Coleman Medical Center adds more services

In 1960, the late Dr. Arthur H. Coleman founded a two-story multi-specialty medical center located at the corner of Third Street and Ingerson Avenue in the Bayview district of San Francisco. This building, which is commonly referred to as the Arthur H. Coleman Medical Center, has been a cornerstone for medical services in the community for over a half century. In the tradition of Dr. Coleman and those other professionals who worked so hard to bring quality services to the Bayview, the center continues on with a new group of health care providers who are carrying the torch.

Dr. Coleman’s daughter, Pat, who serves as the executive director of the center, is dedicated to recruiting health providers to serve the community. She recently took the opportunity to introduce two outstanding doctors, Dr. Catherine Sanders and Dr. Ronald D. Mitchell, who are the latest additions to the medical center’s staff.

Dr. Sanders specializes in internal medicine and completed a three-year fellowship in hematology and oncology. She has quickly become quite popular among the patients because of her reassuring manner and her knack for really listening. Quite a few of her patients suffer from hypertension, diabetes and heart disease and she works with them to help manage their illnesses and keep them under control.

She believes providing primary care at the clinic will allow her to contribute to the reduction of health disparities within the community. Appointments can be made with Dr. Sanders by calling (415) 467-1400. She looks forward to meeting new patients.

Dr. Ronald D. Mitchell has maintained an active and successful chiropractic practice in the Pacifica and Daly City area since 1992. He has also had the distinction of serving as the team chiropractor for the San Francisco Giants, and some of his star patients include Danny Glover, Barry Bonds, Willie Mays and Willie McCovey. He’s excited about bringing this top notch service to the Bayview.

Dr. Mitchell has provided proven relief for neck and low back pain, headaches, sciatica, and other muscle and joint related problems. He also treats those injured in automobile accidents or with work related injuries. In March he will begin offering CPR – initial and recertification – training as well as Department of Transportation (DOT) commercial driver examinations at the center. Please call for further details. He can be reached at (415) 467-5150.

According to Dr. Coleman’s daughter, a lot of services are available at the clinic that many are not aware of, including diabetes education classes, weight management classes, fitness classes led by certified personal trainers and even walking groups. She encourages folks to call (415) 467-1400 to sign up for these free classes.

Diabetes education classes, weight management classes, fitness classes led by certified personal trainers and even walking groups are offered at Coleman Medical Center. Call (415) 467-1400 to sign up for these free classes.

“We’re here to serve in the same spirit that many remember my father providing for over 52 years,” she said. It’s not about a health moment just while patients are at the clinic; it’s about creating a health movement to improve the overall wellness of the community.”