental during pandemic

This COVID-19 pandemic response created a blueprint to impact other issues in Black communities.

Fred T. Smith, Race Man, part of the Black pantheon

Fred T. Smith, with a thirst for life and love for the People, leaves a legacy of brilliance as he goes home to the ancestors.

Laws, covenants, rules and regulations for me and not for thee

Construction trade unions use their union dues to finance the campaigns of politicians who promote the exclusion of Black contractors.

Oakland’s Emerald New Deal DEBATE: Councilman Loren Taylor supports $160 million

When we look at the East Oakland and West Oakland flatlands today, it is easy to forget that these places were once thriving economic centers, populated with Black working middle class families who owned homes and businesses.

Oakland’s Emerald New Deal DEBATE: Cannabis Regulatory Commission Chair Chaney Turner opposes the deal

The tax dollars generated from cannabis sales need to go back into our social equity program that supports drug war survivors to enter the cannabis space.

Thespian Michael Wayne Turner III is turning heads on Oakland stages

Be entertained and intrigued by the compelling complexities of the “Hat Matter: Thoughts of a Black Mad Hatter”

‘We need something real’

Twenty years later, Kevin Epps’ “Straight Outta Hunters Point” film viewed again elicits real deep community conversation.