Haitians say, ‘Goodbye, UN! Bon voyage’


HLLN letter to Edmond Mulet on behalf of the people demonstrating against the UN and the sham elections

by Ezili Dantò, HLLN

The U.N. has threatened to pull out of Haiti. Oh, what a blessed seasonal gift that would be. Bon voyage, U.N.! Goodbye. We’ll help you pack.

This is what Edmund Mulet of the U.N. had to say as reported by the London Telegraph in “U.N. threatens to pull out of Haiti”: “The U.N. and the international community will never accept that a legitimate Haitian president leaves under pressure from the street. It would be a coup,” he said. The hypocrisy of these double-faced, creepy vampires is beyond belief.

Open your ears, Mr. Edmond Mulet. The Haitian people on the streets demonstrating are asking for YOU, for the U.N. to go. Why do you only hear their call for President Preval to go and not for YOU to go? Take Clinton, the Interim Haiti Reconstruction Commission (IHRC) and the NGOs with you, please. Bon voyage, U.N. Goodbye, Clinton and 16,000 NGOs.

Haiti’s fragile indigenous people and environment, after nearly seven years of U.N. occupation, can no longer absorb all your feces. That’s a scientific fact! No pun intended.

The Nov. 28 elections in Haiti were a total fiasco, as could have been reasonably predicted by any sane person. But the level of fraud and disorganization was so outrageous, it surpassed all expectation. Some Haitians even say that given the circumstances – that is,

• a non-Haitian, South Asian cholera strain hitting Haiti;

• 1 million of the roughly 4.7 million registered voters without ID cards;

• exclusion of Haiti’s most popular political party;

• a partisan provisional electoral council handpicked by President Preval, loyal to Preval and his political party, instead of a permanent electoral council chosen by provincial governments, as required by law;

• over 1.5 million people homeless and most not knowing where their polling places are.

Given these circumstances, even without the open fraud on the day of the elections, the Haitian government and internationals who support their rule, appear to even have willfully orchestrated the disenfranchisement and disorganization through deliberate indifference to the integrity of elections in Haiti, negligence or incompetence.

By mid-day, 12 of the 19 presidential candidates had called for an outright cancellation of the elections. But the international community, including the U.S., Canada, France, OAS, U.N. and CARICOM – oh, how this CARICOM treachery cuts us! – has simply poured this dirty election water into our cups and insist we, the Haitian people, drink up these sham elections without regurgitating into the streets to demand free and fair elections. OR, they’ll ram it down our throats with their diplomatic maneuverings, joint declarations, guns, tear gas and threats of taking promises of reconstruction monies with them!

The morning after the sham elections, even before the vote counting for these foreign-imposed, non-inclusive elections had begun, Al Jazeera reports, the U.N. went to two of the more recognized presidential candidates and told each they were in the lead. Both Mirland Manigat and Michel Martelly stopped calling for the annulment of the U.N.-supported elections after that powerful, if blatantly contemptible foreign intervention. (See also “Signs of International Pressure to Accept Flawed Elections” at cepr.net.)

These foreigners’ threats, avarice and bullying upon a country knocked to its knees, in part by their anti-democratic malfeasance in 2004 and thereafter, continues to dismay normal and decent people worldwide.

Oh, what a seasonal gift it would be if the U.N. took their cholera butts out of Haiti, along with slick Willy Clinton and so-called “progressives,” like Paul Farmer!

These internationals support USAID/World Bank death plans, privatization, sweatshops for Haiti, false aid and false charity benevolence. Most have collected funds in the name of Haiti’s dying people and kept it in their coffers. Paul Farmer’s organization, for instance, Partners in Health, has only spent one third of the $86 million it raised after the earthquake disaster. Why? The Clinton and Bush Fund reportedly spent only $6 million in nearly a year out of the $60 million they’ve raised and say they will use the “emergency monies” they raised “in the future” for reconstruction that presumably they design, that they decide. All this, as the people die for lack of basic shelter, clean drinking water and sanitation!

So, Mulet, your priorities are not Haitian people’s priorities.

What, pray tell, has their false aid gotten Haiti in the long run? No water treatment or sanitation treatment plants, that’s for sure. Edmond Mulet of the U.N. says he believes in the CEP (Conseil Electoral Provisoire or Electoral Council) and President Preval. He believes they can turn these dirty elections into fair and free elections. What a hat trick that would be!

Someone tell Mulet, the people of Haiti don’t believe in such blan (white) magic! Go whitewash another country. And certainly Haiti’s people demonstrating on the streets right now have no reason to trust the current Haiti Electoral Council (CEP) and Preval’s expired government to look out for their democratic interests. Who does Preval and the CEP work for? The people of Haiti or Edmond Mulet?

No sane person really expected these sham elections to go OK. It was an exercise in futility from the beginning.

The right thing to do is to listen to the people and annul the farce, set up free, fair and inclusive elections. President Preval must finish his term in accordance with the law. But the initial 13 candidates who made the dignified stand for Haiti ought to get together and agree on some interim structure that can put forth free, fair and inclusive elections in 90 days, while also pushing forth water treatment plants to combat the cholera public health crisis.

The international community ought to support the Haitians who stood together on Nov. 28 and called for an annulment of the fraudulent elections. That’s the right thing to do.

Haitians don’t have a government in the Western sense and haven’t had one for a long time. The only ones really interested in the farce that’s called a Haiti government right now are the NGOs and international community who need a Haitian face to come to their incessant and futile meetings on Haiti.

The people of Haiti need their basic life needs met first before elections can make sense – clean water, sanitation, shelter, health care for the cholera victims, domestic production and schooling. Their basic needs for life, healing, dignity and self-determination are more important than the current U.N. presence in Haiti, than the Haiti oligarchy’s commercial interests, than the international NGO cluster meetings, than Clinton’s interests, Paul Farmer’s interests or the anti-democratic shenanigans of the Preval/Bellerive puppet government. (See, WikiLeaks cable reveals regarding Preval, “Haiti leader sought to orchestrate vote” and “Wikileaks, Cablegate and Haiti.” See also “Deconstructing Preval”; [ezilidanto] “Question to Ezili Dantò/HLLN on WikiLeaks docs on Preval and Haiti manipulations.”)

We write to let the world know Haitians did come together on Nov. 28 and said no to corruption and fraud. We write to let the world know that in that moment Haitians from different parties put their differences aside, put their personal interests aside. That moment ought to be magnified, supported and uplifted by the international community. It’s the decent, normal and right thing to do.

“If these farcical elections are not annulled, whoever wins will have no legitimacy and will depend on the U.N. and the U.S. to maintain their rule. That means the next president of Haiti will accept and legitimize the people’s brutal repression, as their rule is dependent on it.” – Ezili Dantò of HLLN


HLLN on sham elections: http://bit.ly/hFoiiF, http://bit.ly/fQeDhI, http://bit.ly/f0IeSS, http://bit.ly/eeN5dk

“Haiti Elections” on The Sunday Show on KPFA: Kris Welch interviews Ezili Dantò and Nic Rossier, Dec. 5, 2010 (55:33 minutes) – listen here:

Ezili Danto, award winning playwright, performance poet, dancer, actor and activist attorney born in Port au Prince, Haiti, founded and chairs the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network (HLLN), supporting and working cooperatively with Haitian freedom fighters and grassroots organizations promoting the civil, human and cultural rights of Haitians at home and abroad. Visit her at www.ezilidanto.com, www.margueritelaurent.com or www.open.salon.com/blog/ezili_danto.


  1. Blah Blah Blah, When will Haitians stop blaming others and start take responsability for their country. Beggars can't be choosers, If you want controll of your country then you must be able to take care of yourself and your country, stop begging the world for help every time the wind blows. The reason Haity has so many problems is simple ever hear of (crabs in a barrel) ,that is Haity biggest problem not France not the UN and not America.

    • How dare, you use propaganda to justify the abuse. Beggars, "when" have ever the Ayitian/Haitian in Ayiti/Haiti ever ask you for crap; name it! You "see" corporate news media has "projected " the Ayitian/Haitian as beggars, when it's "not" them who is doing the beggar but "NGO's" unders the disguise of Aid. Please, don't get me started with western narrotive, when it's to Ayiti/Haiti as a matter fact , any country of color that was once a colony. Ayiti/Haiti is a vicitm of Neoliberal economics, which now is the root cause of racism for Ayiti/Haiti on the world stage . You don't have a clue, so shut the F*ck up. Blah, blah, blah, that show how you, don't know diddy crap about Ayiti/Haiti. They have been , dehumanize, projected lower than all animals on the face of the earth, by the western corporate news media . I sugguest shut up cause you don't know jack, you can't relate to Ayitian/Haitian cause we the prescuted ones of the western hemisphere, I am sure our lives makes no sense to You but I don't expect it to .

  2. How destabilizing Haiti was planned and executed:
    Since the days of ex-CIA agent John Stockwell, who is quoted from a YouTube video of an old lecture he gave in '86 the monster has redefined itself and is currently active in most parts of the globe. It is more than ever comparable to the 9-headed hydra. Under the disguise of democracy promotion, it funds nonviolent democracy activists and finances regime change groups and media abroad. it also promotes free markets, free enterprise and free trade to topple foreign governments that place more emphasis on promoting the welfare of their citizens (and often their own bourgeoisie) than providing export and investment opportunities to US corporations, banks, and investors. With the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict, Washington found the way to do overtly what the CIA used to do covertly.

    Below is an excerpt from a lecture given by ex-CIA case director John Stockwell on YouTube:

    "As a result of the international pressure, of the international peace movement. At this time we switched into a more subtle phase of the ancient Monroe Doctrine., where instead of using Marines so much, with gunboat diplomacy. We …created a national guard with officers trained at our academies here in the states, and then maintained control of the country by proxy, without taking the heat for having our troops inside the country itself. It's been said that this event was the birth of neocolonialism.

    This also was the kickoff of the U.S. policy of establishing a military oligarchy. We set up schools and trained tens of thousands of military and police officers in countries all over Latin America, in Africa in some cases, in Asia. Putting them through our academies, arming them, paying their salaries afterwards. Trying to create and successfully creating a situation where we would have a fraternity of people in these countries in power, who were more loyal to the fraternity of our own military, then they were to the peasants and people of their own countries.

    Meanwhile this cat and mouse game we play… is what CIA directors more recently themselves, call destabilization. The point is to put pressure on the targeted government by ripping apart the social and economic fabric of the country… that means making the people suffer as much as you can, until the country plunges into chaos, until at some point you can step in and impose your choice of government on that country."

  3. The Haitian immigrants are willing to take jobs no one else wants. They work hard in janitorial and personal care giving roles. Many people are to proud to "scoop poop" for a living. These people are thankful for the most menial, low paying jobs. I've known several of them.

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