by Ann Garrison

On Dec. 11, I was honored to stand in for Alice Muhirwa of Rwanda’s FDU-Inkingi Party, on WBAI’s Afrobeat Radio in New York City. Afrobeat producer Wuyi Jacobs and I both worried because Alice hadn’t answered the phone, but we later learned, in a round of phone calls and e-mails, that she had twisted her ankle and a doctor had just set it in a cast, leaving her flat on her back and unable to come to the phone.

Not good, but better than being in Rwanda’s maximum security 1930 prison, where Victoire Ingabire and Bernard Ntaganda remain behind bars after attempting to run against Rwandan President Paul Kagame in Rwanda’s 2010 elections. Kagame was re-elected on Aug. 9 by a 93 percent majority – implausible in any real pluralist democracy. Here’s Afrobeat:

Afrobeat Radio on Rwanda, broadcast on WBAI, New York City, Dec. 11, 2010

Four days after this Afrobeat broadcast, on Dec. 15, a French judge filed preliminary charges against six people close to Kagame, including Rwandan Defense Minister James Kabarebe, for the 1994 assassination of Juvenal Habyarimana and Cyprien Ntaryamira, the Rwandan and Burundian presidents at the time, that triggered the Rwanda Genocide.

However, these charges and all the evidence of the Kagame regime’s crimes are nothing new.

Cynthia McKinney held Congressional hearings in 2001, producing evidence that Kagame had ordered the assassinations then joined Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni in invading and plundering the natural resource wealth of D.R. Congo, costing millions of lives. There have been more damning hearings since, including those held by Orange County Republican Congressman Ed Royce, who concluded that “the State Department didn’t want to hear any of this though, as Kagame sat on their pedestal, and largely still does.”

In 2006, Obama shepherded Senate Bill 2125, the Obama Congo Relief, Security, and Democracy Promotion Act, into law. It stated:

“(6) Despite the conclusion of a peace agreement and subsequent withdrawal of foreign forces in 2003, both the real and perceived presence of armed groups hostile to the Governments of Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi continue to serve as a major source of regional instability and an apparent pretext for continued interference in the Democratic Republic of the Congo by its neighbors [Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi].”

How many of Obama’s ardent 2008 supporters know the only Senate bill that will ever bear his name alone?

The Spanish Audiencia Nacional indicted Kagame’s top officers for genocide. There have been many U.N. and other human rights reports documenting the Kagame regime’s atrocities and minerals plunder in the Democratic Republic of Congo. And, on Oct. 1, the U.N. Mapping Report documented Rwanda’s war crimes, crimes against humanity and civilian massacres in Congo, crimes that an international criminal court would be expected to try as genocide. How much more will it take?

When will Obama revisit his own 2006 Senate Bill, and take heed of the Oct. 1 U.N. report? And now, when will Obama take heed of the new French charges? How much longer will the U.S. back the regime sued on two continents, in three countries: France, Spain and the U.S.? How long will the U.S. back the president that Professor Ed Herman, co-author with David Peterson of “The Politics of Genocide,” and, with Noam Chomsky of “Manufacturing Consent,” calls “the worst killer on the planet”?

KPFA News report broadcast Dec. 24 on Victoire Ingabire and Bernard Ntaganda spending Christmas behind bars

San Francisco writer Ann Garrison writes for the San Francisco Bay View, Global Research, Colored Opinions, Black Star News, the Newsline EA (East Africa) and her own blog, Ann Garrison, and produces for AfrobeatRadio on WBAI-NYC, Weekend News on KPFA and her own YouTube Channel, AnnieGetYourGang. She can be reached at


  1. I am ashamed to be a hutu. when we have peace in our our country foreign forces start ranting under the guise of journalism. Is Ann Garrison an agent of peace or otherwise?..Is she dating or perhaps married to a hutu extremist who don't want fellow tutsis to exist? Is she working for the french who lost too much of influence in Rwanda?….I don't get this! I am sorry not all hutus think the same way Garrison thinks. Most of us see all this as propaganda nothing less.

    • Mr Manzi, speak for your self, and not in the name of most of hutus, lucky you for being a "moderated hutu", i guess you are well being paid for speaking out this way.

    • Stupide MANZI, who asked you to talk on the name of Hutu? You both, I mean RPF, Kagame and you, you're liars and enough is enough you should stop it. It has been 17 years you lie to Rwandans, you lie to the world what do you think ? Time is coming for the trut and you should step it up.

  2. garrison please sort out the problems in your country first before you bother ours with your meddlesome and frankly irritable "journalistic" drible and all other verbal incontinence.

    • Ann Gerrison is a hero to millions of voiceless in Rwanda and victims in DRC. Leave her alone. Ann keep up your good work do not worry of these extermists who are scared of facing justice.

      • That's so nice, Muha. Hahaha! First time anyone ever called me a hero was after I started reporting on the Rwandan situation. I figure it's the least I can do since my own government arms and trains the RPF and provides logistical, intelligence, diplomatic, and budget support, as it has for a long time.

        • Yes you are A BRAVE woman that I have ever seen ,despite millions of Americans and British people who know how Bill Clinton,Tony Blair Museveni and paul kagame are the exact responsible of our agony in Rwanda and keep silent from 1990-2014,Most of Rwandan people know that the US and British are using their hunting dogs Museveni and Kagame to steal for them in our region through confusing wars and mass murders, so Madam I qualify you SUPERWOMAN really THX for fighting for truth and Justice

    • Ann Gerrison is a hero to millions of voiceless in Rwanda and victims in DRC. Leave her alone. Ann keep up your good work do not worry of these extermists who are scared of facing justice.

    • Kisangani: I could call all your own words verbal incontinence. I could call them toxic waste, vomit, or manure. But neither that, nor what you've said about my words, would make it untrue, or unimportant, that French and Spanish courts have accused the Kagame regime of mass atrocities, or that sixteen years of UN reports, including, most the 10.01.2010 UN Mapping Report on Human Rights Abuses in the Democratic Republic of Congo, 1993-2003, does so as well, or that repeated U.S. Congressional hearings have done the same, to no effect, as Republican Congressman Ed Royce reports.

  3. @Manzi,
    You are not a Hutus nor your like them because if you would you could feel their pain and appricaiate a person like Ann Garrison who is raising awareness to end the Tutsis oppression and Slavery against their fellow Rwandan. If the world had many Gerrisons the world would be a better place. I am a Tutsi but I feel sorry for what our regime is doing to our fellow countrymen from Hutus ethnic.

  4. I keep wondering why Ann Garrison can not use her energy in some constructive activities for herself. We Rwandans are VERY HAPPY with what we've achieved and above all, we are proud of our leadership! Who are you Ann Garrison to demand otherwise? Am sure its out of greed–you are visiting office by office soliciting for funds in the name of fighting for human rights in Rwanda and yet the biggest chunk ends up in your pockets. But how long can one live on lies for survival? Am outraged by your hatred for Kigali administration! But no amount of abuses, criticism, ill-intentions, conspiracies can shake this leadership!

    • Hahahahahahahaha. . . can't tell you how loudly anyone who knows me would laugh, or groan, at the idea that any "offices" are opening their doors to me or funding my work. "Offices"? Is that supposed to mean officialdom? My government officialdom, funds the Kagame regime, and arms and trains its soldiers, as it did him, and, as it does its other "allies," a.k.a., puppets and proxies.

      "Africa is now one of the [defense contracting] industry's most promising growth markets. American companies are currently bidding on U.S. and U.N. contracts that will be worth at least $1.2 billion over the next five years, and they see even more work providing security for oil companies, mining outfits, and other Western corporations operating in Africa." Bloomberg, 10.23.08,

    • Proud of what? ,you are not the only Rwandan who know to write, Paul Kagame killed Habyarimana igniting genocide,so he is terrible wanted terrorist,he killed millions of people in Rwanda and DR Congo,several reports are there,but we all know his masters protect him from going to tribunal,and making all kinds of advertisement,funding him to kill whoever know the truth,because these masters keep him to serve them in mineral robbery in DR Congo ,now for Kagame to rule a divide country is the only option favoring tutsis and oppressing hutus ,using some other hutus bring false testimonies and lies is his religion and his disciples,so mahene tell me if you can keep successful business in Rwanda without converting to this religion? if you can protest for anything going wrong if you are not protesting French? tell me if you can say that the former government was fighting UGANDA ,US and UK who were expanding commonwealth?

  5. Shame to Manzi. Is Manzi an extremist" Tutsi" who never read the Mapping Report or is him just someone who are affraid to hear or to read the truth? I heard that Tutsi or Hutu does not exist not more in Rwanda. Just they still lives in the Manzi´s mind? Our problem are a really which has to be talken in all context.
    Vive Ann vive the job you are doing to make truth know

  6. While you keep repeating yourself with such articles it tends to be boring and waste of tax payers money to spread wrong opinions. Just the same article ont this link….

    Ma point is Rwanda is a Country for Rwandan Citzen ready to walk the talk and so people will always talk ,write inconsistent articles cover them with a nice picture like US Commander Kip meeting the Rwandan General. There are 2 different stories

    • Words like "boring" and "wrong" do not persuade; they are simply adjectives. I can use them too. You are boring and wrong. Does that persuade or prove anything?

      And, I am wasting tax payers money? That's choice. There is no tax payers' money coming to me or to the SF Bay View. I think you are confusing the SF Bay View with Rwanda's "The New Times, Government Supporting Daily," and confusing me with its scribes Edmund Kagire, Edwin Musoni, or perhaps Sunny Ntayomba.

      As to this article also appearing on AfrobeatRadio, a weekly radio show on WBAI-New York CIty:

      Have you failed to notice that most all newspapers and newspaper websites in the U.S.A. are the same now, that they are all running the Associated Press wire stories on most international stories? The SF Bay View has earned a high Google page rank in part because it consistently publishes unique content, every day. My reporting and analysis occasionally appears on two or three outlets and may be posted to other sites and Yahoo lists.

  7. Ann,
    You are doing a great job! To the Obama administation, change is not just specific to the US. Africa needs change too and desperately. IT'S TIME TO CHANGE THE AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICY ON AFRICA!


  8. @Ann, the French indictments are coming to end soon.Just watch the triumph of the Rwandans boys walk free of the French rubbish acusations.Ann when will you ever realise that you are fighting a loosing battle? o i forgot that you have no capacity to realise that,because you are a sociopath or you fuck FDRLs.

  9. Ann , are you a hutu extremist or just a sympatiser. How long will it take you to learn that the international community does not care about all the lies about Kagame and his government? Even the French government which was hostile to President Kagame has come to the conclusion that President Kagame is not that bad. All his actions are taken for the interest of Rwanda. Ann , please don't waste your time giving hope to pro- interahamwe such as Victoire Ingabire and Rusesabagina that they will ever rule Rwanda.

  10. Claudine, Manzi, Sagakiga , Mahene and other Kagame's lies lovers,
    You are thinking that the indictments of your notarious criminals are coming to an end soon but you are dead wrong. Those who are indicted by France are indicted by the Spain as well. If Nicolas Sarkozy uses his influence to surpresse the Justice the Spain will not. Do not forget the DRC Mapping report and God's indictments as well. Kagame and his allies will reach their end and none of you will stop it/

  11. Ann Garrison,

    Thank you very much for your wonderful job of telling the truth about my country Rwanda and the whole region of Great Lakes. You are really a hero and I mean it. We need more people like you who stand for the truth, justice , peace and unity among all peoples.Each time I read your articles I thank God for your compassionate heart towards the oppressed people without voice to speak up for their rights.You make a difference in many lives. Keep up your good job Ann,your dedication will be remembered by future generations. Happy New Year 2011 !!

  12. Ann Garrison, oh please, you've got not "reporting and analysis". You just advanced an opinion rather than reporting facts. It's your right to express your opinion, but you got no right to your own facts. You're not different than FOX news' sean hannity, glen beck, bill o'reilly, or the vitriolic rush limbaugh. Now matter what the obama administration does, these 4 ideologues still find something to criticize obama because they have their own facts. That's basically "you". No matter what Kagame's Rwanda does, you'll always criticize. But know this, even more influential people than you have tried what you're doing in the past and never succeeded. I understand the root your bias and frustration, and it is none other than the fact that Kagame whooped the asses of people who think like you in 1994, he did it militarily and is now doing it administratively using books, pens, and good leadership which continues to steer Rwanda towards prosperity. Look at all social indicators, Rwanda scores continues to shine despite your venom. A LUTA CONTINAU.

  13. Ann, i guess SAGAKIGA is right. I've never read someone as BORING & repetitive as you are. It's almost a done deal when someone comes across your articles because the content is already known. I no longer need to read your articles cauz' it ain't worth my time, only the titles of your articles/venom about Rwanda say it all and demonstrate the following: 1) your hatred of Rwanda under the elected Kagame administration, 2) your misplaced opinion taking precedence over facts, 3) you being just a stupid "niggress" who copies & pastes the neo-colonialist's ideas to perpetuate the old European/French imperialism. To prove how idiotic you are, you keep referring to Kagame as a criminal and to back up your point you incessantly mention the "flawed" UN mapping report, but you either forget or ignore that "one is innocent until proven guilty". So far, no court has found Kagame guilty of things alleged in the UN mapping report, even the French have just recently cancelled their arrest warrants, the spanish warrants will just be as useless as your vitriol is. So, let me remind of something very important: being accused of something does not necessary mean that you are guilty of the accusations. Always remember that, you Moron.

  14. "Being accused of something does not necessary mean that you are guilty of the accusations." You idiot Morgan Matsiko,why are you keeping INGABIRE Victoire in jail if you are serious with what you say ?INGABIRE Vistoire is not a murder like your president Kagame. She has no bloody hands and you put her into prison. Your extremism leads you to praise a criminal because you share with him the same hatred and criminality.

  15. Annie…

    Did you mention Edmund Kagire up there again…?Lol…I cant imagine you still have issues with me after all this long.I haven't engaged you in a very long time and I wont be doing so very soon for reasons known to me.

    Cheers Ann,fight on

  16. Kagame also has some charges to answer to in Oklahoma. Ever since that visit, he canceled all other trips. How sweet it was to see him run out of a place like he has done to so many in the region. He was so affraid to face the justice he has denied millions whom he killed without trials. Fortunately, people like Ann talk about it and the recent UN Mapping exercise report was further proof that ANN GARRISON HAS IT RIGHT. I am sure Ann is laughing really hard at the Kagame supporters clinging to hope that Africa's Hitler will not face justice. Paul Hitler Kagame's days are numbered and his world is shrinking.

  17. Rwandan war is over. It 's time for milk and honey. Whoever wants to enjoy, welcome otherwise repent the kingdom of God is nearing.

    • Yes milk and honey for you and Paul Kagame maybe you confuse the blood of millions Rwandans and Congolese killed in Kagame’s name to your milk and honey?! today’s dictator and his RPF are accumulating and controlling all economies and forcing ordinary people to cultivate maize for their industries,crushing opposition, and kidnapping people to be tortured in some places you may know is this for u milk and honey ?!

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