Tyranny at Dr. Lane Murray Unit: guards profiteering off new underground sport

Warden-Audrey-England, Tyranny at Dr. Lane Murray Unit: guards profiteering off new underground sport, Abolition Now! Featured News & Views
Warden Audrey A. England –a modern day slave driver who profits, thrives and glorifies the cruel treatment of prisoners at the Lane Murray Unit in Gatesville, Texas. – Photo: Texas Department of Justice.

by Gulley Britney 

In Gatesville, Texas, a new underground sport has emerged. Place your bets, wager your gamble and compensate your wages from the new money-making industry! Assaulting and beating up prisoners has become entertainment for TDCJ employees. Here in Texas, the prisons have a thriving commerce. A mission set: Annihilating the prison population. 

A monarch of autocracy has been exploited as fruitful capital even if injustice exists. What is the definition of a bully? What does it mean to be in a position of power and abuse your authority? 

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice women’s prisons (TDCJ) makes it their duty to hire employees who specialize in intimidation, coercion, persecution and discrimination. At Dr. Lane Murray Unit, the officers are personally trained by Warden Audrey A. England. 

Trained to be oppressors, terrorizers and tormentors. At Lane Murray Unit, the warden is a tyrant and the officers are her exclusive army of bullies and extortionists! An army that has a lucrative business of money-laundering the account of proceeds gained from the illegal sporting franchise of beating up and assaulting prisoners. 

Everyday in Lane Murray Unit, a male officer physically assaults a woman prisoner. Most ranking officials have at least 39 assaults under their belt. And instead of reprimands they receive applause from their coworkers and peers. 

Warden Audrey A. England, a renowned white supremacist and KKK affiliated confederate, has verbally voiced her disdain and hatred towards prisoners that are people of color and Transgender. England daily commends her army for attacking these minorities. 

Warden Audrey A. England’s army  monikered “The Domineers,” consist of Lt. Nathaniel L. Aviles, Sgt. Gregory B. Carattini, Sgt. Adrian R. Florez, Sgt. Ramon J. Rodriguez, Sgt. Christopher C. Ramirez, C.O. Bryce R. Davis, C.O V Brian J.Ahara, C.O V Sabrina M. Capps, Sgt. Tonya M. Ruff, C.O IV Carolina.K Mcminn, Lt.Brittany T.Houston, C.O IV Michael E. Flowers, and C.O III Pedro J.Jimenez. These are the public affiliates, although there are many hidden members of the society. 

Warden England’s army not only consist of men and other KKK affiliated white supremacists, but the tyrant Audrey has accomplished being able to recruit women abusers also. These women have a lust for inflicting pain and preying on women prisoners and making money off of this cruelty. Warden Audrey A. England rules with an iron hand and absolute tyranny. She is a racketeer who is cashing in on this illegal sport. 

At Lane Murray Unit, these authoritarians are the 2023 slave drivers from the 1800s, who dictate with harshness. The sport of beating prisoners severely is a money grubbing mercenary business. The overbearing and overpowering employees at Lane Murray Unit are ruthless and evil. 

At Lane Murray Unit, policy does not exist, guidelines are not followed, rules are not acknowledged and constitutional rights are ignored! No human rights, No civil rights and for sure no prisoner rights. 

Tyranny is existential and relentless. Who knew corruption and depravity had so much monetary value flushed with financial opulence in Texas prisons? But it is ironic that Texas was the last state to free the slaves in the 1860s, after the prisoners last coincidently built the prisons, of course. 

How ironic it is that TDCJ employees and correctional officers are supposed to be responsible for security and safety, but yet they are oppressors who subject prisoners to brutality and injury. Just like in the 1800s when slave owners would beat and sell their slaves making money off of the slaves and their bodies and work. 

At Lane Murray Unit, the mistreatment and cruelty has yet to be investigated because Warden Audrey A. England has friends and family in high places. A well-connected pillar of a corrupt community where bribery and cruelty offers amnesty against all crimes in Gatesville, Texas. 

Just ask Warden England why it is whispered throughout by her coworkers how she got away with the death of an infant child. 

She was never indicted or prosecuted and the death of that innocent infant was swept under the rug. That’s what money can buy: Immunity and dismissal of crimes! Warden Audrey A. England receives automatic acquittal and exemption against any and all crimes concerning the law. 

Why? Because the proceeds from the underground sport she hosts is being well spent, capitalizing on guaranteed protection. 

Look how many civil suits have been filed against Warden Audrey A England. But yet she still holds a position of authority, overseeing an entire unit and rettains special privileges and favored treatment from headquarters in Austin and Huntsville Texas? What does that say about the prison system in Texas? An autocratic W monopoly! 

The Lane Murray Unit is run by the 2023 version of Hitler and Mussolini in the disguise of Warden Audrey A. England. The Grinch who seals the lives of humans! 

With this new sport of beating and assaulting prisoners, the number of deaths of women in prison have increased tremendously. 

The abuse intensifies and worsens as Warden Audrey A. England and the army rise in rank and power, accumulating more money. In the officers dining hall and command quarters bets are taken and placed on prisoners’ well-being.

How much profit assembled from this enterprise? How much interest and revenue have been earned for the beatings of prisoners? Better yet how much money has Warden Audrey A. England pocketed? How much money has her army pocketed? The increase in profit guarantees protection and promotion! 

What is the modus operandi when the system is so corrupt? There is no standard process or usual practice when it comes to integrity and civil rights. This underground sporting event has proven democracy is dead, the 13th Amendment is a joke and AmeriKKKa is not the Land OF THE FREE!! Tyranny at Lane Murray Unit is profiting off of the abuse of prisoners. 

Gulley Britney #1601283, F2M transgender and political prisoner at Lane Murray Unit RHU, housed in prolonged solitary confinement for seven years and counting.

Prison-farms-in-the-1930s, Tyranny at Dr. Lane Murray Unit: guards profiteering off new underground sport, Abolition Now! Featured News & Views
Prisons exist solely to strip people of their humanity. Untold stories of oppression by prison guards remain to be told and freedom has yet to be delivered.– Photo: Ensemble theater Cincinnati.

Caption: Prisons exist solely to strip people of their humanity. Untold stories of oppression by prison guards remain to be told and freedom has yet to be delivered.