Standing on righteousness

by Jamal Ortiz, aka Brotha Jamah

Pelican-Bay-SHU-guards-search-cell-for-binder-clip-weapon-2006-by-Laura-Sullivan-NPR, Standing on righteousness, Abolition Now! Thank you for the continuous Bay View newspapers. The strength, courage and determination displayed by the prisoners who report from behind enemy lines and our outside support is a motivating factor in us keeping the line moving.

I’m still being held at Pelican Bay Ad Seg A1 Unit. Within the last 60 days, I’ve been through some fire with these racist pigs. I was pepper-sprayed for refusing to comply with a cell search that did not comply with cell searching procedures because I felt I was and am right. I stood firm on my position and attempted to take this officer’s can of pepper spray. I was charged with battery on a peace officer.

My cell and another brotha’s cell out of Oakland had been searched five times that week. Sheets, books, newspapers and other items were taken. I was left in the cell with no underwear, no T-shirt or socks. I had to tear open the mattress and sleep between the cotton to keep warm – naked! As the searches continued, the mattress was taken and I was given two blankets and a sheet.

Myself and the brotha from Oakland have been separated. I was moved from A1-118 to A1-131. He is double R from Oakland, s/n T. Wolfe, F-11442, in A1-117.

I am now in the presence of another strong comrade from San Francisco, Fillmore. He is Oba Lee Frelimo, J-25506, A1-126. He also subscribes to the Bay View newspaper.

I was unable to write the Bay View for some time due to all of my property and two phone books being taken from me until I recently received a Bay View newspaper. I was not able to write my mother for over a month until I got three letters from her two days ago and I still cannot write my father in San Leandro until he writes me.

I’ve filed a habeas corpus requesting a restraining order and to be re-housed away from specified officers. Nevertheless, I am firm in my position that I will no longer comply with orders that are outside of CDC Section R policies and procedures. I’d prefer to die a man standing on righteousness than to live as a weak coward bowing and being comfortable in oppression.

I’d prefer to die a man standing on righteousness than to live as a weak coward bowing and being comfortable in oppression.

Please don’t assume because you don’t hear from me that I’m not being prevented from writing. It means a lot to me that you continue to send the Bay View newspaper. Some just read it, but when you are at war with alligators up to your neck, realizing there’s no turning back, it becomes a tool and it’s all about how you use and apply it.

I’m asking the Bay View newspaper to please print this open letter so that California Prison Focus, MIM Distributors, Rising Son Press, Anti-Racist Action and the Black Riders Liberation Party will know why they have not heard from me – also Shaka of the Black August Organizing Committee and Brotha Secretary Yawo at the Oakland Uhuru House. I have no addresses, so at this point I cannot contact them unless they contact me.

Thank you again for continuing to send the Bay View newspaper.

In pure bullet-proof Black-on-Black love and unity.

Send our brother some love and light: Brotha Jamah D. Ortiz, K-94544, A1-131, PBSP, P.O. Box 7500, Crescent City, CA 95531.