The Town in chaos: an interview wit’ rapper Beeda Weeda

by POCC Minister of Information JR

beeda5-web, The Town in chaos: an interview wit’ rapper Beeda Weeda, Culture Currents While the world was watching downtown Oakland burn up in the aftermath of the police murder of Oscar Grant III, rappers Beeda Weeda and J-Stalin put their social commentary into 16 rhyming bars and came out with the Town masterpiece “We Ain’t Listening,” the remix. The passion and raw emotions of both lyricists capture the spirit of the people in the explosive and volatile Oakland streets that is not often reported on in the newspapers and on the television.

I wanted for the readers to get up wit’ Beeda Weeda, because this young rising rap star is not just a one dimensional street thug as some may want to paint him; he is a ‘hood intellectual who is a spokesman for his generation. So before you critique the amount of cussing, you need to listen to the lyrics. (You could hear it at

MOI JR: How did you feel when you saw the murder of Oscar Grant III on tv? How did you feel about the Oakland rebellions?

Beeda: When I first saw the video, I was shocked and immediately I was filled wit’ anger. I had to keep rewinding the video ‘cause I couldn’t believe the officer shot that young man in cold blood like that in front of everybody. I felt the rebellions’ frustration and anger. I didn’t agree with the destruction of buildings and businesses independently owned by people that didn’t have nothing to do with the shooting; I feel all that energy should have been pointed towards the OPD.

MOI JR: What do you think needs to happen in the interest of justice?

Beeda: The cop needs to lose his job and be put behind bars. Also OPD needs to go under investigation for police brutality because it’s nothing new, and it’s sad that Oscar had to be the sacrificed for the rest of the country to see the truth about OPD.

MOI JR: What motivated you to get with Stalin to do the “Fuck the Police: We Ain’t Listening” remix? What has the response been like?

Beeda: I was out of town when the shooting occurred, so I wasn’t able to attend any of the demonstrations, but I felt like I still needed to voice my opinion. The song is actually a remake from my first album, “Turfology 101.” I kept the same beat and chorus and just changed my verse and added Stalin. It’s had a great response. I have been giving it out via Internet and through the streets.

MOI JR: Do you think police terrorism is rampant in Oakland?

Beeda: I believe police harassment and brutality is very rampant in Oakland.

MOI JR: What did you think of when you heard that 26-year-old Lovelle Mixon shot four cops in East Oakland on March 21?

Beeda: I feel like Oscar Grant was our big sacrifice in order for people to see the reality about OPD and the four cops was karma. In all, everybody has experienced a great loss. Our community and law enforcement need some type of balance.

MOI JR: What’s up with your career? What do you have in the stores now? And what are you workin’ on?

Beeda: Right now, I’m just staying focused on giving the people good quality music. I got my new project “Da Thizzness” in stores and online now, and I’m ‘bout to drop a new mixtape with Dj Rick Lee called “Breath of Fresh Air” and a new mixtape with me and J-Stalin. I got my hit single “Ain’t Scarin Nuthin” in rotation on the air waves and I’m also working on a movie, and dropping my second official album “Turf Radio”.

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