Three in a million: Voices from the Haitian camps


by Bill Quigley

The United Nations reported there are 1.2 million people living in “spontaneous settlements” or homeless camps around Port au Prince. Three people living in the camps spoke with this author this week, before the hard rains hit.

Jean Dora, 71

My name is Jean Dora. I was born in 1939. I live in a plaza in front of St. Pierre’s church in Petionville [outside of Port au Prince]. I am here with 12 members of my family. We all lost our home.

We have a sheet of green plastic to shade us from the sun. We put up some bed sheets around our space.

I have many small grandchildren living here with me. My son and daughters live here too.

My daughter will soon have a child. She will go to the Red Cross tent when it is time for the baby to come.

I worked for the Chinese Embassy for 36 years. I cleaned their offices. I retired in 2007. Until the earthquake I lived in an apartment with my family. The building was destroyed.

At night we put a piece of carpet down on the ground. Then we lay covers down and try to sleep. When it rains, the water comes in.

We bring bottles to fill up with water. But we have very little food.

There is no toilet in the park. We must go behind the church.

My son used to work to support us. He is a good chef. He worked at a restaurant by the Hotel Montana. The restaurant was destroyed. He lost his job. There is no work.

During all my days, I have never seen anything like this. I am not in a good position to say what will happen next. I think things are not going to change. I hope things will get better. But I don’t think so.

My son has no job and he cannot help our family. If my son is working, we can all stand up. If he is not working, we are down.

The future is not clear. It looks dark for us.

Nadege Dora, 28

My name is Nadege Dora. I am 28. I have three boys and one girl. I am supposed to deliver my baby this month.

I now live in the plaza in Petionville with the rest of my family. Our house was destroyed. I used to sell bread on the street to make a little money. The father of the children does not help us. It is as if we are not alive to him.

We are just trying to survive. No one in our family is working. There is no work.

If you get a ticket you can go get a bag of rice. But I am a pregnant woman. I cannot fight the crowds for a ticket. I tried. But people were squashing me and I was afraid I would get knocked down and crushed.

My niece helped a woman bring rice back from Delmas [another neighborhood outside of Port au Prince]. She shared her rice with us. Right now we still have some rice. But we have no oil. No meat, no milk, nothing but rice. We have no money to buy other ingredients.

Since the earthquake I have never eaten a full meal.

When my baby comes, I will go to the Red Cross tent to have the baby. I went there to see a doctor. They gave me some pills. Those pills made me sick.

Since the earthquake I have never eaten a full meal.

The mayor came here and asked people if we had relatives in the countryside. They would help us go there. But we do not want to go to the countryside. We don’t know anybody in the countryside. We need to have a better life than this.

Garry Philippe, 47

My name is Garry Philippe. I am 47. I live by the airport entrance. I built my own tent. I tied a sheet to a tree and I put up poles to hold up other sheets.

I live here with my five children. My wife was killed in our house in the incident. We lived in Village Solidarity. I owned our house. I built our house over four years, step by step, as I got the money.

I was outside when it happened. My girls were by the front door and ran out. My wife ran back to help the boys and she died.

We had no funeral for my wife because we have no money for a funeral. I buried her myself in a cemetery by Cite Soleil.

The children cannot imagine that their mother is gone just like that. They are always thinking about their mother.

We do not have beds. When it is time to sleep we put bags on the ground. Then we put our covers on the bags and sleep.

We wash ourselves by putting water in a bottle. Then we stand in a pot and pour the water on ourselves.

When it rained, we went to a place where they had a plastic tent. We stayed there till the rain stopped. More than 20 people were inside that tent.

Before, I was a mechanic in a garage. Where I worked was destroyed. There is no work since the quake.

We heard other camps got bags of rice. In our camp, nothing. I ask friends for food. Sometimes someone will give us something to eat.

We have no toilet in this camp. When we have to make a toilet, we do it in a bag. Then we bring the bag to the edge of the camp. It is about a one minute walk away.

We see the trucks going in and out of the airport. Many trucks. But the trucks never stop for us.

It is not safe here. But what can I do? I accept it; it is God’s work. We pray in the camp together.

No one has come to talk to us to tell us what is going on. We know nothing about tents or tarps. There is no school for the children.

I cannot tell you exactly what is going to happen next. I am not the Lord.

I think it is going to get worse for us in the camps. We need tents and food. We need water and school and jobs.

We need help to find a place to stay. The rain is coming soon. Water is going to come and our babies will lose their lives.

Bill Quigley is legal director at the Center for Constitutional rights and a long time human rights advocate. This article was written with the assistance of Vladimir Laguerre in Port au Prince. You can contact Bill at


  1. January 14, 2010
    US Quake Test Goes “Horribly Wrong”, Leaves 500,000 Dead In Haiti
    By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

    A grim report prepared by the Russian Northern Fleet for Prime Minister Putin is stating today that the catastrophic earthquake that has devastated the Island of Haiti was the ‘clear result’ of a United States Navy test of one of its ‘earthquake weapons’ planned to be used by the Americans upon the Persian Nation of Iran but had gone ‘horribly wrong’.
    The Northern Fleet has been monitoring US Naval movements and activities in the Caribbean since 2008 when the Americans announced their intention to re-establish their Forth Fleet that had been disbanded in 1950, and which was responded to by the Motherland when later that year a Russian flotilla led by nuclear powered cruiser Peter the Great began their first exercises in this region since the ending of the Cold War.
    Though virtually unknown to the American people, the use, and perfection, of earthquake weapon technology has a decade’s long history that began with the former Soviet Unions exploding of a 10 megaton nuclear bomb in September, 1978 and then ‘redirecting’ its shockwave towards Iran where it resulted in a catastrophic 7.4 magnitude earthquake, an event which hastened the downfall of the US backed regime headed by the Shah.
    This attack upon Iran by the Soviets was countered by the Americans in April, 1979 when they unleashed one of their newly developed ‘atomic powered’ earthquake weapons against the former communist Nation of Yugoslavia which resulted in a 7.2 magnitude earthquake.
    Since the late 1970’s, the United States has ‘greatly advanced’ the state of its earthquake weapons and, according to these reports, now employees devices employing a Tesla Electromagnetic Pulse, Plasma and Sonic technology, along with ‘shockwave bombs’ they have previously been accused by Russia of employing in their war against the Afghan peoples when one of these ‘devices’ was exploded in Afghanistan in March, 2002 triggering a devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake.
    Interesting to note in these reports are their stating that the earthquake weapons test conducted by the US Navy this week in the Caribbean that destroyed Haiti was ‘most probably’ based upon the same type of Tesla technology held responsible for the catastrophic January17, 1995, 6.8 magnitude earthquake that laid to waste the Japanese city of Kobe, and which the mysterious Aum Shinrikyo cult had warned 9 days prior was going to occur, and as we can read:
    “Aum’s charismatic guru, Shoko Asahara, predicted the Kobe quake nine days before the event. In an 8 January 1995 radio broadcast, Asahara stated “Japan will be attacked by an earthquake in 1995. The most likely place is Kobe.” Hideo Murai, the late Science and Technology minister for Aum Shinrikyo also adhered to this view. Murai – said to have been the most intelligent Japanese who ever lived – was murdered in a Yakuza orchestrated assassination shortly after speaking on the record to foreign news correspondents.
    “Murai presented his allegation in an April 7 1995 news conference at the Foreign Correspondent Club in Japan. In answer to questions about the Kobe quake, Murai said “There is a strong possibility of the activation of an earthquake using electromagnetic power, or somebody may have used a device that applied force inside the Earth.” The Aum leadership believed the Kobe quake an act of war: “The City of Kobe was hit by a surprise attack…” they claimed, adding the City was an “…appropriate guinea pig.”
    Note: The Aum Shinrikyo religious order was destroyed shortly after their releasing of this information to the public when blamed for the March 20, 1995 sarin gas attack upon the Tokyo subway system which resulted in 11 of their members, including their leader, being sentenced to death. FSB reports on Aum Shinrikyo further state that their knowledge of the planned use of these ‘doomsday’ devices was gained from the US computer hackers belonging to the Branch Davidian religious order who had penetrated some of the American defense establishments most secret files and resulted in their, likewise, being completely destroyed in what is now known as the Waco Siege ordered by then US District Attorney, and currently Obama’s US Attorney General, Eric Holder.
    The Tesla weapons being developed by the United States are based upon the research of Nikola Tesla who was an inventor and a mechanical and electrical engineer. He was one of the most important contributors to the birth of commercial electricity and is best known for his many revolutionary developments in the field of electromagnetism in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
    Tesla’s patents and theoretical work formed the basis of modern alternating current (AC) electric power systems, including the polyphase system of electrical distribution and the AC motor, with which he helped usher in the Second Industrial Revolution. Tesla is also credited as the inventor of modern radio by the US Supreme Court.
    To Tesla’s earthquake weapons research conducted in the early 20th century we can further read:
    “He put his little vibrator in his coat-pocket and went out to hunt a half-erected steel building. Down in the Wall Street district, he found one; ten stories of steel framework without a brick or a stone laid around it. He clamped the vibrator to one of the beams, and fussed with the adjustment until he got it.
    Tesla said finally the structure began to creak and weave and the steel-workers came to the ground panic-stricken, believing that there had been an earthquake. Police were called out. Tesla put the vibrator in his pocket and went away. Ten minutes more and he could have laid the building in the street. And, with the same vibrator he could have dropped the Brooklyn Bridge into the East River in less than an hour.
    Tesla claimed the device, properly modified, could be used to map underground deposits of oil. A vibration sent through the earth returns an “echo signature” using the same principle as sonar. This idea was actually adapted for use by the petroleum industry, and is used today in a modified form with devices used to locate objects at archaeological digs.”
    Important to note at this point are that modern day experiments seeking to discredit Tesla’s earthquake weapons technology have been directed against structures designed to withstand the effects of earthquakes, buildings which in the early 20th century, like those in Haiti today, were not built to withstand such resonance. A most critical difference when viewed in the light of the US Navy’s testing of 2 of these earthquake weapons this past week and where in their Pacific test it resulted in a 6.5 magnitude earthquake hitting the area around the Northern California city of Eureka causing no deaths, their Caribbean test has caused an estimated 500,000 innocents to die.
    Equally important to note are these reports stating that ‘more than likely’ the US Navy had ‘full knowledge’ of the catastrophic damage this earthquake weapons test could potentially have upon Haiti and had pre-positioned their Deputy Commander of their Southern Command, General P.K. Keen, on the island to oversee relief efforts if needed.
    To the end result of these weapons being tested by the United States, these reports warn, are for the Americans planned destruction of Iran through a series of catastrophic earthquakes designed to bring down their present Islamic regime.
    Most unfortunately in all of these events are the peoples of Haiti, who are suffering under conditions so horrible, that even in the best of scenarios, their functioning as a viable Nation has completely come to an end, and for reasons and purposes they have no comprehension of at all as they have become just the latest victim in the New Great Game that will decide the winners and losers of this 21st Century.
    © January 14, 2010 EU and US

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