Life expectancy of prisoners

by Carl S. Harrison

Have you ever heard of a prisoner with life insurance or health care? No. This is because every prison sentence could very well end up in death to the inmate.

Aging-prisoner-by-The-Atlantic, Life expectancy of prisoners, Abolition Now! We are not expected to survive prison. We have no health care insurance plan, and because we do not pay our doctors and caregivers, they have no motivation to give us reasonable care and respect.

In short, we must accept anything that they dish out with a smile. One out of every 100,000 malpractice claims against prison caregivers succeed, while over half of the MD practice claims filed in society succeed.

This tells you how we are looked at by the courts. If a prisoner lives to be 60 years old, it’s a miracle. The state prison has a policy of killing off prisoners who start breaking down, costing them too much money.

There are so many ways to pull our plugs that California prisons are no better than Nazi death camps for older prisoners. Placing a prisoner with hypertension into a cell that is very hot or forcing him to stand in 100 degree heat, placing older inmates on yards that inflict drama and fear and thus heart attacks … well, you get the basic picture of the filth that is California’s prison system.

Corcoran Prison is one of the worst of these “death camps.” When I filed my civil action, I was sent there to be killed off.

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