Are you ready for World War?

Nuclear-cloud-Yall-ready-for-this-meme, Are you ready for World War?, Abolition Now! News & Views

by Kevin “Rashid” Johnson 

The dollar is crashing

the Amerikan economy is rupturing

So now she is lashing

out at the Chinese and Russians

Fearing the advances

of these imperial rivals

The U.S. ready to wage war

for its own survival

But not from danger

to its territory

Rather from being torn 

from its roost of glory

Since the last World War

this empire has ruled

Over the entire globe

every land’s wealth it’s pooled

And hoarded 

while stockpiling doomsday arms

Threatening to bring

every living thing to harm

Should any defy its order

and other threats did fail

Subjecting everyone

to nuclear blackmail

During all this time 

fear and chaos has reigned

Under an empire ruled by

the self-centered insane

Worshippers of wealth

spreading suffering and strife

Caring not a whit

about human life

Every continent encircled

by its military bases

Its claimed right to rule

white supremacist faces

The coded language they use

calling themselves ”The West”

Praising themselves as the best

a thinly veiled skin contest

But there must come a time

when rivals would rise

And seek its demise

a contest of lies

Shattering the lie of democracy

we’ve never been free

Escalating a world kept at war

to World War 3

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