Dialogue with a gangsta

George-Jackson-png, Dialogue with a gangsta, Abolition Now! News & Views

by Kevin ‘Rashid’ Johnson

“Yo, my dude,

“what’s up with you?

“Looks like you got

“something to do.”

I do and it’s got


To do with

trying to bring

You on board

with this movement right here,

But it takes getting

over what a lot of us fear.

“What you mean fear?

“I don’t fear shit,

“So what’s this movement

“you want me to get with?”

It’s called revolution, comrade,

which requires,

Sacrificing ourselves

being tested by fire.

“Fire, you say,

“that sounds real slick,

“But the only fire I’m chasing

“is thots on my tip.”

See, that’s part of the problem.

We gotta forget

All the bullshit we’ve been taught,

especially the disrespect

That we extend to our own

especially our women.

The fact that we degrade ourselves

is why we’re swimming.

Against the tide

of our own salvation,

Because unity is the key

to our liberation.

“Hold up. hold up

“I’m doing just fine,

“Without that shit you selling

“that I ain’t buying.

“Why the hell you think

“I need you anyway?”

Well for one thing I’ve been exactly

where you are today.

I’ve walked that path

and know its dead ends,

Which is where the path

I’m now on begins.

We live in poverty imprisoned,


Our families unsafe, insecure

in no way protected.

We’ve been taught from Day One

to rely on our enemies,

On those who exploit us,

as if their intentions are friendly.

The system we suffer under

is much, much bigger,

Than the small corner of the world

reserved for what they call niggers.

It all ties together

into a seamless whole,

A capitalist system

that spans the globe.

Its center of power

lies right here,

In Amerika,

the place you love so dear.

Like plantation slaves,

we’ve been taught

To love the hand

that sold and bought.

Our bodies, our families

to use us for our labor,

To make the owner rich

and give us only crumbs as favor.

We should own the plantations

and reap the wealth,

Cause we produced everything

on it ourselves.

We were taught to drop our heads

when authorities approached,

Who could do to us what they willed

without reproach.

And so today

it’s still the case,

When confronted by cops

we must hide our true face,

Become passive fearful.

If we make an error,

We may be shot dead

so we live in terror.

Just like slavery days,

just like Jim Crow,

We still ain’t free;

we just don’t know.

Cuz we’re distracted by

empty drama,

Chasing meaningless

fads and bent by trauma.

Taught to hate, fear, envy


Competing like crabs in a bucket

taking pride in inflicting death

On our own people.

How insane is that?

Doing more damage to Blacks

than the racists in white hats.

But look what the Panthers did:

They taught us how to survive,

To meet all our needs by cooperation,

brought the people alive.

And the thing you don’t know

is the composition

Of the Panthers was women

from rank and file to leading positions.

But now you wanna degrade our women

push them all the way back,

Treat them like the old Southern racists,

only value them on their backs.

Then we peddle poison

right where we rest our heads,

Making our neighbors addicts and thieves,

a literal walking dead.

Look how absurd we behave

how insane we must appear,

Walking and talking tough

but in reality living in fear.

One cop walks on the block,

killers throw weapons and run,

But put one of their own in front of them

he’ll see the smoking end of a gun.

Yeah, we need revolution

to wake us up to reality,

Cuz we doped up, psyched out,

done lost our minds in totality.

So you see why we need you

to join this movement.

Divide and rule is why

we’re in this predicament.

It’s like in prison the cons

outnumber guards 50 to one.

The guards only have control

cuz they’re united and move as one.

But if the prisoners united

in the same way,

They would take control

that very same day.

“Yeah they could overpower

“their captors I damn sho see,

“Walk right out the gates

“and all be free.”

“I get what you’re saying;

“you definitely changed my mind.

“I’m down with this movement to free the people.

“Where do I sign?”

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