UK rethinking budget support to Kagame’s Rwanda


by Ann Garrison

KPFA Evening News for Oct. 27, 2012

KPFA Evening News Anchor Cameron Jones: The International Development Committee of the British Parliament’s House of Commons has announced that it will examine the controversial decision to disburse budget support to the government of Rwanda after first withholding it in response to U.N. investigators’ reports that Rwanda is behind the M23 militia fighting and seizing territory in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. KPFA’s Ann Garrison has the story.

KPFA/Ann Garrison: Outgoing British Department of International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell made the decision to restore 16 million pounds in unrestricted budget support to the government of Rwanda. But the London Guardian reported that the decision actually came from 10 Downing Street, meaning from Prime Minister David Cameron himself.

Budget support, a term more readily understood in Europe than in the U.S., means unrestricted foreign aid that takes the place of tax revenue the government does not have. The U.N. Report of the Panel of Experts on the Illegal Exploitation of Natural Resources and Other Forms of Wealth of the Democratic Republic of the Congo asked whether such aid was not being used to finance Rwanda and Uganda’s war in Congo.

Defenders of budget support to Rwanda say that the U.K. is obliged to help poor Rwandans, but many Congolese and Rwandan activists say that the billions of dollars, pounds and Euros that Rwanda has received since the 1994 Rwanda Genocide have strengthened a repressive regime, corrupted the elite of Rwandan President Paul Kagame’s party, and enabled Rwanda’s war and resource plunder in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Ambrose Nzeyimana, a Rwandan exile, activist and journalist, who writes about this on his blog, “The Rising Continent,” spoke to KPFA today from London.

Ambrose Nzeyimana: Effectively, the Rwandan government has received a lot of money after the Rwandan Genocide, and the Rwandan people need international support. But what has happened with all that support? The Rwandan Patriotic Front regime – which has been ruling the country since then – they used that money to oppress the population, restrict every sort of human rights that you can imagine. The country has been really like a prison. That’s why you see all political leaders in prison: Victoire Ingabire of FDU, Bernard Ntaganda of PS-Imberakuri and Deo Mushayidi.

All that has been happening because the regime has received full support financially, even political support. But all those who are praising the regime, they forget that at the same time Paul Kagame has been involved in Congo, since 1996, when, in partnership with Uganda and Burundi, they invaded the Congo. And since then Rwanda has created militia groups, many in the eastern part of Congo, and there they have used those groups to plunder mineral resources – in fact to steal the wealth of Congo for their own benefit.

KPFA: And that was Ambrose Nzeyimana, Rwandan exile and blogger in London, who will be submitting evidence in argument against British aid to Rwanda at the British Parliament’s International Development Committee.

For more on Rwanda’s war in Congo and on Rwanda’s Western backers, see the San Francisco Bay View,

For Pacifica, KPFA and AfrobeatRadio, I’m Ann Garrison.


The deadline for submitting evidence in support of the argument against U.K. budget support to Rwanda is Nov. 1. The instructions for submitting evidence are at this link: New inquiry: UK Aid to Rwanda. The committee has not said when it will complete its review and respond. Nor have they indicated how much authority their conclusion or recommendation will have.

The United States is also a major donor to Rwanda, not only of budget support, but also of weapons, military training, military facilities, and military intelligence and logistics, but it has withdrawn no more than a nominal $200,000 in aid to a Rwandan military academy and is not known to be considering further cuts in any sort of aid to the current Rwandan regime.

Rwandan “peacekeepers” on the African continent and in Haiti serve in accordance with NATO foreign policy objectives.

San Francisco writer Ann Garrison writes for the San Francisco Bay View, Global Research, Colored Opinions, Black Star News, the Newsline EA (East Africa) and her own website, Ann Garrison, and produces for AfrobeatRadio on WBAI-NYC, Weekend News on KPFA and her own YouTube Channel, AnnieGetYourGang. She can be reached at If you want to see Ann Garrison’s independent reporting continue, please contribute on her website at



  1. Mr, Why are you saying bulshit why are you saying that Rwandan Regime let by Rwandan Patriot front receive to much money and oppress his people. Why are you liying to people who never been in Rwanda??? You are not a patriote you want to destroy you country and you brother and sister!!!! because two or three people are not accountable and you say that people in rwanda are oppress!! come on why are you a bad player. we all know that rwanda have achieve what we wouldn't expect Now those how help us to grow to come up poverty are now want us to come back down by dividing people in the great lakes. Could you please tel me what is the agenda behind? I know the agenda. "is more blood!!! come on wake up and stop telling bulshit don't be a part of this agenda

  2. Ann Garrison has made it a preoccupation to be a channel of all negative stories against the GoR. Its not clear what motivates her but whatever it is, she really shows extreme hatred for President Kagame and his government. None the less, rwanda under Kagame is on the move and not even Ann Garrison and her group will stop the postive change taking place in Rwanda.

  3. @s8positif and Michael: I reported this news about the UK Parliament reconsidering budget support to Rwanda. I am not the UK Parliament and I did not call for the submission of evidence or schedule any hearings on the matter. I did not undertake the UN investigations into Rwanda and Uganda's backing of the M23 militia or Rwandan Defense Minister James Kabarebe's command.

  4. i think some of people should be taken for medical check-up,rwandan are happy for progress made by their government,now someone from no where,talking nonsense stories???

  5. Ann Garrison, it well known that you hate paul kagame and specially tutsi people,nothing will happened to them be sure. you may be a channel of FDLR but the end you will be confused.

  6. @Ann Garrison what is clear is that working to destibilize Rwanda will not gona be so easy for you. I see that you choose to be on the dark side. you will have to deal first with all the goods result GoR have achieve. for exemple you can not ignore how women's lives have been improved. so please tell me how Mr Kagame can be Dictator and so bad as you say when we spoke about Women life in Rwanda? Please don't make confusion in head of West people. they are the one how help our people in Africa by paying they taxes. Yet Rwanda is the best in using the aid receive from You…. so please tell the throuth!!! is the meaning of Democracy have been change ??

  7. I don't understand why rwandans refuse to see the truth, you forget that Kagame was supported by Uk to take power in rwanda and now they discover the real face of kagame and his tutsi, you dislike uk. Please open your eyes, Kagame did nothing in rwanda, only worship for the 15% tutsi in rwanda. but don't worry, he or his sons will pay all he did to rwandans. we will never forget, even 300 years as tutsi leaded before.

  8. s8positif For you to say that RPF does not oppress Rwandans I can understand that you are not at the receiving end of that oppression. This is what Frank Fanon says about the truth when someone is not used to it: "…they deny anything that does not fit in with the[ir] core belief."…. On the question of patriotism, were people like Mandela, Gandhi or Martin Luther King patriotic from the perspective of those who were in power? I don't think so. Unless you prove me that these legendary people were wrong in what they did. Has Rwanda achieved some progress since 94, yes if you look at Kigali, not much elsewhere. But whose progress is it? Isn't it only for a small group of RPF inner circle? I hope you've read the recent article in The Financial Times showing that almost anything significant related to money in Rwanda belonged to RPF. And who is RPF if not Paul Kagame and his close allies? You asked for the agenda. Our country has suffered enough. We don't want any more bloodshed. But at the same time, we cannot accept that RPF continues making the majority suffers even further as if it has a licence to do so because the country has gone through what it experienced in its recent past.

  9. Michael. Nobody wants to stop the positive things that Rwanda has been doing. Unless you presume that this can only continue if also the bad policies which have been going on are maintained. But you forget that those wrong policies are affecting millions of people [Rwandans and Congolese particularly]. And because RPF has the means to impose itself to them, it denies any wrong doing in their persistent suffering. That's what more and more people among Rwandans, Congolese, and other people beyond who are keen on the respect of human rights, are only raising awareness about.

  10. @Ann Garrison. From s8positif and Michael perspectives, though you are a journalist, there are things that you are not allowed to talk about because they don't portray Rwanda the way they want it to be seen by your listeners or readers.

  11. @safari. How many FDLR are today in RPF ranks starting from General Paul Rwarakabije? I think another vocabulary should be found in place of 'hate' here. Ann Garrison is a journalist. She is reporting on a topic of interest for her profession. Unless you don't want her to exercise her right of reporting.

  12. s8positif. Talking of empowering women by having the highest number of parliamentarian women in the world, is it what you call progress when this sham policy is only there for propaganda and everyone knows well that these women don't have any political power under RPF system? Mr Kagame is for example a dictator towards these women Rwandan parliamentarians because he pays them, and get them to do what he wants when he needs them to stamp something as policy. About western taxpayers' money which has been pumped in Rwanda since 1994, if the senders have known what it has been really used for, they would've stopped long ago.

  13. Therisingcontinet@ the fact that Rwanda leaded by RPF has accepted General Paul Rwarakabije,this is a good news in which you as rwandese you should be happy ,this show how much RPF want to build a peaceful country, the issue with Ann Garrison, it is her alliance with HUTU extremists responsible of genocide of 1994, Ann Garrison she share ideas with these extremists and they work together in propagating false news.

  14. Ambroise NZEYIMNA called therisingcontinent, it is good for you to work for your country and not support of defend people like Ann Garrison who want to destroy your country in propagating news like Georges de la Radio milles collines.

  15. Charism, your problem is KAGAME or TUTSI? Rwanda is not lead by tutsi, Rwanda is lead by all rwandese..when you say , we will never forget even 300 years as tutsi led before,what are you insinuated .. this is a pure hate speech , a language similar to people responsible of genocide against tutsi…

  16. @Safari. I think we differ on what you call our Rwanda. I work for my country defending the lives of millions of Rwandans that Paul Kagame is leaving out, not having access to health care because they cannot afford the medical assurance, those who are being dispossessed, or are being forced to farm one culture and end up starving though they have farmed, those who are being imprisoned and held in prisons for years without charge, those who finish their time in prison are not released, those who don't get bursaries because they are not seen as orphans of genocide, those who don't get employment because they are from the wrong tribe. These are the Rwanda I am working for. Unless these are not part of your country though they are all Rwandans.

  17. My Problem is Kagame and his akazu of tutsi from Uganda, I have not bad idea, I want people to be together as it was before, but I can't accept to be forced to remember only tutsi who died in 2004 genocide, while I have thousand of perents killed by kagame and his army. again, his oppresion against rwandese will never remain unpunished, and I can tell you, I think the problem between tutsi and hutu is getting worse because of him.

  18. @Safari, you must be one of the guys who think that Kagame is good, You have to go for psychological check up. First of all, if Kagame is working with Rwarakabije, who worked with FDLR for long time, it means that he recognizes FDLR as a group of rwandese who have rights, so why he accuses Ingabire to be behind FDLR?

  19. The first hearing will be webcast live tomorrow the 8th. The committee will question former Secretary of State for International Development Andrew Mitchell as to why he unfroze 16 million pounds of budget support to Rwanda, despite the latest UN Reports that it is backing the m23 militia in DR Congo.

    HoC International Development Committee – Thatcher Room
    UK aid to Rwanda
    Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell MP, former Secretary of State for International Development
    To be webcast at this link:

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