Sunday, December 4, 2022

Abolition Now!

Writings and investigations from our siblings behind bars.

Asante! Free ‘em all! Pt. 2

By design, hypocrisy rules supreme[acy] of the united snakes of amerika.

The voiceless platform 

What does ‘powerless’ look like?

Jason Walker: Each move is far worse than the last

This is my ninth unit transfer since 2019 for threats of violence, assault, extortion and retaliation because of my publishing. Call the authorities to keep Jason alive.

Liberate the Caged Voices

Elders, after decades still held in California prisons, bring real solutions to societal problems in the ‘free’ world.

Get ready to commemorate Black August

Why do we commemorate and what is Black August?

What is Revolutionary Huemanism and The Agreement to Come Home?

Elder abuse is not unique to medical settings; it is prevalent in prisons, with impunity.

Almost 50 years ain’t enough? Free Kenny Zulu Whitmore!

Often unjustly caged, prisoners keep hope, love and humanity alive for each other.

The WHY of the Prisoner’s Subscription Fund 

The Prisoner's Subscription Fund helps to educate, inside and out.

Coopting Juneteenth with a federal holiday

Juneteenth commemorates our resistance against this foul racist imperialist system that falsely portrays itself as our protector and savior.

Confiscation of the Bay View continues unabated!

Anthon Corley describes being between the razor wire and freedom, forced to help himself without the Bay View is torture.

Texas school shooting exposes police

Sworn to serve and protect, Mr. Gould points out, is the big lie, as police cowardice on duty proves out.

‘It is our duty to fight … It is our duty to win!’ –...

Historical reunion launches getting free to be free and Kwame lays out a blueprint path to that victory.

Prison Abolitionism – in the People’s language

Crystal clear examples from Shaka Shakur why defunding the state’s torture/killing arm of the police is crucial to life for Black, Brown, Indigenous and poor people.

Rev. Joy Powell’s first wrongful conviction – a prescient look at Juneteenth

Rev. Joy Powell describes her lived experience of the oppressors’ fear reaction to her weapon of non-violent protest.

Freedom is necessary: Prakash Churaman’s liberation struggle in Queens

The daily heartbreak of our precious children increasingly being incarcerated, many for life, by the capitalist genocidal corporate government of the u.s. is becoming the torturous nightmare that never ends and sends genocide’s death knells rippling out into the future seven generations beyond.

Prey to humiliate and demean

Cheryl Vaughn shines the spotlight on officers with racist and sadistic behaviors, who torment prisoners at California Institute for Women.

Cries of the lost: Ferguson political prisoner speaks

The question: “How can y’all cops sleep at night knowing y’all killed a kid – a 12-year-old kid at that?” The answer _______________

Hidden truths: Taxpayers encouraging inhumanity in Texas?

The Texas Department of Criminal (In-)Justice’s Dr. Lane Murray Unit is flagrantly leading the way to utter and complete lawlessness in u.s. prisons.

Defending a Lil Warrior Queen

It is notable when a warrior emerges and mirrors those gone before.

Fighting back a wrongful conviction to clear my name and get free! 

Jeff Walker shares his own experience like so many other Black people, who are fed to the prison industry by any corrupt means available to racist, genocidal capitalism.