Pelican Bay SHU prisoners plan to resume hunger strike Sept. 26


by Mutope Duguma (s/n James Crawford)

We had our last and final meeting with Undersecretary Scott Kernan on Aug. 18, 2011. Sitawa and the rest of the negotiators were very disappointed with the outcome because the undersecretary’s horns came out for real!

All the same, we are going forward with our indefinite hunger strike, which will start on Sept. 26, 2011. We know they probably have manipulated some new attempt to deal with us, but what they fail to realize is that we were never playing. If these people think we are going to remain under this tortuous treatment, then they will get the body count that they seek or a bunch of hospitals filled up throughout the state.

This is the only way to expose to the world how racist prison guards and officials have utilized policy in order to torture us. And we have the material to expose them because many of us suffer from serious medical conditions or a lack of medical treatment, which we inherited right here in SHU.

We are being deprived of every basic human necessity in order to continue our suffering. For example, I suffer from “trigeminal neuralgia” – a nerve disease* that hit me for the first time in January – and if you know anything about this disease, you will know it’s the worse pain ever known to mankind.

If these people think we are going to remain under this tortuous treatment, then they will get the body count that they seek or a bunch of hospitals filled up throughout the state.

I question how I even got this disease, because I’ve always been healthy and taken care of myself – but this quack doctor left me with an ear infection for eight months; then this happened. Do you know what these clowns gave me for treatment? Tylenol!

So, CDCR’s dehumanizing labeling, where they say we are gangs or gang leaders, is only to dehumanize us to the world in order to treat us how they see fit.

CDCR’s dehumanizing labeling, where they say we are gangs or gang leaders, is only to dehumanize us to the world in order to treat us how they see fit.

They did this with the Natives when they called them “savages,” they did it with our ancestors when they kidnapped them from the continent saying they were three fifths human being, two fifths monkey/ape etc. – which justified enslaving them/us for over 400 years and counting.

They did this to poor whites who were indentured servants; so we must realize that nothing has changed, only the process. So, I appreciate the time and love you all have given to us and you can believe that we will not yield until justice is achieved. We went into this trying to save lives, if possible, but we see now that there will have to be casualties on our side and we all know that power concedes to no one without demands.

We see now that there will have to be casualties on our side and we all know that power concedes to no one without demands.

So, I say we respect and love you all and, again, thank you all. And trust me when I tell you, we are dealing with criminals who run and oversee these prisons. They do not give a hoot about law and order.

This letter was received by the Bay View on Sept. 1. Send our brother some love and light: James Crawford, D-05996, D1-117U, PBSP-SHU, P.O. Box 7500, Crescent City CA 95532. He is the writer of “The Call,” the formal announcement that alerted the world to this massive hunger strike, in which 6,600 prisoners participated, according to CDCR’s own records. As the strike was about to begin, he wrote “SHU prisoners sentenced to civil death begin hunger strike,” explaining the reasons for the strike. Most recently, he wrote “This hunger strike is far from over” to say that he and his comrades would most likely have to resume the strike.

* According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, trigeminal neuralgia is a nerve disorder that causes a stabbing or electric-shock-like pain in parts of the face.



  1. … we see again… the power and duplicity of state power under the guise of Re/Debilitation… and once again we " the free" must stand up for the imprisoned underclass which has the lethal stae expedient of death aimed at its throat as an institutional armamenet opf repression bato

  2. Firstly, I don't believe anyone should be treated to anything less than the medical care that leaves them in the best condition possible.

    Secondly, I came to read this through a google alert for the condition Trigeminal Neuralgia. I, myself, was diagnosed with it in March. Most people believe there is nothing worse than agony, those with TN know and have experienced what comes after agony. I can tell you that if they are treating Mr. Crawford with Tylenol they are being derelict in their duty of care!

    TN is one of those conditions they don't know exactly how it comes about (the youngest case I have heard about is 15 months old). It does not, and will not EVER be treated by Tylenol. It's a bit like a band aid on an amputation – not going to cut it. The best drugs are actually non addictive, and are epilepsy drugs – frontline treatment is Tegretol or Carbamazepine. Opiates and opiods rarely work, which rules out pretty much all painkillers I am afraid to say.

    Personally I only commented because I feel all human beings, irrespective of their past, should have a basic good level of care – and from this article, it seems like James Crawford is getting a raw deal. I wish him luck in changing the way he is treated, whilst in incarceration – and for the rest of his future.

  3. Dealing with criminals? Are you kidding? I notice you're very careful not to state the reason you're in there. What kind of treatment do you feel you deserve, exactly? Should it be more or less than what you dealt your victim/victims? As the mother of a 19 year old daughter who was murdered, shot to death along with her fiance, I could not care less what happens to hard core CRIMINALS. You should have thought of this before you committed your crimes, not after. Enjoy your hunger strike.

  4. Dana first, I’m sorry you have had to endure the loss of your daughter. That is something no mother should have to endure. However, a human is a human. These men have families, wives and children of their own. The reason Mutope is in the SHU is because the CDCR validated him as a “gang member”. Many of those in the SHU are there for being validated as gang members. This can happen based on a confidential witness, meaning the prisoner is not able to defend theirselves. None of us are the worst thing we’ve ever done. This is still the US and torture is toture. Its wrong.

  5. Under what conviction has Duguma been imprisoned? Is he incarcerated for a violent crime, or because of his political/social views?

  6. To Dana: As heart wrenching as your loss is and most probably will always be, you sound as though you are a person who would not believe in the criminality of local, state, national, and internationally repressive governments and legislatures that murder people by the ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, and millions – with impunity – relentlessly and without a shred of compassion, to fuel nothing but themselves. You would not care to do the research that would show you that those who wrote and signed the constitution of the u.s. were old, rich, white, male, racist, enslavers and murderers and believers and implementors of torture – in the sole interest of their own profits and their white supremacist views. Yet these are not the people who are locked up. These are the people whom you would smile at every single day of your life – in all probability – and praise their great deeds against us so-called savages…when it has always been the genius of peoples of color – Africans in particular, as the original people on the planet – that has been instrumental in keeping most everyone else alive. This is not chauvinism of which I speak: this is fact. Peoples of color built this country, fought for it, died for it – and it has killed us in one genocidal form or another for hundreds of years. No one will ever ask you, Dana – well what were your daughter and her fiancee into that would make them targets for any kind of shooting? No one will ever disbelieve your anguish and suffering. And I'll just bet money that neither your daughter nor her fiancee were ignored by ambulances, doctors, hospitals; nor brutalized and called racist epithets as they lay dying; nor were they surrounded by the jack boots that shot them, armed to the teeth like sharks and preventing help from getting to them that could have saved them.

    No parent wants to bury their child or children. No mate wants to bury her spouse. No family wants to lose their Loved Ones to heinous crime. But when this happens – and the state is the criminal – u should be big up enough to grasp that. Because the state's crimes began the moment the first Indigenous Peoples of Color ANYWHERE were slaughtered, abused, deprived, enslaved, tortured; our lands overrun with criminals who cared nothing for our cultures and civilizations; by monsters who insisted that they brought 'light' and 'civilization' to us…

    But Dana – there is NOTHING civilized about usurpers and murderers; torturers, and stealers of culture and lands. They didn't come in peace. They don't remain in peace. They do not now or do they ever intend peace. They come to take, to make war, to kill – at any cost.

    It's really odd, Dana: you advocate 'an eye for an eye' because you've lost Loved Ones. What say you should we peoples of color advocate for our lost billions? Should we deal you and most probably some of your ancestors 'more or less what you and yours have dealt your victim/victims?' Good to know u couldn't care less about hard core criminals… maybe you'll see to it that the bushes, cheneys, kissingers, rockefellers, duponts, morgans, king leopolds, klansmen-women, noriegas, duvaliers, and others of their ilk- and of their creation – will get their just desserts for all of those they've killed.

    Or maybe someone should just give you some Tylenol to soothe your pain at the loss of your Loved Ones.

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