Free Jamie and Gladys Scott to return to their children and grandchildren!“Talk about injustice. How do you wind up in prison serving two life terms for a robbery that netted 11 dollars? That question has haunted first time offenders Gladys and Jamie Scott for the past 15 years,” wrote Anthony Papa in the Huffington Post. And it haunts Jamie’s son too, who was only 2 when his mother and auntie were snatched away from him.

Now 18, Terrance Scott tells Minister of Information JR in this gripping interview: “Seeing what they did to my mother, it put a rage inside me like, if you have anything to do with law enforcement, I don’t want to talk to you. … Sometimes I just look up at the stars at night and I just wonder what this world done become. Any time someone can lock you up for a double life sentence for nothing, what else can they do? What else can the crooked court system and the crooked justice system do?”

The interview was broadcast Aug. 4 on Flashpoints, flagship investigative news magazine of the Pacifica network, heard at 5 p.m. weekdays on KPFA in Northern California and on dozens of stations around the country. This Block Report Radio interview begins 45 minutes into the show.

Flashpoints – August 4, 2009 at 5:00pm

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Make a loud noise on behalf of the Scott Sisters

Mrs. Evelyn Rasco, mother of the Scott Sisters, is calling for URGENT SUPPORT for Jamie Scott, #19197, and Gladys Scott, #19142, who are both suffering renewed harassment by prison guards because of the continuous exposure that this case has received. Jamie Scott was even thrown in the “hole” for 23 days for the first time in 14 years!

Jamie is now very depressed and on medication which is not a good sign at all. Our personal feelings are that she was set up by guards, lied on and thrown in the “hole” because of her continuous strength and determination to fight for freedom. In addition, Jamie’s privileges to attend school, work and conduct research in the law library have been stripped away.

Please assist us in contacting the following persons; let them know that the public is watching this case and ask for a thorough investigation into the lies which have caused the renewed harassment of both women and particularly why Jamie Scott was stripped of privileges and thrown into the “hole.”

Please call and email the Superintendent of Prisons, the Commissioner of Prisons and the Assistant Commissioner, and please also cc Mrs. Rasco ( so that there are records of your contacts.

Please act NOW on behalf of these young women and support Mrs. Rasco’s pleas for action. Thank you for acting and helping to spread the word!

Contact the following officials:

  • Margaret Bingham, Superintendent of Central Mississippi Corrections Facility, (601) 932-9077,, fax (601) 932-9077, P.O. Box 88550, Pearl, Mississippi 39208
  • Christopher Epps, Commissioner of Prisons for the State of Mississippi, (601) 359-5600,, 723 North President St., Jackson, MS 39202
  • Emmitt Sparkman, Deputy Commissioner, (601) 359-5610,
  • Gov. Haley Barbour, (877) 405-0733 or (601) 359-3150


  1. Thanks to Bro. JR and the SF Bay View for so consistently standing strong as the voice of the people! This case stands out among the most unique of all those i’ve been aware of in 25+ yrs of prisoner support work. Please share this interview/article with national media outlets and legal scholars to bring the maximum pressure to bear in returning these young mothers to their children, this family has been traumatized enough!

    Below is a case summary and contact info which leads to much more information, including transcripts.

    Case Summary

    Jamie and Gladys Scott are blood sisters and have been wrongfully convicted of armed robbery. The sisters received double life terms each. No one was murdered or injured during this robbery. One witness testified that the robbery netted about $11. Witnesses and the two alleged victims testified that the sisters had absolutely nothing to do with this robbery. Witnesses also testified that the sheriff coerced and threatened them to lie on the Scott Sisters. The sisters have been in prison since October of 1994.

    The father of the Scott Sisters moved his family from Chicago, Illinois to Mississippi for a better life. He had no idea of the tragedy that awaited the family in rural Mississippi. On a cold December morning the Scott Sisters left their modest home to purchase heating fuel as Jamie had run out of fuel and had a very young baby in the home. As a result, they experienced car trouble which lead to being framed for armed robbery.

    The transcripts state that one witness (a teenager) testified that the sheriff told him he would be sent to Parchman (the notorious Mississippi Prison), to be made out of a woman (raped by men) if he did not lie on the Scott Sisters. There exists several affidavits which state that The Scott Sisters had nothing to do with this crime. The witnesses received very short sentences in this crime while Jamie and Gladys have completed almost 15 years of double life sentences each.

    Scott County Mississippi was a dry county, meaning no alcohol could be sold in the county. A relative of the Scott Sisters turned state’s evidence on Sheriff Glenn Warren which placed the sheriff behind bars. The Sheriff had been accepting payoffs to allow business owners to sell alcohol. Deputy Sheriff Marvin Williams briefly worked under Sheriff Warren and is the deputy responsible for fabricating this robbery. Deputy Williams is said to have promised the father that he would “get” him, even if through his daughters. This robbery with double life terms is the method Deputy Marvin Williams used to “get” Mr. Rasco.

    Judge Marcus Gordon Presided over this trial. Judge Gordon is the judge who presided over Edgar Ray “Preacher” Killen’s trial. Edgar Ray “Preacher” Killen is a Ku Klux Klansman who assisted in the murders of three civil rights activists, Chaney, Goodman, and Schwerner in 1964. Killen was found guilty of three counts of manslaughter on June 21, 2005, which was the forty-first anniversary of the crime. Killen’s punishment was 3 times 20 years in prison or 20 years for each murder – which was reduced by Judge Gordon to manslaughter.

    The father of The Scott Sisters passed away of a heart attack, knowing that he could not help his daughters out of the great injustice. Their mother left Mississippi out of fear of additional injustices.

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    Official Yahoogroup:
    Official Facebook Group: Free The Scott Sisters
    Official Petition:
    Subscribe to the listserve: Send a blank e-mail to and keep up with all of the latest information!

  2. thank you so much sis marpessa and my thanks to minister jr for trying to help my grils it is careing people like you that can bring real justice what has happen to my grils is inhuman and our justice department has fell my grils just as it have for some mine people that are wrong full convicted thank god for people that want to fight for justice there are some mine that dont get justice until someone fight for them our styem will not do it to let people out of prison they lose money and to make more money they lock up the innocent so keep fighting not for just my grils for ever wrongfull case you hear about our people are crying for justice thank you so much fronm evelyn rasco jamie and gladys scott god bless you all at the bayview for your suport we need you help

  3. This is a terrible travesty of justice, I just saw Mrs. Rasco’s blogspot at their family has already been through a whole lot and these women need to be at home with their families. One of the women who had been in prison with Jamie had killed her own children and gotten released after 10 years, yet Jamie remains in that prison. Somebody, please, help them get a lawyer.

  4. I just posted this to Facebook, where Nancy Lockhart manages a Scott Sisters support group. She worked on this, for a long time, with Iskandar Langalibalele, who died recently, and without warning to most, in surgery. I’ve urged all those now mourning Iskandar to support the Scott Sisters in his memory.

  5. Nancy Lockhart just responded with thanks to J.R. and the Bay View, and told me that Iskandar Langalibalele had arranged J.R.’s interview with Jamie Scott’s son Terence. One more thing Iskandar hadn’t had time to share with me before his untimely death, but which I’ll make a point of sharing in the piece I’m planning to write about Iskandar.

  6. Leake County Circuit Court Judge Marcus D. Gordon was also the same judge who filed a complaint against Attorney Chokwe Lumumba. I ask that you all file Mississippi Judicial complaints against Circuit Court Judge Marcus D. Gordon.

  7. To the people of Mississippi slavery is over and never coming back so no matter how you abuse our people it will not work. We are good people God made us all and in the end you will see. And how can this judge not do what is right you have no bussiness holding a seat were you can not do your job. You should have guts enough to stand up for justice instead of being a good ol boy ever one deserve justice even you. JUST DO THE RIGHT THING AND LET THESE SISTERS GO.


    Jamie Scott is a diabetic with high blood pressure and her
    mother, Mrs. Rasco, was recently informed that she has not been receiving her medications. Jamie requires two insulin shots per day, regular sugar checks, as well as pills for her blood pressure. Mrs. Rasco is fearful for her daughter’s life!

    Many of us have been calling the prison today to try and
    reach someone to discuss this with and have been
    getting the runaround.

    WE NEED YOUR HELP! We must get Jamie seen by medical staff
    ASAP to ascertain her medical condition. Here is her current location:

    Jamie Scott #19197
    B Zone, Bed 196
    P.O. Box 88550
    Pearl, MS 39288-8550

    Please contact these officials and tell them to move
    Jamie Scott to the Medical Bldg. so that she can
    be evaluated by a doctor ASAP.

    Margaret Bingham, Superintendent of Central Mississippi Corrections Facility
    (601) 932-2880 (Corrected)
    FAX: (601) 664-0782 (Corrected)
    P.O. Box 88550
    Pearl, Mississippi 39208

    Christopher Epps, Commissioner of Prisons for the State of Mississippi
    723 North President Street
    Jackson, MS 39202

    Emmitt Sparkman, Deputy Commissioner
    (601) 359-5610
    Governor Haley Barbour

    1-877-405-0733 or 601-359-3150

    • we all need to pray those devils away- PRAY to help the se ladies because GOD will have the last say in this no matter what and yes there are still nasty people like them all over the world thats why we as BLACKS need to stay in contact with that GREAT MAN above and thats GOD and for their mother just stay strong because they still need you we love you all—-from FLORIDA hold your head up

  9. Jamie Scott of the Scott Sisters was able to call her mother on 9/7/09 and report that thanks to all of the calls that came into the prison, she was seen by a doctor and is receiving her medication.

    She wanted to make certain that each and every person who responded to our urgent calls for assistance knew how much she appreciated the overwhelming response and remarked it was noted by the staff there when she was seen for medical treatment.

    Thank you also from Mrs. Evelyn Rasco, who has felt a tremendous burden relieved by just being able to know that her daughter is receiving medical attention, though still in unjust captivity.

    Mrs. Rasco’s website is at, please link to and follow it for updates!

  10. This is nothing more than a modern day Mississippi lynching there is a need for an international outcry for injustice such as this.How many criminals have been turned loose in that state for crimes against humanity for over 400 yrs.Every curse imaginable, I pray should descend upon the real criminal who made this unjust decision.

  11. I think this is an outrage. And I know that God is working this out for Gladys and Jamie. I pray that God would touch some attorneys heart, and allow him to get justice for these ladies. Because this is just wrong, wrong, and wrong on all levels. To the family, continue to believe and have faith that God is working it out, and they will get through this. To the people who did this to Gladys and Jamie, may God have mercy on your soul. Because you will be held in accoutable for the wrong you have done to these women.

  12. To the family of Jamie and Glady’s Scott, my prayers are with each of you. I know the Scott sister. I was housed with them for 6 years. I was sentenced to life, but with faith and prayer the Lord delivered me from those same walls. I was there for 11 years. I called Jamie (Ginger Bread) and Glady’s (Shake-it-fast) I will not only pray, but give support for this cause in anyway that I can. I wrote Jamie about a month ago, other ladies there have been keeping me informed on Jamies medical condition. God bless, heal and deliver in every possible way for this family. They both are wonderful ladies.

  13. this is sad and i feel very sorry for there family. My husband is in prison for a similar crime but they gave him 25 years for something he didnt do. My prayers goes out to the Scott family.

    • this why us black people as one need to stick together and fight for one another instead of killing one another you know but that is sad for real we are we going to stop with this stuff you know but good to you and your husband i know how you feel because im going threw that now and its hard to have someone you love tooking away from for somthing they didnt even do

  14. they really need to stop playing and let these women out of there on some real they do not belong there at all ,now lets be real abut the situation if this was some white women it wouldn havenever went donw like this even if they did ,and for these women to have not down anything that is some real B.S. for real what needs to happen is we need to find a way to get to obama for real and let him handle that ,but and till then keep praying cause got they back and if dont nobody else know he know but i send my love and prayers out to them and they family

  15. I have known gladysand jamie ever since the days of chicago as very respectful young ladies being raised by two wonderful parents who tried to take them from chicago to mississippi to give them a better life and teach them the right ways of life the good and bad in this life time, iam sorry to hear that they lost their father who tried his very best to save his two little girls and for that we all are very greatful and hopefully justice will prevail soon with the help and love of GOD and the wonderful people that i know we have in this world. LET THE SCOTT SISTERS GO. they have been in there way too long. LADYS hold your head up high and keep praying and know that GOD is always on time. love mickey

  16. how can we as a nation attempt to chastise china and north korea about the treatment of their people and we condone this type of treatment to citizens of this country. our justice department turns its head and looks the other way to the treatment of prople born in this country. i have heard or seen nothing from the mouths of the state or congressional leaders of mississippi on this injustice happening right under their noses. this has to be one of the greatest miscarriages of justice i have ever seen. none of the media organizations have said little to nothing on this case. the only person i have heard has been Michael Basiden on his radio program, we must unit and bring mississippi to its knees, hurt them in their pockets, stop promoting and spending our dollars in the state, especially their cosinos.

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