Thursday, February 22, 2024

Voter Guides for Black San Franciscans

It’s a long tradition in the Black community to VOTE 100%. The Black vote can swing elections. That’s power!

Findings: Hunters Point Community Toxic Registry

Toxic registries are institutes created to offer populations of exposed people comprehensive medical, legal and social services along with monitoring for emerging toxic health effects among members of a family, a community and future generations.

Sekou Odinga, Black liberation fighter, passes at 79

“Sekou Odinga lived to manifest ... the need to resist in order to overcome white supremacy and capitalist-imperialism, the scourge of the planet. Long Live the warrior spirit of Sekou Odinga.” - Jalil Muntaqim

International Coalition to Stop Genocide in Palestine welcomes ICJ order, demands its implementation

We must end US military funding to Israel, which at $3.8 billion USD a year could instead provide more than 450,000 households with public housing for a year or pay for 41,490 elementary school teachers.

In Memoriam: Eddie Rudolph Dillard (1947-2023)

Eddie's passing calls for not just local or state but also national recognition. He laid the foundation for future generations to continue the fight for economic equity and representation in the construction industry.

The People’s Narrative: The Black Panther Party Museum in Oakland

"Happy Birthday, Huey" will be celebrated Saturday, Feb. 17. Activities include the showing of a film, and the following night at the New Parkway Theatre in Oakland, filmmaker Cat Brooks will also display a movie she produced on Huey P. Newton.

NBA champs champion literacy for Bay Area youth

“I never felt inferior because I knew. I read books about Black doctors and Black artists … Black painters, Black musicians. It was always known to me that Black people were great and that I was everywhere, that they are everywhere.” – Akaysha Calhoun

NAMC inspires Blacks to become master builders

The goal is to increase the number of Black people in the construction industry so we can keep that money in our own Black communities. It takes a village and people have to start somewhere. That somewhere is NAMC.

Maurice Goodman of Millbrae: Good man, good mayor

Perhaps what sets Vice Mayor Goodman apart as a leader is his choice to metabolize unjust experiences and center the greater, more equitable good.

Legendary filmmaker Kevin Epps takes the reins of the Bay View

“If this paper is to sustain itself, it needs to diversify the stories and be more representative of the community that's living out here in these streets now, that's fighting and surviving. A lot of those are young people.” - Kevin Epps

Barbara Lee: My fight for democracy

Congresswoman Barbara Lee is proudly endorsed for U.S. Senate by the San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper. Vote for her in California's March 5 primary election!

Being separate and unequal at UC Berkeley

“Do you think Black writers do better at writing Black literature than white ones?” “Yes, of course, because the Black writers can really see what we have contributed to the world.” We like to grow and mature from having our stories told by us to us.

Paper knives destroy poor people’s lives

“We were paying the mortgage and we were current but nothing mattered. She managed to convince the sheriff to evict us.”

Dear Treasure Island Authority Board, thanks (but really no thanks) for the toxic parks!

The Navy says Treasure island is polluted with dangerous ‘forever chemicals’ that could be nearly impossible to clean up, which thwarts the Treasure Island Development Authority’s plans to bestow on the City of San Francisco a toxic swathe of land larger than Golden Gate Park.

Israel uses starvation as a weapon of war in Gaza

The international community’s moral obligation is to condemn Israeli aggression and prioritize diplomatic efforts to not only impose a ceasefire, but to further end the siege on Gaza.

Gladiator fights lead to stronger sheriff oversight

“Passing this charter amendment was important to me as it created a process to address the complaints from incarcerated people and their families against the injustices happening to people in the sheriff’s custody.” - Supervisor Shamann Walton

MLK Day Special: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in his own words

While Dr. King is primarily remembered as a civil rights leader, he also championed the cause of the poor. And Dr. King was a fierce critic of U.S. foreign policy and the Vietnam War. Substituting "Gaza" for "Vietnam" brings Dr. King's words up to date.

Troublemakers and system changers, healthcare that works for you

Z, acknowledging the effort change requires, said, “I know we’re all tired. But if I’m tired, I want to be tired and healthy. Don’t be afraid and intimidated. Go in there and be who you are, because truth don’t tremble.”

The one state reality

The effort to link the apartheid label to the production of a global cultural boycott comparable to that faced by South Africa is both the most plausible theory of change and the primary objective of the BDS movement.

San Francisco is largest US city to call for ceasefire in Gaza

“With the passing of this resolution, the San Francisco Board has courageously stood on the right side of history. The interests and voices of the vast majority of our city’s diverse communities are finally being heard,” says Lara Kiswani, executive director of the Arab Resource and Organizing Center.