Friday, September 29, 2023

Introducing Ms. Patricia Jackson, equestrian and teacher!

... All must know that “We Ride Too”

The beautiful, unsettling ‘Josephine’s Feast’ extends its run into this weekend at the SF...

For me theater is like church – it’s a space where all kinds of people can gather in the flesh and process what it means to be human together through live actors.

20 year anniversary of the Joyce Gordon Gallery: artistic curator Eric Murphy speaks

The importance of having Black owned galleries as with any creative Black owned space is the blessing to showcase and tell our own stories and show artwork that reflect our image and expression.

Remembering Garfield Belfon on African Martyrs Day

“The police become necessary in human society only at that junction of human society when it is split between those who have and those who ain’t got.” – Omali Yeshitela, chairman, African People’s Socialist Party

Celebrating the legacy of Dr. Mutulu Shakur

For those in the Bay Area interested in celebrating the life of Dr. Shakur, there will be a memorial on August 19 from 2:30 p.m. – 5 p.m. at the African American Art & Culture Complex in San Francisco (762 Fulton Street)

The precious dirt at Hunters Point

Article 31, by allowing the SF Public Health Department to be paid by the developer, Lennar, blinds the city agency tasked with protecting human health to the clear fact that the “dirt at Hunters Point” is not a gold mine. It is nuclear waste.

‘Tina’ the musical: a review

If you are a fan of bombastic light shows reminiscent of concerts, Black music performed with passion, then the Tina musical is for you. The play adapts and depicts the turbulent life of Black musical legend, “Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” Tina Turner.

Martial arts legend Sifu Bill Owens faces foreclosure, eviction, homelessness

He is a Black Elder, a care-giver, a pourer of knowledge and love into the Deep East Oakland (Huchuin) ComeUnity. Mr. Owens is being evicted.

Niger, West and Central Africa’s current war against neo-colonialism

What is striking and at the center of these changes on the continent, though, are a youth that no longer wants to be subjected to neocolonialism

Oakland schools made a promise to Black students – it’s time to deliver

Now is the time to sustain and grow our investments in Black students, so that generations of students can thrive, and the entire Oakland schools community can too.

The effect of today’s Hip Hop on the psychology of young Black America

A candid conversation on the potency of hip hop on youth

Resolution in honor of Monsa Sakura Nitoto’

Monsa Nitoto’ was a visionary, a staunch advocate for Black and Brown business participation in public works projects and a champion for equity, access, diversity and inclusion.

Actors and writers strike together for the future of Hollywood

This strike is about the protection of actor rights, as well as intellectual and creative property. 

Rumors of WW3: Biden’s actions hint at military draft on the horizon

So as a community, we have to take an anti-draft and anti-war stance and begin to be very vocal about it. Black people and other people who are in the lower income brackets cannot continue to let our blood be the gasoline for the imperialist war machine’s agenda in other countries.

The Nairobi report back

On the first microphone I’ve ever touched on the continent, I find myself moving fast through poems, but it feels more like the sentient life of a tree.

Jeelani Shareef, financial freedom fighter

I'm a revolutionary, and revolutionaries create opportunities for the people.

The racist politics of confinement in Virginia’s high security prisons

At Virginia’s high security prisons dogs are a FIRST RESORT to force in almost any situation where guards invent or claim justification to use force on prisoners.

Ruchell Cinque Magee was just released from prison after 67 years caged!

On July 15, 2021, Ruchell was denied parole for the 16th time. In 2023, Ruchell Magee signed a petition for compassionate release after incessant work to challenge the legitimacy of his imprisonment.

Cinque’s return – a poem

After 67 years in prison Ruchell Cinque Magee has reached Freedom upon being released.

The under-funding of San Francisco’s Malcolm X Academy has led to a teacher shortage...

In 2023, in one of the most progressive cities in the country, Black residents are still fighting against separate and unequal distribution of resources to the local schools